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 Happy New Year!

Here is an exciting day for everyone, New Year’s Day! It is one of the biggest holidays on the calendar that is being celebrated all over the world. It is the start of the year where everyone looks forward to their bright future. There are big festivities and activities for people to do; preparing a lot of food, watching fireworks, and popping bottles of champagne and wine. When the clock strikes 12, all you can hear are the booming firecrackers that make everyone shout and go wild. There are different kinds of traditions and cultures on how people across the world celebrate New Year’s Day.

How do you celebrate New Year’s Day?

New year gift ideas to give your loved ones? It is a common tradition to offer a gift to the people we love on special dates such as New Year’s Eve. But perhaps if we have too many people on our list, we may run out of New Year gift ideas. That’s why we present this compilation of ideas, perfect for the Christmas season that is just around the corner.

We give gifts to show love, as a form of gratitude, because it is expected of us (a birthday, a wedding
) and to provoke the happiness of the other person, which in turn generates happiness for us. In this sense, psychology says that gift-giving is not as altruistic as we think. But it is well-regarded selfishness more often than not. “Giving your money to others instead of spending it on yourself provides greater happiness for yourself,” says Elisabeth Dunn.

How do you celebrate New Year’s Day?

The most common custom during the holiday is the evening before the holiday itself- New Year’s Eve. It is the night wherein people do different activities while they wait for the clock to strike midnight. They celebrate the last hours of the year by watching televised countdowns or by attending last-minute parties. And as the New Year starts, everyone shouts, “Happy New Year!”, and hug or kiss the people around them. People mostly celebrate the holiday with their family or friends.

Are you familiar with the song, “Auld Lang Syne”? If not, it is a song from Scotland that they sing during New Year’s Day. It was about two old friends who recall their memory when they were young. It can be interpreted as “for the old time’s sake.”

Another popular custom that most people do during New Year’s Day is making New Year’s Resolutions. As a fresh start, they list the things they want to change and do for the New Year. It serves as a motivation in what you wanted to achieve and see by the end of the year if you are successful.

If you are looking for unique ways to celebrate New Year’s Day, here are some customs that are being celebrated in different countries:

  • In Spain, one common tradition is to ear twelve grapes, one for each stroke of midnight. If successful, tradition says you will have a year full of prosperity.
  • Smashed plates and dishes may be a sign of bad luck for other households, but not in Denmark. During New Year’s Eve, family and friends break their plates and glasses in front of their doorsteps.
  • Aside from the sound of fireworks, you can hear bells ringing in Japan. New Year’s Eve in Japan is celebrated by going to temples and ringing the bell. It serves to take away the negativities in life.
  • No budget for fireworks? Are you scared of firecrackers? Say no more because, in the Philippines, people use horns and kitchen tools to make noise. If you go around the house blowing horns and drumming kitchen pans, it will make the spirits go away.

These are just some ways of celebrating one of the happiest holidays of our lives. But do you know what is the most common thing during New Year’s Day? It is by buying and giving gifts to our loved ones. Gift-giving is such a thoughtful and passionate thing to do during the holiday.

If you are not sure what to give to your special ones, this article is just for you. Here is the list of unique gifts you can find at Amazon.com.

Gift Ideas for New Year’s Day

Board games

Let’s begin with board games because they are a must in any gathering of friends or family. They are inexpensive and super fun; it is an almost guaranteed success.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition

This game is a classic, a must-have in any home. If someone you love doesn’t have it yet, you know.

The grace of this version is that it is cashless, you don’t need bills or track them constantly so they don’t get lost. The most important features of this edition are:

  • Instant and cashless trading game
  • Enter event cards for an exciting game
  • Key technology makes the game fast and fun
  • Bank cards track player’s wealth

The great thing about Monopoly is that you can find many different designs to suit everyone’s needs – there’s even an Animal Crossing design!

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Hasbro Gaming The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition

Inspired by Super Mario: it’s the Game of Life board game with an exciting twist with Super Mario video game-inspired characters, artwork, and gameplay. Players move around the board as Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Yoshi. They choose their path and which areas to explore as they move through the mushroom kingdom.

Unlike other games, this edition is not about money or retirement. The ultimate goal in this board game for children is to defeat Bowser. With implemented mini-games, you can use coins to buy stars for a boost in the battle against Bowser.

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The Jenga

The Jenga is an all-time classic. It is a hilarious game in which you have to remove wooden blocks without everything falling apart. The pack comes with 54 blocks, and the game is simple, solid, and ageless.

The excitement and tension generated around the game make it perfect for a pleasant, fun time with family or friends.

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Bath sets

Another type of gift that is almost guaranteed to be a hit is packs of bath products (for relaxing, not for cleaning!). We often don’t have time to stop and spend time with ourselves, so what better time to do it than in the bath with a good bath bomb or salts? These gifts are usually presented to women, but they are amazing New Year gift ideas for everyone. It is one of the best gifts to give during this time of the year. If someone you love or appreciate enjoys spas, for a very affordable price you can get a pack of lovely products.

12-Pieces Handmade Bath Bomb Set

The best way to start the new year is self-care; we must know how to take care of ourselves. Remember to have a fresh day by not giving yourself the stress. This gift is not only for your family and friends but also a great gift for yourself. This bath bomb set can help you relax and unwind after a busy day. With bright colors and a relaxing smell of perfume, enjoy a wonderful bath experience in your own home. This is an all-natural bath bomb that comes with different scents you can choose from. Check it out now on Amazon.

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Facial Cleansing Brush

Wearing makeup and making ourselves pretty boosts our confidence. If you have a family member or friends who love to use makeup, this is a perfect idea for them. However, we must keep our faces clean after using layers of makeup. It is made with soft silicone and a waterproof sonic vibrating face brush. It deeply cleanses the skin and is good for all types of skin. It is also good for massaging the face after a long day of hard work. For your mom, friends, wife, or anyone to have good skin, buy this now at Amazon at a very low price.

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Spa Luxetique Spa & Bath Gift Basket

This bath set brings products formulated with natural ingredients that help nourish the skin and lock in moisture, refresh the body, revitalize the mind. Some of the products included are natural tea tree essential oil, shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, bath salt, bath sponge, and even three soap petals.

The gift comes prepared in a beautiful basket, making the bath set pleasing to the eye and a unique gift.

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Marvelous Essentials – Gift set of 24 aromatherapy bath bombs

This original and beautifully designed idea is perfect as a gift for someone you care about and who needs a good rest. The bright colors of the designs make it a very pleasing gift to the eye while transforming any bath into a relaxing spa. These natural bath bombs will turn an ordinary bubble bath into the most luxurious, spa-like experience.

Plus, it contains only the finest essential oils: lavender, lemon, peppermint, rose, and many more. The lucky person you gift this to will love the intoxicating fragrances. When they are in the tub, breathing in the aromas of these aromatherapy products, they will feel calm and soothed.

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Books, books, books!

With books, you must take care because everyone has unique tastes. But if a book has made an impression on you or you think it is lovely to give as a gift, go ahead! If you can’t think of any ideas, here are some of the top sellers of the last few years.

Dune Complete Series Set, 6 Books

This book has been a sci-fi hit in recent months and years, especially since the movie came out. If you happen to know someone passionate about science fiction and reading, this is the gift of the year.

Arrakis: a desert planet where water is the most precious resource and where mourning the dead is the symbol of maximum prodigality.

Paul Atreides: a teenager marked by a singular destiny, endowed with strange powers and destined to become a dictator, messiah, and martyr.

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The Sun and Her Flowers

Divided into five chapters and illustrated by Kaur, the sun and her flowers is a journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. A celebration of love in all its forms. Anyone who enjoys contemporary poetry and literature will undoubtedly appreciate this moving book.

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Call Me by Your Name

A book, along with its movie, that touched thousands of people around the world. LGBTI inclusive and emotional, it is a perfect book for that person you know who enjoys beautiful and dramatic reads.

Call Me By Your Name is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between a teenage boy and a summer guest at one mansion in Italia. Both of them are unprepared for the consequences of their attraction when, during summer, unrelenting currents of obsession, fascination, and desire intensify their passion and test the charged ground between them.

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Educated: A Memoir

With all the social problems that arise and remain in the world, nonfiction books like this one are a must-have on the bookcase of anyone interested in social inequality and academia. This top-seller was widely critically acclaimed at the time.

Born in the mountains of Idaho, Tara Westover was seventeen the first time she set foot in a classroom. Her family was so isolated that there was no one to ensure the children received an education.

Tara decided to try a new kind of life. Her quest for knowledge transformed her, taking her over oceans and across continents, to Harvard and Cambridge University. Only then would she wonder if she’d traveled too far if there was still a way home.

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21 Lessons for the 21st Century

This book reviews some of the most emblematic problems of our century, offering new points of view or solutions. How can we protect ourselves from nuclear war, ecological cataclysms, and technological disruptions? What can we do about the epidemic of fake news or the threat of terrorism? What should we teach our children?

If you know someone who likes to think, reflect and read, this book is for them.

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Smart notebooks

Yes, you read that right. Technology has advanced so much that even notebooks and their contents can now be digitalized. They usually operate with pens that can be erased to reuse the notebook. Plus, you can upload what you’ve written to the cloud and store it.

If you know people who need organization and peace of mind in their lives, give them this as a gift!

Undated Kinfira Planner

Since we are starting a fresh start, it is important to list down what we wanted to do ahead of us. An undated planner is a good thing for people who do not write every day to save up space. There are also sections for weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. There is an additional space for the to-do lists and notes section. It is a stylish planner with bookmarks and pen holders for more use. Add this to your cart now, and remember to give your friends this wonderful gift idea.

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Reusable hardcover, erasable, smart notebook

The last notebook you’ll ever need: it’s infinitely reusable. The paper is made by a special process to reduce damage to trees. Each page can be reused more than 500 times. A great choice for everyday use. You can write the text you want to write on the notebook and save it with the app, then wipe it off with an erasable tip or a hot hairdryer. But it only works for erasable pens.

With CAMSCANNER, an app for iOS and Android, you can scan and store important information you write in your notebook on your phone. Available in PDF and TXT formats. You can send what you write to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneNote, iCloud, and email.

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Moleskine Pen + Ellipse – Smart Writing Set and Smart Notebook

The Moleskine brand is well known for its beautiful and handy design; it is highly appreciated among stationery lovers.

This smart notebook includes a ballpoint pen + smart digital pen, a paper tablet with paper coded in dot design to work with a ballpoint pen, a ballpoint pen + USB recharging cable, 1 pen tip ink refill, and a user manual.

From paper to screen: the Companion app seamlessly transfers what is written on the notebook page to your device, digitizing your analog notes and allowing you to annotate, share, search, edit and organize your vision. The app is compatible with Android and Apple.

Multimedia: record audio to sync with your notes; display your ideas and make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

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Beautiful mugs

A bit clichĂ©? Maybe. A super cute thing? Maybe. Especially if they’re customizable.

ABYstyle – The Nightmare Before Christmas – Mug 320 ml

This adorable mug is 100% official, resistant printing, microwave proof, and has a matte coating.

If you know someone who loves Disney and this movie, what better time of year to gift this mug to them?

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Star Wars – Stormtrooper Christmas Mug 320 ML

This adorable Star Wars Christmas mug is perfect for a lover of the saga. It can be safely used in the microwave and is a great way to start the day, along with some coffee or cocoa.

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My Custom Style Mug with White Ceramic Border

As we said before, a customizable mug can be a super unique and original gift for New Year. Although you can buy some mugs and print photos on them, with this mug you have a blackboard where you can write whatever you want.

You can prepare breakfast for the one you love and add a nice message for him or her to have a nice day. Or you can use it to plan your day and write positive messages to yourself.

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Champagne Flute

Do you have friends who like to party? Or do you have a family member who can’t live without alcohol? Here is a good gift idea for you. This flute is very convenient and perfect for an outdoor setting. You can easily take your favorite champagne outside. And not to worry since it is straightforward to clean. It is also good for different parties and events. It comes with a beautiful and sleek design that comes in different colors. Pick and buy your desired design at Amazon for a good quality price for your wine-connoisseur friends or family.

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RecontraMago Personalized Mug – Original Gift

Like the previous one, this one can be customized to your liking. But instead of writing on it, you can request a text or a photo to be printed on it!

It is great for those you love to remember you or a special moment.

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Tea boxes

If you know someone who is really into tea or coffee capsules, as well as organization (or is a mess and needs a little Marie Kondo in their life), these boxes are the perfect fit for them. They provide an elegant and minimalist touch, not to mention many of them include tea bags, for tea lovers to enjoy with pleasure.

Large tea box, 24 x 24 x 8.5 cm – 9 compartments for tea bags – retro design

This lovely decorative wooden tea box in original retro style with a glass lid is perfect for those who have a taste for country style.

It is a large box suitable for safe storage and sorting of tea, tea bags, or small items (e.g. also for spices, coffee capsules, jewelry) of all kinds.

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Amazy Bamboo Tea Box – Wooden tea box with 8 compartments, tempered glass, and drawer

Like the previous one, it is a nice wooden box with adjustable compartments: the dividers of the tea box can be arranged individually.

Perfect for someone who particularly loves organization.

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Air fryer

It has become very fashionable to fry without oil because it reduces the consumption of calories and products that are not so healthy for us. There are many air fryers on the market, so if someone you know doesn’t have one of these yet, and you are aware that they often cook fried foods, what are you waiting for?

CHEFMAN Large Oil-less Fryer, Digital Touch Control Panel, Easy to Use and Clean

High-speed air convection technology allows food to be prepared using only hot air; the result is dishes cooked with less or even no oil.

This fryer is super intuitive to use, with adjustable temperature control, integrated timer, and digital control panel with touch screen.

If you happen to know someone who is into healthy living and eating, you know what to get them.

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Cecofry Deluxe Rapid Sun Oil-Free Fryer, Dishwasher Safe, 8 Modes

It is an air fryer that allows cooking with only one spoonful of oil, achieving healthier results. Its 2.5 L capacity container allows you to cook large quantities of food. It is also dishwasher safe thanks to a non-stick coating, which makes cleaning and maintenance much easier and convenient.

With its modern and compact design with a digital display on the top, you can control the operation in a very intuitive way.

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Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer

Want to have a healthy living for the New Year? Here is a healthier kitchen tool that you can use. Air Fryers are now on-trend because of how you can cook foods with less oil but still the same crispy texture. With over 100 recipes you can look up to, this Smart WiFi Air Fryer can be controlled using your mobile devices. To ease the hard work of our parents when cooking, you can check this out on Amazon and give them as a gift.

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Air Pods

They are in vogue for a good reason. They are comfortable, good quality, long-lasting battery, and perfect for people who are messy and always break wired headphones. Or who are just tired of them getting tangled up.

It’s a product we can fully trust, thanks to the good reviews from all over the world.

Apple AirPods with charging case (2nd generation)

Activation and connection are automatic, with a simple configuration for all Apple devices. Thanks to Apple’s new H1 chip, they have a faster wireless connection with your devices. The battery lasts more than 24 hours of continuous use, and they charge quickly in the case.

Plus, as we said, it’s Apple; we know it’s a trustworthy brand.

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New Apple AirPods (3rd generation)

This new design presents an anatomical fit and adaptive equalization that automatically adjusts the music to your ears. In addition, they are water and sweat-resistant, making them a perfect gift for someone athletic or always near water.

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More New year gift ideas

Star Projector Light

If you have kids at home, they will surely like this. It is a multifunctional projector that illuminates colorful stars when dark. It is not only a bedroom light that you use when you go to sleep, but you can also use this for decorations. I will create a warm and calm atmosphere during a birthday party or New Year’s Day celebration. It is a festive gift for your friends, kids, and even for yourself. Get it now at Amazon for a quality price.

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4-in-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit

We all know that a holiday is also about eating a lot of food. As we consume a lot of food, it is only natural that we gain weight. If we want to be healthier for New Year, here is a good product that you can buy. This set is consisting of a 2-wheel roller and jumping rope. It is designed to keep your body fit and healthy. Burndown those calories using this set that you can find at Amazon.

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Travelers Club 4-Piece Luggage Travel Set

Another year, another set of travels. Traveling is a must not just for enjoyment but also for work-related activities. Having good luggage will take you a long way. With a good amount of price, they have a 26-inches suitcase, 24-inches luggage, boarding tote bag, and toiletry case bag. It is a sturdy and stylish luggage set featuring lots of pockets. If you have travel plans with family and friends, here is a good gift for them.

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Glass jar. Wait, what?

Okay, it may sound a little strange at first. But quite a great idea for this Christmas and New Year’s gifts is to buy a glass jar and put inside rolled papers with beautiful memories you have with that person, candies that you know they like, or any detail that fits in it. It is a personalized gift that includes a personal touch. In addition, there are many glass jars to choose from.

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Scented Jar Candle

Another year means another workload. After the festivities, people will start to go to work again and keep themselves busy. So it will be back to the tiring and stressful life. Some people will find it hard to sleep and relax. If you know someone like that, here is a perfect gift idea for them. This scented candle is made with natural soy wax and handpicked crystals. It comes with a plant fragrance that helps you sleep well and relax after a busy day. It is very functional and stylish to put users in different places like bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. For more relaxation, check it out now at Amazon.

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These are just a few New Year gift ideas. Any of the gifts on this list would be perfect and adorable for someone you know and care about. Remember that gifting and giving are loving – we hope you found it helpful!

If you are still not sure what to give, you can check out Amazon for different products. Remember that it is not the gift that matters; it is the thought that counts. Giving gifts come within our hearts and mind, whatever it is you are giving; a sure thing that they will feel thankful for.

New Year’s Day is indeed a happy celebration for all. Whatever it is that you do during the holidays, you must enjoy it. It is a pleasure for everyone to take a break from work and school so be happy and entertained. Again, Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year!
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