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Moomin Party

Having a theme at kids’ parties makes it extra fun. Many children are fond of the Moomins, so why not have a Moomin party?

How do you arrange a Moomin party? Make invitations with Moomin. Decorate the table as a map of the Moomin valley. Or decorate with small Moomin characters and a Moomin house you make out of paper. Serve Hattifattener food. Candy bags filled with Moomin biscuits, Moomin candies, small figurines, stickers, or something else with the Moomin theme. An excellent game to play at a Moomin party is to put the tail of Moomin.

But let me tell you a little bit more!

How to arrange a Moomin birthday party

Invitations for a Moomin party

Locate cute Moomin images on the internet to print or draw your Moomin on thicker paper. Then write the invitations on the back of the cards.


Ask guests to dress up as a character from the books about Moomin. Choosing to dress up as Little My, is perhaps the simplest. A red dress and hair in a straight-up ponytail, so it is done.

The birthday child’s mother puts on a striped apron in red and white and has a black handbag. The birthday child’s father has a hat and cane.

How to decorate a Moomin party?

How to decorate at the party?

On the table needed a paper cloth or a large sheet. Use disposable plates and cups, preferably with Moomins on.

Are you using a paper cloth, you can paint a map of Moominvalley on the Moomins.

Pearl pegboards with Moomins and place one at each plate.

Serve fruit-juice punch in Muminpapa’s hat. Make the hat out of newspapers and wrap it in black plastic from a garbage bag and fasten it with black electrical tape. Or buy a plastic hat.

Decorate the table with Moomin characters made of plastic and a small Moomin house made out of cardboard and painted with blue color.

What do you serve at a Moomin party?

Hattifatteners on their island ‚Äď Cook potatoes and make mashed potatoes. Put it on a large plate and build an island. To do Hattifatteners cut hot dogs in half and stick them in the mashed potato around the island.¬†Carefully cut out the hands and fingers on Hattifatteners and then heat the plate in the microwave before the guests arrive since it might be helpful to do a forest of chives, dill, or parsley on the island.

Snufkin bark boats ‚Äď toasted sandwiches and cut each sandwich into three long and narrow parts.¬†Spread Nutella, soft or liver p√Ęt√©.¬†Insert a toothpick into each sandwich and put cheese and ham as sails.

Crate Muminpapa’s hat. Baking chocolate cupcakes or a cake that you dress in black marzipan or dye the hat.

Little My mushrooms ‚Äď For this dish requires a large plate, some red apples, tomatoes, peaches, boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and cheese.¬†Remove the cooked cold eggs and cut the top of them so that they can stand on the plate without tipping over.¬†Halve the tomatoes, peaches, and apples as they are to the mushroom caps.¬†Place mushroom caps on the eggs.¬†If necessary, the hats are fixed with a little mayonnaise not to slide off.¬†The mushroom can also be decorated with mayonnaise.¬†Grate the cheese, so it gets to the worms that you then add the mushrooms around.

Lighthouse of small pancakes ‚Äď Make a sea on a plate with ‚Äč‚Äčblueberry jam or cream.¬†Then you build a lighthouse with the pancakes as you rev ‚Äč‚Äčthe jam.¬†Finish with a roof that you make from cardboard.

Groke iceberg ‚Äď this course requires large package of chocolate or licorice ice cream as you cut into triangles.¬†Place the triangles on a dish.¬†Whip some cream and mix a few spoonfuls of sugar in the cream.¬†Garnish triangles with whipped cream and take a little powdered sugar in a tea ball, which you sprinkle over the mountain tops like little snowflakes.

Stinky logs you can make if you purchase licorice and other candies that look like logs. Then put the candy in little bowls on the table or just put them here and there on the table.

Mumin biscuits ‚Äď are ready to buy in the supermarket

Moominmamma raspberry juice ‚Äď Serve raspberry juice in a large pitcher or a punch bowl. Decorating with grapes, strawberries, cherries, or lemon balm.

Candy bags at the party

Good things to put in the candy bags are such Mumin biscuits, Moomin candies, stickers, pens, and other stuff with the Moomins.

Small figures with Moomins.

Moomin Candy is good to stop at the candy bags at the party.
Moomin stickers
Moomin stickers

What can you play at a Moomin party?

If you are outdoors, you can look for stones that Stinky has hidden. Prepare the game by finding stones. They will be as numerous as the number of guests. Mark the blocks with a figure and hide them. Then the guests have to find the stones. Each number corresponds to a special surprise. Help children so that everyone can find a rock.

Choose one of the children who will become Stinky. The other children will try to catch Stinky. Stinky, first hide or run away before the other may start the hunt. He or she must defend herself with cones or small balls. If Stinky hits a child, he or she is out of the game. Those who left at the end win the game. If anyone gets the Stinky, Stinky loses the game if Stinky throws balls or cones on all the children’s Stinky that wins the race.

Put the tail of Moomin ‚Äď Prepare a Moomin before the party the children will then pin the tail on the Moomin.¬†Set up the kids in a line and let them come up one at a time and become blindfolded.¬†Spin the child a few laps, and then they will try to attach the tail of Moomin.¬†The winner is the child who comes closest.

If the Moomin party is held in the summer, you can help Hemulen to look for such yellow flowers. The game leader decides when it starts and ends. Five minutes is sufficient for the task. When everyone has left their finds, you can appoint the most beautiful, most significant, highest, and so on. Other information you can provide is to help children catch butterflies or other insects Hemulen to investigate.

On a winter party can play that are Moomin and Little My, who awakened from its winter sleep and the first sled, skis, skates, etc.

If there is enough time at the Moomin party, you can read books about Moomin.

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What to play at a children’s party? Kids usually have dance stops, treasure hunts, and quizzes. If you have arranged a Moomin party, it can be fun with a questionnaire about Moomin. More quizzes, and games at a children’s party, you can find here.

How much will the gift cost? For the children’s friends, think most that I have asked that a hundred crowns are right. But read more about the study on the price of gifts.

How do you arrange a knight’s party? First, make invitations by cutting out knightly shields or guarantees of paper that you write on the messages. For a knight party, you can wear a cloak a sword and come riding on his horse. Good games of knight parties are jousting. More tips for knight parties are gathered here.

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Moomin Party
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