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Mermaid party

Children tend to be very fascinated by mermaids and often wish to have a mermaid party. But how do you organize a mermaid birthday party?

So, how do you arrange a mermaid party? Start by sending out an invitation in blue (as the sea) decorate with some sand and seashells. Decorate the table with a blue table cloth. Select the mermaid’s clothing with care, so she did not stumble. At a party, mermaids eat seaweed, buoys, and beach balls. If you are a little creative, you can even bake a cake that looks like the sea. And mermaid gifts are off course welcome.

Mermaid Party is a fun themed children's party
Mermaid Party is a fun theme at a children’s party

But let me tell you a little bit more!

Many children have probably seen the movie ‚ÄúThe Little Mermaid.‚Ä̬†But did you know that it is based on the fairy tale of the same name by the Dane Hans Christian Andersen?¬†He wrote it in 1837 and ever since has been the dream of turning into a mermaid found in many.¬†Of course, a mermaid party is only for girls, but do not forget that where there are mermaids are also sailors.

Send invitations to guests

Is there anything so grateful as to create invitations for a theme where the sea is involved? Sea and ocean course means shells, starfish, fish, and jellyfish. In the bookstore, you can find ocean blue colored cards where you can either paste their real shells and sand or cut them out of paper. Some tissue gets beautiful waves.

An alternative to a card is if you make a call that can be rolled up and put in a message in a bottle. Make sure to fill some sand in the bottom of the bottle and hang or paste shells outside.

Some suitable text on the card may be ‚ÄúPleas, swim by on Friday ‚Ķ‚ÄĚ instead of the usual welcome.¬†Continue with ‚Äúbeach,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúisland,‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúsea palace‚ÄĚ for the address.¬†Also, add the instruction to bring your swimsuit and towel if the weather permits an outdoor party.¬†There need not be a large pool.¬†A small pond or sprinkler goes as well.

How can you dress at a mermaid party?

How are mermaids dressed? A swimsuit or bikini is, of course, the foundation. Buy some lace or tulle sewn a long skirt. With a beautiful band, you can tighten it down your feet. Tulle is always cheap and easy to work with; otherwise, there is an inexpensive tip to find at IKEA. The most fun is perhaps to have webbed feet instead of shoes, but it gets a little tricky to walk. It is better to have a dress with a bit of tow on.

Those who do not want to be a mermaid but rather sailors and pirates can get tips on clothing if you are looking for pirate parties.

Time to set the table and decorate

Buy a bit thicker colored paper and tissue paper that you can decorate with. Cut out some different fish, seahorses, and jellyfish from the paper. Glue glitter and hang them on a string, put up on the wall, lamp, and put it on the table. From the tissue paper, you can create water and a beach.

On the table lay a blue cloth (or sheets), and if you get hold of a fishing net or similar, put it over the table cloth. Sprinkle sand, seashells, and pearls in the middle of the table. Some boats will also be fun detail. Before you buy new, you can look at an available flea market.

Decorate also with different blue colored balloons (the sea is not only a blue color), and let them lie on the floor so that guests get the feeling of walking through the water. Create small islands or rocks here and thereby placing sheets over chairs to get the mermaid a place to rest.

If you have not bought paper plates with motives so you can easily do on ordinary paper plates to fish, paste there fins and tail. Paint where one eye with a non-toxic paint pen (if it rubs off on food).

What to serve at a mermaid party

The question is what a mermaid eats the fish are her friends, so she probably eats most of the plankton. A party may, however, make some exceptions, of course.

Fill a large bowl with ice cubes and soda. Freeze ice cubes in the shape of fish. A tip is to buy forms for the sandbox and then color the water with different food coloring. These ice cubes stick much longer than usual small ones. Or why not take the forms you have at home, from yogurt containers or the like, and freeze fish candy into each ice cube.

Spaghetti can be colored so that it looks like seaweed, both black and green.¬†Alternatively, you buy pasta that already has the right color.¬†Make lifebuoys of sausage, beach balls meatballs.¬†Fill cupcake forms with chips and pieces of cheese that look like fish and put a sign saying ‚Äúfish n chips.‚Ä̬†Slice some sausages in one end, so that it becomes octopus arms when you fry them. Also, make eyes with a knife.

Make a cake that looks like a swimming pool. Choose if it should be round or square. Color the cream blue and make waves with the help of a fork. The edge can be white and put a biscuit as a trampoline. Look at the candy shelves for things that suit decoration. NonStop may be added as floats. Candy Rings can be lifebuoys etc.

Or instead, make a beach where half the cake is decorated with crumbled biscuits. It will be sand and half is the blue sea (blue colored cream). Use a mortar and add the cookies to a plastic bag and crumble with a rolling pin. Decorate with candy fish jumping in the water and candy shells can be on the water’s edge.

Candy bags

Add the candy bags in a bucket and let the guests go fishing up his bag yourself using a fishing rod, or have the fish pond.¬†Put a clothespin at the end of the reef or a hook to catch ‚Äúfish.‚Ä̬†In the bags, you can add shells, a beach ball, and candies that look like fish or like.

If you have time to sew small bags that look like fish, it will be an excellent alternative to paper bags and easier to attach a ring on. 

What do you play on a mermaid party?


Take tissue paper and cut out small fish. Each child receives a straw and a mug. Now is the time to blow the fishes and catch as many of them as possible. When all the fish are gone, the table is the time to count how many they found. The one with the most fish in the cup has won.


Gather up some stuff on the theme of sea and water‚ÄĒfor example, seashell, bucket ball, fish, etc.¬†How many things you have depends on the age of the children, of course.¬†Too much stuff can be hard to remember when you‚Äôre very young.¬†Place all of the things on the floor and put a cloth over.¬†Let the children sit in a circle.¬†Remove the towel, and let them look for a moment, and try to memorize the things that are there.¬†Add on the cloth again.¬†Everyone gets close their eyes while you take away one thing.¬†Lift the screen again.¬†The child who first says what is missing can choose what is to be removed the next time.


Divide the children into teams and give them a list with pictures of things they look for. The items you have hidden in the room or the garden if the weather is permitting. Give each team a bucket for collecting treasures. The team that first identified all the treasures wins.


This game is ideally suited to mermaid parties. Set as many chairs as there are children less a chair with their backs to each other. Let the children walk around the chairs while the music plays. When the music stops, you have to sit on a chair. Anyone who does not get a chair out and a new chair is removed. Continue until there is only one child left. Suggested music is the soundtrack to the little mermaid.


  • Until the water hose and play water-limbo
  • Fill water balloons as you put in buckets and have a water balloon fight
  • Fill buckets with wet sponges and toss dot
  • Throw wet sponges at a target.
  • Hide shells and beads in the sandbox and let the children look for them.¬†Set the alarm for 10 minutes.¬†The one who got most of their bucket wins.

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Mermaid party
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