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Anything but Clothes

Anything but clothes or most commonly known as ABC is a college party where you can wear anything but not clothes. This means that everyone must dress up in funny and silly costumes and sometimes a bit scandalous outfits. This also means that you have to be creative about what you are going to wear. Some would wrap their body on caution tape, tin foils, plastic bags, and some even hot sauce packets! If you are looking for some ideas for an ABC party, we got you covered. here are 30 outfit ideas that you may want to consider.

  1. Cardboard Box – This is a classic one for the party. It is very easy to find and easy to assemble and it practically costs you nothing. Just be sure that you secure them properly, because they may easily fall especially when got wet. Also, be cautious about the weather, if the forecast says it will rain, you may wanna skip this costume and look for a little bit more water-resistant.
  2. Newspapers – A great way to recycle your old lying around newspapers. This is one of the simplest forms of outfit on ABC. You can fold, trim, glue, or roll to create your desired outfit. This can be worn by both sexes. But use it with caution, you may want to at least wear something underneath those newspapers, they can get wet pretty easily, at least you are safe when that happens.
  3. Chip Bags – We all have chips on our houses, so why not consume them and use their bags for your costume. It is one of the safest outfits for the party because it is at least waterproof. to do this just wash the bags, air-dry them, flatten them and assemble them to your liking. It is pretty straightforward and honestly, very fun to design.
  4. Duct Tapes – This is a fast and easy costume to assemble. It is cheap and a last-minute ABC costume to make. You can design your clothes creatively in a short period of time. And, surely, you will be very visible at the party because of how the duct tape reflects light. A little bit of caution though, just make sure that you’ve covered all the sticky sides because you don’t want the duct tape to get stuck on your skin.
  5. Pizza Box – One of the best ABC costumes for guys. You can just cut the center part of the box to the size of your hips, and you’re done. This is more likely for men because they have nothing to cover on top. Not all men can slay this outfit because it is very risky, because you are essentially covering up your private area with a pizza box only and nothing else.
  6. Playing Cards – An easy-to-assemble costume, but also very fragile. Best if you connect them with a stapler, that’s the most secure way to do it, but it is still not that rigid to wear. This is a unisex costume because you can design practically anything into it. Some can make, skirts, tops, pants, headdresses, and gowns. This is one of the choices of first-timers just because of how easy to assemble it.
  7. Tin Foil – Another last-minute ABC costume idea, but this one is a lot faster to make. It is also very affordable but can make you a costume anything you want, from modest to revealing. You can make a pretty sick costume, just extract your creative juices. You may want to use spandex underneath the tinfoil though because you don’t want the foil to be scratching your skin all night.
  8. Caution Tapes – The most used ABC outfit, you can make pretty much any costume you desire. This is for both boys and girls and the best part is they look really good in pictures, and they are very easy to DIY. For girls, they can make dresses, skirts, tops, and more, for boys they can make pants and long sleeves or tees.
  9. Hot Sauce Packets – This is for those who want their costume to be spicy, literally. Just super glue them on your old shirt (or bra) until it covers the whole clothing. With the hot sauce packets, you can be creative on it, you can also make some necklaces, bracelets, or even eyeglasses for a more fancy-looking costume. Basically, your imagination is the limit.
  10. Money – You want to let the party that you are riches in the room? Wear money, but the fake ones obviously. Buy cheap fake money online, hot glue them to your old desired outfit and accessories and you are good to go. The best part is it looks pretty good in either personal or on photos. You should try this one out.
  11. Bandanas – They are very versatile when it comes to ABC outfits. They are also one of the cheapest to make because you would only need safety pins and bandanas. This can be a very cute and adorable costume if done properly. Bandanas are more popular choices among girls when it comes to ABC parties.
  12. Beer Can – to do this, duct tape some beer cans to create a suspender from their own box, and the box itself would serve as your shorts. This would be pretty neat to look at because it would create a sort of theme for your outfit depending on the brand. This could be very fun to make and honestly, it is one of the most beautiful ABC outfits if executed and designed properly.
  13. Beer Boxes – If you want a lighter version of the beer can outfit, just do the beer boxes outfit, the procedure is the same but the suspenders would only be made out of the box and it would achieve the same looks, but not as cool. The upside is, that this is a lot easier to make.
  14. Plastic Bags – Our parents always told us to reuse the plastic bags, now here it is, find some plastic bags, cut some holes for your torso to fit in, and then tape some for your skirt. You will now have a good-looking ABC outfit, plus your parents would be happy that you’ve reused your plastic bags.
  15. Body paint – For the extremes, who are really confident in their bodies, and want to show off their skin, this is for them. It is very easy to execute, and body paints can be found at your local stores. Designs can be anything either fake shirts, paintings, optical illusions, sayings, witty jokes, anything, just be creative on it.
  16. Fake Vines – One of the nicest-looking ABC costumes, you can look like a God or Goddesses when executed properly. This is a more popular choice for those who go to the gym a lot because they would look really good with this costume with their lean body. They are also fairly cheap in your local stores and also very easy to build.
  17. Garbage Bags – This is a cheap alternative for your ABC outfit. Find some garbage bags that are lying around your house and you’re good to go. Also, you can step up the style by decorating it more with some accessories which in turn could make it really look good.
  18. Curtains – If you ran out of time, just grab a curtain and wrap it around your body and you are done. This can make you fancy if you choose the flower design. This is especially for girls, which can use some accessories and can turn the curtain to be their gown. Perfect for the night, a curtain gown.
  19. Feathers – This might be one of the tedious outfits to make, but it will be worth it. Buy a lot of white feathers or any color you like, then hot glue them one by one on your old clothes of choice. It is on you if you want to spice up your outfit, for example, make wings out of the feathers, a headdress, bracelets, etc. This is one of the finest costumes you can see on ABC but also expensive to make.
  20. Posters – A very nice-looking poster can make your outfit stand out. This can be quite fun to make, especially when the poster has a witty joke written n it. This outfit is simple and easy to make with almost no mess when you are done with it.
  21. Flags – There are some that use flags as their ABC outfit. Just make sure that you’ve done your research before doing so because not all countries are okay with their flags being used as a form of clothing and they will take it as an offense.
  22. Gumball Machine Dress – This dress is an easy idea. Find an old dress or tank top then start hot gluing them on the old clothes one by one, front to back. If it was done, it would look very colorful and you will smell sweet throughout the party. Try this one out if you’ve run out of ideas.
  23. Apron – Yes, just an apron. Just put in your favorite apron at home or better yet, buy an apron that has witty and a little bit naughty jokes written on it. This is a great outfit idea for men especially if they ran out of time thinking about what to actually wear.
  24. Loofa – Buy tons of loofa in your local stores, and then hook them all into one long string. Eventually, you can make a long line of loofa which you can now wrap around your body to contour your body, and while you’re at it, design it to your liking. This is more popular with girls and some pictures online are very fun to look at.
  25. Wonder Bread – If properly executed, this would be very funny. The first step is to wrap your whole body in saran wrap or anything that looks like bread that would mimic a bread. Now Slap that wonder bread logo and you are done. This is a very hilarious costume and honestly, it is very easy to execute.
  26. Pillows – Sandwich yourself in two pillows then add a belt to hold them together, it is a simple costume but effective. This also gives an illusion that you have a curvature of your body. Girls usually use this costume and to make them safe, they use a nude bra underneath the front pillow because this costume is prone to a wardrobe malfunction.
  27. Bubble wraps – When you are the type of person that keeps their bubble wraps from the items that they have purchased online, this costume is for you. The first step is to use nude underwear and then wrap your body with the bubble wrap until you reached your desired thickness. You may need some helping hands to glue the bubble wrap because you need to wear it before gluing it. it is one of the best ABC outfits so far.
  28. Towel – As simple as it is, towel. This is a no-brainer move and it just works. Just be careful with wardrobe malfunctions because it can easily be removed from your body, so make sure that it is secured and not going to fall off anytime soon. Just to be extra safe, wear clothes underneath the towel, so that if anything happens, you are safe from embarrassment.
  29. Menstrual pads – Of course, we will use the unused ones, otherwise it would be very disgusting, and you may be thrown out of the party. The first thing is to prepare yourself an old shirt. Next is to hot glue those pads on the shirt until it covers it all up, and you’re done. This is fairly easy to make, and it is very hilarious when seen personally.
  30. Post-it Notes – A cheap and easy option for your ABC party, just paste the notes on a shirt that you desire to use for the party, and you are done. Alternatively, if you have a lot of time, you can write witty or naughty jokes on the notes for the party-goers to read. It is seriously a conversation starter.

Attending an ABC party is really more fun than a normal party, it gives you the chance to be unique in your own style and creativity. Choosing what to wear to a party is somewhat hard for some time. Luckily, We have a ton of options to choose from, so select now your favorite design idea and start designing them. We hope that you can have inspiration from this article. Good luck!

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Anything but Clothes
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