Wedding Anniversary Colours, gifts, and meanings

Wedding anniversaries are events wherein married couples are reminded of the special day they tied the knot! There has been a traditional standard for gift giving for wedding anniversaries. This tradition dates back to the medieval period, and it is said that following this tradition promotes fortune and prosperity in marriage.

1-9th Wedding Anniversary Colours, gifts, and meanings

  • 1st Anniversary: Paper gifts – For the first year, couples should gift each other something made of paper. Paper is held together by fiber which represents the strength of the couple. Also, it means a clean slate wherein both of them start a new journey together. Symbolically, it is up to them to fill the paper with whatever idea, conflict, happiness, sadness, and other things make memories. The color gold or Yellow represents the first year. Gold and pearl are the gemstones for this wedding anniversary.
  • 2nd Anniversary: Cotton – Like paper, cotton is made of fibers interwoven with each other, symbolizing the couple’s union and strength. It is also interpreted that cotton is fragile and can easily be blemished, just like the young relationship between the couple. Ideas for cotton gifts can include a nice piece of clothing you can wear together on your anniversary or even bedsheets to cozy up to during the day! Some couples also gift their significant other with jewelry that has garnet, which emanates red, the color of love. The wedding anniversary color for the second year is Red or Linnen White. Garnet And Rose Quartz are the gemstones for this anniversary. More 2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas.
  • 3rd Anniversary: Leather – From the symbols of giving cotton, leather is essential in the third year, which is essentially more durable and protective, just like your relationship. Within the three years of marriage, many highs and lows had already happened, making couples understand each other deeper. The third year is brown, the same color as the leather. (or white or Jade Green, depending on what source you are reading from). The appropriate gemstone for a third anniversary is a pearl or jade one. More leather anniversary gifts here.
  • 4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers – An excellent symbol for couples who have reached a certain level of maturity in their married life that something that came from merely a tiny seed has grown into fruit or flowers. Marriages are not immediately comparable to fruits or flowers. It has to weather a lot of storms and also a lot of caring and pampering before ripening. Blue and green are the colors for this occasion, coming from the color mixture of blue topaz. (Lime Green is also the color, according to some sources, as the color for the 4th anniversary) Blue Topaz And Amethyst are the gemstones.
  • 5th Anniversary: Wood – The 5th year is always considered a milestone in a relationship! Wood symbolizes strength and stability. It may also represent the wooden roots or the foundation of the marriage. Gift ideas such as wooden furniture, wooden frames, and much more! The 5th year is represented by the colors pink, blue, or turquoise.  Sapphire And Turquoise are the gemstones for this wedding anniversary. More 5th wedding anniversary gift ideas.
  • 6th Anniversary: Candy or Iron – Candies are known for their sweet flavor. Iron is known as the metal of Mars. Iron stands for strength, fortitude, honor, and courage. A marriage doesn’t last this long without all of these elements. Gifting iron celebrates each partner’s honor, courage, and strength to live with each other and for each other through the hard times and the good. During these times, most couples start to look back on the humble beginnings of their marriage. Most people reminisce about their younger years and every moment’s joy. They begin to cherish each other more and more. Turquoise, Purple, and White should be the collection of colors for the 6th anniversary. Amethyst And Garnet are the gemstones. Said colors radiate tranquility—more 6th-anniversary gift ideas.
  • 7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper – Wool and copper symbolize warmth in the relationship. Although the two items are vastly different, it represents the differences between both parties in the marriage. It is nice to realize that the use of wool is an insulator and copper is a conductor of heat or electricity, both of which help serve people by keeping them warm and comfortable, which is comparable to the love that radiates between the married couple. In terms of tones, stick to yellow and off-white colors. Yellow is the color of excitement, happiness, and being full of energy, just like a marriage celebrated with optimism that it will last a lifetime! Onyx And Lapus Lazuli are the gemstones. Onyx, yellow, or off-white are the colors of the 7th anniversary. More copper gifts for men.
  • 8th Anniversary: Bronze – A symbol of stature and stability, it represents the strength of the marriage. It indicates that couples who have been together for eight years have blended to live a fruitful life with each other. Tourmaline And Aventurine are the gemstones for this wedding anniversary. To commemorate the 8th year, stick to the bronze, tourmaline, and tanzanite color—more bronze wedding anniversary gift ideas.
  • 9th Anniversary: Pottery – Pots are molded and shaped to their designed result. Just like marriages are formed by both parts of the couple. They hold the key to the direction of their marriage. Marriages need both parties to mold themselves and guide each other to the kind of marriage they want to have individually. Terracotta is the symbol for the 9th anniversary. The colors representing the 9th lapis lazuli are purple, green, or terracotta. The gemstone for this anniversary are Lapus Lazuli And Tiger Eye.

10-19th Wedding Anniversary

  • 10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum – Resilience is the key to a decade-long bond. Couples who celebrate their 10th-year milestone more often than not upgrades wedding rings. It is upgraded to remind the couple that they have built something so great and have set themselves up for a marriage that would last a lifetime! Sticking to blue and silver colors will surely remind couples about the feeling of being secured, calm and serene. Diamond And Blue Sapphire are the gemstones for this wedding anniversary.
  • 11th AnniversarySteel -Steel is the most robust metal on earth, and it represents the strength of you, your partner, and the relationship that has brought you through more than a decade together. Turquoise And Citrine are the gemstones for this wedding anniversary. Turquoise – that blue-green color – also represents the gem turquoise that is thought to ward off evil and attract good fortune. Many who enter this second decade together consider this color good luck. That, paired with yellow, creates a hopeful outlook as they continue through life hand in hand—more steel wedding gift ideas for him.
  • 12th Anniversary: Silk or Linnen – These clothes signify the strength and value in the relationship. The value and quality of the marriage are reflected in the quality and long-lasting value of the linen and silk. Jade and oyster are colors that fit perfectly with this theme. The jewel jade is thought to protect the heart, while the oyster brings to mind the hidden treasure of the pearl. Both calming colors remind a couple of the value, sanctuary, and treasure you will continue to find in each other.
  • 13th AnniversaryLace – Lace is elegant, composed of many complicated patterns that show a beautiful picture when spread out. Lace thus demonstrates the complex ways that fold into the beautiful picture of a marriage that lasts over a decade. Softer lace can also indicate how comfortable and at home the relationship makes you feel. Antique white is the traditional color of lace but also the color of purity and signifies continued faithfulness within the marriage. Citrine is the gemstone for this wedding anniversary.
  • 14th Anniversary: Gold Jewelry – Gold is a rare, precious metal that signifies unity, perfection, and eternity. You celebrate 14 years of marriage with an elephant-inspired gift or gold jewelry! As the couple nears another milestone, your love is stronger and more dedicated than ever. You are one in mind, heart, and intent. Ivory is the off-white color of ivory which signifies good luck and protection. Start yet another year with protection and good fortune with this color. Opal is the gemstone for the 14th wedding anniversary.
  • 15th Anniversary: Crystal – Another milestone achieved during the 15th anniversary. Crystals are known for their reflective characteristics and luminescence. It symbolizes and reflects everything the couple has been through. It reflects the beauty of their relationship and emanates clarity within their marriage. Rubies and roses are popular gifts among couples during the 15-year anniversary because they align with the year’s color. Ruby red is the color of the 15th wedding anniversary. (Ivory is also the color according to some sources)
  • 16th Anniversary: Coffee or Tea – Coffee and tea are considered staples in many peoples’ lives. They drink it for energy because they enjoy it. It’s comforting and a good way to socialize. As a couple, even after all these years, you give each other energy and comfort and find enjoyment in each other’s company. Emerald signifies continued harmony, growth, and generosity. As the year progress, they will grow even more in tune with each other, giving without reserve or judgment. Peridot is the gemstone for this wedding anniversary.
  • 17th Anniversary: Wine or Spirits – Like many good things, this marriage is getting better with time. Celebrate with an aged bottle of whisky or wine, and as the lucky couple sips an excellent vintage, you can also savor the beautiful times you’ve had over the past 17 years. Yellow is the perfect color for this year. As wine or spirits encourage a couple to reflect on the beautiful aging process of their marriage thus far, yellow’s bright, cheerful color reminds them of all the good times still to come. The watch ist also the symbol for this wedding anniversary.
  • 18th Anniversary: Appliances & porcelain Whether a washer/dryer set or a dishwasher, appliances speak of the home you’ve built together and still maintain. An appliance speaks of continued commitment to each other and the life you’ve worked hard to create. Blue represents calmness and peace. Continued peace and quiet reign for yet another year. The 18th wedding anniversary gemstone is Cat’s Eye or Chrysoberyl.
  • 19th Anniversary: Jade – 19 years, and the relationship grow stronger daily. It’s much more robust than it began and continues to strengthen every day you’re together. Some believe bronze has healing properties, so it can also signify healthiness in the marriage through easy and hard times. Following this year’s theme, bronze is also the color. This reddish-gold inspires continued growth and health within the relationship. Aquamarine is the gemstone for this wedding anniversary.

20-29th Wedding Anniversary Colours, gifts, and meanings

  • 20th Anniversary: China – This milestone is significant to reach, 20 years of togetherness and bond. The traditional gift during this beautiful time is kitchenware which can symbolize more meals to be shared. Also, an update in the collection of kitchenware is essential. The milestone is glorified with emerald. Green represents abundance and security. The colors representing the 20th anniversary are emerald green or white. The gemstone for the 20th wedding anniversary is Emerald.
  • 21st Anniversary: Fire theme – Fire represents continued passion and heat and the warmth and safety of marriage over two decades. The love that initially drew two people hasn’t dimmed, and it continues to light the way and warm them every night. Orange speaks to the continued warmth, creativity, and stimulation you provide for each other. Iolite is the gemstone for this anniversary.
  • 22nd Anniversary: Water or Copper – Water represents the source of life. It renews, refreshes, and invigorates anyone who drinks it. Just like your life together continues to refresh and revitalize you. Green is the color of growth, and as you and your partner are refreshed and invigorated by each other, you can continue to grow, even after all these years together. Spinel is the gemstone for the 22nd anniversary.
  • 23rd Anniversary: Air theme – It’s invisible but all around us, and we find it necessary to exist. At 23 years, a marriage is like that. Your partner is always there. You don’t have to see them know they are around; you can rely on them to be there and care for you and keep you well, and they know the same is true for you. Silver indicates the wealth and success the happy couple has found in their marriage, together, and in life. Imperial Topaz is the gemstone for this wedding anniversary.
  • 24th Anniversary: Stone theme – Stone is solid and dependable. It lasts through wind, rain, and storm. The strength and solidness of marriage after nearly a quarter of a century is well indicated by stone, especially something like granite which is known for its durability and beauty. Lavender is a calming color and demonstrates serenity, peace, and devotion within the marriage. The gemstone is tanzanite.
  • 25th Anniversary: Silver – A quarter of a century or 25 years, commonly known as the silver year anniversary. This milestone is truly one to celebrate and value! Silver is a high-value metal representing strength, tight bond, and reflection of happiness in the relationship. This event will be made even more special with the flower iris that has the color silver, which commemorates this milestone. Silver is the color for the 25th wedding anniversary. Do you want more silver gifts for him?
  • 26th Anniversary: Art – There is no traditional theme for the 26th anniversary, but a modern one is an art. Suitable gifts are personalized paint by number or take your husband/wife to a photographer. Jade is the gemstone used to mark this occasion. 
  • 27th Anniversary: Music or Sculptures. This anniversary is the time to express what marriage means to you. Whether the sculpture brings back romantic memories, is a tribute to your SO, or by their favorite artist, it is a lasting testament to your love for them. Music expresses what the heart can’t say. There is no better way to describe the last quarter of a century together than by a musical arrangement. Or you can even compose your piece for her. Grey is a humble color, but don’t let it fool you. This quiet, elegant color represents tranquility gained by understanding and compromise.
  • 28th Anniversary: – Orchids. The gemstone is amethyst. Not only an elegant, rare flower, these blooms indicate refinement, love, and thoughtfulness. As the marriage enters a new phase, the thoughtfulness, sophistication, and love of each other will ensure flowers and beauty in the coming year. Lavender again brings to mind the serenity and peace in the married couples’ life.
  • 29th Anniversary: Tools or Furniture. As the end of another decade together comes to a close, the investment in furniture speaks of continued commitment and support. The gift of tools is not only helpful. It’s an investment of your life together, the willingness to work through issues, not only around the home but those that may occur between yourselves or in other areas of your lives. The gemstone for the 29th anniversary is garnet. Brown also is an indication of the solidness and dependableness of both your soul and your marriage.

30-39th Wedding Anniversary meanings their colors and suitable gifts

  • 30th Anniversary: Pearls – Three decades of love and commitment to one another requires something as precious as pearls. Pearls symbolize purity and honesty. Pearls are also shaped as circles that symbolize never-ending, just like how a marriage should be. The color green is associated with this milestone. Sticking to tones of green will surely attract a lot of love and optimism in the relationship.
  • 31st Anniversary: Travel It’s time to try something new! Enjoy new adventures together, try new things out, and learn new things about each other. Even after three decades, exploration and growth are still not just possible. It’s welcome! And then enjoy the best part of traveling – coming home! Many couples will travel to get out of a rut in life or their relationship and rediscover beauty and excitement in each other. The cheerful colors yellow and red reflect the optimistic happiness of enjoying every new experience, challenge, and life event still coming together.
  • 32nd Anniversary: Bronze Once again, this reddish metal makes an appearance. The marriage’s continued strength and growth are evident in this unique metal’s glow. Blended from different ores, marriage becomes stronger as two different people are together, live, and work together, tempered by the storms life has thrown at them over the past 32 years. Bronze reminds you of the strength and support you’ve given each other in these years past and will continue to do so in the times to come. The 32nd wedding anniversary gemstone is lapis lazuli.
  • 33rd Anniversary: There is no traditional theme for the 33rd anniversary. But, there is a modern one! There is so much more to your 33rd wedding anniversary than might seem to be apparent at first. It is, for starters, considered a year of wisdom, philosophy, and reflection – so a great time to look back and reflect on 33 years together. The 33rd wedding anniversary gemstone is amethyst. Red builds on the themes of courage and strength through the deep love and passion you continue to feel. More 33rd-anniversary gift ideas.
  • 34th Anniversary: Food – Everyone loves food! It is not only necessary, but it adds flavor to our lives, brings comfort, and is something we are often surrounded by the people we love. That’s exactly how a couple should feel about their partner after 34 years. Not only are they sustaining and supporting each other, but they can also find comfort and companionship one in the other. Bright yellow also speaks to the warmth and life-giving nature of your relationship together. Opal is the gemstone that symbolizes the 34th wedding anniversary. More 34th wedding anniversary gifts.
  • 35th Anniversary: Corals or Jade – Corals are formed little by little and take a lot of time to develop, much like a 35-year marriage. This milestone’s color is coral. It is known to symbolize longevity, protection, and fertility. Corals represent modesty, happiness, and an everlasting relationship.
  • 36th Anniversary: Antiques – Valuable, elegant, and sturdy antiques are the perfect theme for a marriage that has lasted well into half a century. By now, the value of the marriage has grown exponentially while it is still strong and functional. Each year after this, the value of the marriage will increase, as will any antiques exchanged on this special day. Brass is a sturdy, cheerful color that brings joy into marriage and makes it more than functional. The 36th wedding anniversary gemstone is a cameo. More 36th wedding anniversary gift ideas here.
  • 37th Anniversary: Books – By now, the story of their marriage could feel volumes, romance, drama, education, and hopefully not too much tragedy. Looking back on the pages filled can give the couple smiles and happy memories no matter how many times they look through such a book. Blank pages remind them of the stories they have yet to write together. Dark blue reminds you to approach everything with sincerity and honesty as you write the next chapters of your life together. The 37th wedding anniversary gemstone is alabaster
  • 38th Anniversary: Luck theme – Whether luck, hard work, or a combination that’s gotten a couple this far, a little luck wouldn’t hurt at this point. It is a fun theme that creates an optimistic, happy outlook for the years to come. In Chinese culture, red is the color associated with luck, and its cheerful, bright color will surely attract good luck and prosperity in times to come. 38th anniversary is beryl and tourmaline.
  • 39th Anniversary: Laughter theme – Laughter is the best medicine and what better way to celebrate another year together? Whether it’s slapstick, puns, or something a little more sophisticated, couples can celebrate this milestone in humor. Armed with good memories, jokes, and laughter, any couple can face seemingly impossible challenges. A return to Yellow is the color that spills over with sunshine, giggles, and happiness and creates laughter and happiness everywhere it touches. The gemstone is agate for the 39th anniversary.

40-49th Wedding Anniversary meanings

  • 40th Anniversary: Ruby – Celebrating four decades together is not short of magnificent. It has been a standard in modern times and golden ages that Ruby is given during this celebration. It symbolizes the respect and wisdom enveloped within the marriage. The color scheme for this year is, as you guessed, red, just like the color of rubies. Find more 40th wedding anniversary gifts for your husband here.
  • 41st Anniversary: Office or Desk Decor – At this point in the marriage, a couple is beginning to settle down to a slower pace or perhaps retiring. Giving the gift of office or desk decor encourages the partner and lets them know they still believe in. Faith in continued alertness, support, and partnership can be imparted in a simple office or desk decoration. Purple speaks to creativity and innovation, and as your years may be slowing down, this is the perfect reminder to continue to create and learn together. Topaz seems to be the gemstone of choice as a traditional 41st-anniversary.
  • 42nd Anniversary: Clocks or Watches – Nothing symbolizes time spent or to come like a clock or watch. A beautiful watch or wall clock represents not only the past four decades spent in harmony but the time left together. It also acts as a reminder to savor and enjoy the time spent with each other. Pink speaks of a romance that has stood the test of time and continues strong, even now. The 42nd wedding anniversary gemstone is jasper.
  • 43rd Anniversary: Entertainment theme – It’s time to take some time off and relax! Whether a couple has an established routine or they want to try something new, entertainment is an excellent way to take a break from the routine of life. After so long, it can be easy to fall into a pattern, and being mindful about spending time together purely for entertainment helps bring that spark back or keeps it burning bright. Orange’s bright, enthusiastic color wraps you up in enjoying the moment.
  • 44rd Anniversary: The traditional theme is Electronics, and the modern theme is groceries. – As our technology progresses, more and more are electronic, intelligent, and controlled remotely. Upgrading home equipment not only makes things around the house, it speaks to the continued commitment to the house a couple has built and the growth and change still happening even after all this time. Steel’s silvery blue evokes not just purity and stability but also calm as you near five decades together. The 44th wedding anniversary gemstone is Turquoise.
  • 45th Anniversary: Sapphire – The road on the way to half a century is truly remarkable. Couples that reach this milestone have marriages centered on love, faithfulness, and sincerity. It is also believed that sapphire symbolizes good fortune and keeps the marriage strong and healthy. Sapphires emanate a shade of blue that symbolizes calmness and sincerity. The Blue Iris is the flower that symbolizes this wedding anniversary.
  • 46th Anniversary: Poetry or Games – An excellent way to stay sharp and spend quality family time revolves around games. Whether it’s Scrabble, Mario Kart, or Monopoly, the time spent with these games will bring everyone together. Memories and stories will be collected with the good times. Perl is the gemstone for this wedding anniversary. Turquoise’s soft blue-green color demonstrates the tranquility and peace only found when surrounded by family. The daffodil is the flower that represents the 46th wedding anniversary.
  • 47th Anniversary: Garden or Plants – Whether there is a SO who loves spending time outside or just wants a little potted plant, growing things is the perfect gift. They symbolize continued growth and fruit in a relationship. They can also be given as a symbol of the care and nurture one person gives the other. A Modern gift for this anniversary books. Deep green reminds us of peace, quiet, and growth, not just new but also over many years. The gemstone is amethyst, and the flower for the 47th wedding anniversary is Camelia.
  • 48th Anniversary: Home Improvement theme – As the happy couple nears 50 years, they may want to focus on home improvement. Many decades together means some things are worn out or need to be updated. This isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it’s good. It is a chance to improve not just their home but each other and their relationship even more than the comfortable place they have found together. The modern gift for this occasion is Optical goods like glasses and binoculars. Beige for the calm simplicity that life may have become. The gemstone for this anniversary is Feldspar. The flower that represents the 48th wedding anniversary is Aster.
  • 49th Anniversary: Copper – Copper is a beautiful, reddish metal that symbolizes love and passion. The bright splash of scarlet declares a passion as on fire and conductive as it was during the first years of marriage. Even after close to 50 years, the love and affection in marriage continue, and the gift of copper communicates this with its warmth, glow, high conductivity, and value. The gemstone for this wedding anniversary is Zircon and the flower is Purple Orchids.

50-60th Wedding Anniversary meanings, colors, and gifts

  • 50th Anniversary: Gold – Half a century of love and commitment to one another is truly a spectacle! Gold is the traditional gift for reaching 50 years symbolizing the relationship’s hardships, rarity, and value. It is not an easy feat to reach a milestone such as this. So reward your significant other with a symbol of the actual value! A half-century of love should be treated as a royal celebration by sticking to gold colors. Yellow roses and violets are the flowers that symbolize this wedding anniversary.
  • 51st Anniversary: Photos or Cameras – Looking back over half of a century together creates happiness and nostalgia and brings up good memories of time well spent. Whether it’s a collection of photos of life together or a camera and space to create more memories, this gift will allow the capture of many new, beautiful memories. Some sources also say that marble and stationery are the theme for this wedding anniversary: peach and light pink wrap each of these memories in the gentle warmth. Blue Sapphire is the gemstone for this anniversary.
  • 52nd Anniversary: Bath or Spa theme – It’s been a long road, and what better way to celebrate that than a relaxing spa? Not only is a spa a chance to relax and reward yourself for a job well done, but it also provides the opportunity for quality time together. Mint’s scent isn’t the only soothing thing about it; sink into the pale green color and feel your troubles melt away. Go ahead and take that weekend away to focus on yourself; you are SO exclusively.
  • 53rd Anniversary: Plastic –  This may seem like a cheap gift, but think about its durability, simplicity, and multiple uses plastic has. Your marriage has reached a point of much usefulness and durability and it may not be the most glamorous gift, but it’s reliable, sturdy, and always there for you. The modern theme for the 53rd wedding anniversary is a romantic getaway. A rich brown is a perfect color to reinforce the quiet dependability you’ve come to rely on over the years. The cherry blossom is the flower that symbolizes this anniversary.
  • 54th Anniversary: Glass – Nothing says the state of your marriage after five and a half decades than the elegant, beautiful glass. Whether spun glass, a china collection, or wine glasses, this gift indicates beauty and practicality. Silver shows clarity and assurance with the marriage, past, present, and future. The rhododendron plant is the flower for this anniversary, and the gemstone is Murano glass.
  • 55th Anniversary: Emerald – The gem represents true love and loyalty, while the color indicates renewal and new growth. As your love grows more profound and even more authentic, it will experience constant renewal and new growth. Gifting these deep green gems indicates your passion and the hope for a lush future full of new experiences. Not surprisingly, emerald is also the color here; growth new and old will thrive in the coming year. The calla lily is the floral symbol of the 55th anniversary,
  • 56th Anniversary: Day theme – You wake up beside the one you love every day, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Why not celebrate every moment you have with them? Make a special outing, prepare breakfast in bed, go out to that fancy restaurant…celebrate the sun rising again on your love in whatever way means the most to you. Amber brings you positivity, warmth, and creativity from when you get up to when you’re ready to turn in for the night.
  • 57th Anniversary: Night theme – The darkness may come, but it’s also a chance to draw near your SO. Many good things happen at night, including rest. Make this a quiet celebration. Focus on rest and comfort. Just as the darkness of night balances with the light of day, so grey stands for the balance you and you have found in all aspects of your life together. The flower is Azalea. Glass or mirrors are the modern themes for this anniversary.
  • 58th Anniversary: Faith and Hope theme – Two of the most essential virtues according to the apostle Paul, faith and hope, have gotten you this far in life. As you look at the coming year, carry that same hope and faith with you into the unknown future knowing you’ll have your life partner by your side. Gold, bright, warm, and one of the most valuable elements on earth – a reminder of the value of your marriage.
  • 59th Anniversary: Charity theme – Nearly a lifetime together, and the perfect way to celebrate is to share with others. Give freely and often, whether it’s money, belongings, friendship, or wisdom. Magenta brings another essential element to living a life of charity – compassion for yourself and those around you. Flower: Olive Tree
  • 60th Anniversary: Diamond – The hardest material known to man, the beautiful diamond shows beauty and value. It also comments on the commitment and endurance that have held you together for six decades. The immense pressures and pain you’ve experienced together have forged you closer than ever, just like tremendous pressure turns coal into diamonds—white rounds out the years with wisdom and continued purity in your love for each other.

Receiving gifts during milestones is always a pleasure. It is important to celebrate every milestone you have as a married couple! Whether couples follow tradition in gift-giving or not, we must never forget that marriage should be surrounded by love and commitment.

Wedding Anniversary Colours, gifts, and meanings
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