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How Much Should You Spend On Bridesmaid Gifts?

Having great friends attend your wedding is one of the best things to experience in life. Your bridesmaids give you their time and effort just to attend your important day. This noble gesture is a way of showing their support. That’s why it’s only natural to give something back as a way of saying “thank you.” But we all know how expensive weddings can be. How much should you spend on gifts for your bridesmaids? 

The recommended spendings for these gifts are between $75 and $100 per bridesmaid. Make sure to give something that your friends can use again and again even after the wedding. Gifting your bridesmaid is an excellent way to say your heartfelt “thank you” for being there at your wedding.

Giving “thank you” presents are not required, but it’s a deed your bridesmaids will always appreciate. You also have the freedom to keep it simple or give something luxurious. What matters most is the thought that comes into it. A simple, thoughtful gift is enough to get the intent across. Typically, newlyweds give each member of their wedding party gifts that can last even after the wedding.

How Much Should You Spend On Bridesmaid Gifts? 

Ideally, the bride and the groom should include wedding party gifts in their initial budget plan.  According to Brides, the average price point for bridesmaid and groomsman gifts is between $75 and $100. Expect the price to be higher if you’re planning to gift specialty items and luxury products. 

Price is not the only factor to consider in choosing your bridesmaid gifts. These items should also be helpful to the recipient. A rule of thumb is to give something that the recipient won’t think of buying herself but will enjoy using nonetheless. Some of these are pampering items like bath bombs, PJ sets, and a bottle of wine. 

Take note: each wedding couple has their budget. The $75 to $100 budget might be too small or too big, depending on the wedding budget. If you want to spend based on your budget, the best option is to get the 10% of all the Bridesmaid costs per person (expenses on the dress, jewelry, hair, makeup, travel expense, etc.)

So if you’re spending $1,200 per bridesmaid, a good gift price is $120 based on the second option. It is also a more accurate budget goal, as it correlates to your overall spendings. As for your maid of honor, you might want to give a bit of extra. This person usually helps in buying dresses, planning the venue, and more wedding-related tasks. 

Go Beyond The Wedding

Gifts can be wedding-related, but you can give it a more thoughtful touch by giving something that bridesmaids can use after the wedding. This is the chance to think out of the box. You can gift a bridesmaid a new pair of phone cases or a couple of interesting books.  

Additionally, if your budget can accommodate, you can add something that everyone can use during the wedding. For example, you can give an accessory that your bridesmaids can use during the wedding to keep and use in the future. Another good option is to provide some  “getting ready” robes or shirts that they can use even after the wedding. 

Other Costs To Consider

Before the gifts, your focus should be on the main costs, especially the dress and the shoes. These two purchases are typically the most expensive. In some cases, the wedding couple is also expected to pay for the hair and makeup. There are also gifts for junior bridesmaids, but you can spend a little less on these gifts. 

What Do Bridesmaids Really Want For Gifts? 

The best bridesmaid gifts are things that your girls will enjoy even after the wedding. You can gift them an item that fits well into their interest or a product that pampers them after a long day at work or school. Here are some excellent options for good bridesmaids’ gift ideas. 

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Customized Bridesmaid Mugs

If you’re on a strict wedding budget, one of the most affordable gifts you can give is a bridesmaid mug. You can add a name for a more personalized look. Bridesmaids’ mugs, especially made with ceramic materials, can last for years without fading. It’s a timeless gift that your bridesmaid can use at home or work. 

Bath Bombs

For something fancier, you can gift a good bath bomb set too. Your bridesmaid can indulge themselves with great-smelling scents and nourish their skins back to life. The fragrance can also help the user get into a relaxing mood.  Just make sure that you’re gifting this item with bathtub availability in mind. 

Personalized Accessories

Another gift idea that will last after the wedding is personalized accessories. These custom accessories can either come with a necklace or a bracelet. You can gift these accessories by letting adding them to the initial wedding outfit and making it a “for keeps” item for your precious bridesmaids. 

Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes are great additions if you’re giving a custom wedding “gift box.” Add the bridesmaid’s name as an additional custom touch. You can throw a few more items like a bath bomb and a custom scented candle for a  “bridesmaid gift basket.” Don’t forget to add a “thank you” note inside the gift box. 

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks or facial mask sheets are known for rejuvenating tired skin. These thin sheets can make you look younger and fresh, and you don’t have to do something elaborate to get these effects. Just like other self-pampering products, you can add a set of sheet masks to a bridesmaid gift basket. 

Comfy Satin PJ Sets

These are not your ordinary pajama sets; satin PJs are very comfy to wear. Satin pajamas are available in a huge variety of colors and styles. You can also order a bunch with customizations included so that you can add a bit of a memento from the wedding. 

Fancy Robes

Nothing’s more empowering in the morning than waking up and wrapping yourself with a comfy robe while making a coffee. This is a great gifting idea for bridesmaids who loves to be in comfy dresses without sacrificing the style.  However, make sure that your recipient receives the right robe size. 

Makeup Bags

Keeping your makeup organized in one area is a necessity for a traveling chic. If you know a bridesmaid that needs a makeup bag, then it’s your chance to gift a cute one. These bags or pouches come with sets, too, so that you can have matching bags as well. 

Scented Candles

This gift idea is another great addition to a bridesmaid gift basket, along with the other items above. Scented candles are reusable products, which means that your bridesmaids can still use them even after the wedding. It’s a wonderful stress-reliever, especially if used together with a bath bomb. 

Gift Cards

And last but not least, you can also give gift cards to your bridesmaids. However, only do this if you’re in a pinch for time and if the said gift cards would be of use to your friends. Although this option is not as personalized, it’s still better than having no gifts offered at all. 

You can still add a bit of personalization with it by giving each of your friend different gift cards based on their needs or personalities. 

How Many Gifts Do You Give Your Bridesmaids? 

In most cases, the bride and the groom usually give two gifts. The first one is given when during a “bridesmaid proposal,” where you’re trying to convince someone to be one of your bridesmaids. The other one is the official gift before the wedding ceremony (typically at the rehearsal dinner.)

When To Start Gift-Shopping? 

Most wedding experts recommend buying your party gifts two to three months before the wedding. This is to ensure that no one is getting left out, and everyone from the bridal party is accounted for. Being an early bird is also recommended for couples who are planning to give out personalized gifts.

When Should You Give The Bridesmaid Gifts? 

Gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen are typically given before the wedding event. Some people give these gifts during the rehearsal dinner, while others give the gifts just before the wedding when everyone’s getting ready. Don’t forget to pack your gifts in a presentable bag or box. 

Should You Pay For The Hair And Makeup? 

It’s really up to you and your wedding budget. If you want the hair and makeup to be done professionally, then it’s a safe assumption that you’re going to pay for it. Paying for the makeup and hair is also a small gesture of appreciation since your guests likely paid for travel, lodging, and other accommodation expenses. 

Your bridesmaids might opt to do their hair and makeup or pay for the professionals as well. This is a reasonable thing, in case your budget is limited. Another popular and more reasonable option (budget-wise) is to split the expenses between you and your bridal party. 

How Much Should You Spend On Bridesmaid Gifts?
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