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Happy Easter and Easter Holiday Gift Ideas

Easter Day is celebrated depending on the calendar; it changes every year. It is one of the most important holidays for the Christian community around the globe. It is a tribute to the resurrection of Jesus from its tomb. Easter is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of the full moon. It depends on the church in which calendar they are following. This is the day where Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified. It symbolizes a flower blooming or hope for everyone.

How do we celebrate Easter?

How do we celebrate Easter?

Easter may be a sincere discussion for some, but this holiday is not just about holiness but also fun and enjoyment. Some households, go to church and pray to God. While in other homes, they come up with different activities to do.

Have you heard of Easter Egg Hunt? I remember, when I was a little kid, we use to play that game. It is where the coordinator hides eggs, and we need to look for those. Have you tried that game? If not, you can try it on the upcoming Easter day.

If you are looking for unique ways to celebrate Easter Sunday, here are some customs that are being celebrated in different countries:

  • In Africa, Easter is widely celebrated in different churches. From Maundy Thursday until Easter Sunday, the churches are decorated with flowers, butterflies, and other nature-related.
  • In Ethiopia, they treat Easter more significantly than any other holiday. They go fasting for fifty-five days from animal or meat products. Nighttime may be all about seriousness, but when morning comes, they start to dance and sing around.
  • Easter is one of the most important holidays for Filipinos. In the Philippines, two processions happen. Women would dress all-black while following Mary, Jesus‚Äôs mother. Men are in another procession following Jesus who rose from the dead.
  • In Europe, Easter is celebrated for long weeks because they follow a different calendar. People wear colorful traditional dresses and eat traditional foods. In France, they even cook a giant omelet!
  • Lastly, in America, they do different celebrations depending on what location you are in. Some decorate kites with Jesus‚Äôs face and flies them up in the sky. Many people treat the holiday as a work break and go on a vacation.

One of the holiest and most joyful holidays for everyone. But a holiday would not be a holiday without gift-giving! Giving gifts to your special someone would mean a lot. It serves as thoughtfulness and gratefulness. Anything that comes from the heart would be acceptable.

But, are you having a hard time picking a gift? If you are not sure what to buy for your loved ones, you came to the right article. Amazon.com showcase a lot of gift ideas and products you can choose from. Here are some suggestions of unique presents you can check out.

Easter Holiday Gift Ideas

Mini Plush Animal Toy Filled Easter Egg

If you have a kid or if you know children who get bored during the Holiday, this is a perfect gift for them. Most kids find Easter Sunday too serious so they need a distraction to keep them enjoyed. This product comes with 12 different animals inside a colorful egg. It is super safe and very multifunctional. You can use the eggs to play different kinds of activities. You can also remove the animals and fill the eggs with mini snacks or coins. Try this out now and check on Amazon.

Blue Premade Easter Basket

Another great gift idea for kids would be this ready-made basket set. It contains a blue teddy bear plushie, chocolates, and assorted candies. Surprise your children, niece, or nephew with this cute and adorable gift set. Check it out now on Amazon and buy for your little ones.

Steven Harris Egg Necktie

Aside from giving gifts to kids, here is a gif suggestion for our fathers. For the hardworking post of the family, this cute necktie would be a lovely present. It has a colorful egg pattern that makes the necktie stand out. With a good quality fabric and affordable price, check this out now on Amazon.

Blending Egg Beauty Sponges

Of course, here is a gift idea for your mother, aunt, sister, girlfriend, or grandma. A cute beauty blender set Beauty Bakerie. It contains six sponges that are good to use for their makeup needs. It is a vegan, non-latex, cruelty-free, and paraben-free makeup sponge. Here is an essential basic need for makeup lovers out there. Available at Amazon for a quality price; try and check it out now.

Philadelphia Milk Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

A sweet snack is not a bad idea for a present. Check these tasty cookies from Philadelphia Candies Store. Don’t worry, it’s available on Amazon. It is beautifully decorated with colorful animals that any child and adult will like. You can add this to your food basket for the holiday. A gift box is consisting of eight colorful decorated cookies. You will never go wrong with OREO cookies.

Bunny Accessory Costume Set

During holidays, we cannot miss different parties. If you know someone attending a costume party or if you are going to a party yourself, this gift is perfect for you. You can give this present to your lovely friends or gift this to yourself. Being a bunny girl at a costume party will never go wrong. This product comes with the rabbit ear headband, bow tie, wrist cuffs, and cute fluffy tail. A classic and eye-catching look for different kinds of parties. Check it out now on Amazon for a very affordable price.

Rabbit Poop Soap

If you want a fun and amusing gift, here’s the perfect one for you. It will surely make your family and friends laugh. This cute Bunny Poop Soap is a very colorful poop-shaped soap. It is vegan and handmade with the smell of Fresh Spring Grass. To make it more eye-catching, they added shimmering sprinkles. If you want high-quality and cruelty-free soap, try this cute poop soap. Remember to check it out on Amazon.

Gardening Tool Set

Do you know someone who loves to plant? Or someone who has a garden to take care of? Try this gardening tool set from Wanyi Store. It is a 6-piece aluminum lightweight gardening kit with soft rubber handles. It includes a shovel, rake, weeder, spatula, field cultivator, pruning shears, and traditional suit. It is very comfortable and convenient to use. Try to give this to your family and friends and do gardening activities together.

Blue Bunny Coffee Mug

Drinking coffee any time of the day is essential for some people. Coffee boosts their productivity and energy. If you know someone who cannot live without coffee, here is the perfect gift for them. This cute blue bunny coffee mug is made with ceramic and it comes with a lid and spoon. It has a very creative and lovely design that no one can resist. Have a drinking coffee session with your loved ones with this mug available on Amazon.

Classic Picnic Basket

During the holidays, it is nice to go out and have a picnic with your family or friends. You can buy this a gift for them or a gift for yourself. Either way, you are still going to use it within your circle. Having a classic picnic basket will make your picnic smoother and more convenient. It includes two break-resistant wine glasses, a wooden cheese board, a cheese knife, and a corkscrew. It comes with leather straps to secure the things inside while in transport. It is a must-gift to try!

Easter Bunny Wine Label Stickers

If you want a cute and simple gift, try these bunny wine label stickers. You can have more feel of the holiday with this cute party decoration. If you know someone who has a wine collection, why not try to give this out. I’m pretty sure they can’t resist a cute bunny design for their wine. Check it out now on Amazon.

Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

Making cakes and baking different goods are some of the hobbies that we ought to try when we have nothing to do. During the holidays, if we are on a work break, we try to practice making cakes. If you have a family member or a friend who is into baking, you can check out this cake decorating supplies kit. It includes the cake turntable, different icing tips, straight and angles spatula, cake leveler and slicer, cake scrapers, and disposable bags. It is very complete and bright in color that you might want to check out.

Amazon has a lot of unique and special products that you can look into. If you are still not sure what to give, check out Amazon.com. Whatever gift idea you have, remember that the receiver will always appreciate what you will give.

The solemnness of the holiday is there but, there is also enjoyment in it. Happy Easter to everyone!

Happy Easter and Easter Holiday Gift Ideas
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