Happy Birthday, Princess!

With two daughters in the family, there have been too many princess parties the years. Here you will get my best tips for organizing successful princess parties.

So how do you organize a successful princess party? Send invitations to the princess party in the right style. Often it is PINK, other times GLITTER, but it can also be a princesses image. If you want, you can make a birthday crown, necklace, and birthday sash when guests arrive at the party. It is essential to serve the guests special princess food and cake. The table should be decorated with pink and glitter. The happy birthday princess will be happy to have a throne too.

How do you arrange a princess party
How do you arrange a princess party?

But we’ll be right in on the details! You can also get help finding great birthday gifts and more games at kids’ birthday parties, and of course the princess birthday cake!

What is a princess party for her?

The first thing you need to do is check with the princess what princess parties mean to her. Is it pink and Disney princesses she has in mind can be very wrong if you choose the gold and real princesses. To fall out of favor with the Princess is the last thing you want such an important day in her life! So make sure that you do this job well !!

Happy Birthday, Princess! Birthdays are milestones or reminders of how far we have come. As adults, it reminds us of all the heartbreaks and all the love that was added to our lives; how much hardship we experienced and successes we have accomplished; the friendships we have discovered; the doubts and hopes we lived through; the faith to move onward; and all that has uplifted us and given us the strength to share our stories and love.

As young kids, we begin to build those memories. It is a beautiful gesture to our kids to provide all they need to help them build their own memories. It is easy for the little girls in our lives to be lavished with so much love, attention, and gifts. Giving them the best memories we could will provide them with the positivity and strength to share with the world.

On a girl’s birthday, it is wonderful to let her know she is a special princess, someone who is beautiful, inside and out. A princess is not only a character on Disney or a person of national royalty. A princess is a term for a special girl. She is a spark of her mother and has a warm soul. As she ages, she evolves into one of the most incredible human beings. She adorns the world with her smile, her heartfelt soul, her kindness, her joy, her sharing, her passion, her caring, and her effortful help for those on this planet. She is a princess.

It is important to show her at a young age that she, as well as everyone else, deserves respect and kindness and all things that are good. When she respects herself, she can easily share beautiful things with the world.

One of the best ways to show her is to use the pretty pastel colors of happiness and love through fairytale-type settings and flowers. Let’s make a Princess Birthday Party! Happy Birthday, Princess!

Invitations to a princess party

First of all, we need invitations. There are many companies who could personalize your invitations, or you could purchase invitations and have extra fun personalizing them by hand.

Make the invitation card yourself

To begin with, it takes a very nice invitation to a princess party. It can e.g., be made of pink paper, where you use a curly font. The letter can then tied with a satin ribbon and sealed with a lacquer stamp to get the right impression. Examples of text you can use the invitation

My daughter and I - invited for a princess party
My daughter and I – invited for a princess party

” You are welcome to Princess ____________ kingdom to celebrate a magical birthday “

” Welcome to my kingdom “

castles :

date :

Duration :

Here it is also essential to specify the dress code for one of the guests who will feel underdressed.

” Put on your beautiful princess dress and your finest jewels “

Tips on things you can put in the envelope

  • Sequins and beads that look extra nice kind.
  • Cinderella’s glass slipper that you cut the plastic film and tie with ribbon in card
  • A balloon with invited the princess’s name. Blow up the balloon without tying. Write the princess’s name and then let the air out of it again. Overhead Pens and pencils to write on CDs usually works well.
  • If you choose to distribute the invitations personally, it is fun for the little princess to also get a flower at the same time as the invitation.

Princess invitation

Zazzle is a lovely company that specializes in personalization of a myriad of items of your choice — t-shirts, clothing, towels, mugs, photos, documents … I am amazed by how beautiful their products are. With invitations, you could choose the envelope color, size, kind of paper, and more! Here is an invitation they sell. It is a dainty, flowery card of a princess.

Invitation card princess card personalized

Zazzle also has a more elegant and fancy invitation which you could add a photo of your little princess. It makes it one of the most memorable invitations to an unforgettable magical party.

Fancy Pink Cinderella Princess Birthday Party Invitation

Maybe you want a glossy, classier invitation, almost like for a formal ball? This is a gorgeous announcement and definitely unforgettable! It will make a great keepsake.

Princess Castle Princess Birthday Party Invitation

Announcements could also be fun and childlike. This one says fantasy and fun in a very youthful way.

Cindirella invitation card

Pink isn’t the only color for a princess. Blue is such a glorious color. Is your princess theme color blue? Or perhaps you just want blue invitations to match the pink or purple or yellow theme color? Zazzle sells these with or without personalization. Here is a Cinderella one.

Rainbo princess party invitation

Amazon sells simple announcements you and your princess could work together on. It has spaces for all the information for her party.

More invitation cards for th princess party

Invitations are an exciting part of planning the party. What is more exciting is picking out a dress for her!

Princess dresses and outfits

An excellent way to start princess parties is that guests are making princess equipment. Is that smaller children can prepare crowns and just adapt them to the right size when the kids come, and let the kids get to decorate crowns. Maybe a birthday sash also!


For making your own crowns you needed: gold paper, scissors, a stapler, elastic bands, beads, sequins, and glue.

Here’s how: Cut the crowns and staple to the princess or prince gets a dime in the right size. Also, add an adhering elastic band so that the crowns sitting well throughout the party. Then let the kids get to decorate their crown with beads and sequins.

There are even princesses ready to buy if you want it.


Sometimes you want the princesses to have a veil. It accomplishes this easily with a piece of tulle, an old lace curtain, or an inexpensive meter that you can find e.g., IKEA. The veil can be attached to the crown or neck with a little elastic. The veils are something that may need to be prepared before so that princesses’ veils are ready when they come.


If there are small princes showing up att the princess party, they are probably not that interested in obtaining a veil. It might be better to make a shield out of cardboard and let him decorate it. Or a mantle of a slightly thicker fabric, like velvet. And tie their robes on his shoulders.


For a princess party, the birthday princess has to be the most beautiful girl at the party. Even if you do not buy a premade princess dress for her, she can be beautiful at the whole party if she has a leotard or nice top. Sew a skirt to her in tulle and thread elastic waist. Princess dress can also be decorated with delicate beads and sequins.


You can also start a princess party with the guests making a necklace of the respective bit larger beads if you want. However, princesses tend to be impatient when they go to a party and do not have so much patience, so choose the beads that will be pretty fast to bead with!

Magic wand

Sometimes even princesses use wands. An elegant wand you get if you take the chopsticks you spray with gold or pink and decorate with glitter, sequins, gold paper, or beautiful ribbons.

It is no surprise that dresses are an attractive, heartwarming thing. They come in a happy array of designs and colors! As a young child, I remember I had a fondness for one particular dress. It was a long gown-like dress with a small ribbon and a delicate flower design. I adored it so much that when I was a few years older, I still was trying to convince my mom I had to wear it even though it didn’t fit and had a hole in it! That was absolutely my favorite dress in the universe. Today, there is a seemingly infinite amount of pretty dresses! I am happy to know young girls’ dresses are no exception.

Target is known for magical designs in school supplies, party supplies, and dresses. Every time I shop there, I find a wonderful number of choices for girls’ dresses. A lot of them are princess-inspired! Here is an adorable star among many dresses.

Oh my goodness! I just found this purple girl’s princess dress which comes with a sparkly tiara and wand. It’s so cute. Amazon really chooses such magical dresses.

Read more and order

More outfits to check out!

  • Being like a princess makes me think of fairies and gardens filled with softly glowing flowers and wondrous nature. It is refreshing to know JCPenney sells magnificent beauties like this one. it is a maxi flower dress and looks as precious as a flower or a fairy in a garden wonderland.
  • JCPenney also sells an indigo or blue or purplish dress with a nice flare. It is simple but elegant and classy. It radiates a sense of “princess vibes” with sophistication. Pair it with long, white, silky gloves to make it more distinguished. Add a tiara and a wand, and the whole outfit is like a precious diamond!
  • Another JCPenney find is this jewel of a dress. It looks like a flowery ballerina dress with a mini flare. It sparks “cute little princess” vibes.
  • An embellished ombre maxi dress with butterflies makes the perfect tea garden princess dress. It has a fancy jewelry-type embellishment on the front. It is beautiful how the pastel color gradient of pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white softly overlaps from one color to the next. Warms the heart like a precious flower.
  • Here is another one of JCPenney’s ballerina-like dresses. This one is more of a fun party girl design. The boldness of the deep red color matches the velvet and polyester style material. This dress is great with almost any type of stockings or without. This outfit is playful!
  • Seeing this charming floral dress melted my heart! It reminded me of a baby fairy princess — adorable and magical, like a fairy princess in a garden. Wouldn’t it be dreamy to see your little girl play and walk around in this magical outfit while you take memorable videos and photos of her? It may be something to look forward to putting in your keepsake album.
  • Macy’s has a fantastic pink fantasy gown with flower embellishments on the front. It is like a ballroom gown with a fluffy flare, much like a fairytale princess! Macy’s has the most delightful outfits, especially gowns and dresses. Who knows? Maybe more magic comes with a gown as fancy as this.

Party outfits are fun to go shopping for. It may inspire the specific design and colors for the event. This is where decorations come in.

Princess party Decor

Decorating for the princess party is where hard work plays a role. There are lots of places to get decorations. I have given a few examples of great stores to shop for them.

At princess parties, it is vital to have a throne. It is easy done by swiping the chair into a beautiful fabric and tie on a ribbon. At the top of the chair, attach a crown of gold paper.

For the princess’s birthdays, it is necessary decorations out of the ordinary. The table should have a cloth in pink or any other royal color approved by the monarch herself. Decorate the table with sequins, glitter, gift strings, beautiful beads, and large flowers of tissue paper or pompom balls made out of napkins. Hang crepe paper from the roof to get the right princess look.

Crep paper to decorate with for princess parties

A party, of course, including the balloons. Here you should get balloons in pink and with a ribbon in each so that the princesses will bring respectively after the party.

All events where the royals gather needed a red carpet. It fixes this by adding a few meters of red cloth outside the front door.

Is it hot can princesses have a respective fan. Own fans fix it by sticking a cake paper on a round piece of cardboard and then cutting each piece of cardboard into four parts. A cake of paper is enough to fan the four princesses.

Lovely place cards are made by cutting out the Cinderella shoes in a plastic film that you place on each plate and writing the princess’s name. Make pink crackers with small surprises or perhaps pink paper hearts that you are taped on to the princesses straw.

There is a whole bunch of pink stuff to buy for princess parties.

Pink mugs
Tablecloth in pink
Balloons pink princess

I just found this at Zazzle. They are paper plates with a royal princess design! I really like Zazzle because they provide personalization for your items. So, you could personalize these plates for a more personal touch. That’s awesome! Don’t you think so?

Read more and order

Pink and blue happy birthday princess set

Pink and blue in a set are enchanting! This set comes with pink and blue balloons, all the essentials in a tableware set, a pink curtain, ribbons, and a banner.

Read more and order

Happy birthday princess plates

Amazon constantly provides what your party may need. Here are floral plates that come in bulk and at a low price.

Read more and order

Lovely princess tea set

Looking for a disposable tea set? This adorable tea set is made of paper and includes saucers and teacups! I have never seen a paper tea set before, but it exists. Great find from Amazon.

Read more and order

Birthday princess balloon set

Why not add a balloon garland arch or two? This balloon garland arch kit includes purple and pink balloons that form an arch over a table or entryway or wall. It comes with gold butterflies to adorn the balloons with a magical touch.

Read more and order

More happy birthday princess decor

These links are videos with good ideas for decorating a princess-themed party, but there are tons of ideas out there, including your own wonderful imagination.

Decorating can be fun and thought-provoking with imagination, but what food would you like to serve at the princess party?

What can you serve at a Princess Party?

For a birthday party, a whole lot more than just candy and sugar might be served. Sausages, for example, are something that most princesses like. Whatever you do, do not serve apples. They can be poisoned and princesses when parents come to pick them up. You get a little challenging to explain why their daughters are sleeping. It may work with sandwiches in the stars and heart shape too, but princesses can be picky with food.

As for the goodies, the princess cake is a must. If you can make a cake on several floors that look like a castle or a wedding cake, it is the most wanted. A pink cake will also be accepted.

It takes some luxurious drinks when you have such distinguished guests. Start by mixing sugar and food coloring and stir. Next, pour a little water into a barrel. Dip the glasses’ upper edge of the water, and then the sugar. Set them aside while you prepare the drink. Here it would be best if you had frozen berries and frozen raspberry drink you put into heart-shaped ice cubes. Then fill the glass with soda or lemonade.

Alternatively, usually, princesses like a milkshake. It allows you to 200 g strawberries, 7 cups milk, and three tablespoons of sugar. Run it in the blender until everything is well mixed. Pour into glasses and serve with a straw in pink, gold, or silver.

Since princess parties are typically for ages under 12, or at least around that age, great food would be things that are bite-sized and cute, preferably light, but they can be light junk food as well as healthy food.

Let’s start with a refreshing pink fruit punch. This recipe makes a cool raspberry-pineapple fruit punch that is delicious and puts a fresh smile in you. It is fruity and pleasing to even the pickiest kids.

Cucumber sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches sliced into triangles are light snacks. This is a chickpea sandwich that has a similar texture to a tuna sandwich but is made of chickpeas. It is a simple recipe with minimal ingredients. It can be sliced into miniature triangles.

I think this is a nice photo of how cookie cutters could make great sandwich shapes. Looks fun and encourages kids to eat it!

Amazon has princess-themed cookie cutters. These are good for cookies and sandwiches.

Read more and order

Another delightful snack is these no-bake crunch cookies. It is a Rice Krispies mini cookie.

Adding fruits to the menu is perfect when you have mini fruit tarts. They are easy to make and quite healthy.

Looking for a mini tart or pie mold? I have provided two links for nice choices.

Read more and order

I adore the pink and blue cupcake liners Amazon sells. Have you ever seen such fancy cupcake holders? Maybe you’ll like them too?

Read more and order

Princess Popcorn! This recipe is for a sweet dessert popcorn covered with candy melts and sprinkles. It is an attractive snack for any princess and her guests.

Crackers with cream cheese topped with veggies shaped into flowers are a nice and healthy treat.

Have you ever played with your food? This recipe requires playing with your food by turning pieces of fruit and veggies into caterpillars, butterflies, penguins, and flowers. It is interesting how food can be fun. Your children might have fun doing this with you.

One of my favorite brands of gummy snacks is Annie’s gummy bunnies. I have found them almost anywhere. Target has them. Amazon, too. They come in nicely colored pouches. It adds an attractive touch to the table of mini snacks in your princess’s party.

Read more and order

Snowball cookies are an adventurous dessert and simple. Kids would love to help you roll these and then place into mini cupcake liners. They would look great on a triple-tiered cupcake stand.

Oreo balls covered with chocolate and peppermint candy in the middle are a unique and playful treat.

Marzipan is another healthy treat made from almonds and essences of flavor. They can be rolled in coconut, nuts, chocolate, or anything your heart desires and kids could enjoy. It is an elegant treat for the princess’s special day.

If you want a beautiful cake for the party, KarmaBaker works hard to make the prettiest cakes, and they ship nationwide in the U.S.

It is easy to get a serving of veggies when they are put in brownies, like zucchini brownies. Slice them into mini squares, and you have bite-sized treats that go well with the rest of the mini snacks.

It takes time to prepare delicious food to serve at the party, but it is worth every minute of your time and is rewarding. Finding gifts for your princess can be just as exciting as preparing food.

Gifts for the Happy Birthday princess

Are there many things you want to get for the birthday girl but cannot decide? Here are some products she may enjoy.

Etsy sells customized Disney Princess shirts. Her name could be placed on it and comes in varying colors.

Does she enjoy snow globes? This is a musical carousel snow globe, a fancy addition to her collection of things she finds joy in.

Read more and order

Amazon has this sparkly unicorn locket where she could put her favorite photo inside.

Read more and order

Pottery Barn and Amazon have precious jewelry boxes. Very feminine styles and fancy designs make them a pretty part of any girl’s room.

Read more and order

What girl wouldn’t like a set of hair accessories? These are adorable hair accessories, like barrettes and ponytail holders, which she could choose from different designs and colors.

Read more and order

How pleasant it is to choose from a variety of charms to make your own charm bracelet. This is a kit she will be cheerful about.

Read more and order

More princess gifts to check out!

Candy bags

Obviously, like princesses, they love to have a bag of sweets before they go home from the party. Stylish candy bags can make cellophane or tulle wrap them with pink ribbons.

What do you play at a princess party?


What is more suitable for princess parties than a quiz about princesses? Add questions about Disney princesses, princesses of classic fairy tales, the well-known princesses from royal houses.


Fill a jar with peas and tie on a gold band and let everyone guess how many peas are in the box. The one who comes closest wins a small prize of some sort.


Here the princess sends a message to the king or queen. The children sit in a circle, and the princess whispers in the ear of the closest child. When the word finally reaches the king/queen, she/he says the message out loud. Often the news is quite different from that which the princess was initially being sent away. The next round is the future princess’s turn to think of a message.


Make bingo cards with pictures of famous princesses such as Disney Princesses, and the child who first gets five princesses in a row will win a small prize.


This competition required lipstick, a blindfold, and a picture of a frog put up on the wall. Each princess fitted with lipstick on your lips will move forward one at a time and get the blindfold on her. She is swirled a few laps and will then try to kiss the frog in his mouth. The leaving lipstick imprint closest to the frog’s mouth wins.


Here we sit in a circle on the floor, and one of the children has a shoe in his hand. A parent is reading the story of Cinderella, and every time her name is said to send the pump on to the next child. The holding Cinderella’s shoe when the story is over wins a prize.


Draw a princess on a large sheet of paper whether children need a crown of gold paper that you write the child’s name. Blindfold the child and spin them around a few laps. Then they try to put the crown on the princess’s head. Closest to win!

Activities on the princess party

As I talked about earlier, it is an excellent activity for princess parties to let children make a robe, veil, and crown as they decorate nicely.

It can also be appreciated if you buy champagne glasses in plastic they can decorate with jewels and precious stones. When the party is over, they take with them the things they have done.

Set up a large piece of paper on the wall and let the kids get to draw their rainbows, unicorns, flowers, dragons, and knights.

A treasure hunt may well be an ideal way to hand out the candy bags at. Draw a treasure map or lay out a trail of clues until the treasure chest. A good treasure you get by dressing in a box in gold paper. Beautiful treasures are candy bags, gold coins, or rocks that you paint with gold color to become gold nuggets. If you as a parent to play with, you can be king and queen who lost treasure, and thanks for your help, give kids their sweets as a reward when they find the treasure chest.

Finally, the princess birthday planning is done

Now that you have planned the princess birthday party, the next step is to make it come true. Did you have fun planning this? Was it thought-provoking and emotional? Did it make you happy to plan this for her? It may or may not seem like only a party, but celebrating any person and making them feel special shows them who they are: special and one-of-a-kind. Showing young child the wonderful nature of their self opens more widely a world that’s already in them — a world of love.

What do you hope your princess gets out of this party? Maybe it is only a party, an event to celebrate a day. Maybe she’ll remember it as a memory in her younger years. As she grows older, as she experiences life, as she discovers things she could do, and she finds more and more of how great this universe is, she could discover that she truly is a princess, someone who makes a difference, someone who adores and cares, someone who can pass along her love to another so that maybe they, too, will learn and pass it along. Happy Birthday, Princess!

What to play at a children’s party? If you do not want just a princess party might relay, chocolate pudding games or mind-reading are good games at a children’s party—more tips on games at a birthday party you can find here.

How do you arrange a Barbie Party? First, send invitations with Barbie images on them. Please send letters to the child + her favorite Barbie. Next, decorate the house in pink, with pink tablecloths, plastic flowers, pink light bulbs, balloons, and disposable tableware—good things to eat at a Barbie party’s cupcakes in pink or strawberry. Continue reading for more tips on how to organize a Barbie birthday party.

How do you arrange a unicorn party? Make colorful invitation cards. You do not buy ready-made unicorn clothing, but it works well with a disposable suit and put on a party hat horns. Want more great tips to organize a unicorn party?

What can you use in the theme of children’s parties? Good themes at children’s parties are detective parties, ghost parties, and pajama parties. Are you looking for more party themes? I have many suggestions.

Happy Birthday, Princess!
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