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Christmas-themed Birthday Party

For children’s birthdays around Christmas, it might be nice to have a Christmas theme at the birthday party. Here you’ll get my best ideas for the Christmas feast. It is important that the birthday party is something very special!

So how do you arrange a Christmas birthday party? Send a Christmassy invitation with a polka bar or Christmas ornaments. Children have Santa clothes. The decorations are white as snow, pine branches, and red. Serve sausages, meatballs, candy, and root beer. Good games are such Christmas limbo, dance stop, and put the gifts under the tree.

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How to organize a Christmas party?

But let me tell you more about how you can give your child a magical birthday party with a Christmas theme! We’ll be right in on the details! You can also get help finding great birthday gifts and more games for kids’ birthday parties!

The invitations

For the invitation card, it is fine to use standard cards or red paper. Make invitations to the Christmas feast extra fine by gluing a candy cane stick on the letter. You can also add some sequins in the shape of trees, stars, and snowflakes to the envelope.

If you submit it in person, there are also small ornaments that can be fine to glue on each envelope. Or why not glue on a little cracker with a candy thing in it? You can also print the entire invitation directly on a glass bauble. Use an overhead pen to write on the bulb.

How to dress for a Christmas party

At a Christmas party, a Santa suit in a plain dress. Please fill out the stomach with a pillow and attach it to a belt. Santa hat and black boots can also be useful. With masks on it can be warm and very difficult to eat at the party. Glue instead a little cotton on the chin using a glue stick.

At birthday parties at Christmas, it is good to be the snowman with completely white clothes, a hat, build a carrot nose of paper, and attach three black pompoms on the jersey.

Christmas tree, if you are a little handy, you can sew a Christmas tree dress. Attach the glitter and jewels to it. Alternatively, take on a green T-shirt and green pants with glitter and tiny baubles.

A Christmas Angel is also easy to arrange! A white dress, wings of paper that you decorate the Christmas tree glitter. An angel also needs a halo of Christmas glitter to put in the hair.

Decorations at a Christmas kid’s party

Set the table with white tablecloths, spray fake snow and sprinkle slow flakes sequins or spray with white color for flower groups.

Put large Santa hats on the chairs.

Decorate the white table with small green branches from pine.

Do you go all in, even spray the windows of the right mid-winter feeling, and play Christmas music during the children’s party?

What do you eat at a Christmas party?

At a children’s party with a Christmas theme, it is understood sausages and meatballs to serve. Serve root beer (non-alcoholic) to drink.

Candy bags contain candy cane rods, small ornaments, gingerbread, clementine, and a little Christmas gift for each child.

What can you play at a Christmas party?


Here you need to prepare an image of a large reindeer head on a piece of paper that you put up on the wall in the room. One child at a time gets blindfolded and gets twisted a few turns. Then they try to put the nose on the reindeer. The one who comes closest wins a small prize.


Divide the children into teams. Each team will receive a bag with Santa’s clothes and a gift sack. Now every team has to dress their Santa. Fill the stomach with the pillow, and put on the dress and the boots. When Santa is dressed, he or she takes the gift bag and run a track. Alternatively, Santa can dress himself, and all the children have to run the same course. The winner is the team that will be ready.


If there is snow outside, you can have competitions outdoors. For the snowman game, you need to prepare a few snowmen in various sizes before the children’s party. Each snowman gets different points. You need a hula hoop, and each child gets three chances to throw the ring around any snowman. Whoever gets the most points on their snowmen wins the competition.


Divide the children into teams. In this game, you need several Christmas figurines out of paper or small ornaments. Each child receives a straw. You need two bowls per group. Each team will now move their Christmas figurines or Christmas glass baubles from one container to the other. One should not take the figures with his hands. You must suck them with a straw and run to the next bowl without dropping them on the floor. The winner is the team that is the fastest.


For Christmas limbo, use a long piece of Christmas glitter as two children can hold up. Then, the other is trying to get the glitter without touching it and without touching the floor with your hands. You can only get in by walking while you lean backward whoever touches the glitter, fall and touch the floor with your hands out of the game when any child is through lowering the barrier a bit to the next round.


Play the beginning of famous Christmas songs and let the kids get to guess what song it is. The winner is the one with the most right, of course.


Dance stop tends to be a trendy play at children’s parties. Everybody dance until the music stops. Then you stand still in the same position until the kick-off again. Of course, the dance stop has Christmas music when there is a Christmas party.


Wrap two Christmas presents the size of a shoebox. Divide the children into two teams and have them stand in a row. When the race started running, they send the package from one to the other in the group, but they may not use their hands. If the Christmas gift touches the floor, the team must start again. The team that manages to send the package to the end of the line wins the race.


Let a child be Santa Claus.¬†Santa says such,¬†‚ÄúSanta says spin.‚Ä̬†The other children will then spin.¬†The site says: ‚ÄúJump,‚ÄĚ the children will continue to turn because Santa did not say¬†Santa says¬†jump.¬†The magic words are then¬†what Santa says.¬†If you miss, you are out of the game.¬†The last child gets to be Santa Claus for the next game.


Divide the children into two teams. Hang Christmas stockings on the other end of the room. Each group will be given a bowl of candy. The first child on each side gets a spoon and will add a piece of candy to it. The spoon will then be held in the mouth, and they’ll run and put the candy in the Christmas stockings. The first team that got all their candy from the bowl to the sock is the winning team.


Add lots of candy in a glass jar, and tie on with a cute ribbon. Let the children guess how many sweets are in the pot. Whoever guesses the closest wins the jar of candy.


Cut out several cards from cardboard. Glue a small piece of Christmas wrapping paper on the cards. Make two cards with the same Christmas wrapping paper. The winner is the child who finds the most pairs of Christmas paper.


When it is to be distributed sweets at a Christmas party, there are several possibilities. Why not let Santa knock on the door and come in and ask for sweet children?

Or wrap up all the candy bags in one Christmas gift. Wrap the Christmas gift in a larger box. In a larger box, located in an even bigger and so on. All children sit in a circle and Christmas gifts are passed between them while playing Christmas songs. When the music stops, the child who holds the gift can open one layer. The child who opens the last Christmas present will hand out candy bags to the other children.


Add 10-20 Christmas decorations on a tray and let the children look at them for a moment. Let the kids turn around and then remove one or more objects from the shelf. Let the children guess what is missing. If you want to make the game a little harder, cover the tray and let the children write down what was on the shelf. Whoever gets the most items wins the race.

How to organize a winter party? A winter party can be arranged even in summer. Invitation cards can e.g., be a snowman or snowflake. The outfit for a winter party can be mittens, socks, and a scarf if you’re going to be indoors. Decorate the room in white, white balloons, tablecloths, napkins, and white snowflakes. Serve hot chocolate and white cupcakes. Good games are snowball relay and looking for icicles. More tips for winter parties are here.

Where can I find suggestions for themes for kids? Good party themes, for example, Pippi Party, space party, artist’s birthday party, and so on. More ideas on the topic of children’s parties can be found here.

What do their children a birthday present? What is a good birthday gift for children depends on how old the child is if it is a boy or a girl, and what she or he takes an interest in. Do you have suggestions for great birthday gifts for kids, you will find tips on this.

What do you play on the kids? The most popular games are treasure hunting, dance stop, scavenger hunt, and relays. More tips on good party games are here.

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