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4 Ways to Wrap a Ribbon Around a Box

How do you wrap a ribbon around a box? We can all agree to the fact that we all love receiving gifts. There is joy and anticipation when opening a gift that has been wrapped with a beautiful ribbon. Regardless of how much a gift is worth or what it is, it will always look elegant when wrapped with a beautiful ribbon. There are different types of ribbons that you can use to wrap up the gifts, which are somehow the same, but maybe they feel, and looks may differ.

The two significant ribbons used for wrapping gifts are the Raffia and paper ribbons. However, how you bind the present will make it look attractive and unique, and this takes us to our main question: how do you wrap a ribbon around a gift? In this article, we are going to discuss four different ways that you can wrap a ribbon around a gift box, but first;

Why is it important to wrap gift boxes with ribbons?

For decor purposes

A gift box with a ribbon is more attractive than a plain box. A ribbon that is well wrapped around the box will make it look and feel expensive compared to a plain one. So, it takes the gift to a higher level in terms of look and feels.

To create a surprise effect

A ribbon wrapped around a box will always create a wow effect, which builds up curiously of one wanting to know what is inside. It has to be a special gift that will take someone time to choose and have a ribbon on it.

It signifies care and affection

Only a person who values and cares for you will take time to carefully wrap up a gift with a ribbon and present it to you. It shows they took time to think of a beautiful and unique way to give the gift to you.

Four ways how to wrap a ribbon around a box

Horizontal bow method

The horizontal bow wrapping method is the easiest and most basic method to tie a present. But, depending on how you do it or the kind of ribbon you use, be sure it will turn out classic. It is also recommendable for beginners or in a hurry as it does not take much time.


  • Get your ribbon and lay it flat on a surface.
  • Lay the box in the middle such that the ends of the ribbons show on the sides.
  • Get either side of the ribbon (right or left side), wrap it to the top of the box, and make a loop.
  • Then bring up the other end of the ribbon and wrap it around the loop made. A loose bow will form when you wrap the two parts.
  • Then gently pull both sides of the bow outwards to get a fit for your desired look.
  • Lastly, trim the extra ends of the ribbon.

Diagonal bow wrapping

This is another classic method to create a beautiful ribbon wrapping on a gift box. It is done just like the horizontal method, although diagonal bows take more time and add a bit of beauty to the box. I mean, the ribbon in this method is tied to the edges of the box. Also, a diagonal ribbon wrap is an excellent choice if you use decor wrapping around the box since it will not take much attention from the wrapping.


  • Place the gift box on a flat surface facing upward in a horizontal form.
  • Then place the ribbon on the box in a diagonal form, and wrap it on the opposite side(right side)
  • Continue wrapping it in a diagonal form along the bottom right (diagonally) on the front side of the box.
  • Get the other end of the ribbon wrapped diagonally on the underside of the opposite bottom corner of the box such that the two sides of the ribbon meet at the start point.
  • Then wrap a knot and tie the two ribbon ends in a bow form.
  • Cut the excess parts of the ribbons, and you will be good to go.

Tiffany bow method

If you are looking for that elegant and beautiful finish on that gift wrap, I recommend trying this Tiffany bow style. It is a timeless gift-wrapping method that has been in existence for quite some time, and it never runs out of taste!


  • Get your box and lay it flat on the table.
  • Then place the ribbon along the middle part of the box while ensuring one side of the ribbon is longer.
  • Pick the ribbon‚Äôs long side, wrap it horizontally around the box, and partially fold it.
  • Then pick the other end of the ribbon and wrap it down the box at the right angle and around the box vertically.
  • Tuck it under the partially folded ribbon to form an overwrap in the middle with both ends on opposite sides
  • Pull the two ends of the ribbon at the same time to your desired length
  • Then tie the two ends together as you tie shoe strings

Woven ribbon wrap

If you want to go the extra mile to make sure the gift box looks more presentable, this is the best ribbon wrapping method. However, the technique will require more ribbon and time to complete, but the results are magnificent.


  • Cut four pieces of ribbons that are longer than the box. You can opt to use different colored ribbons or just single color.
  • Place the ribbons on the width side of the box and then cut them to a size that can wrap around the box and remain a few inches long.
  • Then lay the ribbons flat at about 1/4 inches while parallel to each other.
  • Then place the gift box with the top part facing downwards at the middle of the set ribbons. Then pull both sides of each ribbon and tape them together using double-sided tape (double-sided tape is recommended so it can stick both sides of the tape and ensure it does not show), or alternately, use glue to stick both parts of the double sides.
  • Repeat the same for all the ribbons
  • Using the trimmed pieces of ribbon, create a unique decor piece and place it where the ribbons and joined with double-sided.


If you are looking for different ways to wrap a ribbon around a gift box, we have provided you with four other methods to try out. You can use different sizes and colors of ribbons, depending on the color you want to achieve and the size of the gift box. Follow each step described, and you will achieve excellent wrapping on each gift.

4 Ways to Wrap a Ribbon Around a Box
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