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Detective-Themed Birthday party

Do your kids love detective stories? Then it can be a fun idea to arrange a detective party when he or she fills in.

How do you organize a detective party? Write encrypted invitations or invitations with invisible ink. Decorate the cake with a shoe print. Instead of candy bags, you can give each child a detective bag. At a detective party, people dress in a coat, hats, fake mustaches, and dark glasses. Then let the children solve the mystery to find their candy bags.

But let me tell you more!

How to fix it a detective party?


Send out invitations “Emma’s detective asks you for help to solve an exciting mystery birthday.

The invitation card can be reversed or backward.

You can accomplish a secret message by writing with wax crayons. The children will then paint over the paper with watercolor for the text to appear.

The invitation may be written with invisible ink or using a toothpick and lemon juice. You will then heat the text of a toaster or a light for the text to appear. Write a little hint about how to obtain the text, so that none of the guests miss it.

Invitation Card can also be printed with cut-out letters as classic blackmail letters.

Decorations for the detective party
Decorations for the detective party

It is also exciting to receive a coded message (if you also get a code key in the envelope).

How do people dress at a detective party?

An appropriate dress is a coat, dark glasses, and a hat. It’s also fun if you find a fake mustache and a fake beard. If you can borrow a magnifying glass, it is a good part of your outfit.

Decorations on a detective party

  • Decorate with footprints that you cut out of paper on the floor and walls.
  • Magnifier can be a fitting decoration and fun activity.
  • Place an empty jewelry box on the table.¬†
  • Decorate with fingerprints that you cut out of paper.
  • Have some soft lighting in the room and let the kids use flashlights.
  • Set up barrier tape that has been at a crime scene.

What can you offer the guests to eat?

Bake your own cake plate and cut it out as a question mark. Decorate the cake with candy feet or, or footprints. (Print footprints on paper and cut out the footprint. Place the writing on the cake and powder cocoa in the imprint.

Or bake a regular cake that you decorate with a magnifying glass or licorice pipes or anything that symbolizes detective.

Bake cupcakes with secret messages.

Candy bags for a detective party

Nice stuff to put in the candy bags is pens, magnifying glasses, handcuffs, and a block in the candy bag. And you can find shoes of the candy is, of course, a given thing in the candy bags at a detective party. Licorice Pipes also tend to be appreciated.

What to play at a detective party?

Guess the sound ‚Äď let the children guess the sounds of the different things you have at home.¬†It can, for example,¬†be a toothbrush, tea ball, whipped, Alarm Clock, etc.

Play Bluff ‚ÄstThe rules¬†can be found here.

Murder Mystery ‚Äď All the children stand with their faces to the wall and close their eyes.¬†Now the game leader knocks everyone on the back.¬†If you get one tap, you are an average person (and can be murdered).¬†If you get two taps, you become a police officer.¬†Three taps mean that you are a murderer.¬†What character you are is a secret, and no one knows what the other person is.¬†Those who are murderers now put their victims by winking at them.¬†If you get winked at you, fall dead on the floor and remain there until the round is over.¬†The police will try to figure out who the murderer is.¬†If the killer happens to wink at the cops, she or he is discovered and caught.¬†The play is when the end or you can start over with new roles.

Look up the candy ‚Äď Record a movie and ask someone to send it to you by SMS.¬†The film tells someone that the candy has been stolen and gives the children instructions on how sweet it can be found.¬†It can, for example, be a clue that rhymes, children can follow the evidence that leads to the next clue.¬†The kids, end up in a candy stash.¬†The most fun is it if you can hire a ‚Äúthief‚ÄĚ who can sit and munch on the snacks when the kids find him.

Find the candy bags ‚Äď Tell children that candy bags were stolen during the night.¬†The police have got hold of the thief, but he does not want to reveal where he had hidden them.¬†The only clue is an empty popcorn bag thief had in his pocket.¬†Then allow the children to follow a trail of popcorn that leads to the missing candy bags.

Play the detective game Cluedo.

Activities at a detective party

Let the children make fingerprints using an ink pad. Prints can be used as place cards or thank-you notes after the party.

Make Wanted posters where children can draw into themselves.

What can you play at the children’s party? The most popular games at the children’s party are dancing top, relay, and scavenger hunt. For more fun and games, visit the page with what to play at children’s parties.

How do you arrange a pirate party? Send out treasure maps that invitation, the children dressed as pirates with such sword and eye patches. You can decorate with pirate signs, an anchor made of cardboard, and set the table with a treasure map. More tips for a pirate party, you can find here.

How do you arrange an artist party? Cut palettes that you smear paint on and invitations to the front. For an artist party, it is good with comfortable clothing. Let the children start to paint themselves as they come. Then the works of art in a gallery. At an artist party, you can make a palette-shaped cake decorated with candy in different colors. Read more about the artist’s birthday party here.

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Detective-Themed Birthday party
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