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Barbie-Themed Birthday party

Do your children love to play with Barbie? Then a Barbie Party will be a huge success.

How do you arrange a Barbie Party? Invitation Card should be understood to have a picture of Barbie and be addressed to the child and his or her favorite Barbie. The right clothes for a Barbie Party are a princess. Decorate your home in pink and invite the cupcakes with pink frosting a Barbie cake or strawberry. Excellent games at the party’s way lipstick on Barbie fashion show.

Having Barbie-themed children’s party tends to be appreciated

You can find more tips on invitations, clothing, and games for Barbie Festival! Having a Barbie Party works well even if the guys are invited to the party too. They can be Ken!


Send invitations with a Barbie image on the front page. Send letters to the children + favorite Barbie.

How to dress for a Barbie party?

The children come dressed as Barbie (or Ken). Maybe they have a wig, blue eyeshadow, and a princess.


For a Barbie party, pink is the color. Here you may find napkins in pink, pink plastic flowers, pink or red bulbs, pink balloons, pink disposable tableware, and so on. Maybe you can even find pictures of Barbie to print and decorate with.

What do you eat at a Barbie party?

Here are some ideas on what to serve at a Barbie Party:

  • Cupcakes with pink frosting
  • Make a Barbie Cake ‚Äď Wrap a Barbie in plastic ut to the waist.¬†Make a hole for Barbie in the middle of the cake. The cake is Barbie‚Äôs dress. Cover the cake and torso with marzipan.¬†Marzipan is cut so that it becomes a beautiful dress for the doll.¬†Decorate with small flowers or silver bullets.
  • To drink, it fits in well with raspberry soda or lemonade colored pink with a few drops of food coloring.¬†Attach a strawberry to the edge of the glass and add a few ice cubes of frozen strawberries to the glass
  • Strawberry ice cream with pink sprinkles.
  • Do you want to offer something more filling, a pasta salad with pink paste (dyed with food coloring) may be a good tip.

Candy bags

A Barbie party fits best with pink candy bags with a Barbie image pasted on the outside. Fill the bags with pink candy and small gifts. Small gifts to put in a candy bag can be eg, stickers with Barbie, jewelry, Barbie pens, Barbie clothes, sparkly things, nail polish, and other Barbie stuff you can find.

Games at the party

Hide Barbie ‚Äď exact as hides the key, but with a Barbie doll instead.

Hot Barbie ‚Äď the children sit in a circle, and a doll bounced around while the music plays.¬†When the music stops, the person holding the Barbie goes out of the ring.¬†When you go out, you get to do some tasks, e.g.,¬†hop on one leg until the game is over.

Activities at the Barbie party

Fashion show ‚Äď prepare fabric, lace, sequins, thread, crepe paper, glue, pipe cleaners, beads, etc., and let the children design the clothes for their dolls.¬†Then the music, a red carpet, and have a fashion show for Barbie dolls.

Make your jewelry ‚Äď let the kids make your jewelry using beads, sequins, and so on.

More inspiration for you

How do you arrange a space party? The invitations do of colorful paper that you cut out the spaceship. Good clothes for a space party is a silver robe. Decorate with a black cloth that you sprinkle silver stars over. Produce spacecraft as you hang from the ceiling and along the walls. Bake a cake that looks like a flying saucer. More tips for a space party are here.

What can you use as the theme of a children’s party? Yes, besides Barbie parties, birdie parties, princess parties, and pirate parties, good topics at a children’s party. More tips on party themes are gathered here.

What‚Äôre great gifts to give the child‚Äôs friends to kids?¬†Great gifts at children‚Äôs parties are beads, craft books, hair stuff, jokes, or any cheap book‚ÄĒmore tips on¬†gifts to kids¬†here.

How much is reasonable for a gift for the child’s pals costs? Most people think that $10 is just enough to give gifts to the child’s buddies. Read more about the study on the price of the gifts here.

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Barbie-Themed Birthday party
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