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How Do You Wrap a Large Gift? 11 Simple Steps

With many occasions in today’s world that require gifts such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, gifts become one of our daily activities. Buying a gift for someone is the greatest thing you can do for them on their special day. However, before delivering the gift, there is one last thing you need to do. Wrapping it.

A step-by-step guide on wrapping a significant gift starts with Gathering your wrapping material, preparing your gift, preparing the wrapping area, measuring the wrapping paper from top to bottom, and then cutting it. You also need to follow the wrapping procedure well to get the most desirable outcome of your gift.

How Do You Wrap a Large Gift?

Whether you are looking for a stylish way to wrap your special gift or wrap it for the first time in your life, you don’t need to get overwhelmed. 

Here, we give you an elaborate idea of wrapping your gift to make it a million-dollar gift that everyone will admire.

1. Tea Towel wrap

It would be best if you chose a gift wrap that doubles your idea. A Tea Towel wrap is a simple but fantastic idea for wrapping gifts such as wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, or other gifts that will go straight to the kitchen. With such a wrap, you can be sure the gift receiver will be more impressed than you thought.

2. Holiday lights

Lights can create a more impressive and glamorous appearance anywhere. When used in wrapping gifts, it speaks a thousand words that bring a sense of love and humor to your loved ones. 

While you may think Christmas lights are meant for hanging on the roofs, they can be fantastic for your gift wrapping. All you need is to cut open a paper for creating your Wrapping and paint or draw a set of holiday lights that will bring that jolly feeling to the person you are gifting.

3. Photo Op  

This is a fantastic way to package your significant gift. The pictures on your Instagram or Facebook can be customized and transformed into excellent wrapping papers. You need to do a photo-editing program, print the pictures, and can do the rest at home after you have prepared your gift. Once you have wrapped your gifts perfectly, you can now stick the photos on the top before presenting them to the owner.

In case you find the papers too large, it might require you to take them to a copy shop for printing. To get the picture’s cleanest look, you will be required to trim off any white margins on the photo.

Now that you have brilliant and fantastic gift wrapping ideas, all you need is to choose the most appealing idea, then wrap your gifts. 

However, before we dive into Wrapping, following these simple steps will help you wrap your gift in the most presentable and appealing way.

Step 1: Gather Supplies.

While you may think getting your gift from the shop is the most complex idea, wrapping it might be the most overwhelming, and you need to know the supplies you require to wrap it perfectly. Having all the material required ready before starting should be your first step. Your supplies should include the present itself, wrapping papers, and a pair of scissors, ribbons, and double-sided tape. Also, secure a large flat surface to use as a wrapping area and a pencil for tracing during cutting.

To make your presentation look more appealing, look for fun ribbons like the traditional curly ones. Also, go for the hard wrapping material like a box as it is more presentable and easier to pack rectangular and triangular shapes inside it. When it comes to wrapping paper, the cardinal rule of the thumb is to make sure you go for a thicker one. A thick wrapping paper makes cutting easier and avoids wastage. Always go for wrapping paper with a grid pattern at the back for a more straightforward cutting process.

Step 2: Prepare your Gift

Preparation of your gift before Wrapping is an essential aspect when it comes to presentations. You don’t want a scenario where you have wrapped your gift upside down, which might damage it. You also need to remove the price tags on the present as most often it is considered improper to leave the tag on the present.

During the preparation of your gift, you also need to identify the top and bottom of the present to ensure the display picture is placed at the top. Preparing the gift before Wrapping will facilitate the wrapping process and save you the agony of reopening it if you do something wrong.

Step 3: Prepare a wrapping Area.

Your wrapping area is as important as your gift when it comes to Wrapping. Any slight mistake might make the whole process uncomfortable or mess up your gift and the wrapping paper. Preparing your wrapping area ensures you have a flat surface that is big enough to unfold the wrapping paper and give you ample working space.

 Additionally, it is vital to make sure the place is big enough to accommodate all the materials you need there, i.e., the present, scissors, wrapping papers, and ribbons. The place also needs to be clean to avoid putting any dirt or stains on your gift.

Step 4: Unroll the Wrapping Paper

Once you are satisfied with your wrapping area, the next step is to unroll the wrapping paper. Be careful when handling the material to avoid any form of damage that might need you to go back to your pocket for another item. Place your wrapping paper onto a smooth surface and start unrolling it carefully as you don’t want a scenario where you have damaged your paper and need to go back for shopping again. Place the gift at the corner to prevent it from moving away, then continue unrolling until you have a piece big enough to cover your entire gift.

Step 5: Measure the wrapping paper-Top to bottom

Your gift needs to be presentable and impressive to the person who is receiving it. Precise measurement is essential to avoid too big or too small wrapping paper that might make your present look casual and unpresentable. Since you have all the materials needed for measurement, it is time you dive into the measuring process and get yourself the correct size wrapping paper. While putting your gift at the corner of the paper, turn its top over four times until the top faces up again. Push it for about an inch further and use a pencil to mark the paper. This allows the paper to have extra room for folding.

Step 6: Measure the Sides of the Wrapping paper

You need to make sure you have all the measurements correct to avoid having your gift paperless or more significant on one side, as it can be inconvenient. Tilt the present onto its sides and then push it about further and mark with a pencil. Make sure there is enough room left for folding. When measuring, make sure to use a calibrated ruler to give you the actual measurements as your gift.

Step 7: Cut the Wrapping Paper.

When you have all the measurements correct, it is time to cut out your wrapping paper. Your gift will help you in cutting. Place the gift face down on the top of the wrap such that the paper won’t move during cutting. Based on the marks you traced while measuring, use a pair of scissors and cut out the paper into a rectangular shape. Don’t worry if you cut it big since you can trim off the excess pieces. The paper needs to be wide enough to cover the entire gift box.

During cutting, you need to make sure you have the right size of paper that is perfect for wrapping your gift. When it comes to cutting from left to right, you need to cut a piece of paper that will wrap across the box. On the other hand, from top to bottom, your paper size should be big enough to cover halfway up the sides of the gift box.

Step 8.Wrap the Top and Bottom of the Present

You are through with the preparation process, and now you are getting into the actual task, wrapping the gift. You want to start with wrapping the top and bottom of the gift. On the paper, you just finished cutting, place your gift at the Centre. Hold one end of the paper and fold it over the bottom of the present. Use double-sided tape to stick the paper to the present. Take the other side of the paper and fold it about half an inch to create a smooth edge. Next, you need to fold the smooth edge and stick it to the already taped paper. Finally, tape this edge down.

Step 9: Wrap the Sides of the Gift

Once you have finished wrapping the top and the bottom you are almost there. You now need to work on the sides. You need to work on one side at a time. Starting with one side, hold the top flap and fold it onto the side of the box such that it will create two little wings on the side of the box. Make sure you flatten those flaps against the box and then continue folding the paper’s remaining triangles up against the box. Using the double-sided tape, flatten the flaps.

When you are through  on one side, stand the box and repeat the procedure in step 9 to work on the other side. Ensure that your box is up with the side you finished wrapping facing down. After completing folding the side, If you have excess paper, trim it to the required size to facilitate a smooth folding of the edges. You have done an enormous task at this stage, and you are sure you are almost done. Now you can release your breath as your gift is near to the owner.

Step 10: Add Ribbons

You are through with wrapping your gift; now it is time to do the final touches before you present the gift to the owner. Wrapping ribbons on the gifts will add a fancy and appealing look that will make everybody admire them.

Adding ribbons, gift tags, or decorative bows to your gift, will do the final part and present your Wrapping perfectly. To complete the final step by adding ribbons, place your wrapped gift down to the ribbon’s length, which should be about five times the length of the box. Pull the ends of the ribbon up such that you bring the right end over to the left. Hold them together and pull them together such that they cross.

Step 11:Thread the Ribbon

You need your ribbons to be held tightly together to form a shape of your choice. Having to ribbon ends of the same length thread each end under the ribbon to develop a fantastic shape for your gift. Once you are through threading, you can make knots using your fingers to look appealing. Ensure to cut the ends so the ribbon remains a smaller size than you desire. 

4. Washi Tape Weave

If you think of a classy wrapping for your gift, then washi tape weave might be your best idea. Washi tape weave isn’t just for home décor. You can modify it to create wavy layers on your gift wrapping that cuts vertically and horizontally in alternating patterns. 

If you are the kind of person who loves crafts, washi tape wraps are your best idea. All you need is to grab your favorite pattern and make the best wrap you will live to admire.

5. Playful prints

Playful prints might produce the best prints, especially when buying gifts for children. These adorable eye-dotted papers and gift tags are designed to be made at home and printed at home. When you want to achieve the best results for playful prints, it would be advisable to use card stocks for the gift wrap and photo papers for making the tags.

6. Oversized gift Sacks

The more enormous jumbo sacks can be a fantastic idea for wrapping more significant gifts like electric appliances, bedding sets, and sporting goods. If your gift is too large to be packed with rolls of wrapping paper, then it’s time you think about a jumbo sack.

7. 3D Wrapping

Do you want to buy gifts for your nieces or nephews or even grandchildren? Then it is time you think of the best wrapping idea that will leave them mesmerized and create that glossy feel of a gift from auntie or grandmother. 

You can make your interactive gift wrap by gluing on their favorite building blocks, crayons, and toys like cars. This way, you will have the best wrap for your unique and specific gift to the audience.

8. Ribbon and Holly wrap

Do you intend to give out gifts of baked food during Christmas? Then it’s time to wrap your gifts with ribbons designed for food. Using craft boxes lined with food-safe tissues for a holiday treat will be a fantastic idea. 

If this is your idea, then ribbons and holly wrap got you covered. All you need is to adorn the outside of your Wrapping with striped ribbons and twigs of holly to create a merry look that sends the message you intend even before it is opened.

9. Custom colors

Rolls of packing papers can be relatively cheap, but you can make them attractive by customizing them. Colors have a significant impact when it comes to gifts. At this point, you already know the variation of colors that will fit the occasion.

You can spread sheets in a properly ventilated room or an open area and spray them with the kind of color or colors you desire to have covering your gift. Try to create a variation of coats to create a specific visual gradation on your coats. It is also great to add a touch of metallic paint for a stunning sheen.

10. Map it

Old maps and atlases are relatively easy to find at thrift stores and yard sales. Their large sizes make them one of the best materials in wrapping gifts. Once you are done covering your gift, some fluffy yarn or a feather will do some gorgeous finishing. 

Now your gift is ready to move to its destination. Alternatively wrapping the gift with the atlas and old newspapers will give the most amazing DIY gift wrapping you have never imagined.

11. Brown paper packages

This is a speedy and easy way to wrap your special gift. They are specially used to create an organic effect. You can get a wide range of twigs from your backyard and create various finishing on your gifts. 

You have the freedom to wrap your gifts in brown paper and do some stunning finishing using a twine tied around the center of the gift and the greenery at the top. This way the gift wrapping is quite different and unique.






How Do You Wrap a Large Gift? 11 Simple Steps
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