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How to Send Gifts Anonymously?

We are all motivated by different motives for sending gifts to our loved ones. It could be because of the reason to surprise them or show them how important they are to us. However, some of our loved ones may refuse some gifts when they are given directly, regarding them as too much. Here’s the good news! You can send gifts anonymously.

Do you want to send gifts anonymously? You can send gifts anonymously through Amazon, email, or eBay. Alternatively, if you want to conceal your identity, you can use a postbox or a third party.

How to Send Gifts Anonymously?

Although some individuals consider sending gifts anonymously kind of creepy, one can make it romantic and entertaining when you leave clues to who you are. Here, we will discuss the best ways to send gifts to our loved ones and remain anonymous. Keep reading.

Send Anonymous Gift From Amazon

So, how to send an anonymous gift from amazon? Amazon is another platform where you can send your gift anonymously. I will take you to step by step on how to go about it.

  • First, you should purchase an amazon gift card for the amount you wish to spend.
  • For the gift card recipient, select your email address.
  • You will receive an email in the next few minutes with the gift code that you will use when sending the gift.
  • Go to the product page of the product you wish to purchase and select ‚Äúadd to basket.‚ÄĚ
  • If the option is available, check the ‚Äúthis is a gift‚ÄĚ (if not. don‚Äôt worry, it just means that the item won‚Äôt be wrapped in gift wrapping paper)
  • Proceed to checkout, and a new delivery address (the address of your gift recipient)

  • Follow all the normal order steps until the payment page. On the ‚Äúchoose the gift options ‚Äúpage, check the box ‚Äúgift receipt ‚Äúto hide the price of your present.
  • Now you can add your gift card that won‚Äôt show up on the gift and let you be completely anonymous.
  • Pay with your card and wait for the recipient to receive the gift.

Examples of gift from amazon to send anonymous

Note; if you want to be extra careful, you should consider creating a new account with a fake name and use the same procedure, but that is prohibited by amazon TOS so I will not endorse this idea.

Sending Gifts Anonymously Via Mail

Sending gifts via mail is among the best options that you should use to surprise your loved ones with anonymous gifts. It is a very easy method since it does not require a complicated procedure.

  • First, wrap your gift and add a note indicating why you bought that gift for them. You can also leave a clue on the note if you wish to be discovered.
  • Place the gift carefully in a mail or shipping box to make sure the package is safe.
  • Write down the receiver‚Äôs name and address and ensure that the name and address are correct since you do not include the return address.
  • Mail the package either through a public post office or a private company.

This method is safe and completely untraceable because you did not include your return address. 

The recipient may, however, contact the main office and inquire about the sender. In this situation, it depends on the instructions you gave the mail office to disclose your identity. Still, in some cases, the main office is obligated to full disclosure.

Remail service

One of the important ways of sending anonymous gifts is through remail service. Here it depends on the server you use to forward your email. Let’s say you wish to send someone a gift card and remain unknown.

Some remailers do change addresses in the messages. Others send the anonymous message to another remailer to further hide the primary email.

Depending on the server, there are two types of remailer technology, one which is completely anonymous while the other is easily traceable.

The traceable one is where the remailer changes the sender’s address using a pseudonym. On the other hand, retailers carry out differently; they do not keep any information about the users, ensuring that the sender’s email is untraceable.

Anonymous remailers are more difficult to set up and not user-friendly as traceable remailers, but it is the best option when you wish to remain anonymous.

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Sending Gifts Via eBay

One can buy a product from eBay and send it anonymously. It is a very easy process,

  • First, buy the product you wish to surprise your loved ones and add their name and address to your eBay and shipping address.
  • When you buy the item, use the name and address as that of your shipping information.
  • The recipient will receive the item without any information about you unless the seller includes the packing slip, which only contains your eBay name. in this kind of situation, you can address the seller not to include an invoice or the packing slip.
  • Remember you still have the tracking information sent to you so you can track it to make sure that they receive it,

One main disadvantage about this is that somehow the item gets spoiled while on transit; it would be impossible for you to know and not be returned by the recipient.

It is advisable to follow up closely, but that would mean you are disclosing that you are the secret sender unless you use a third party to confirm if it reached the intended recipient. You could also purchase an item on eBay and mail it without the return address.

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Postbox is where gifts are wrapped directly through letterboxes with customizable cards on the day of your choosing. All receipts are sent by email so your gift recipients will not find out they came from who you wish them to.

  • First, you choose the kind of gifts you would like to post.
  • Add a gift card.
  • Select the delivery date that is most suitable for you.
  • The gift will then be delivered through a letterbox.

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Sending Chocolate Gifts Anonymously

  • Do you have loved ones who are big fans of chocolates? Well, I have the perfect idea of how you can surprise them with chocolates without them finding out that you gifted them.
  • First, pick the card from the wide variety of gift cards like Valentine‚Äôs, birthday, thank you notes, and Christmas.
  • Select the kind of chocolate you wish to send, and the chocolate bar is then wrapped in nice and beautiful wrappers presented in a unique packaging sweet post.
  • ¬†Next, you must put the note on the card to accompany the chocolate, and the signature is the only thing that the recipient can use to identify the sender. If you wish to remain unknown, you can write the word unknown or secret admirer on the card.
  • The final thing is for you to indicate the recipient‚Äôs address and name, and that‚Äôs done; you have yourself a very cute anonymous present for your loved ones.

If you wish to remain anonymous, a sweet post shall not indicate any of your details in the letterbox. It will only automatically email you after you place your order. In cases where the recipient calls to inquire on who the sender is, the sweet post will keep your details confidential unless you have instructed them to share your details if the recipient calls.

The sweet thing about the sweet post is that they design their own greetings card, so you can select the most appropriate card that suits you.

Sweet puts help you to put a smile on your loved ones or even your crush. Imagine the feeling one gets when one receives chocolate from an unknown person.

Sending Gifts Anonymously Via Flipkart

Flipkart is almost similar to amazon when it comes to surprising our loved ones without being traced to the sender.

  • First, you select the product you wish to gift to your recipient.
  • After selecting the item, you wish to purchase, select the billing option and pay. You will be required to log in if you have not.
  • Select the address to which you want the good to be delivered that is, the recipients.
  • You can instruct the seller not to include the invoice in the packaging to remain anonymous.
  • You can also order an item and pay on delivery and then mail it to the recipient without the return address so that it is untraceable. You could also have a third party deliver the product to the recipient‚Äôs doorstep and instruct him not to disclose the sender‚Äôs details.

Use of a Third Party

Use of a third party is a simple method for purchasing a gift of your choice for your loved ones either from a shop or online and looking for a third party, normally someone who the recipient does not know to deliver the product to your recipient’s doorstep.

The third-party should strictly keep the sender’s details completely confidential. To make it even more fun and interesting, the third party can deliver the item to the recipient’s doorstep and hide or disappear.

The third person might leave a note to give the recipient a clue about who the sender might be.








How to Send Gifts Anonymously?
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