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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas

Look over the Alice in Wonderland birthday party ideas to get the best birthday party ideas for your celebration. Make your own invites, decorations, games, activities, party food, beverages, cake, snacks, gift bag favors, costumes, and gifts for your party. We’ve included some complete Alice In Wonderland birthday party ideas that may be used to plan a whole theme party. There are also decorations, costumes, refreshments, cakes, and games ideas that may be added to any of the party ideas, or mixed and matched in any way you choose to make the perfect party for your age and gender.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Tea Party of the Mad Hatter

Start with pink metallic blank cards and curly-cue vellum paper from a craft store for the invites. Then print a tiny made-up poem with the party details and other information on the vellum, and then include some Alice and the Mad Hatter clip art. You can invite the visitors to dress up in their “funniest” outfits. Such as princess dresses for girls, or plaids with polka dots, stripes, and checks that were all mismatched. You can add a chiffon ribbon bow on the cards to finish them off.

Some excellent choices in food are fruit salad, scones, cream puffs, chicken salad, and teapot-shaped pastries that screamed “Eat Me,” would all be perfect. Then serve everything on a table with an Alice in Wonderland tea set. Give a plastic teacup for each youngster that I attached with a “Drink Me” tag for refreshments,

Set up a croquet game outside, with oversized playing cards attached to garden staples to make the wickets. Arrange them in a wacky fashion and let the youngsters play croquet. Set up numerous kid-sized tables and chairs, as well as paper lanterns draped around the tea party area.

Birthday Party for Alice in Wonderland

Kids might dress up as a superhero or a villain. Kids might dress up like one of the movie’s characters. Design the invitation to look like a teapot.

Signs in the shape of arrows with messages like “THIS WAY,” “WRONG WAY,” “THIS WAY TO THE PARTY,” and “RABBIT WENT THIS WAY” can be made to adorn the front of the house.

Have the boys adorn white plastic top hats with stickers, and the girls use stickers and crayons to construct paper plate bonnets.

Instructions for the bonnets are as follows:

Use paper plate soup bowls with 12-inch heavy-duty paper plates (white). Place the soup bowl in the center of the dish after turning it upside down (this is also upside down). The plates are glued together with hot glue guns. An adult cuts the middle of the paper plate out using an Exacto knife. Add multicolored ribbons and fastened them to the sides of the “hat,” so the girls can tie a big bow beneath their chins. The ribbon is also glued around the rim of the inverted soup dish.

For each youngster, design a place setting. Plate, plastic teacup, napkin, miniature baby food jars with a letter attached that reads “Drink Me” and Kool-Aid in them, Serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with no crusts, fruit, scones, jam, and, of course, raspberry “slightly warm” flavored tea for sandwiches. Also put a unique treat on the table, made from handmade pumpkin bread and edible mushroom delights fashioned using a mushroom-shaped cookie cutter, so the kids can pretend to be small and big.

On a poster board, sketch a big Cheshire Cat for a game called Pin The Smile On The Cheshire Cat. Velcro a dozen white felt flowers onto a poster board on which you painted a green rose shrub for a game of “painting the roses red.”

Drink Me Invite Mad Hatters Tea Party

Make invitations of construction paper with an invitation on the inside. Serve squeezable refreshments with slips of paper with the words “DRINK ME” written on them. For decorations, make a glued-together house of cards, a pink flamingo yard decoration, a plastic shrub with red flowers hot glued to it and a paint can with a red paintbrush beside it, and a giant tophat.

Set up a sugar cube teacup toss. To imitate the saucer, a white plastic storage container is placed on the floor with a huge piece of foam core board cut into a circle beneath. Sugarcubes are made out of Styrofoam squares wrapped in white felt. Stand a few feet away from the cup and toss, receiving ring pops as prizes.

The rabbit hole is made up of three enormous cardboard boxes with green and red flowers painted on them. Packaging tape is used to join the boxes. Allow the children were allowed to enter and exit the rabbit hole at their leisure.

Have older children and teens dress up as characters from the novel, including the Cheshire cat, Alice, a fake turtle, the white rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and, of course, the Queen of Hearts.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Celebration

You can use the clipart on the internet to create invitations on the computer. Here is a sample poem: Please don’t be late! For “name’s” Birthday Party on a Very Important Date We’ll make you right GLAD on the day shown below if you’re feeling a little MAD. Come dressed in obnoxious garb for all to appreciate.

You can sketch a gigantic Cheshire Cat onto a poster board for the guests to play “Pin the Smile on the Cheshire Cat.” The gigantic caterpillar inflatable jumper, available at www. jumpforfun.com. will be a big hit. It also dresses up the party by creating a large centerpiece that is also entertainment.

Try getting family into the spirit by having them dress as characters, such as The Queen, the Mad Hatter, and Alice. The more the merrier, so don’t worry about having doubles of a character.

For the invitations to this themed party, use the internet to find a picture of two tiny children drinking tea. “Wear your favorite dress, they say. We’ll finish it off with white gloves and pearls. Follow ‘child name’ down the rabbit hole to a ‘GIRL-ONLY MAD HATTER TEA PARTY! ‘ Time for Tea: (party time and date) Wonderland is a fictional world created by Lewis Carroll (address) Only tea regrets: (phone number for RSVP).

You can build a “rabbit hole” out of plywood from a local hardware shop and painted the interior of each board black. Greenery and vines were stapled over the front opening with a staple gun. Outside the “rabbit hole,” hang signs with hilarious sayings like “This Way,” “That Way,” “Over There,” and so on, much as in the movie. Inside the rabbit hole, fluorescent paint can be used to paint the signage, which will glow inside on the black-painted boards. The partygoers enter “Wonderland” after passing through the “rabbit hole”.

For the crazy tea party, put up a big table with plastic teacups, plates, and other decorations. On each piece of plastic, A computer-made sticker with the instructions “DRINK ME” was attached to each plastic teacup.

Start by glueing an image of a rabbit’s ears poking out of a top hat on the front entrance, along with cutouts of the rabbit’s feet coming up to the hat. “Follow The White Rabbit” is then written on the cap. Cover one of the inside walls with images of the many Alice in Wonderland characters. You can acquire all of the images for free from the internet and print in color.

Next, make a heart out of pink tissue paper. Create giant flower forms out of pink tissue paper and write “Happy Birthday” on each one using stick-on letters. Print out a free teapot pattern from the internet and have it enlarged. Then, using glue, sprinkle glitter over the teapot’s edges. At each setting, pearls and white gloves can also be inserted. Use basic costume gloves purchased at Walmart and embellished them with the same adhesive butterflies used to embellish the napkin rings. A porcelain teapot, creamer, and sugar dish should sit in the center of the table. These can be arranged on doilies purchased from a cheap shop. Add daisies and pink flowers. The Queen of Hearts can don a crown fashioned out of construction paper with a red heart cutout attached.

Invitations that are a Book

Because Alice’s narrative is surreal, with a lot of weird things happening, you may use unconventional invites to establish the tone for the party.

For birthday parties, giving books as an invitation is a fantastic idea!

  • Get Alice In Wonderland books at a low price.
  • Place your paper invitation inside the book, or just handwrite the details of the gathering in the book.
  • Wrap a ribbon around the book and affix a tag that reads “Read Me.”

Send a Key to Enter Wonderland

Your guests, like Alice, will require a key to enter Wonderland. As an invitation, send them a lovely key with a tag. Bookmarks might be made with little charm keys from Etsy. Simply tie a ribbon around them. Send them out with either a standard invitation or a book invitation.

Many Trinkets Work in Wonderland

Use some of what is whimsical in your surroundings, visit thrift stores, and collect some of the items on the list below:

  • vases
  • cups of tea
  • cake stands and teapots
  • doilies and vintage books
  • Clocks and watches from the past
  • pearls
  • cages for birds
  • wicks for candles
  • flowers\sheers

You can do a lot of cool things with those objects

  • Tension rods are used to hang sheers and tulle at doors.
  • With sheers or plastic tablecloths, create a canopy over the tea or service table.
  • Streamers and ribbon strung from the ceiling might be just the thing for your celebration.
  • Paint the frames to match your decor.
  • Use a variety of seats and tables that aren’t all the same.
  • Tables should be covered in colorful tablecloths and topped with lace tablecloths.
  • Umbrellas may be decorated to seem like huge mushrooms. Alternatively, make mushroom shapes out of cardboard and decorate them.
  • Flamingos should be strewn throughout the celebration area.
  • Paper lanterns, banners, and sparkling lights should be hung.
  • Stack the books and decorate them with tea cups or clocks.

Make your own entry to Wonderland using a bridal arch

Brown cloth covers a bridal arch, which is embellished with flowers, butterflies, and other ornaments. The end product is fantastic, and it can be as elaborate or plain as you want to make it.

Labels for Alice in Wonderland

eat me, drink me, read me, open me, bake me, and take me

(3.5 x 2 inch and 1.5 x 0.7 inch)

Framed Quotes

Quotes from the classic Alice In Wonderland book, such as the Cheshire Cat’s “Every Adventure Requires a First Step,” can be framed.

A tea party would be incomplete without teapots.

You might find fantastic treasures like silver tea or coffee pots if you check all of the thrift shops in the neighborhood. Teapots loaded with flowers and put inside birdcages look like something from a magical realm. Use these to dress up the food table or as table centerpieces.

Timepieces – Don’t Be Late

“Can you tell me how long eternity is?” To Alice’s enquiry, White Rabbit said, “Sometimes, only a second.”

“The faster I move, the more behinder I am.” -Rabbit White

Table clocks, wall clocks, pocket watches
 you can find them all over the place. Clock cutouts can be hung from the ceiling.

Now that you have had the chance to take a look at the Alice in Wonderland birthday party ideas, you can narrow them down to get the perfect birthday party ideas for your event. For your party, create your own invitations, decor, games, activities, party food, beverages, cake, snacks, gift bag favors, costumes, and gifts. Use one of the all-inclusive lists of Alice In Wonderland birthday party ideas, or choose some of the additional ideas to help you design a themed celebration. Decorations, costumes, snacks, desserts, and game ideas can be added to any of the party ideas, or mixed and combined in any manner you choose to create the perfect party for your age and gender.

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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas
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