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How Do You Arrange a Yoda Birthday Party?

Do you know anyone that doesn’t love Yoda? It is impossible not to love the nation’s favorite green guy! With increasing popularity, it is widespread to be asked to organize a Yoda birthday party.

Below I will outline great products to buy for your Yoda birthday party, which don’t break the bank, suggestions for some great Yoda clothing, decorations, invitations, fun party activities, the right clothes for the Yoda party, Star Wars food, and the perfect Yoda gifts for the birthday kid.

How to arrange a Yoda birthday party?

Organizing a themed birthday can seem like a daunting task. However, follow my steps, and you will see that it is not nearly as complicated as people try to pretend that it is. If you have never organized a party before and are feeling nervous or looking for additional tips on organizing a themed birthday, scroll down to read how!

For the young or the old, Yoda has been a hit since the release of the very first Star Wars. With the introduction of baby Yoda in the new Star Wars spin-off series ‘The Mandalorian,’ it has never been easier to organize your very own Yoda birthday party.

So, how do you arrange a Yoda birthday party?

Firstly, you will require a list of things you will need. Quickly jot down the essentials you know that you require for any birthday party, regardless of the theme. My basic list always starts the same way:

  • Invitations
  • Decorations
  • Party activities
  • What should you wear
  • The food you would like to serve to you guests.
  • And we cannot forget – presents

Would you believe me if I told you that you could organize and decorate your own Yoda-themed birthday party from the comfort of your own home in just a few clicks? There is no need for your party planning skills to cause stress or anxiety for you. By breaking the tasks down and looking at them one at a time, you will find that organizing a party is not nearly as stressful as you first thought. Keep reading to find out how.

Firstly, you need to invite your guests! They will need to know Who, what, when and where, and why:

  • Who’s party are they going to?
  • What kind of occasion is it?
  • When – (self explanatory really..)
  • Where – Where are you holding the party
  • Why – why are we all coming together?

Invitations to a Yoda birthday party

For just $16.99, you can set the tone for your birthday party with these invitations:

Star Wars invitations cards

These invites come in a pack of 12 invitations with 12 white envelopes also provided and have all of the information your guests could need about the party! They have a great design and would be perfect for any kid’s Yoda party.

Read more and order

Galaxy invitations cards

Alternatively, for a more sophisticated birthday party, you can buy these galaxy-style invitations for $12.95. These invites come in packs of 25 with envelopes and would be perfect for an older guest list. There is even a section on these to detail to your guests that it is a Yoda birthday party too!

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Decorations at a Yoda birthday party

Now, how to decorate your party area? Be it in your house, your garden, or in a hall, there are hundreds of Yoda-themed decorations to choose from, but what is it you really need? For any party, I always start with the basics:

  • Balloons
  • Banner(s)
  • Table Cover(s)
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Party bags

Yoda birthday party pack

Now, if, like me, you do not like to spend hours of your time buying individual party products, I highly recommend this bundle of Yoda decorations for $17.99. This bundle includes a lot (but not all) of the things you need to decorate your party. An excellent starter kit for your party! (Or perhaps a full kit if your party is on the smaller side)

The pack includes 57 pieces of decor, including

  • 18 Yoda balloons
  • 25 cupcake toppers
  • 1 large cake topper
  • 1 happy birthday banner
  • 6 flags
  • 6 hanging spins

Read more and order

Buying this package allows you to focus on the other few details required to really finish off your Yoda birthday party!

So what else is it that you need? You might be thinking, ‘Surely we have got everything we need to organize a Yoda party?’, however, we have also to include the small details that you might overlook accidentally.

Yoda birthday cloth and napkins bundle

Here we have another bundle, all Yoda-themed, that includes 20 napkins, 20 plates, and a table cloth, the little accessories really add to the party’s theme for your guests, and this bundle only costs $18.99.

Read more and order

Party bags

These party bags are the perfect addition for your guests to take home some cake with them. For $16.99, you receive 16 bags with the cutest Yoda designs on them. These bags are ideal for both kids and adult parties should you want to send your guests home with some cake. The cake is always a winner, and I will always recommend sending guests home with lots of it.

Read more and order

Additional extras for a Yoda birhday party

Now, some people prefer to opt for a low-key party, and that is absolutely fine. However, if you are looking to take your party to the next level and really giving your guests a day to remember, I have compiled a list of some additional extras should you want to impress your friends and throw a really great Yoda party without breaking the bank.

Cake toppers

Who doesn’t love these lightsaber cake toppers?! I know above we have already included a bundle deal that includes cupcake toppers; however, these would look lovely along with some candles on a birthday cake, or perhaps maybe you would like to mix up your cake toppers. These would be a great addition, and for $4.99, it’s a bargain!

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If you would like a stand-out decor piece for your party, balloon arches are the way to go. For $12.99, you can have your very own Yoda-inspired balloon arch with green, gold, and black balloons that would fit in perfectly with your theme. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions so you can assemble it yourself even if you have never made one before!

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If you are going all out with your theme, it would be silly not to order some Yoda cups for your party. They are made from plastic, completely reusable, or you could even send some home in party bags if you didn’t want to use them. The pack comes with 8 cups for $11.95; it’s cheaper to buy two than buying the other option of a pack of 12 for $1.95 (thank me later).

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Jedi lightsabers

If you want to really impress the kids or the big kids for that matter, these inflatable lightsabers will give them hours of fun channeling their inner Jedi, and as they are inflatable, there’s no risk of tears from getting bashed on the head with one! Bonus! These come in a pack of 12 for $15.79, and everyone will leave feeling as they have just graduated from the Jedi Temple!

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Clothing for a Yoda birthday party

Now that we have the decor sorted, we need to tackle the next issue: what will we wear?!

We all love to get dressed up for a party, below we have baby Yoda clothing perfect for any Yoda birthday party, and you will blend right in! For both children and adults, I have got you covered.

Yoda t-sirt for the adults

Now, this t-shirt does say men’s. However, I don’t think we can gender stereotype a Yoda t-shirt. Male/female/non-binary, pair this t-shirt with a pair of jeans, and you are good to go. Sizes are available from small to medium, and prices start at $19. Not only is it great for a Yoda birthday, but it can also use as everyday wear.

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Yoda t-shirt for the kids

Again this t-shirt also says it is for boys. Again I will emphasize that we cannot gender stereotype clothing, especially Yoda clothing. Sizes from x-small to XL and start from $9.99.This T-shirt is 100% cotton and machine washable. It is Official Star Wars apparel which would look great on any child!

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Yoda dress

If your child would prefer something a bit fancier for their party, then this cute dress is perfect, a perfect combination of cute and party-ready for $14.99. It is an absolute bargain! Sizes from X-Small to 3-XL. If your child likes nothing more than putting on dresses, this could be the perfect outfit for them to attend a Yoda party! This dress can be worn every day. That is what I really like about it.

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Funny Yoda t-shirt

Again, this top also states boys.. (I may have to start a petition about this), but I think it is perfect for any child who is a Yoda fan! in sizes age 4-14 and prices starting from $8.81. The cute picture on the front is what sold me on it.

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Presents at the Yoda birthday party

You didn’t think we had forgotten, did you?

Now, what would a birthday party be without PRESENTS?! Yoda birthday presents, to be precise!

Anyone who loves baby Yoda so much as to throw a baby Yoda party should certainly have some baby Yoda-themed presents! From old-school-style games to collectible items, below I have suggested my top items I would give a baby Yoda fan at various prices, depending on how much you are looking to spend.

Hasbro Gaming Operation Game

Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition Board Game for Kids’ – A game where children have to collect objects out of baby Yoda’s pram and avoid setting off the buzzer. This brings me back to the days of good old ‘Operation’ and game where you were actively encouraged to remove a man’s organs repeatedly
 Games were great in my day. For $11.98, your kids can enjoy endless hours perfecting removing objects without setting off the buzzer (and it’s addictive, I’ll tell ya).

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LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child 75318

Building Kit; Collectible Buildable Toy Model for Ages 10+, New 2020 (1,073 Pieces).’

If you have a little more to spend on the perfect present, look no further. It will set you back $78.50. I remember being young the endless hours spent building lego (my favorite was building robots). However, everyone loves lego.

Read more and order

Baby Yoda Temporary Tattoos


When I was young, I used to LOVE temporary tattoos. I would collect them out of packets of candy, put on 18 at one time, and pretend I had an arm sleeve (Ah.. memories). If you didn’t want to give them a present, you could also put one in each party bag for the children leaving the party.

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Yoda Necklace

This necklace is made from sterling gold and is a great gift for any Yoda lover. This Officially Licensed Collectable necklace would be a great addition to any collector’s collection. Give a gift that can be displayed proudly for a great price of $29.99

Read more and order

And that is it! At the end of our ‘What we need to throw a Yoda-themed birthday party’ list! There are only a couple of additional things needed, such as:

  • A cake of your choice to place the giant cake topper on.
  • Cupcakes too put on the smaller cake toppers,
  • Candles (and a lighter to light them)
  • Entertainment and fun (Only you can make sure there is life and soul in the party)

If you finish the rest of this list, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful Yoda birthday party! Just don’t forget to bring the fun to the party!

I hope you have found this article helpful in organizing your very own Yoda birthday. Would you like to hear more about Baby Yoda products? I would love to see them! Would you like to hear how to organize other themed parties? Drop me an email with your suggestion! Please let me know and send pictures of your parties!

How Do You Arrange a Yoda Birthday Party?
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