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Party balloons

Have you ever wondered why kids love balloons so much that you are here right now searching for the best one? Let us hop into a little trivia first! Did you know that a balloon is an adaptable pack that can be swelled with gas, like helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen, and air? For extraordinary tasks, balloons can be loaded with smoke, fluid water, granular media (for example, sand, flour, or rice), or light sources.

Party balloons

Today, modern-day balloons are produced using elastic, latex, polychloroprene, or a nylon texture and can come in various shadings. While some early balloons are somewhere made of dried creature bladders, like the pig bladder. A few balloons are also used for ornamental or engaging purposes, while others are used for reasonable purposes like meteorology, clinical treatment, military protection, or transportation. And these are all important to know when looking for a balloon for a special birthday, because balloons are not just used for special occasions, such as birthdays or holidays for party decorations! We can consider buying various types of balloons for a birthday event, and balloons have the interesting capacity to wow anybody of all ages. Regardless of the event, they are the quintessential party design that can add a component of fervor to each occasion. With every one of the various sorts and approaches to utilize, picking the right balloons can be overpowering. Dread not ‚Äď this aide will cover the fundamentals you need to begin!

First, decide which theme color of balloons you would want to incorporate for the birthday event. Is it red? Orange? Bright pink? Pink? Sunshine Yellow? How about Kiwi Green? Festive Green? Robin’ Egg Blue? How about Caribbean Blue?! Or Royal Blue? It could also be Lavender? A splash of Violet is not bad too! What about Black? Or White? A clear one is not bad either! Or go for Rainbow Marble! For classy vibes, go for Rose Gold! Berry! Pastel Blue! Gold! Silver! Or assorted! You can find all colors and decorate it the way you want it.

Party Time Edition: Best Birthday Balloons

But these colors come from different types. Do you prefer Latex? Or Foil? Both types of balloons are a great and best option that can be varied in many ways. Sometimes, it is the design that overpowers them or makes them stand out from other picks! Other times, it combines their sizes, colors, and textures to make the balloon really pop! Here is how they differ! NOTE: Below is different curated lists and links for each type of balloon and where to find them!

Helium balloons

For latex and foil balloons to float, they need to be inflated with helium. Take note that helium is not poisonous. It is an asphyxiant. If inhaled completely, it can be fatal. Never inhale. Helium is colorless, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and does not cause a burn. To fill the balloons with helium, a Balloon Time helium tank can be used, or simply go to any local Party City store to have your balloons inflated. You can save time by requesting balloons on the web and getting inflated balloons available. Pick up balloons near your gathering start time to guarantee they are completely inflated and put their best self forward. For best outcomes utilizing helium, see details beneath.

Air filled balloons

Latex and foil balloons can be expanded with air; notwithstanding, they would not drift. In case you are blowing up balloons yourself, the uplifting news is you can save your lung power by utilizing a handheld inflatable balloon pump or an electric balloon pump. As a rule, most air-filled balloons will keep going for 6 two months. For best outcomes, see determinations underneath.

Latex balloon

This balloon type is 100% biodegradable, made from 100% pure natural latex, range in size from 5 ‚Äď 36 inches, available in a variety of colors, finishes, and shapes, compatible with air and helium.

When inflated with helium

The standard 12-inch balloon size is underinflated when it is round and overinflated when it is pear-shaped. The floating time of a helium-inflated latex balloon can be increased with the use of Ultra-Hi-Float. This is a water-based solution. It contains a special soluble plastic that helps hold in a medium. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. It can make your balloons last up to 24 additional hours. However, temperature changes will make the gas inside the latex-helium-filled balloons expand or have contractions. For best results, during warmer conditions, slightly underinflate balloons, while during cooler conditions, slightly overinflate balloons.

When inflated with air

It is highly advised that the latex-air-filled balloons shall be inflated to less than 9 inches round. A standard 12-inch balloon size must also be underinflated when it is round and overinflated when pear-shaped. However, temperature changes will make the gas inside the latex-air-filled balloons will cause balloons to expand or contract. For best results, also during warmer conditions, slightly underinflate balloons, while during cooler conditions, slightly overinflate balloons.

Buy your latex balloons now

Confetti latex balloons ($7.95)

These 24 piece rainbow multi-color confetti balloons are 12-inch high-quality latex balloons with a bright rainbow-themed design! It is long-lasting and durable, perfect for setting a party attractive, happy, and romantic. Can be used in kids birthday parties, gender-neutral baby showers, summer parties, wedding, and bridal events. You can enjoy the fun of popping the balloons and the glitter shower at the party. After inflating the confetti balloons, rub the surface of the balloons on the carpet or with a dry towel to help the confetti stick to the balloon. Or spray a little water into the balloon before inflating the balloon.

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Chrome latex party balloons ($9.99)

These gold metallic chrome latex balloons are packed with other 100 pieces of round helium balloons, perfect for their gold color theme that makes your balloons more beautiful. These balloons will make your birthday parties, wedding parties, Christmas parties, and other party decorations perfect! This set includes gold party balloons of 12 inches and 1pcs gold ribbon (33 feet total), which are just the right amount and the most suitable color for each party decoration.

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Pearl latex balloons ($10.95)

These 100 pieces packed with 12-inch latex balloons are great for pearl theme events! It is made of 100 percent and high-quality rubber, premium helium, and good quality latex! It becomes 12 inches high when inflated!

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Light up latex party balloons ($10.23)

These balloons are made with high-quality latex and are safe to be used around children. It is simple to use! Suitable for helium or air filling! The LED feature works best in dim/dark environments, it keeps bright for 12 to 24 hours, and you can dim your lights for its best performance. Low temperature (lower than 10 F) will reduce the life of the batteries (Only flash 2-4 hours). So please do not take it as decoration outside when cold.

Light-up balloons are also great as party supplies, party decorations, party accessories, party favors, and toys for the glow-in-the-dark party! These can be enjoyed during birthday parties, pool parties, dance parties, kids parties, wedding anniversaries, dance clubs, or any special occasion worth celebrating. This package includes 10pcs of white balloons, 10pcs blue balloons, 10 pcs Light blue balloons and 30 pcs LED balloon light mini round balls lights!

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Foil party balloons

This balloon type is reusable, made from a mix of nylon, aluminum, and laminated polyethylene materials, range in size from 4 ‚Äď 32 inches, available in a variety of colors, finishes, and shapes, compatible with air and helium.

When inflated with helium

The standard minimum required size for a foil balloon to float is 17-inch balloon size and is self-sealing. Also, it can last up to a week when accurately inflated. Just do not overinflate. Leave creases in the outer edges all over the seam to allow the expansion to occur. However, changes in the temperature will also make the gas inside the foil-helium-filled balloons contract or expand. For best results, do not expose foil balloons to extreme heat, such as being left in a car on a hot day. They will burst! It may look shriveled if filled in a warm room then taken outside into the cold. But do not worry too much. It will correct itself when returned to a warmer condition.

When inflated with air

A 4-inch and 9-inch foil balloon designed for air inflation is a requirement. The gas that is inside will expand and contract with temperature changes. A foil-air-filled balloon will either expand or contract. Just also, do not expose foil balloons to extreme heat, such as being left in a car on a hot day. They will burst! It may look shriveled if filled in a warm room then taken outside into the cold. But do not worry too much. It will correct itself when returned to a warmer condition.


18″ Round foil balloons ($24.99)

These balloons are specially made with mylar foil, making them ideal for birthdays! With its decoration that wishes a happy birthday for the celebrant, this makes them beautiful when scattered or grouped in the party space! It is only made with premium quality. It is thick and durable. It can be for all ages, with so many colors and patterns and a pretty metallic sheen they can shine when exposed to light. Plus, it is self-sealing! With a free ribbon when purchased, worry no more!

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Super shape foil party balloons ($6.40)

This little mermaid princess Ariel in a super shaped mylar foil balloon is perfect for your children who are huge Disney fans! A little girl might feel like a princess on her special day today! When bought, she can already be happy with this 23 x 28 x 12 inches cute balloon!

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Foil multi-balloons super shape ($8.99)

These multi-balloon super-shape foil balloons are perfect for their self-sealing valve that prevents the gas from escaping after it is inflated! You can inflate this with helium or air and it is made of durable mylar foil! Plus, this can make any Disney fan happy!

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Foil balloon bouquet ($13.99)

These mylar-foil-made balloons are displayed as bouquets and can be enjoyed just like a bouquet of roses! This is perfect for any celebrant that loves a bunch of balloons!

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Foil Orbz shaped balloon ($9.58)

This silver orbz foil balloon could be a self-seal after being inflated, it does not need extra operating; there is a small hole on the top of the balloon for the balloon to hang. Also, in order to allow customers to better decorate these balloons, this set comes with a roll of ribbon! When preparing for a party, you can easily inflate these silver sphere balloons (with a straw); use a straw to inflate or deflate the balloons, aluminum foil balloons can be reused. This balloon is 22√ó9 inches before inflated, and 18√ó11.5 inches after fully inflated; filling of 90% is enough to inflate the balloon completely, and a 100% filling of the balloon will appear round. To avoid bursting, just inflate the balloon slowly and avoid contact with sharp objects. These silver 4D large foil balloons will make your party brighter and more beautiful. These balloons are suitable for all parties, such as birthday parties, weddings, Christmas, anniversaries, dance clubs, and baby shower events!

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Foil cubez shaped balloon ($5.79)

This foil cubez shaped balloon is sized in 5 x 0, 15 x 7.5 dimensions. It is 15″ in size. And it includes a self-sealing valve that also can prevent the gas from escaping after it is inflated. It can be enjoyed with helium or air! It is made of 100% good quality mylar foil!

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Foil diamond-shaped party balloon ($12.99)

This balloon package includes four pieces of 4D 17″ holographic laser gold foil diamond balloons. It is supported with inflated air or helium. It is offered with colors of your very own choice: laser gold, laser silver, laser red, laser pink, and laser blue. A built-in straw is also included and is convenient for you to deflate the balloon and store it. It can be hangable and self-sealing too! It does not air leak like other balloons! It also has a novel design perfect for it is shiny and reflective due to its unique laser technology that is seen in different angles! Make your child or any celebrant happy today!

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Foil clearz shaped balloons ($11.29)

These balloons are clear and are suitable for stuffing confetti, feathers, small gifts inside, or flowers! These transparent balloons are a good replacement for LED light-up sets and are good decorations for a happy birthday, wedding, baby showers, graduation parties. It includes pieces of clear transparent balloons. The clear balloons are pre-stretched by the machine, and can better protect your hands and nails. The bubble balloons are about 7.8 inches before inflation and what is better is it can inflate diameter to 14.9 inches big! You can inflate it with an air pump, or helium to make it float up! These round clear balloons are made of PVC, a kind of durable plastic, high quality, non-toxic, high-elastic, and environment friendly!

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Foil sing-a-tune balloon ($12.93)

This balloon has a button in which you can click for it to play music! It originated in the United States. It can be inflated with either helium or air. It is also self-sealing! You can now enjoy this balloon with its music feature!

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Foil number balloon ($6.89)

This aluminum foil balloon will stay floating for weeks when inflated only with helium. You can easily inflate using a straw or an air handheld pump. This is a digital balloon price and you will receive 1 pcs of balloons from which letter you want. This party balloon decoration can be used repeatedly, with no extra knot, self-sealing valve, convenient inflation, and deflation. This foil balloon suits for a wedding, christening, anniversary, engagement, birthday, baby shower, Halloween, or Christmas event. Great for all romantic occasions!

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Foil air filled balloon ($6.59)

These foil letter balloons are fast and easy to inflate using the plastic straw included in the package. Simply tape it or use the ribbon to hang the ‚ÄúHAPPY BIRTHDAY‚ÄĚ letters on the wall, window, curtains, ceiling, backyard, or anywhere else you think it will look great, indoors or outdoors. It is made with premium quality balloons and is crafted with a durable, ultra-shiny aluminum foil that maintains form without leaking or losing air. Each set of happy birthday balloons comes with a straw to help you inflate each letter and a long ribbon (random color) and you will get the same 16‚Ä≥ foil letter happy birthday balloons that can be combined!

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Foil satin balloon ($3.94)

This 18″ heart satin luxe amber foil mylar party balloon includes a self-sealing valve that also prevents gas from coming out! It is perfect for any birthday party or romantic event! Bringing romantic and joyful ambiance to the event!

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Now that we know what balloons are and what types of balloons we can choose from, there are also many ways to tie a balloon and display it creatively.

Improvisation is the key! You can buy these products of balloon accessories provided with a link below.

Balloon accessories you might need also

Curling Ribbon

Use a curling ribbon to finish the looks of helium-filled party balloons or simply hang balloon decorations from ceilings and walls. This classic and classy accessory can also be used to create decorative elements like bows for balloons. This curling ribbon is 5 mm, the total length is 500 yards, made of plastic. The design of the ribbon is easy to unfold and curl. The high-quality ribbon is durable and reusable.

These ribbons are great for parties and celebrations. The package includes 1 roll of curling ribbon, wrapped around a plastic spool, easy for using and storing, in case of getting twined or be struck. There is so much you can do with these colorful curling ribbons. Teen girls will love creating cute hair accessories and lovely crafts, while you can use them as gift wrapping bows and ribbons, decorations, or fashion them into striking centerpieces. NOTE: Winding risk, adult supervision is required; You can not use the ribbon to tie the balloon directly to avoid air leakage, just use the ribbon to decorate your balloon.

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Balloon Weights

Spruce up your party balloons and keep them secured with the help of balloon weights. Choose from any variety of colors, shapes, themes, and characters that match your theme. This balloon weight is molded from durable, top-quality plastic material. It can securely hold 1 ‚Äď 9 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches, or 12-inch helium-filled latex balloon and 1 ‚Äď 18 inch helium-filled foil mylar balloon. It weighs 10 weights per bag. And measures 2 inches high x 1.75 inches wide.

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Tail and Tassels

Upgrade your plain and boring balloons with balloon tails and tassels. These very ideal decorative enhancements feature colorful fringe and themed cardstock cutout attachments that can be added to the ends of balloons.

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Party balloons with lights

Illuminate or light your party space with balloon lights. Simply place the LED lights inside your latex balloons prior to inflating and watch them gleam at your next night event, outdoor gathering, or glow-in-the-dark party. It can light up balloons, paper lanterns, pumpkins, crafts, mason jars! These are perfect for parties, weddings, Christmas, Halloween parties! It also has a long working time. For 30pcs, it can now bring a lot, bright and energy-saving features that can last more than 48 hours. Plus, batteries are included! The design is built to be a round shell spherical design and won’t scratch the balloon compared with other shapes. Very cute and easy to hide! Also, waterproof for usages in water and drinking. Suited for indoor or outdoor use! Just pull out the Insulation tab and light up your night in a second. (COOL WHITE lights are steady on without flashing)

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Glitter and Confetti Packs

Use this to add a more sparkly effect. Brush some glue or apply some spray adhesives to any parts of the balloons, and sprinkle the celebrant’s favorite color confetti to it!

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Yarn strings

Use this to string up some balloons for an easy garland design. It will be the easiest balloon garland ever! Hang it with all the bunching balloons altogether!

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Use paint to make boring balloons more beautiful! Splatter some gold paint to make your pink, white or lavender balloons look classy! It can be any color of paint, so long it matches the balloons’ color scheme!

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Construction Paper

You can create giant ice cream cone balloons with the use of construction paper, go get any of your brown construction papers and you are good to go! Place it below your helium balloon and you will see ice creams floating out of the blue! Threading the ribbon of a helium balloon through the bottom to create this delicious balloon treat has never been fun with improvisation!

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Prextex Balloon Pump Electric Air Blower

A balloon pump is a good investment with children in the family!

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In choosing the best balloon for a birthday party, you just do not buy it and inflate it with anything. You must be responsible enough to keep balloons weighted, do not release them outdoors carelessly. Keep balloons with the ideal temperature set of 72 and 78 F. Store balloons in a bag for more than 30 minutes. Remember that when you keep your balloons outdoors for a long time, they will have a shorter float time. Keep them out of waterways and powerlines, aside from inflating it safely with the required specifications, once the party’s over deflate balloons and then discard. Do not forget to look after your little ones! Uninflated broken balloons can make a choking hazard. Remain balloons kept away from unsupervised adult supervision on little children. While birthdays mean fun, color, and events! You must still take note that safety is the priority aside from decorations, choosing the right and suitable balloons is not just important but also taking responsibility for your choices!

Party balloons
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