How to throw a Euphoria themed Party?

We all know that Euphoria is the feeling of extreme excitement and it is synonymous with cloud nine, but the question is, How can you throw a Euphoria-themed party? I listed some ideas on how to start the plan but first you must know what is the euphoria-themed party about? This party theme became a trend when it was shown in the hit HBO show Euphoria, it is fun, indeed. I listed down below a plan on how to throw a Euphoria-themed party. So let the party begin!

How to throw a Euphoria themed Party
How to throw a Euphoria themed Party


This is the first thing to have in mind, you need to have at least an estimated number of pax so that you can allocate your budget well. Now, if you have the headcount, make sure to have an adjustment just in case it will exceed your prediction on the party itself. Another tip is to make sure that you invited all your closest friends and relatives so that your party will be a party to remember.

Venue for a Euphoria themed Party

After having the estimated number of attendees, look for a venue now and imagine if it will fit the number of attendees. Since it’s a rave-like party, it is a must that the attendees can party freely. Also, just make sure to have a bigger one just in case unexpected guests came. There are things to consider when finding a venue for the event. Location and accessibility. Make sure that your location is accessible and easy to find so that your guest will never have a hard time finding it. Parking. Make sure that the parking lot can accommodate your expected guests. Ambiance. Of course, all of the party throwers want their guests to be comfortable that’s why you have to consider the ambiance as well. Amenities. You have to make sure that the amenities are in place, like the comfort room, it has to be working well for the comfort of your guests especially women. It will also be great if the venue has Wi-Fi.

Layout and venue design

Now that you have the venue, it’s time to draw a layout or floor plan for it. You have to plan where to put the table for foods, the table for mocktails and cocktails, where to put the sound system and lights, and lastly the area for the attendees to party. After planning the layout and floor plan, it’s now time to beautify the venue. Let’s decorate the venue now.

First, think of the color combination for the party, personally, I suggest purple, black and silver. It goes well with the lightings. Once you have the color of your choice, it’s time to start decorating. Make a backdrop where the attendees can have a photo opt, I suggest having a metallic fringe curtain, metallic balloons, and old CDs for the backdrop, and also make that it is a well-lit area.

For the food and drinks corner, you have to at least provide a good metallic skirting cloth for the table and have it skirted. All the food pans or containers must be metallic or glass so that they can create refraction of light from laser lights.

For the ceiling design, you can put small metallic balloons but since it’s kind of old-style, I will introduce you to a trend one.

You can use transparent balloons with LED lights inside. Fill the ceiling with this kind of balloons and I will give you the assurance that your party will look lit and well-planned.

For the sound system corner, make sure that the person operating it has good taste when it comes to music. Have you ever heard about the BTS boy band? It is a Korean-pop or simply K-pop group of idols who became known globally for their music. They created a lot of songs that I’m sure will be a perfect playlist for the party and it will be good to start the party with their song “Euphoria”.

Now let’s do the lighting. Make sure to have good lighting. I list down some of the lights needed for the event which includes the following:

A Wall washer light will definitely wash your wall with lights and it will illuminate the walls beautifully.

LED pixel tube lights, this one will create a futuristic effect on the venue. Aside from the fact that it is eye-catchy, it will also make your event look expensive.

Laser lights. It is the most used light at a party. It gives more energy and hype to the party, just make sure that will be great laser light color that fits well with the color theme of your choice.

LED strip lights. If you think the lighting is not good enough, just put in mind that there are still a lot of lights to choose from. LED strip lights are budget-friendly lights that go well to a party like Euphoria-themed party. You can install it everywhere but I suggest putting it on the side of the ceiling and room corners.

Foods and refreshments at a Euphoria themed Party

This kind of party includes heavy and light eaters so make sure to prepare for both. For the heavy-eaters, you can choose from different kinds of pasta dishes and pizzas. For the non-heavy-eaters, there’s a lot to choose from. I’ll give you my top ten choices for light foods, and here they are: Smoked Ham appetizer bites – it is made up of layered flattened loaf bread, smoked ham, and seasoned/herbed cream cheese, cut into cubes and hold it together with tiny skewers or toothpicks. Sausage rolls – cut the sausage into a bite-sized and cover it with a puff pastry, brush it with egg wash, bake, and voila! you can choose a dip of your choice for this one. Mini burgers – just a cute small burger perfect for this kind of event, there’s a lot of recipe for this one on the internet. Nachos – this is the easiest to prepare, just buy a pack of plain nachos and if you don’t have enough time to take a dip, you can always buy different kinds of dips in the supermarket. California Maki – it is also known as California roll. It is sushi made up of Japanese rice, crab sticks or Kani, ripe mango, avocado, and cucumber. It comes with a special dip made only for it. Korean style chicken wings – it is double-fried chicken wings coated with a sauce made of mixed gochujang sauce, soy sauce, garlic powder, and tomato ketchup. It is a sweet and spicy coat that is perfect for any party. Meatballs – They are easy to make and perfect for any occasion. It is a combination of beef and pork seasoned with different spices. You can coat these meatballs with a barbecue or sweet and sour sauce. Siomai and dumplings – It is a Southeast Asian steamed food made of ground pork, beef, or shrimp mixed with flavorings, spices, and extenders and covered with a dumpling wrapper. You can also have it fried. A perfect dip for it is a soy sauce mixed with chili flakes, crispy garlic, and a small amount of pure green lime juice. Quesadilla – It is a toasted soft tortilla filled with beef and cheese. Easy to make and delicious indeed. Chicken Tenders – I think everyone will love this juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside chicken. You can save so much time making this one because it doesn’t need a lot of time to prepare and the ingredients are easy to find. There you go! You have my top ten light foods that are easy to prepare. For the sweets and desserts, you can always buy ready to eat from supermarkets or stores and a perfect dessert for this kind of party is doughnuts. Who can say no to doughnuts? You can put a doughnut corner in between foods and refreshments and you can also have a bite-sized doughnut if you have a tight budget. For the refreshments, a blue lemonade is the best idea, aside from its color, it is also refreshing and easy to make, you can buy a powdered mix from a supermarket, and a pack of it can make whole attendees refreshed. For the cocktails, my number one suggestion is the Cosmopolitan, it is a pink drink composed of vodka, triple sec, cranberry, and lime.

Activities at the party

At this kind of party, you don’t need a lot of activities, you just need a short introduction from the host, a few games and the rest of the event will be spent dancing and drinking. If it is a pure adult party, you can do a Drinking game, a truth, or dare somebody shots if you want your party to go wilder.

How do you dress at the Euphoria themed Party?

What’s the use of the party theme if the attendees’ outfits are not fit with it.

I have two sets of outfits that I think will best fit the theme. The first one is the metallic or shiny outfit.

You don’t need to have a full shiny outfit, just make sure that your styling is kind of up to date and just put a little shine to it. You can wear a pair of glittery sneakers, a glittery blazer or you can find any DIY ideas on the internet on how to mix and match clothes for this kind of party.

The second is the K-pop style outfit. This outfit is really conquering the world now and it will be the best choice of dress code for a Euphoria-themed party. The question is, how to dress like a K-pop idol? You can layer your clothes, have some accessories, and have a fashion signature. You can also color your hair since K-pop idols are known for their unique hairstyles and hair colors. If you also want your look to become lit, you can search for K-pop makeup for both men and women and you are really interested in this kind of dress code, you can find a lot of ideas online and there’s a lot in there.

Invitations to a Euphoria themed Party

There’s a lot of invitation ideas for a party but I found two interesting and unique invitations that I’m sure will be memorable for your guests. First is the Balloon Invitations. Find a printing company that can print texts and designs in a balloon and has your party details printed into it. Once you have the printed balloon, have a separate printed small card or tags with a custom message saying “You are invited! Please inflate the balloon for more details. See you!” This unique invitation will surely make a great first impression for your guest. Make sure that the details in the balloon include the dress code for the party so that they can find the right outfit for the party right away. The other one is the QR Code Invitations. It is a personalized invitation that has the same idea as the balloon invitation. Record a video of yourself inviting your guests and create a QR code that will link your video into it. Print the QR Code in a card that has a custom message saying “You are invited! Please scan the QR Code below for more details.” These two invitations are something more unusual.

Now that we’re done with the planning of the party. Let us now have a little summarization of the step-by-step procedure on how to throw a Euphoria-themed party. Planning the party is not really hard, you just need to have a proper step-by-step procedure so that your plan will flow easily as planned. Proper planning of the party involves the following: Know how many guests you will have, book a venue, plan the decorations, choosing of foods and drinks, Party activities, what to wear and lastly if you planned all of that well, you can now make an invitation. If you follow my step-by-step procedure, I’m pretty sure that your party will be unforgettable.