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Come Bearing Gifts: What Is the Meaning?

In parties and get-togethers, it‚Äôs common to hear the phrase ‚ÄúI come bearing gifts‚ÄĚ from the guests arriving. It‚Äôs a simple way to say they brought gifts to grace the occasion and celebrate the day‚Äôs theme. At a birthday party, they get gifts suited for a birthday party. A baby shower attracts gifts related to [‚Ķ]

Why Gifts Are Important In A Relationship?

I never assumed gift-giving in relationships was a controversial topic till I mentioned it in a gathering and I heard some rather unconventional views. This confirmed my belief that an individual’s reaction towards gift-giving is dependent on their perception, their experiences, their definition of love, or their partner’s beliefs.  This is why you can’t assume […]

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