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Universal Studios Gift Card

Gift cards are super cool. Universal Studios Gift Card is the coolest gift card ever because it allows you to redeem a lot of cool things, like food, merchandise, and a lot more. It’s the perfect way to shop and dine all over Universal Orlando Resort and enjoy your day together with all of your friends and loved ones.

It’s easy to have your hands on a Universal Studios Gift Card. You can purchase at any retail, dining, hotel, guest service, and other locations all over the Universal Orlando Resort. You may also log at www.universalorlando.com/giftcards and enjoy every perk the gift cards give to every lucky cardholder.

What are you waiting for? Get up on that couch and let’s give ourselves some cool and wonderful treats, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy! Come on now.

What is exactly a Universal Studios Gift Card and how can I have one?

It’s good you ask that because it’s what you need right now. Universal Studios Gift Card is just like any other gift card you have used. Instead of bringing a ton of cash to enjoy everything at the Universal Orlando Resort, I would advise you to purchase Universal Studios Gift Card and enjoy your day minus the large bag of cash.

Enjoy your experience, visit shops, eat with all of your heart out, and stay for a night or two in any on-site hotel all throughout Universal Orlando Resort. Pamper yourself and make every one of your loved ones enjoy and relax in all of Universal Orlando Resort amenities and have an experience of a lifetime, using a Universal Studios Gift Card.

The Universal Orlando Resort is one of the most visited resorts in the world. So having a Universal Studios Gift Card can help you move around and enjoy your stay conveniently. I’m telling you, you’ll get your hands full with your every twist and turn once you step inside the Universal Orlando Resort, and having a gift card would always come in handy.

How to avail myself of a Universal Studios Gift Card?

You can easily get your hands with a Universal Studios Gift Card at any retail outlet, dining, hotel, guest service, and other location throughout the Universal Orlando Resort. Almost all shops in corners of The Universal Orlando can help you get your hands on these gift cards.

You can also log in to their website at www.universalorlando.com/giftcards and have yourself a gift card without experiencing the hassle of standing over long lines just to get a gift card. Remember, it’s one of the most visited theme park in the world so you can’t expect long lines to get short at any rate.

What’s great with these gift cards is, the design is very cool. You can choose which suits you best and with just a few clicks and swipes, the card will be on its way to your doorsteps. There is a lot of designs you can choose from. Have a look at cool designs.

The Universal Studios Gift Card allows you to make purchases in shops and other establishments inside the Universal Orlando Resort because you can use them like you use cash. It doesn’t entail any fees and no expiration. It’s easy to reload funds on the gift card because there are several strategic areas that will give you easy reloadable options so you can keep on using these gift cards as often as you like.

Universal Orland Resort Gift Cards

These two themes are staple designs. It shows the classic Universal graphics which we all come to love. The other one which features a photo of the theme park is what the resort is all about. It’s all about adventure, mystery, and never-ending fun for the entire family. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Universal Orland Resort

Universal Orlando Resort Theme Parks

Harry Potter gift cards

Who’s not mesmerized and mystified by Harry Potter and the rest of the cast? I’m sure if you grew up watching this phenomenal movie series, you’ll end up not throwing this gift card because it makes an excellent souvenir. Relive all the magic and the adventure and make everything come to life with this Harry Potter gift card. Try them now!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley

Despicable Me Gift Cards

They’re fun and are they’re full of mischiefs. The minions are the actual show stopper! I’m sure many people love these adorable characters. They took the world by storm. They love to sing and they also love to dance and make a lot of folks happy. Everything the minions sing turns into a cult classic in an instant. You’ve got to try them.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem


Marvel Characters Gift Cards

Your friendly neighborhood web-slinger makes your day more exciting. Why don’t you get yourself one of these and start an epic adventure in Universal Orlando Resort? If you love the brawny Hulk who loves to smash a lot of stuff, well, he’s also being featured. I’m telling you these gift cards will make a perfect souvenir. Get them now!

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

The Incredible Hulk Coaster


The rivalry between Prime and Megatron continues. I know you have been following the Transformers series and you love them. Bumblebee also joins the foray as he makes his pose and helps every Transformers fans lighten up their day. You’ll definitely love these! Get them now.

Optimus Prime



Jurassic Park and Kong.

They continue to roar and make the ground tremble. These larger-than-life dinosaurs will surely make you excited to go to different themes and rides because I’m telling you, it’s going to be fun. The brute Kong is also flexing his presence and wants you to know that he’s watching. After all, he’s king.

Jurassic Park

Skull Island: Regin of Kong


This lovely alien captured our imagination and our hearts. And I’m sure he’s going to spark a lot of happy memories. Relive all the happy memories and adventures with this E.T. gift card. I’m sure you’ll going to love to go back in time and reminisce a lot of nice things with this E.T.-themed gift card. Add it to your cart now.


This one’s a true classic. I’m sure you’ll find The Cat in the hat interesting.

The Cat in the Hat

The lovable cartoon family is back. Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie make fun a never-ending adventure. Why don’t you order this Simpson-theme gift card and have a blast? I’m sure you’ll love them. Who else don’t?

The Simpsons Ride

Universal City Walk

Universal’s Volcano Bay

As you can see it, there are tons of designs to choose from and you can buy each card and keep them as souvenirs. But the gift cards are not only limited to those designs, there are also available options like Seasonal & Holidays and Special Occasions gift cards that feature cool and amazing designs. Enjoy choosing and be sure to have them reloaded so you can enjoy using them.

Seasonal & Holidays Gift Cards

It’s nice to be spooked once in a while. This horror-themed gift card is an excellent reminder that you need to watch over your back because you don’t know what’s coming.

Halloween Horror Nights

Christmas in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Minion

Isn’t he adorable? Guess what, this minion-themed gift card is an excellent gift for the holidays. Make someone extremely happy by giving them the best treat you could give them. Plus, this gift card looks cute. It reminds you to spread a lot of love and positivity. Get it now.

Holiday Minion

The Grinch

Don’t be such a grinch! Enjoy the holidays with this Grinch-themed special gift card. It’s a perfect gift item for all ages.


The Grinch and Max


These adorable penguins are just perfect. They’re extremely cute and fun. I’m sure you’ll love this gift card. It helps you relive all the fun and the adventures these penguins shared. Just look at the entire crew, and just like that, it will give you a lot of reasons to smile.

Holiday Madagascar


Your lovable ogre and his pal donkey make a nice pair. Spread a lot of love on this holiday by giving your friends or your loved ones this Shrek-themed gift card. You can just see how happy these two characters are! Get them now.

Holiday Shrek and Donkey

Special Occasions Gift Cards

Everyone loves a surprise. These special occasion gift cards are wonderful gift items to show how much you really care. Birthdays can never be happier when you slide down this gift card to one of your friends. I’m sure they’ll love it. You have the minions, the dinosaur, Spider-man, and the Simpsons to share your happiest and most memorable day of the year.

Birthday Minions

Birthday Raptors

Birthday Spider-Man

Birthday The Simpsons

Once I’ve got myself a gift card, what are the things I need to know?

Before we delve deep into some details about the Universal Studios Gift Card, you need first to know who you should ask if you need to be clarified with some questions about the gift cards.

The Universal Orlando Resort Gift Card information is Open from Monday to Saturday at 7:30 in the morning (Eastern Time) until 9:00 (Eastern Time) in the evening. You can call this number 1-888-322-1565 if you need further clarifications and help.

You can get your hands on these gift cards thru cash, credit card,s or travelers’ checks. I have already posted above their website if you want to purchase them online. You can conveniently purchase a gift card at Universal Orlando Resort in $5 increments of up to $500. Online transaction would allow you to choose from $10, $25, $50, $100, $150, $250, and $500.

As of this time, there are no electronic versions of the Universal Orlando Resort Gift Cards. We can only hope that they would consider such an option.

How will those gift cards reach me?

When you purchased a Universal Orlando Resort Gift Card online, you can ship it by domestic via the United States Postal Service or Federal Express to any valid street address. If you need it to reach to you faster, there is an option via Federal Express, but there is an additional fee.

If I purchased the gift card online and I want it to be sent to someone, would that be okay?

I understand we love to surprise some of our friends and loved ones in every way we can. You might plan to get them a Universal Studios Gift Card by buying it online and sending it to their address. It sounds thoughtful and sweet, but sadly, it will not happen.

You can only ship the gift card that you purchased online to the address specified to the credit card you use in purchasing the gift card. Sorry buddy, you can’t make that surprise to someone, but we can make adjustments, right? We just need to make a more creative way of making surprises for our friends and loved ones.

Can we make customizations? Like putting our own message and photos on the gift card?

Again, I hate to break it up with you, but as of this time, that option is not yet available. We can only hope and pray that they would allow something like that. I understand having your customized gift card would really make it cooler. But they don’t have that option yet, so just like you, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I have now a gift card in my hands. What else do I need to know?

As I have mentioned a while ago, you can use your gift card to purchase select goods and services throughout the Universal Orlando Resort. You can buy stuff from different shops inside the resort, you can munch on different grubs, or enjoy a dining experience at the different restaurants and snack bars.

You can also use it to check-in to different on-site hotels where you’ll enjoy a night or two after a tiring day of spoiling yourself and your loved ones inside the Universal Orlando Resort. Have you tried Universal Islands of Adventures? Well, what are you waiting for? Make sure you have that gift card loaded and enjoy yourself now!

I would love to do an overnight stay at Universal Orlando Resort. Can I use the gift card to buy vacation packages?

You can use the gift card to buy theme park tickets and a stay in one of the on-site hotels, but you can’t use it to buy vacation packages. Again, I hope they would consider this option, so your stay at the resort would be much more enjoyable.

You can’t also use a Universal Studios Gift Card to make online purchases. So if you saw something nice on amazon or at Shopify, I’m so sorry, that option is not yet available. You can’t even use the gift card to purchase other Universal Orlando Resort Gift Cards.

Can I redeem a gift card for cash?

Nope, that option is also not available. Gift cards are also non-refundable. But any product you brought inside the Universal Orlando Resort using the Universal Studios Gift Card is subject to the return policies of the locations where you brought them.

The gift cards do not expire, which is a good thing. It also doesn’t collect any dormancy fees. So you can still use it after some time you have used it. I would advise you to check first your balance before making any transaction with it after you haven’t used it for a long time.

You need to call Universal Orlando Resort Gift Cards information line at 1-888-322-1565 because you can’t check your balance online as of this time. Please take good care of your Universal Studios Gift Card because they won’t replace a lost or missing gift card. Remember, it’s like cash, so when you lost it and somebody found it, it’s going to be the finder’s keeper, which is quite sad and a little depressing.

What other establishments sell Universal Studios Gift Card?

When I was at the Universal Orlando Resort, I was in awe. It’s really a place where the fun never seems to end. A big theme park with lots of small theme parks within it. What could be more fun than that? You could spend your entire day going from one place to another and still, you can’t get enough of it.

It’s also a foodie paradise. If you intend to eat, drink, and enjoy the Universal Orlando Resort would be the perfect place for you. Not only that, you can chill afterward at some nice on-site hotel after your tired feet can’t walk anymore. I think it’s nice to release once in a while our inner child and enjoy all the finer things in life.

Anyway, while I was in Orlando, I did a brief experiment. It’s actually more of a survey since I’m in town. Why not do a little asking if I can find stores outside of the Resort that sells a Universal Studios Gift Card? As they say, curiosity kills the cat. Well, I didn’t die asking, but if you’re trying to find out where you can buy a gift card outside of Universal Orlando Resort, chances are you’ll only get disappointed.

I tried inquiring about almost all major retail and grocery stores near Universal Orlando Resort just to see if they sell a Universal Studios Gift Card, but sadly, they don’t. Just to give you an idea, here are some stores we asked just to see if they have the gift card.

We tried at Costco and Walmart but sad to say; they don’t have that darn gift card. We also tried CVS, the Gift Card Gallery and Lowe’s still no luck. While we are having some pleasant stroll around the block since we’re there, we tried asking Meijer, Office Depot & Office Max, and guess what! They don’t have any Universal Studios Gift Card.

I was desperate; I was tired, and I’m quite surprised why most stores I’ve inquired, don’t have that gift card. But I still continued searching because I’m trying to prove to some people that you can find a place that sells that gift card. Imagine, I went to Publix, Rite Aid, Sam’s club, and Staples but like my previous sojourn, no luck!

Can you believe it? Even Target doesn’t have any of those gift cards. I was like darn it! How come Target isn’t selling those cards? I tried my luck with The Home Depot, with Von’s, and Walgreens, but just like that, they don’t sell Universal Studios Gift Card. I was desperate, so I tried logging into Amazon. No gift card!

Are you familiar with this logo?

Yup! Good old Kroger sells Universal Studios Gift Card. If you’re in Kroger, chances are you’ll find a Universal Studios Gift Card. I would advise that you make a call first to their store before dropping by to make a purchase. You may also add it to your Instacart if you prefer it online. Kroger will display all locations that have an available gift card.

The good thing is, Kroger doesn’t charge you any extra cost for your purchase. In the meantime, just to be sure, you’ll find lots of places within Universal Orlando Resort like the Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay selling lots of gift cards which I’m sure you’ll love. By the way, Universal Studios California does not offer gift cards for sale, whether in a physical store or online.

I know you’ll make a lot of folks happy with this tiny and shiny plastic thing. It’s always a joy to see people with their friends and loved ones share an amazing experience at Universal Orlando Resort. A little swipe there and everywhere is sure to make a lot of radiant smiles from all of your loved ones. ones.

Be sure to get one for you and your family and enjoy your weekend with all the rides and stuff! You don’t know what you are missing if you don’t keep this little shiny plastic thing inside your wallet.

Universal Studios Gift Card
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