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Toga Party

For those who have heard what a toga party is but does not have a clear idea of what is all about and what preparations are to be done, for starters a toga party is a sort of having Greco-Roman themed costume party. It is called a toga party because participants or the party-goers are wearing a toga, like those of a Greek goddess kind of thing.

How do you arrange a toga party?

This is one of those fun-filled parties that allows you to wear sandals and bedsheets. Yes, you can wear a bedsheet and fashioned it into a toga, nobody has to know that it is a bedsheet. But if you have a garment that you can use as a toga, you can always do so.

Entertainment is the main focal reason why toga parties are held. In most cases, attendees are reported to indulge in excessive and binge drinking with a lot of alcohol keg served in the toga parties. Most of the events are associated with either Greek or Roman cultures like games and other forms of entertainment that would resemble how the ancient Greeks and Romans do it in the olden times.

A typical setup in a toga party

Most colleges and universities held toga parties. Most fraternities and sororities celebrate this event to enjoy student life to the fullest. The feeling of wearing a toga can be exciting for first-timers, while the old-timers can fashion their attire with lots of ornaments making a head-turning walk as soon as they arrive in the venue.

The 1978 film Animal House, features a toga party celebration which helps kick-off and made widespread general mainstream acceptance of this celebration that crept its way to several universities and colleges. The connotation of drunken frat boys chanting rowdily toga! toga! toga! has somehow stereotyped toga parties as a celebration of drunken revelry and excesses.

Over the years, variation in how toga parties evolved into a more wholesome and kid-friendly affair but still has some minor elements of revelries and excesses. If you have to think back, toga parties are one of the oldest ways of having a party. By properly coordinating everything like people to invited, party decors, games to be played, and the supply needed, you can ensure that your toga party will be full of fun and memorable.

Who are the invited?

Practically, you can invite anybody whom you like. An invitation can be sent out to your friends and acquaintances whom you would like to be present at your toga party. For your toga party to be more fun and exciting, it is much better if it has a “handmade” feel to it. Actually, there is no wrong or right way to do it, but creativity counts a lot.

For a more Romanish, or Greekish feel, make your invitation sound like an announcement rather than an invitation. Since it is not exactly hard to make, you can just do as many invitations as you like. Font style like “Algerian” can add a more Greekish or Romanish feel to it. You may use a stick to roll your invitation and tie some ribbon just like a scroll and if budget permits, the use of parchment would be better.

The chow, and lots of it

A toga party won’t be complete without food and drinks. In most Greek and Roman movies, you’ll see a lot of fruits being served at their tables. Serving fruits like grapes, apples, sliced pineapples, and pears would be nice for starters. You may also serve your guest with hummus, pita bread, vegetables, olives, and cheese. Don’t forget your roasted meat, a lamb and some chickens would be nice. Finish your course with some salad and practically, you have a feast.

Wine would be nice but don’t forget to stock a pile of beers. You know how beer lightens up the mood of party-goers. At the start of your party play some music, like the one on Animal House, but after a few sips and gulps of wine and beer, you can just do an “anything goes” type of music depending on your guest’s moods and preferences. It’s hard to play funky with a bunch of straight-edge and punks attending your toga party.

Dress code

It has to be highly sophisticated, classy, and full of finesse and grace like a bedsheet. If you don’t like the bedsheet, you can use a curtain. Joking aside, there are lots of toga party costumes that are available for rent or sale, There are also some sexy variations of a toga if you want an edgier and more revealing vibe. There are also other fits of toga for others who would like to resemble a Greek god.

Just be sure that you are wearing an undergarment in case you get drunk and cranky and stuff. Just wear some and you can thank me later. Better safe than sorry, you might end up drinking a lot of booze and made a lot of fun and you might forget some, and end up showing some, and trust me the news of you revealing some, won’t die for a couple of months or until the next toga party.


A good set of something that hangs like vines and some greens would be perfect for any toga party. Usually, the colors of choice are white and gold and an accent of purple. Since you are trying to resemble Greek and Roman royalties and big shots, you can opt to bring a couple of pillars, and some statues. Some candles can be a welcome addition to your set of decorations for a more Greek and Roman feel to your toga party.

How to be the ultimate Greek god or goddess at a toga party?

To be the ultimate Greek god or goddess, you need to have a properly worn toga. Here are some steps on how to wear your toga like a pro.

  • Step 1 – Secure a white fabric that you will use as your toga, you need to take some measurements so that you can have your toga tucked and fit nicely on you. You need to measure the distance between the floor and your arms. That is for the width.
  • Step 2 – To determine the length of the cloth you will be needing, you need to calculate the length of the fabric by letting it hang from your shoulders down to your knees, estimate about 3 inches below your knee, if you want to show more skin, you may just let hang around your knee area.
  • Step 3 – Wrap the fabric around you twice to make sure it is not too tight with enough room for you to move comfortably and easily.
  • Step 4 – Wrap the fabric across your front to the back passing it under your arms.
  • Step 5 – Take a hold of the top ends and perform a criss-cross direction from your back to your front passing over your chest. As you bring the fabric towards your front always make sure that it passes to under your arms.
  • Step 6 – Hold both ends of the fabric, have it tied securely on your neck.
  • Step 7 – For a more dramatic feel and look, you may adorn and decorate your toga with some gold-colored rope and wrap it neatly at your waist.
  • Step 8 – Wear your Greekish or Romanish pair of sandals to complement your toga and trust me, you will definitely look stunning.

If you can’t still make up your mind on what to do at a toga party, why don’t we help you make up your mind and allow us to make some suggestions on what is how to make your toga party the best one ever.

Roman Head Wreath Leaf

Complete your Romanish or Greekish look by adorning yourself with wreaths, pair it with your toga, and re-live the Greek/Roman lifestyle of old. It is a beautiful set of accessories that will complete your Roman/Greek look. This wreath of golden leaves looks and feels elegant and fashionable.

Captivate everybody’s imagination and see them look at you with absolute awe. It is made of well-knitted fabric and plated to perfection giving you the perfect look fit for a god. It is very lightweight, portable, and can be easily worn and removed. It is the perfect props for parties, plays, masquerades, and all sorts of stuff.

 Be confidently handsome or beautiful when this wreath sits perfectly on your head.

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Ancient Greek Men Roman Toga Caesar Costume

 Whether you are Julius Ceasar or Octavius when you wear this robe you are truly an emperor. This majestic and full of royalty costume captivates everybody’s imagination once it slides comfortably on you. It comes with a complete set of golden laurel, belt, and robe which is fit for a conquering emperor.

Made from 100% polyester that interlocks neatly with sequin knit fabrics. What are you waiting for? This costume is perfect for all toga parties all year long, costume parties, Halloween, stage plays, and so much more. Be an instant celebrity at every party you will be attending, it is easy to wear and also easy to remove. Have yourself perfectly ready for the big party in just a few minutes. Be the ultimate star with this costume.

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Women’s Toga Costume Set Classic Greek Goddess

Are you looking for a costume that would transform you into Hela, or maybe Aphrodite, or Athena perhaps, then this costume is just the perfect costume you are looking for. This Greek goddess costume is just stunning. Made with elastic and stretchable materials wearing it is just easy and convenient. Not only that, but it also comes with a beautiful and cute headband that you can use as a laurel.

You can easily adjust the waistline the elastic Gold belt fastens securely with Velcro. A perfect costume for all toga party all year long, good for costume parties, plays, birthdays, prom and all sort of thing that needs you to portray a character. You can even use it as a prop for some photo ops and photo shoots. You can be beautiful without spending so much.

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Ellie Shoes Women’s 015-Cairo Flat

What goes perfect with your laurel and toga? It is the sandals. This women’s sandal will be the perfect addition to any Greek and Roman costume. It is made from Polyurethane which is light and strong.  It has a synthetic sole that is soft but strong. It is designed intricately with braids that seem like a snake pattern adding a bit of mystery to your every step. The perfect set of sandals for your ultimate Greek goddess transformation in an instant.

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Imperial Empress Costume

Royalty doesn’t have to be expensive with this Imperial costume. Make the best entrance in every toga party, walk the aisle in a pretty and elegant fashion with this costume. It is made from 100% pure cotton giving you nothing but only comfort, style, and elegance. Each set is composed of a toga, a set of armbands and wristbands, and a choker. This white and maroon toga only spell beauty and style.

If looking for a perfect toga is stressing you out, you need to take a breather and focus your attention on this dress. It is perfect for all toga parties all year long, it is also your perfect costume for Halloween parties, stage plays, other themed parties, dress-up, photoshoots, and more. Elegance, beauty, and grace are as easy as 1-2-3 when you have this empress costume in your wardrobe. What are you waiting for, get one now and you will not regret it?

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Ancient Greek Pillars Backdrop

The ultimate prop for your perfect toga party is just a few clicks and swipe away. This backdrop will help you get that Romanish and Greekish feel and vibe for your toga party. With this backdrop in the background, the party mood will simply elevate to the next level. It is made of vinyl which is alight, easy to clean, and easy to store.

Don’t stress out yourself looking for decor, with just a few clicks and swipes, your problem will simply vanish. The perfect backdrop for all Greek-themed parties like your toga party. It is also ideal for school plays. graduation background, Halloween costume parties, baby and bridal showers, wedding, just named it and this backdrop will fix it all.

Give this backdrop some lighting effects and you have the coolest and the most insane background with very minimal cost and effort. With this backdrop, you can rest easy because it just solved all your decor needs.

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