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How Much to Spend on Groomsmen Gifts

Love is just around the corner. When the love bug bites, nobody can’t stop it, and everyone who’s bitten immediately gets lovesick. Having to fall for someone is such a great feeling. Just thinking that someone also thinks of you in return sends many giggles flashing down your spines. As they say, it’s all rainbows and butterflies when you are in love.

How Much to Spend on Groomsmen Gifts? On average, spending can reach anywhere from $35 to $45 on a groomsman. As a rule of thumb, you may spend about 10-25% of how much your groomsmen spend. This is not a strict rule on how much you have to spend, but a “rule of thumb”.

How much to spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

Your groom is the reason why you act like a kid who just came out of a candy store. One flashy stare from your knight in shining armor and all of your guards are down. We can’t blame you, you are just in love just like anyone else who comes before you like your mom and your grandma. And when your man asks you for the big one, you gave him your resounding YES and that is how everything came to be.

Then suddenly a question popped out of nowhere, How much to spend on groomsmen gifts? Well, for starters it’s not only your man that goes with you on the big day, his legion of loyal groomsmen will flock to him like seagulls. Your army of bridesmaids will match your man’s legion of groomsmen pound-for-pound. How much to spend on groomsmen gifts would be the question that needs a quick answer, fast.

How much to spend on groomsmen gifts?

Before we get a little bit excited about the dream wedding, let us address this little teeny-weeny issue that needs your attention. Let us have figures and numbers that will highlight what we need to fully understand before we dive into it. This statistics is based on groomsmen gift statistics that was answered by over 30,000 customers of gifts for groomsmen on the duration of the wedding until it ends.

Let us start, these figures are all about the “average”, it’s not the minimum neither the extreme. These are figures that stay within the middle line of the groomsmen’s gift expenses that the couple usually spent on their wedding.

  • $250 is the amount spent on groomsmen gifts on average.
  • $37 is the amount spent on a single groomsmen.
  • 6.7 men are needed to fill in and serve as groomsmen.
  • $260 is spent for weddings during the peak months which are July and August.
  • $196 is spent during December and January.

There you have it those are reasonable figures to spend when you are planning to make some purchases on your groomsmen gifts. On average, spending can reach anywhere from $35 to $45 on a groomsman. As we have mentioned, this is not the lavish style of spending, this is between lavish spending and minimum spending. But still, if you consider the figures, it reaches a considerable amount.

There is technically no strict rule that governs how much to spend on groomsmen gifts. But there are things that we call “rule of thumb” that are not official but it is something that is being done by many over time. So, as a rule of thumb, you may spend about 10-25% of how much your groomsmen spend. Again, we repeat this is not a strict rule on how much you have to spend, but a “rule of thumb”.

For example, if you asked your friend to spend a total of $300 on your wedding, your gift would have to equate to about 10-25% of that cost. Which is translated to somewhere between $30-$75 worth of gifts. So, if your groomsmen feel a little bit generous on their spending spree, expect also a generous sum you need to shell out to cover the expenses on how much to spend on groomsmen gifts.

But at the end of the day, use your best judgment. Your wedding, your call. For fairness’ sake, you may opt to choose to personalize your gift to your groomsmen based on how much you see they spend on your wedding, and that is just fair. But how about if you are running on a very tight budget? Can we still apply that 10-25% “rule of thumb”?

When you host a wedding on a tight budget, where every cent counts, and you have not asked your friends to spend and do something. Giving something more affordable would be alright. Gifts for groomsmen that would be within the $25 price range would be fine. On the other hand, if you wish to have a more lavish wedding, expect a more lavish expense. That is just how the way it is.

Groomsmen Gifts

Personalized insulated Tumbler

When you have exhausted all efforts looking for a groomsmen gift and can still make up your mind. You might have asked, how much to spend on groomsmen’s gifts? The answer is not much, groomsmen gifts need not be expensive. We would like to give you a hand and offer our assistance so that in a way we can help you ease your burden a bit.

Why not try this tumbler with the groomsmen’s name on it. It is a great gift item for your groom’s boys. It is insulated to keep your favorite drinks locked and secured. You’ll never have to worry if your water, beer, juice, or coffee gets rocked and spilled all over the place. This tumbler with a MagSlider lid will surely keep your favorite drink secure and ready always.

It is designed not to sweat so you are always sure that your heads stay dry all the time. This number is engineered with stainless double-wall insulation so your drink remains cold or hot no matter wherever you are. Get it now.

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Classic Pre-Tied Bow Tie Formal Solid Tuxedo

What better gift you can give to pair with your groomsmen tuxedo? You are right, a bowtie. This bowtie is made from premium-quality gabardine that would look elegant, classy, and stylish. Make your groomsmen look at their absolute best when they donned this bow tie with their tux. It is easy to adjust and close, a little bit of tightening and a little bit of moving it around and it is perfectly set for an all-day-long activity.

It is versatile and stylish the timeless classic design is great for casual and formal occasions. Get the gentleman spark each time this bow tie is worn with style and class. Dressing up to the occasion is easy and convenient when you have this bow tie as part of your closet. It is available in different color options for the maximum elite looks that the men will surely dig in.

We recommend handwashing this bow tie when you want to wash it clean for another round of formal events.

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Collins & Co. Groomsman Proposal Wedding Party Box Set

We assure you this party box set will blow your groomsmen’s minds away. This gift bag includes a can koozie, a bottle koozie, sunglasses, a stainless steel straw, and a multi-tool. You can never ask for anything better with these cool gift items for your groomsmen. When they received these items we are sure that you’ll catch them with their mouths wide open.

You know how boys are, give them something they can use daily and they will instantly feel like heaven. You don’t need to spend a fortune to surprise your groomsmen, with a simple set of gift items you could send to wonderland and see them bring the baby out of them. If you give them something that can keep their drinks cold all the time, they are okay with it all the time.

What is good about this gift item is you don’t need to wrap it stylishly. You know exactly how boys treat gift wraps right. They’ll tear it from limb to limb and just leave the wrapping, who knows anywhere. Since this set contains daily essentials your boys won’t have to worry about their get-ups come wedding day, as they say, “boys will always be boys”.

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Corfara Engraved Black Pocket Knife for Groomsmen

Groomsmen are the big versions of toddlers. They love to flaunt their toys and will feel proud when their toys are better than others. Let us spoil them a bit shall we? Just because they are wearing tuxedos they are no longer a sucker for metal blades. The more classy and stylish they adorn themselves, the sicker they get when they receive something that is cool and will blow their minds away.

This Corfara engraved black pocket knife will turn any big boy into a baby. That’s right, you heard us clear, they would turn into a baby when their hands dig in with this pocket knife. It is made from a premium high-performance steel blade with a stylish and tough-looking lightweight aluminum handle. See their eyes beam with joy once their hands get into one of these.

This multi-function 3-in-1 cool knife can be used for a variety of tasks that your groomsmen find handy. It has a built-in safety lock that would keep their hands and fingers safe every time they use this pocket knife. It is designed with a spring assist and a handgrip for emergency rescue situations. It is just a perfect gift item suitable for babies that are well camouflaged and well-disguised as men. Get them now.

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Personalized Portrait Ambitious Viking

You can use multiple portrait ideas to deliver the best-looking portrait of all times. This features a king in a full royalty armor of war. This will be the perfect portrait to choose when gifting an older man in your life. Perfect for fathers, on a day that is special to you all. This portrait is an ideal sign of leadership in the family. High-quality hand painting is guaranteed on the personalized portrait.

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Personalized Portrait Ambitious Viking

Groomsmen Gifts – Bachelor Party Supplies Sunglasses for Groomsmen

When your groomsmen see that they wear the same tux, they will love it. When they see that they have the same set of ties, they’ll adore it. But when they see that you’ll give them the same set of cool sunglasses, try to think how they would react. You’ll have a group of toddlers that are disguised as groomsmen flaunt and would display their sunglasses as if it is the first time they owned one. We are just so sure of that.

These cool sunglasses is made of premium plastic, it has a plastic frame and plastic lens are durable and lightweight. Its lens has a UV protection coating protecting your groomsmen’s eyes when you want a beach party after the wedding. What made these glasses cool is that each glasses is printed with “Groomsmen”, what could be cooler than that?

It is just the perfect gift item for your groomsmen. It is perfect for bachelor’s parties, weddings, and many more. You may not know it, but your big boys want to be the center of attraction, these cool and nicely fitting sunglasses would make them shine like stars and make them feel like centerfolds.

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Groomsmen Team Groom Gifts

Your groomsmen love to be associated with each other. Imagine a bunch of playful kids that are put in one team and it will seem never-ending fun for them. Giving them something that will let them soak at the moment and get them excited because you have given them something they can use daily would be a rewarding thing for your big boys.

This bottle opener would turn your groomsmen into toddlers in an instant. Look at how they would react and flaunt their bottle opener in the air and pretend to open a cold and sweaty drink. As they say, it is absolutely “POUR-FECT“, okay I just made it up, they sure will going to love these bottle openers. It is made of sturdy steel, it is sure to last for several rounds of their favorite cold drinks.

Let the good times roll, this is a perfect gift item for bachelor parties, weddings, beach parties, and many more. See their eyes go wide open once you have to surprise your big boys with these toys. See them enjoy each beer and enjoy the memories of your simple but very memorable groomsmen gifts. What are you waiting for? Get them now, your groomsmen are in for a treat.

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Personalized Pocket Watch Engraved with Chain for Groomsman

It is purely a class of its own, ver elegant, exquisitely designed to perfection, and just plain beautiful gift for your groomsmen. We are just out of adjectives to describe how beautiful these cute little items are. When you are asked, “how much to spend on groomsmen gifts?”, you can safely reply, “not much, only $17.99”. That’s right these classy and cute chained pocket watches can be yours at an amazingly low price of $17.99.

This pocket watch is laser engraved, that is right, engraved not printed. It is perfect for everyday use and is convenient to be carried anywhere and anytime. The engravings on these pocket watches will never fade, they will never soil, and would never succumb to rust. It would simply not deteriorate in any way or any means. It will stand the test of time just like your union, it is for keeps and a lifetime.

It is battery-operated and will work perfectly for 24 hours. You don’t have to wind it up very often and the prints and numbers are easy to read and can be conveniently viewed upon. It is made of premium quality alloys it is just an ideal addition to any formal and casual wear or dressing for any special occasion or just any ordinary day. What a perfect way to surprise your groomsmen. You made them smile from one ear to another.

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Asobu Vacuum Insulated Double Walled Stainless Steel Beer Can and Bottle Cooler

When you give men something that will make their drink stay cold for a long time, you just gave them something to be thankful for. Giving a memorable gift to your groomsmen would surely be easy with this beer can and bottle cooler. It is the ultimate cooler, it is lightweight, portable, and very convenient to go around anytime and anywhere.

It perfectly insulates the whole bottle, vacuum insulated double-walled stainless steel beer can and bottle cooler would guarantee your groomsmen of cold frosty beer for hours anytime. It is also equipped with a complete built-in beer bottle opener for a convenient chill time doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying every moment of their free time.

Put your beer can, or bottle, or mug anywhere and anytime. It is great for beach parties, barbecue parties, Thanksgiving outdoor parties, and many more. It is available in different color options and is the absolute best gift for all the beer lovers out there. You can also give this to all of your friends and loved ones that love to have a cold beer at hand at any given time. Grab one of these bad boys and send them to someone special.

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We just love to hear that we have extended our assistance to people that are having slight trouble getting the best gifts for any special occasion all year long. We do hope that you were able to address how much to spend on groomsmen gifts and could conveniently move forward to a successful wedding. We would like to congratulate you and your partner on a lasting relationship that we know will last a lifetime. Cheers.

How Much to Spend on Groomsmen Gifts
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