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Gifts for kids

What is a good birthday present for kids? I know it can be a little tricky to find something they like. So I have found out what are good birthday presents for children of different ages.

What do they want when they turn years? Finding suitable gifts for children is not easy. Whether you know the birthday child or not, finding good birthday presents can be difficult. For starters, it is, of course, different what children want in gifts. It can depend on age, gender, and varied interests. I have chosen to divide this page by age.

You will also find a special page for gifts for girls and another page for gifts for guys.

6-year-old kid

Want to find that perfect birthday present? The gift he or she wants, and that makes the children’s eyes sparkle a little extra? A good birthday present for children is something that suits the child’s age and interests. An excellent gift should not make the child’s parents upset either. Let’s take a closer look at some concrete examples of useful tips for children.

You probably want to find that perfect gift for your grandchild. That birthday present that makes the eyes twinkle a little extra. But what is an excellent gift for children? I have asked myself this question also, and I wished I had a site like this where I could find the perfect gift. I had based on my own experiences and taken the help of other parents, children, and educators when I wrote this page. Do you want to celebrate a child’s birthday, a child you don’t know so well? Do you find it challenging to find suitable gifts for your grandchild? It can sometimes even be difficult to find gifts for your children.  I hope you can find the perfect gift here!

A nice gift for a child is something that suits their age, gender, interest, and a good birthday gift should also not make the child’s parents too angry, deaf or similar. Let’s take a closer look at some concrete examples of good presents for children.

Giving gifts to children who already have everything can be challenging! Or maybe you are looking for good dip gifts? Valentine’s Day gifts for the baby?

Personalized Portrait Joyful girl

This picture is a personal painting that every beautiful young girl deserves. Available on a 40*30, this portrait will be the best hanging on your wall. This painting will stand in to give your little one the best experience on their special day. It could be a birthday, among other special occasions. This is a perfect way to get your girl the best memories they need. This portrait will be best for girls since they will hold flowers in the portrait.

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Joyful girl Personalized Portrait

Good gifts for children

Usually, children have far too many toys. It is hard to bring order among the toys every day. This creates frustration for both parents and children. I think it is better to buy a few nice gifts than many cheap ones. Here are some gifts for kids that I think are good:

In general, I think most children have far too many toys. I try not to give my children or the children of others so much more stuff. Most parents, I know, still spend a lot of time picking up toys from the floor. I don’t want to be the one who puts an additional burden on their shoulders. Examples of good gifts for children:

  • Gifts that give knowledge: experimental boxes, microscopes or a really exciting, Guinness World records or a fun book
Super magnets
A guide to the starry sky is something nice to have in the bookcase
Jars for studying insects
  • Doll kitchen, toy food and stuff.
  • Recipe for dough
  • Toys for activity: skateboard, kick bike, trampoline, sled, skates, snow rider do not forget the helmet.
  • Toys that can activate the child for long moments

Bad gifts for children

good christmas presents for kids are a few
good gifts for children are GET

That the child gets too many toys means a lot of frustration for the parents. Children bring out all the toys every day. If the kids have too much stuff, it means a lot of work for the parents. I try not to give away so many toys myself, but instead, buy something of higher quality. A big toy mountain is a great job!

When buying toys, it is also essential to make sure that they are not too loud so that the child damages the hearing.¬†And also, make sure it doesn¬īt contain small parts that the child can suffocate.

Great gifts for a baby

An excellent gift for a baby is baby equipment, baby toys, or clothes. Another good idea maybe is to give the baby shares. Read more about gifts for newborn babies, babies four months, and babies seven months. It is good to already think about not building so much on the toy mountain. The best gift guide for babies 0-12 months also has some extra tips for you.

Great gifts for young children

What is a good birthday present for a toddler?¬†When it comes to young children, it doesn‚Äôt make much difference between what girls and boys want.¬†Both girls and guys wish for toys with Disney Cars, and both girls and guys want to have dolls.¬†But somewhere around the age of 5, they will learn to play with ‚Äúthe right toys‚ÄĚ that a boy may not play in the dolls and that a girl may not play with cars.¬†Sad that the kids are not allowed to play with what they want.¬†But that‚Äôs how it looks.¬†So it has at least been for my children and probably for most other children as well.¬†When I write about gifts for children, I try to give tips on good gifts to those who do not know the child in question very well.¬†Gifts that are not at all wrong or gifts that make the kids disappoint the child or the teenager.

If you are going to give presents to two siblings, justice is fundamental. They would like to have the same number of gifts and preferably the same fashion, but above all the presents must be the same size.

As a parent of small children, I appreciated it when the children received a slightly finer gift of higher quality. E.g. Brio rail or a Brio dog. It’s nice for parents when there aren’t that many birthday presents. Getting a lot of gifts is a disaster! If you see the picture above. It’s from our home. This disaster is caused by a combination of two older siblings (many inherited toys), many gifts, and an overactive kid. Like me, if you want to avoid giving young children so many gadgets, shares, or a gift card can be a good idea. So when you are going to buy a gift for a child, choose a rather few but nice gifts!

Birthday celebrations in our family

When I buy birthday presents for my kids, I try to mix things they need with something they want. Smaller children love to receive many gifts. So why not give them some clothes, books, pens, and stuff, not just toys like that. I think all children should have a fantastic birthday and get lots of presents. I tried to give my children a magical day as they turned years old.

In our family, we have a tradition of hanging your socks on the door before going to bed on Christmas! In the morning, Santa had put a Christmas present in the stocking. The more confident kids hung up their socks even on their birthday. Unfortunately, the site never arrived at that time of year.

Children want toys

Both small children and big girls up to the age of 12, like teddy bears and stuffed animals. Guys usually end up with stuffed animals a little earlier. But a toy is often an excellent gift for children.

If you want to find a gift for the child, that the child really loves, toys are usually a safe card.¬†For guys in their 10s, a cute and fluffy teddy bear may not come up.¬†Then it is better with a dinosaur.¬†For the slightly older girls, it may need some tougher stuffed animals, like a devil, Harry Potter‚Äės owl, or something.¬†But they like toy animals for a very long time.

Gifts for teens

Teens often want technology gadgets. It can be e.g., headphones, video games, telephones, computers, power banks, and mobile phone covers. They often wish for video games.

They very rarely wish for family games, but they still find it very fun if they get it. It’s fun to gather the family around a game. Social games can be fun gifts for children and teens alike.

Another great gift for kids of this age is gift cards at the cinema, clothing, or any major sports store. Guys and girls wish for the same things well into their age, but when they start coming up at this age, something happens. They DON’T want the same things as birthday presents anymore. Guys in their teens, do NOT want to have cute stuff, for example.

Birthday gifts for guys in their teens

Guys in their early teens wish for technology gadgets such as headphones, computers, new phones, or video games. They also want cool alarm clocks, games that provide electric shocks, Star Wars-related gadgets, computer games, cool decor gadgets, and so on. Although they don’t often say they want clothes, they usually get excited about getting a donut jacket or a cool shirt.

Gifts for girls in their teens

Girls of this age often want clothes (GIFTS CARDS!), Makeup, beauty products, fun gifts, headphones, things where they can make their ice cream, their snacks, candy machines, and other goodies. Girls of this age also want new phones and accessories for their phones.

Cheap gifts for children

Do you want to find cheap gifts for children? Of course, the gifts that fit well depend on how old the child is. If it is a smaller child, teddy bears and toys are often very much appreciated for birthday presents. For older children, there may be cheap gifts, for example. Cool stuff or Funny Gadgets.

I have also written a page about free gifts for children. It is possible to make the birthday amazing without costing money.

Chep gifts for children under $10

Hair ornaments, lamps, decor, flashing glasses and mugs filled with sweets, popcorn bowls, stress balls, slime, bounce balls, pearls, small games like 4 in a row, Uno, pick pins, fishing game, necklaces from Harry Potter, keyrings, unicorns that candy, reflexes, jigsaw puzzles, stuffed animals, ornament cushions, plaid, fun alarm clock, puzzle books. There is a lot you can find for under $10. You can find more suggestions on cheap gifts here, among gifts for kids.

Cheap gifts for kids under $5

cheap gifts for children
cheap gifts for children

Tips on cheap gifts for under $5 to children are Playdough, lots of gingerbread dough (who doesn’t like to bake!). You can also buy some fun mugs or glasses, earrings or necklaces, sweets, crayons, blocks, fidget spinners, pompom key rings, stress balls, pads, beads, or reflectors. Take a look in the grocery stores, where they usually have cheap toys for under $5. If you look in the bookstore, the same things typically cost much more. Candy is generally appreciated. Maybe you can put them in a beautiful bowl. Soap bubbles are fun. But it is difficult to find something for under $5 online. My best tip is that you look in the corner of the grocery store. There may also be bath salts and some shampoo for under $5. In the local toy store, you can also find nice gifts for children for under $5 sometimes. 

Here I also think that you should look for used books and toys when you are buying gifts for children. It throws away too many things that are still whole and working. I have bought very used toys for my children. Things do not get bad just because they do not come in a carton or because someone else has played with them before. If you only dry them, I think it works well. You can find used toys on Blocket, Tradera, Local purchases, and sales markets that you find on Facebook and flea markets where you live.

I hope you found some really good gifts for the kids!

What is a good gift for kids? Good gifts for kids’ parties are unicorns, slime, plastic bowls, beads, small games, and sweets. You can find more gift tips for kids’ parties here.

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Gifts for kids
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