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Diaper Raffle

A lot of folks are getting creative these days. Most often, you hear about a lot of parties, events, and a bunch of insane-sounding activities. A Diaper Raffle is one example of people’s ingenuity to come up with something to help them raise funds for diaper and other baby essentials purchases.

What is exactly a diaper raffle?

A diaper raffle is just like any other raffle would have to require you two things. Tickets and prices. Mommy-to-be and her friends may come up with the mechanics of how to make the diaper raffle super fun and interesting because the primary goal of a diaper raffle is to help raise funds for buying diapers, like lots of it!

It would be interesting to have your diaper raffle event center on a theme. You could think of any like a line from a nursery rhyme, or a poem that has a lot to do with babies and toddlers, that you can use to anchor your theme so it would be interesting, fun, and exciting.

You may opt to include a little food and drinks with their purchase of a diaper raffle ticket. It would be nice to have something to munch on when you are doing a diaper raffle. You can put all the raffle entries in a large bowl or on a homemade diaper raffle box, or in a colorful basket. It’s really up to you to make it exciting and memorable.

Ready when you are, let’s play

Have you given all the invitations and tickets? It would be nice if you have an additional set of diaper raffle tickets are ready in case you have some unexpected guests arriving at your party. But how many sets of prizes do you need to prepare? I would like to recommend preparing one to three sets of prizes.

You don’t have to prepare a lot of prizes so that the event won’t be all about the prizes in order to highlight the more important aspect which is the baby shower or the gender reveal. You should think of the diaper raffle as a supporting event. If you have something more to add, we would be glad to hear from you.

So here is how it works!

  • First, you need to explain clearly on your invitations the things you are expecting. For example, you may request for your guest to bring a pack of diapers. You can assign the diaper sizes on the invitation by presenting it in a way that is playful and charming.
  • Now for your guest who brings a back of diapers, they would be the one who’ll receive a raffle ticket as soon as they hand over to you their diapers.
  • Once all of your guests have arrived, you can now start the game. It would be nice to have lively background music to keep everyone’s mood in place. You may choose to draw a name at random during the entire duration of the party so that everyone will have something to look forward to during the entire duration of the party.
  • So you might ask, what are you to give as a prize for your diaper raffle? Well, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate or an expensive one. In fact, a gift card would be nice, but a few other items like a box of tea, an apron, perhaps an inexpensive tumbler, or a Bluetooth speaker would make everyone happy. Again, it’s not about expensive prizes, but it’s all about the fun and the happy memories you have created with your guest.

How much should the diaper raffle ticket cost?

Does it have to be super expensive? Or does it have to be cheap? You don’t need to stress yourself out. You need to remember that a diaper raffle is not a fundraising activity to help an entire community, or it is an outreach program. It is simply an event that is a part of a baby shower or a gender reveal party.

I think the question you need to answer is, what items am I to prepare so they won’t end up in the trash? Consider these items for your door prizes. I guess twenty dollars max on an item for a door prize seems fair.

  • Snacks like cookies, cupcakes, or some chocolate bar. (Nobody throws those things in the trash)
  • Candles, (Everyone loves candles!)
  • Nice smelling lotions and bath essentials
  • Bath soaps
  • Fashionable necklace
  • Colorful hair clips
  • A set of notepads and pen

Diaper Raffle: Tacky or Not Tacky?

Here’s a thing, folks that are close to you will support and show their affection to you whether you have a party organized or you don’t. There are people who enjoy a lot of social activities and there are those who are not into buying a lot of crap.

I understand you want your raffle party to be memorable and fun without it having to seem overbearing. This is where you need to trust a lot of your instinct and gut feeling. A simple rule of thumb would be, that if you don’t like how it sounds, most likely, others would also feel the same.

Allow me to show this post from an online thread.

You don’t need any games (referring to the raffle party), the best baby shower is something that only does party, no games of any kind. You don’t need to do something you don’t really need to do.

In short, some people don’t like the idea of having to do something that does not interest them. I’m not saying you shouldn’t include games because a lot of folks have these things in mind.

The diaper raffle sounds fun. You’ll end up having a ton of diapers. Everyone’s happy meeting other people. You’ll have a supply of diapers. It’s technically a win-win situation for everyone.

Balance is the key. You should be wary of your guest’s reactions. Feel your guest’s moods. If you see they no longer enjoy whatever’s happening, then stop it. Sometimes we forget to realize that simple things work best.

Invitation! How do you do it?

Here’s the not so tricky part! How will you say it without sounding commanding to them? How will you not let them feel obligated to bring something during your diaper raffle? You may try these few lines:

  • We are super excited to see you in our diaper raffle. Although cards are cute and nice, a pack of diapers would be extremely helpful.
  • Your presence is much more important than any gifts, but the baby just poops so much 🙂

You may try a few lines but be sure to make sound like a favor rather than an obligation.

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We hope our insights are helpful to you. It is our pleasure to be of help in everything that will make your journey to motherhood fun and memorable. You don’t need to do it alone. You can always count on us to make any of your life’s events full of happy memories.

Be sure to always check our page for updates and tips on how to make the best of everything. See you and keep safe always. Tell us what you think, please share some of your that will be quite helpful with some of our friends. We love to be in touch with you.

Diaper Raffle
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