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Easter party

Children usually love to have a theme for their birthday party. An Easter party can be held all year round if you want to. Here you’ll get some ideas on how to fix an Easter party.

So how do you arrange a good Easter party? A good start for an easter party is to send out invitations tucked into Easter eggs with candy. At the party, you serve a cake decorated with Easter eggs. There are many fun Easter games that you can play at the party: egg race, throwing eggs, and roll the egg. Decorate the party room with balloons in Easter colors, chickens, feathers, etc.

Make children's party to an Easter party!
Make a children’s party to an Easter party!

Invitations to an easter party

Buy an Easter egg for each child and put in some candy and an invitation in each. Tie on a beautiful silk ribbon and hand them out.

A different kind of message you get if you write the invitation letter outside of hard-boiled eggs first painted in bright colors. Don’t use too strong colors! The text will not be visible then.

Or, use colored paper that you cut into a giant egg. Decorate with sequins and silk paper.

Cut out a basket and eggs of colored paper in bright colors. Print the invitation on the back of the egg basket.

What do you wear at an eater party?

At an Easter party, you can dress up as an easter egg, Easter man, or chicken. If you have old easter feathers at home, they are great to decorate your hair with. Old is preferable because it is indeed forbidden to pluck down from live birds, but there are still examples of Poland and Hungary Sources.

Decorations at an easer party

Here is the time to take out all the easter decorations, chickens, chicks, eggs, and other Easter decorations.

Use balloons in pastel colors, green, pink, yellow, and orange.

Cut eggs in paper and use them for decoration.

Cut out the colorful eggs from paper, one for each child. Decorating each egg is unique. Cut apart all the eggs in two parts with a zigzag pattern. Add one-half of the table as place cards. When children come to the party, they look up the first egg half that is marked with their name. Then they look for their place at the table by finding the corresponding half.

Let the children decorate a white tablecloth with chickens, Easter eggs, Easter witches, etc.

Make your napkin rings by threading a wire through candy Easter eggs and tying it to a circle. Then thread through the cloth into the egg ring.

What do you serve your guests at an Easter party?

An Easter party needs an Easter cake with eggs. You do this by making a round cake with a filling of your choice. Cover the cake with icing, and sprinkle green coconut flakes that are grass. Decorate the cake with candy eggs.

Serve cakes and candies in a giant Easter egg. Bake the cupcakes that you give a yellow glaze. 

Make a chicken with the flaked almonds as a break, and small chocolate pieces for the eyes.

Cakes that you decorate with Easter eggs.

Candy bags for an easter party

Buy Easter eggs, one for each child that you fill with candy and fruit. Then let the kids get a look at the eggs.

If you happen to find small baskets, they can also be used. Tie a cute ribbon around the handle and fill the bucket with candy. Please do labels on each basket with the child’s name.

Good small gifts to put in the Easter eggs, except for candy and fruit are soap bubbles, Easter stickers, and little chickens.

Small cute chickens to put in the children’s egg

Soap bubbles are cheap small gifts that the children can get to the party.

Games to play at an Easter party

Egg race ‚Äď Here, the children are going to transport an egg on a particular track. They have to carry an egg with a spoon. They can only have the spoon in their mouth and are not allowed to use their hands.¬†If you‚Äôre indoors, it is good to have a hard-boiled egg.¬†But if you‚Äôre outdoors, usually more fun if they are raw eggs.

Egg throwing ‚Äď Let the children one at a time throw a respective raw egg.¬†Whoever throws the longest is the winner.

Guess how many eggs ‚Äď fill a large glass jar with candy eggs and let the kids get to guess how many eggs there are in the pot.¬†The one who comes closest wins the jar.

Roll the egg ‚Äď Set up the kids at a starting line and give them an egg each.¬†They should now roll the egg over the finish line with only the use of the nose.

Association game ‚Äď here we sit in a circle and the first child gets an Easter egg in his hand and says something that he or she associates with Easter.¬†Then it is the next child‚Äôs turn to do the same thing.¬†Meanwhile, music is played.¬†When the music stops wins child holding the Easter egg is a piece of candy from the egg.¬†Continue until the egg is empty.¬†The game can be varied by skipping association bit and just sending around an Easter egg in music and holding it to get candy when the music stops.

Easter Boccia ‚Äď Share hard-boiled eggs in different colors with the children.¬†Leave an egg unpainted and carefully roll it off the floor.¬†Now, the children, one at a time, roll the eggs. They are trying to get as close to the white egg as possible.¬†The child who comes closest gets to roll out the egg next time.

Riddles ‚Äď Cut eggs on paper and share all your eggs in two parts.¬†On one egg half, you type the riddle, and in the second part, write the answer.¬†Share the egg halves with the kids and let them go around the room and ask their questions to the kid they meats.¬†If the answer is right, the two kids sit down when all couples have found each other‚Äôs game over.

Relay ‚Äď Divide the children into teams.¬†Each team will have two large paper eggs.¬†By putting the eggs in front of him, every child must move to the other side of the room, pick up a chicken and make it back to their team again, without touching the floor.¬†When the first person comes back to their side, they hand over the eggs to the next person.¬†The winner is the team that first manages to get around the track and collect their chickens.

Throwing eggs ‚Äď Here, the children are completing two and two.¬†Each team has one raw and one boiled egg.¬†The children take a step apart and will then try to throw the egg to their teammate without tearing it.¬†For the next round, each pair takes a step back and throws the eggs at each other again.¬†The winner is the team that has a whole egg that remains the longest.

Forward relay ‚Äď The teams are standing in lines.¬†The first in each group put an egg under the chin.¬†For smaller children, it works best with a paper egg or a hard-boiled egg.¬†The egg is then sent on to the next person without using hands.¬†If you drop, the egg is one out there.¬†If you use your hands as the team may start again.¬†For the youngest children may be sufficient if they pick up the egg and continue where they were.¬†The team that comes first to get the egg to the end of the line wins.

Look for eggs ‚Äď Cut 100 paper eggs in different colors and hide them in the room.¬†At a given signal, the children look for the eggs.¬†The kid that finds the most eggs wins.¬†This game can also be made in teams if you want.

Easter Pictionary ‚Äď write words that are related to Easter on different pieces.¬†Add the tags to an Easter basket.¬†Divide the children into two teams.¬†Let a child on one side take a note and then try to draw what it says on paper.¬†If the children in their group manage to guess what it is before time runs out, getting the team a point.¬†If not, then get the other side a point.¬†For older children, you can find the sentence ‚Äúan easter egg fly, dressed up like a cat, on the broom,‚ÄĚ but the youngest children may be better off with a single word, such as chicken, easter egg, spring, etc.

Pun ‚Äď Divide the children into teams.¬†Each team is to form as many words as they can using the letters in ‚ÄúHappy Easter.‚Ä̬†The winner is the team that manages to get the most terms.

Easter Bingo ‚Äď Make bingo cards with different Easter motives.¬†It can be chickens, Easter witches, Easter eggs, rabbits, and so on.¬†Drag one card at a time, and the children can mark their cards with small candy eggs.¬†The first to have a full range and shout ‚ÄúHappy Easter‚ÄĚ wins the round.

Egg Relay ‚Äď Divide the children into teams.¬†At the end of the path, add Easter eggs, one for each child.¬†In each egg, write a note with the child to make it back to their team.¬†It can, for example, be jumping like a rabbit, crawling, rolling, walking backward, spinning, etc.¬†The first child runs up, opens the egg, and gets back in the way described.¬†Then it is the next child‚Äôs turn.¬†The winner is, of course, the team that finished first.

Spoon Relay ‚Äď Here, the teams are standing in line, and every participant each has a spoon in his mouth.¬†The first child in each group gets one egg on their spoon.¬†When the competition starts, the egg moves from the first child to the next child, without touching the egg with your hand, only with the spoon. The team that can get an egg to the end of the line without tearing it has won.

Activities at an Easter party

Painting Easter eggs is usually a popular activity. Prepare so that there are boiled eggs to all children. Or ask all participants to bring their five hard-boiled eggs to the party. You can then award prizes for the most original egg, beautiful eggs, etc. If the children are younger, it is okay if each child receives an award for something.

Egg decoration can also be done with eggs cut out in cardboard. Let them decorate with glitter, fabric, sequins, foil, buttons, pens, crayons, etc.

If you served painted eggs at the Easter party can use the shells to make an eggshell mosaic by pasting them on thick paper.

Let the kids make their egg cups of empty kitchen rolls. Cut rolls into 3 cm pieces. Let the kids then paint and decorate the egg cup with paint, sequins, stickers, etc.

Give each child a hard-boiled egg. The first child will draw hair on the egg. Then send the egg forward. The next kids paint eyebrows. Send egg forward. The next child draws eyes, and so on. The eggs are passed around until the face is complete, for example, cheeks, ears, hair, nose, mouth, etc.

What are excellent Easter gifts for children? Good Easter gifts for smaller children, besides candy, little woolly chickens, trinkets, etc. For slightly older children, I think. Instead, you should focus on something else, which is not Easter-related. It can, for example, be movie tickets, a good book, gift certificates, or the like. More tips on good Easter presents for children, you can find here.

What’re great gifts to give to a children’s party? Great presents to give to a children’s party, for example, be small games, pencils, erasers, and stuff. Magnifying glasses, magnets, and the like tend to be fun to get. Whoopee cushions and plastic poops also tend to be cherished gifts. More ideas for gifts you can give the kids I have gathered here.

What are good games for kids? Excellent games at children’s parties, for example, Chocolate Pudding game, dishcloth race, apple worm, quiz, etc. How to play it? Here you will find games and many more tips on games at children’s parties.

How do you arrange a mermaid party?¬†Send ocean blue invitations that you decorate with sand and shells‚ÄĒthe table decorated with blue cloth or sheets.¬†Maybe you can get some fishing nets too.¬†When eating, mermaids party with happy plankton, sausage, and beach balls.¬†Learn more about organizing¬†the mermaid party here.

What should we have for the theme of the children’s party? Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question! But some party ideas: knight party, Harry Potter party, princess party and disco party. More party ideas are gathered here.

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