Sailor Moon Birthday

Sailor Moon is a manga series that was adapted as an anime. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. This manga or anime was popular in the ’90s. But up to this day, Sailor Moon still inspires young girls. In Sailor Moon, there are Sailor Guardians who are female. They protect the universe from evil. With this series, girls are empowered to be like the Sailor Guardians, who are good and strong.

The theme, story, and overall art of Sailor Moon made it very popular. It can be considered a classic because newer generations love this series, and it sure will be loved by the generations to come. With this, there are a lot of Sailor Moon fans out there. If you know someone who loves this manga/anime so much, and that person is your friend, family, partner, et cetera, perhaps you can host a Sailor Moon birthday party for him/her and buy him/her Sailor Moon gifts! This is a birthday party that that person will definitely love and this party will also surely be enjoyed by your friends and family.

If you plan to host a Sailor Moon birthday party for someone or even for yourself, here are some Sailor Moon-themed items that you can get for the party. And if you know someone who loves Sailor Moon who will be having a birthday party, or you will attend a Sailor Moon-themed party, here are some great gifts that you must consider getting the celebrant!

This is an article of great Sailor Moon party supplies as well as Sailor Moon gifts that you can purchase from Amazon.

Sailor Moon Birthday Party Supplies

This is a set of party supplies for a Sailor Moon-themed birthday party. It contains birthday banners, 12 balloons, and 13 cake toppers. The products are used with environmentally friendly materials and they are safe and high quality. This set also has it all so you do not have to worry about the basic decorations anymore. You just have to add more if you want to.

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Gold Acrylic Sailor Moon Happy Birthday Cake Topper

This cake topper would look great on any cake. If you are getting a cake with a Sailor Moon design, then this piece would take that up a notch. On the other hand, if your cake is a simple cake without a Sailor Moon design, then this cake topper would do the trick. It is made from high-quality acrylic that is non-toxic to ensure that your cake is safe to eat.

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Sailor Moon Birthday Banner

This Sailor Moon birthday banner is also a great addition to the party decorations. It is a great background too for taking photographs. It is made from cardboard. The material is sturdy and thick which makes it durable. You may even reuse this banner.

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Xqumoi Pretty Guardian Honeycomb Centerpieces and 3D Cardstock Table Decorations

For bigger parties, you might want to get these centerpieces and table decorations. The set comes with six honeycomb centerpieces and six 3D cardstock table decorations.

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Sailor Moon and Friends Birthday Party Cupcake Topper Set

You already have cake toppers, so now you might also want to get some cupcake toppers. These cupcake toppers are great when you put the cupcakes on display or you may also include them in the cupcakes that you give out to your guests!

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Sailor Moon Balloon set

This set of balloons comprises 46 pieces. That’s a lot, right? If you purchase this balloon set, you will have assorted Sailor Moon balloons to complete your birthday party. There are five different colors and different designs in this set. They are also made from environmentally friendly and safe products that are suitable for children.

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Acrylic Sailor Moon Cake Topper

This is another cake topper that you can buy from Amazon with a Sailor Moon design. If you do not like the first one, then you might like this one. It is also made from acrylic that is high quality.

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Xqumoi Pretty Guardian Party Hanging Swirls Decorations

If you are still looking for more decorations for the Sailor Moon-themed party, these hanging swirls are also an option. You may get them if you want to add more flair to the party. Each pack consists of 30 pieces with 10 designs and three pieces per design.

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Dmxiezib Sailor Moon Tablecloth

To make tables more interesting at the party, and since you already have table decorations, you might also want to get Sailor Moon tablecloths. They come in nine sizes and are made from polyester. These would make wonderful decorations at the party and they can still be used after the party. This can also be a gift to the celebrant with which she can decorate her table.

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Sailor Moon birthday gifts

Sailor Moon & Chibi Moon Fan

This fan is a great giveaway for the party. If you want something to give your guests, then you should consider getting this fan for them. If you are not the celebrant or you are not organizing the party, this would be a cool gift for the person who is celebrating her birthday especially if it is a child.

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Sailor Moon Keychain

This is another cute gift for the celebrant or giveaway for the guests. This Sailor Moon keychain is adorable, and it has a unique design. Those who would get this keychain will definitely enjoy using it. You can use it to hold your keys, to serve as a charm on your bag, and so on.

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Sailor Moon Cosplay Earrings

Of the items in this list, these earrings are definitely our favorites. This set comes with three pairs of earrings. There are two sets of designs to choose from and they are very cute and unique. They are perfect gifts for the birthday celebrant that she will surely love and often wear. They are made from high-quality stainless steel which means that they would not tarnish and last for a long period of time.

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Kerr’s Choice Small Wallet

This wallet is also an excellent gift for the birthday celebrant. It is really cute and with its size and design, it sure is capable of holding a lot of things in it. It includes an ID slot and two bill sections. It is really cute that the recipient will surely like it.

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CFECUP Japanese Anime Sailor Moon Tote Bag

This bag is no ordinary bag as it is perfect for school, for work, for a picnic, or when traveling. Thus tote bag or lunch box is insulated which means that it can keep your food warm for hours. Since the Japanese love having their packed lunches, the recipient of this bag can now have her own packed lunch in this cute bag. This is perfect for kids who go to school. It is also waterproof.

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Qushy Women Sailor Moon Fan Hoodie

If you are looking for Sailor Moon jackets, you have come to the right place. These hoodies come in 23 different Sailor Moon designs. They are made from 70% Polyester and 30% Cotton. They are stylish and comfortable. They can be worn when cozying at home, when working out, or when going to a lunch out with friends. This is a perfect gift for a Sailor Moon fan who loves staying indoors and also likes cozy clothing.

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Sailor Moon Stickers

If you like stickers, then these Sailor Moon stickers are really nice. In one pack, there are 101 pieces. You can give them as part of the loot bags for guests at your birthday party. They are also nice to be given as gifts to someone who loves Sailor Moon. They are waterproof and sunproof. They are also non-toxic which is really great especially if the recipient is a child. They can be stuck on tumblers, laptops, etc.

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Sailor Moon Manga Blanket

This blanket is also a nice Sailor Moon birthday gift. It is cute and unique. It is made for teens with its size 50″ by 60″. It is also very soft and comfortable.

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JUST FUNKY Sailor Moon Cup with Lid and Straw

We all have to keep ourselves hydrated. Perhaps this cup can help with that. This is a cute Sailor Moon cup with a lid and straw that tells the recipient to stay hydrated and stay healthy. He/she will surely enjoy drinking liquids with this item. It can hold up to 16 oz. This cup is also officially licensed.

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CREPUSCOLO Women’s Sailor Moon Crop Top and Shorts

This is a pair of t-shirt and shorts perfect as loungewear or to be worn as pajamas. They even match the blanket that is featured in this article. This comes in two options: a black top with black shorts, and a white top with black shorts. This is perfect for a friend or a daughter who loves Sailor Moon so much. It is made from spandex and polyester that make it breathable and comfortable.

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Sailor Moon Handbag Set

Of course, we are saving the best gift for last. This set comes with a very cute Sailor Moon handbag, with a Sailor Moon necklace, keychain, lanyard, and stickers. The one you will be giving this gift to will be having a complete set! All the items in the package are really adorable. The bag is also perfect for all occasions.

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So what are you waiting for? If you love Sailor Moon, or if your daughter or certain loved one likes it, hold a Sailor Moon-themed birthday party for yourself or him/her, and get her one of these gifts! You may even get one for yourself so that you could match! Good luck arranging the Sailor Moon party!

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