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Free gifts for kids

Free gifts for children, is it possible?

Well, just because you do not have money to buy an expensive gift for the child’s birthday, it does not become a failed birthday! There are lots of free gifts for children. Gifts that they will be pleased. On this page, I have collected tips that are either completely free or that only require things that most people already have at home.

Free gifts for kids

As I come in more free gifts to the children, I will fill the list. Please, let me know if you have any good suggestions!


If you have an old frame, which is just so why not make a beautiful photo collage with photos of people who mean a lot to the child, bookmarks, images, beautiful ribbon beads, and other cute stuff. Get creative!


Most people have a lot of clothes in their wardrobes that will not be used. Why not give some of these as a gift to a child’s birthday. Children love to dress up. It can be anything for clothes. It must be as well not be the knight’s clothing or a princess dress that you give away. Fit clothes are, for example, a plain skirt, a jacket, a hat, an old sweater, a pair of big shoes and so on.

If you have an old suitcase that is unoccupied? Add as utklädningskläderna in it. A suitcase can, of course, be used as the storage of clothes, but it can also be suitable for much more. The briefcase can be both a space ship, a boat, or a bed for dolls to sleep in.

Is there a little girl you should give a fancy dress for? If you have any dress or skirt, you can spare it is excellent. Little girls love, which is to dress up as a princess. A princess may also need to have a necklace, perhaps a homemade princess and heels. See what you can find in your stash that fits her!

Is it a little boy, you will give the gift too? They often want to be superheroes. See if you can find something that can serve as a cloak. Maybe a solid color towel or cloth. It is possible to stop the nape of his shirt to get it to hang if you want to add anything bought as a pirate patch to have the eye a top gift that tends to be very cheap to buy.

Harry Potter magic wand that you can make yourself
Harry Potter magic wand that you can make yourself

Does the child likes Harry Potter, you can do a magic wand to him or her. I made a very nice wand for my daughter with the help of Chopsticks, painter’s tape, hot melt, and acrylic paint. I took the stick and built a handle of masking tape. The adhesive I used to drizzle a bit on it, then I painted everything in black and brown. A perfect gift to give young witches and wizards. It is sure to make a success with children who like Harry Potter! Maybe you have some beautiful box at home as well as you can add wand in.


Maybe you have some jewelry at home that you can part with, for children, a necklace of plastic to be an enormously valuable treasure. Perhaps you have some beautiful box you can put treasure in before handing it over.

For older girls, it can also be fun to get a piece of jewelry that you have borne young. A teenage girl can be a little pickier than a small child.


For the dough, using only ingredients, you already have at home in the pantry.¬†The recipe for the dough¬†can be found here! With the mixture, you can accomplish much.¬†Are you a little artistically inclined? You can do it yourself for gifts for the children‚Äôs birthday out of dough.¬†It can, for example, be beautiful small trinkets, wall decorations, or cute jewelry‚ÄĒlittle teddy bears, bunnies, hearts, etc.¬†If you want to make the tapestries, stand just a paper clip on the back of them before they dry.¬†The paper clip is then a hook that you can hang the ornament on the wall of. The dough is also something you can give to the children as gifts when they fill in.¬†Children usually love to bake and can hold on to it for hours at a time.¬†It‚Äôs an exciting free gift for kids!


When my children were small, I did the dishes of ice lollies when they got ice cream.¬†Lollies saved me then to make crafts by.¬†Give the kids lollipops and sticky ‚Äď it‚Äôs incredible how much good they can do.¬†Maybe they‚Äôre a dinosaur in the kit they received?¬†A pencil jar?¬†Or a treasure chest?


Save small boxes, toilet rolls, cardboard boxes, and empty and clean milk cartons. Add glue, tape, tissue paper, printer paper, some straw, jar lids, glitter, sequins, and other things you already have at home.

Once you have got together some good stuff, you give them a big box with craft materials. Maybe it’s a Barbie who needs help to decorate his house. For example, small cars require a parking garage or a small figure who needs a bed. Or is it a theater to be manufactured? A free gift to the children is not necessarily wrong. This one they will love!

Creating stuff from leftovers

To find an excellent free gift for children to think about if you have any projects at home as you are doing. Perhaps you build the patio? It becomes waste wood over there? Maybe you can craft a sandbox for the kids? Older children may be able to get the wood to build your window box? Perhaps there is material for a soapbox car?

When ordering supplies for your home? How where the stuff delivered? Did they happen to come in a big box? Give children the big box! It will be easily translated into a helicopter, a house, or a car. Maybe the doll needs a new bed?

Although bubble wrap can make a child happy for hours, my daughters got a lot of bubble wrap. The oldest daughter was in a design program at here school, and the youngest was a happy princess for a day. Plastic is manifest inappropriate to allow small children to play with. But they are a little older, so it works, of course. But perhaps you have something else that will be an excellent toy for the child.


For older children, you can give away some beautiful plants as gifts. If you take a plant shot to your home, grow roots on it, and put it into the ground. A flowerpot, you may remain at home from some old flower. Maybe you can fuss a beautiful flower bud or flag to stop in the flowerpot.


I especially remember a year when the kindergarten had been doing up medals to the children‚Äôs birthday.¬†What I remember is how excited the kids got their medals.¬†On the coin was the ‚ÄúRobin four years.‚Ä̬†There was a band to hang around the neck, and two wooden buttons glued to each other and between the neckband were placed.¬†The children were very proud to be as ‚Äúbig‚ÄĚ and had those medals to several weeks after years.¬†The gift may not seem so remarkable, but it was very well thought out, and the kids loved them.


Free baby gifts do you get if you make your spa package. First, bring a basket or box to put a beautiful napkin on the bottom to cover the edges. Then the little stuff you have at home. For example, do you have a dash of bath salts, you give it a new bag, a few creams to anoint themselves with, some small shampoo bottle from where you stayed at a hotel, some cotton balls, do you have a sample bottle of perfume you get, no soap or anything else that you think fits. A mirror? A toiletry bag? For a young child, this can be really luxurious and the best gift they receive on a birthday.


Glue a photo of the baby on a piece of cardboard and cut out a jigsaw puzzle of it. It’s an enjoyable gift to have a picture of himself as a puzzle.


Did you know that there are images to download online that the child can then paint?¬†Does the child have any special interests, favorite animals, or other things you can make a coloring book with that subject?¬†Just search on the word ‚Äúcoloring book images‚ÄĚ and look at the pictures that will appear on Google.¬†There are lots of fun and great photos to choose from.


It’s not just adults that you can give away gift cards when they fill in. A gift can be a perfect, free gift for the children. You may have more ideas than I have, but I’m going to are:

  • Fishing
  • Picnic
  • Excursion and teach the child to make fire
  • Go to the beach
  • A full day in the playground, where you have the lunch box and stays all-day
  • Muffinsfomar (with the promise that you‚Äôll bake together)

Children usually love to go on tour and it will be appreciated gifts.


Why not give away gift certificates to a movie tonight? It’s a beautiful thing that they will look forward to. Bake chocolate balls, chocolate cake, and pop some popcorn. The film does not cost money. No, not necessarily! Perhaps you see a movie that you have not seen in a long time? Or maybe you bytlåna film with a friend. You do not need to own all the videos you want to see.


Can you sew, do carpentry, or sewing? Then there are, of course, lots of great gifts that you can make yourself. Sure it may not be free. But if you have an interest, usually, as a rule, you already have the materials for the home. So if you use things you already have at home, you can get a nice gift for the baby without having to spend any money at the moment anyway.

If you can build and carpentry, for example, cobble an exquisite jewelry box or drawer for the children. There is something to suit both large and small. Young children may need a doll bed to the docks, a parking garage for cars, etc.

When I was little, my grandmother knit little dolls for us of leftover yarns.¬†It was like long sausages in different colors. After knitting the sausage, she formed legs and arms. Afterward, she had embroidered eyes and mouths on them‚ÄĒa fun gift for a small child.

As a teenager, I always wanted woolen socks as a Christmas present from grandma. I thought it was a luxury to get something home knitted as she had put time and love. For younger children, you might also knit garments of yarn you already have at home.

You can also sew ribbons, games, or a toiletry bag to give away.

For those with cloth at home and like to sew, you can make clothes. Both children and dolls need clothes. Have the child a doll’s pram and doll’s bed needed little fine linens.

It has become fashionable with the song bags ‚Äď a bag of small figures. Each figure represents a children‚Äôs song.¬†It can, for example, be a star for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.¬†Maybe you have some waste pieces to make your song bag.


If you find yourself about to bake, you can give the child a box of something excellent. It may include muffins, a can of homemade candy, or regular chocolate balls with sprinkles.


You also give free gifts for children if you are giving away gift cards with permission to do different things. For example, there may be things such as:

  • Play music without headphones
  • Stay up as long as they want in the evening
  • A day with unlimited computer time
  • A day where they can watch TV how long they want
  • One day when the adults need to play with all the baby decides
  • Permission to bake seven cakes mess
  • A day in which they are allowed to eat ice cream for dinner

Then it becomes gift cards are used when a child chooses to use it.


You may also have things at home that can be a good gift for the child. It’s ridiculous that we think you have to buy new stuff in the store just because it is a gift to someone. Something you have at home that the child will be happy to have, for example:

  • Flashlight
  • Nice notebook
  • Seeds and a small pot
  • A nice candle lantern
  • A trinket


  • Balls of yarn and a crochet hook (with the promise to learn)
  • A piece of string (and teach the child tie knots)

Please, feel free to share the page!

Free gifts for kids
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