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How To Wrap A BALL | Complete GUIDE

How to gift wrap a ball? Wrapping your gifts will have a positive impact on the receiver although we might struggle a little while we get it wrapped. Other than it will look more presentable and aesthetic, it will also increase the excitement of the receiver. Whenever we give presents, the way it is being wrapped is very important aside from the gift itself.

There are a lot of gift wrapping techniques available on the internet – from creating DIYs, using eco-friendly materials, and other things that will make the present look more creative!

How to Gift Wrap a Ball?

In this article, we will be talking about how to wrap a specific gift which is a ball. Most of the time, when people give a ball as a present, they don’t bother to wrap it anymore maybe because of its shape. If you are curious about how are you going to wrap a ball in a creative manner, you should definitely take your time to read this.

If you are always struggling with gift wrapping, especially those that require more skill, you do not have to worry about it anymore.

How To Gift Wrap A Ball
How To Gift Wrap A Ball
How To Gift Wrapping A Ball

Steps on How to gift Wrap a Ball

Without the proper tools, our workspace will never be complete. Always keep a that you have available pair of scissors, duct tape, extra ribbons, and wrapping paper on hand so you are always ready. You don’t want to be halfway through a gift-wrapping effort and realize you’re missing anything. It’s a good idea to organize your materials in a box, container, or drawer so you can find them quickly.

Prepare all the materials you will need. After that, you will need to measure the gift wrapping paper. You have to make sure that the size of the paper is enough to cover the whole ball. For the third step, place the ball in the center of the wrapping paper and make sure that the long sides of the paper are behind and in front. Fourth, bend or fold these long sides over the ball. Don’t forget to check that there should not be any gap. For the next step, pull the flaps of the wrapping paper as tight as you can so that it will look neater. Obviously, as you try to pull the flaps as tight as you can, you have to be careful to avoid tearing the wrap. When you are done pulling and placing the flaps, use tape to place them permanently to their places. There you have it! Your ball gift is now wrapped neatly.

Aside from that, you can also wrap a ball using a nice box. Look for a gift box like a cardboard box. Take note, the box must be larger than the ball. After putting the ball inside of the box, add some shredded newspaper to cover the ball. You can also add a bow to the top of the box or you can place a string around the box to seal it and make it more beautiful.

Creative ways to gift wrap a Ball

Now, if you want to be more creative, here are some wrapping methods that you can do to wrap your ball gift even better.

How to Gift Wrap a ball using wrapping paper

  1. Prepare material. You will need wrapping paper, duct tape, and a ball.
  2. Measure your paper. It needs to cover the whole gift.
  3. Put the ball in the middle of the wrapping paper. Long sides need to be in front and behind.
  4. Fold the long sides of the paper over the ball. Tape them. Make sure there is no gap.
  5. Fold the short ends of the paper in a triangle.
  6. To make the wrapping neat, pull the flaps as tightly as possible.
  7. Use a piece of tape to hold the flaps in place.
  8. If you want to do this much easier and quicker, pretend that you are wrapping a box. The results will be a little looser. Eventually, you will complete the wrapping, and your gift will look neat.

Wrap a ball as a gift using strips

  1. Prepare wrapping paper (preferably colorful). The paper needs to belong and be wide enough to cover the ball all the way. I suggest you use patterned paper (for example, zigzag), so you can match up quite well.
  2. Take your wrapping paper, and fold it over the ball to make sure that it covers it completely. You should have at least a few inches of paper left on both sides. If you want to be careful, leave extra paper just in case.
  3. Cut off the section that you will be working with.
  4. Cut the paper into strips. Look to cut it into narrow strips that will be easy to wrap around the ball.
  5. After you cut all your strips, take your ball and start wrapping the strips around, one by one. Wrap every other strip through the middle. Use duct tape.
  6. Continue to wrap all the strips around and make sure to cover up all the openings. Some will take a couple of times, but it is worth it.
  7. After you cover everything up, apply your bow. You have now wrapped your ball neatly.
  8. Put your gift in a pretty gift bag.

How to gift Wrap the LOL Ball

Learn how to wrap the LOL Ball with these steps. They are simple, and in the end, you will get an interesting gift that looks like candy.

  1. Prepare your LOL ball, wrapping paper, duct tape, ribbon, and scissors.
  2. Cut a wrapping paper that is large enough for your LOL ball to look like a wrapped candy. It needs to go around the whole ball and have extra length left on the sides.
  3. Put your ball in the center. Wrap it in one direction and tape the edges together. Some extra paper should stick out on both sides. The length of the extra paper should be equal on both sides.
  4. Pinch extra paper on both sides against the ball, so your ball looks like candy. 
  5. Cut some ribbon that is long enough for you to tie around the pinched area. Do it tightly. I recommend you make a knot. You can curl the ribbon with scissors or tie it in a bow.
  6. Do the same for the other side.
  7. If your sides are not equal in length, trim them.
  8. Your gift is ready! You can give your wrapped LOL bag like this or put it in a gift bag.

You can also wrap the LOL ball in this way

  1. Prepare some color tissue paper (you can use two different colors for a more colorful LOL ball), stickers, and ribbon.
  2. Get a bowl and place it on your table. Then, place your tissue paper over this bowl. Put the second tissue paper over the first piece of paper in a cross. 
  3. Put your LOL ball into the bowl. In that way, the ball will not move, and you will be able to wrap it better.
  4. Fold the tissue paper together into the top. Pull the folds tightly against the ball for a neat look.
  5. Use a ribbon to tie a knot. You can apply a piece of tape to make it more secure.

How to Wrap a Ball so That People Do Not Know It Is a Ball

It is hard to wrap a gift, especially if it has an obvious shape and you want to surprise a person. Follow these steps and wrap a ball like a pro!

  1. You will need craft paper (30 inches x 30 inches), duct tape, scissors, a hole puncher, two shoelaces tied together, and scissors.
  2. Fold two sides of the paper to meet each other.
  3. Tape the folded paper together.
  4. Place the ball at the bottom to measure the size of the base.
  5. Fold the bottom into the diamond shape.
  6. Fold again to create two triangles overlapping together and put some duct tape. The paper should get the shape of a paper bag.
  7. Insert the ball in the bag.
  8. Cut off any excess paper.
  9. Fold the top of the bag. 
  10. Punch two holes in the folded bar.
  11. Lace the shoelaces through the holes. Tie them into a bow. You can also use a nice ribbon and do the same.

Gift wrap the ball using a box

  1. Prepare a cardboard box or gift box, wrapping paper, bow, and newspapers. A box should be larger than a ball.
  2. Put a ball in the box.
  3. Put some crumbled newspapers or shredded paper to cover the ball.
  4. If you use a cardboard box, wrap it with some wrapping paper, so it looks nice.
  5. Add a bow.

How to gift wrap a ball Pyramid Style

Another good way to wrap a round-shaped object is by using a pyramid package. To do this wrap, you’ll be needing a craft board, tape, craft paper, or anything that you could use for the ribbon. Feel free to also check some templates online for you to create this wrap properly. To start, cut the craft board to pieces of a pyramid and create folds, bring the sides in, and lastly after you’re done you fold the sides, tape them from the inside. Please consider leaving about 2 inches so you can still slide your fingers inside to press the tape along the upper seam of the third side. For the final touch, add a big or colorful ribbon as a topper to complete the look. Also, you can try this type of packaging by covering the craft board with fabric or a well-design gift wrap.

Wrapping with Strips/Pile of Pleats

For this type of wrap, it is preferable to use a gift wrapping paper that is colorful. The paper should be long and wide enough that can cover the whole ball. Make sure that it is completely covered. You should also leave a few inches on both sides on the left. After you cover and measure the paper, it’s now time to cut it. Cut the wrapper into strips. The narrower the strips, the easier it is for you to cover the ball. The next step is to cover the ball with all the strips that you cut. Do it one by one. Also, place the strip in the middle of another strip using duct tape. As you continue to do this, you might encounter some difficulties but it will be fine eventually. When you’re done covering the whole ball using the strips, you can now add your bow or ribbon. You can also place the ball you wrapped in a gift bag or paper bag, but that’s only optional since your gift is already looking good.

Character Wrap

In this type of wrap, your artistry and creativity will come out more. If you want to make your gift wrap more unique, you can try this one. As usual, you need gift wrapping paper, scissors, and tapes. You’ll also be needing a marker that you can use to draw.

All you have to do is grab the gift wrapping paper, the kraft paper, or whatever you are using and cover the ball. Once you’re done doing that, you can now draw a face in the wrapping paper using the marker. You can also use stickers, googly eyes, our printouts. If you don’t want to draw a face or turn your wrap into a character, you can try another design.

For example, you can wrap a ball by making it look like a big candy. Just cover the ball completely by leaving an extra part of the wrap on the sides for it to appear like candy. The ball must be placed in the middle and the excess length of the gift wrapper must be equal. If you notice that they are not equal, you can trim them. Do seal everything, use a ribbon to tie both sides.

Another design is that you can create a package that looks like a Christmas ball. You will need to have foil, a drinking cup, and gift wrap. Cover the ball with your usual gift wrapping paper and after that, place the plastic top at the top and cover it with foil. Add a hook and ribbon, and you’re done!

Using Fabric as a Wrapper for the ball

You will need a thin box and a fabric/cloth for this one. Cut the cloth with your preferred measurements and you should also make sure that the box will fit inside when finished sewing the fabric. For the sewing part, sew the bottom and the side part of the fabric with a 1/4 inch seam. After that, place the box inside and put your ball inside the box. And then, poked the corners of the cloth and tuck them nicely. To tie your gift, you can add a ribbon to it. The purpose of the thin back is to make it sturdy so it can stand on its own.

Aside from the different ways to wrap a ball that was stated above, you can also wrap a ball by making a wrap design that will make it not too obvious that you have a ball as a gift. You just need to create a giant paper bag. The ideal measurement of the gift wrapping paper is around 30 inches by 30 inches. To begin, fold each side of the paper to connect them together and tape them together as well. After that, you need to fold it again for you to be able to create two triangles that overlap. The goal is, you have made your wrap similar to a paper bag. Also, when you place the ball, put it in the middle. After you place it, cut the excess part of the gift wrapping paper and fold the top of the paper bag you made. For its design, create two little holes in the folded part at the top of the paper bag where you can insert a string to create a bow or ribbon. With all these pretty basic steps, you will be able to wrap a ball nicely.

Make it personal

Above all, this is the most important tip: Make it Personal

When you wrap a give, it’s very important to think about the person to whom you are going to give the gift. You can wrap and design your gift according to what they like. In this case, you can consider using the favorite color of that person for the gift wrap. One of the key factors to make your gift extra special is when you do it meaningfully. When you give someone a gift, you should consider their preference and personal taste and favorites for you to make them feel loved. You can make your own gift-wrapping paper as well!

For example, you can print some photographs or designs you saw on the internet or from your own gallery that are meaningful. Aside from this being an excellent approach to saving money, it is also an excellent approach to showing your good intentions with your present. To make everything more special, you can add and write a card for them as well.

There are a lot of ways to make our gift extra meaningful and special. Although gift wrapping is time-consuming and sometimes demanding, the reward will be great in the end especially if the person you gave the gift appreciates and likes it so much.

We might experience struggles in our gift-wrapping process, especially if it has an odd shape just like a ball. It will require you to invest time, use your skills, and be creative. For you to experience fewer struggles with gift wrapping, follow all the steps and tips that were stated above. When you follow all of these, for sure, the other person will be impressed with your present. Also, don’t forget to have fun!

When wrapping a gift, always keep in mind what the other person likes. For instance, you can use the person’s favorite color for wrapping paper, so that they know you considered their taste. Add your personal touch, and draw something nice. Do not forget to write a card as well. In this way, your gift will be more meaningful.

Take your time

Do not rush when you are wrapping a gift. Slowly do each step to make everything turn out well in the end. Let your gift be neat and have clean edges. Also, do not leave wrapping until the last minute. It may turn out sloppy and you will start panicking.

Choose durable and strong wrapping paper

I suggest you use strong paper with patterns. It will help cover any mistake you make while wrapping a gift. Besides, the stronger paper will not rip when you tape it. Some alternatives to wrapping paper you can use our newspapers, wallpaper, tissue paper, and fabric scraps. You can design the paper yourself. Use some photos or pick some designs online and print them. That is a good way to save money!

Although gift wrapping seems simple, sometimes it is demanding. Some oddly shaped gifts, such as a ball may cause you trouble since they require more time and skill. Follow these steps to wrap that kind of gift successfully. Remember, the impression is most important. Use our tips and put some effort into wrapping gifts and the other person will surely be happy and surprised.

Tips for Gift Wrapping

Now, here are some tips that you should consider to experience fewer struggles in wrapping a gift for someone.

Choose High-Quality Wrapping Paper

Using durable and strong wrapping paper is highly recommended. By using high-quality wrapping paper, you will be able to hide any gift-wrapping mistakes you make. Furthermore, the stronger the paper, the harder it is to break. Newspapers, wallpaper, tissue paper, and fabric scraps are some alternatives to wrapping paper.

Prepare your material in advance

Your workspace will not be complete without the right tools. Make sure you always have a pair of scissors, some duct tape, additional ribbons, and wrapping paper. You do not want to stop in the middle of your gift wrapping and wonder whether you have all you need or not. A good idea is to keep your material in a box, so you can always find it.

Measure your paper 

Always double-check that your wrapping paper is long and wide enough to wrap around the entire gift. It’s better to have excess parts rather than having a gap because the paper is not enough. To avoid wrinkles and bulges while you are wrapping your gift, trim away any excess paper. You want to make sure your gift seems to be well-presented. You can also re-wrap another present with the leftover paper or you could shred it and place it on top of your gift. Another idea is to make a beautiful envelope out of a sheet of paper.

Carefully choose the color of your wrapping paper 

Depending on the theme, choose appropriate colors for wrapping paper. Combine two colors to make your gift look interesting. Or maybe a soccer ball gift wrapping paper will suits the gift well here.

If you decide to decorate your gift, use plain color paper to which you will be able to add decorations. White color is great as a foundation and you can build other decor elements on it. 

Choose appropriate wrapping paper colors while considering the theme of your gift. Combine two colors to make your gift stand out. If you wish to embellish your gift, start with simple colored paper to which you can add decorations. White is an excellent hue to use as a base for other decor components because you can build the design slowly.

Do not run away from decorations

Many people choose not to use decorations for a gift because they are afraid they will mess something up. I recommend you always use embellishments, for example, glitter, colorful strings, stickers, flowers, and bows. Use your creativity, and you will see that a gift looks better with some decoration.

ribbons for gift wrapping a baset ball
ball stickers
soccer ribbons
How To Gift Wrap A Ball

Just Always Take Your Time

Always check if your paper is long and wide enough to wrap around the whole present. Cut the excess paper, so you do not end up with wrinkles and bulges. You want your gift to look neat. You can use excess paper to wrap up another gift. You can shred it as well and put it over your gift. Another idea is to use a piece of paper and make a pretty envelope.

When wrapping a gift, take your time. Slowly complete each stage of the procedure to ensure a successful outcome. On your present, be comfortable to welcome and allow neatness and clear borders. Also, don’t wait until it’s too late before you wrap. It’s possible that it’ll turn out sloppy, causing you to panic.


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How To Wrap A BALL | Complete GUIDE
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