What is shadow box Gift?

What Is A Shadow Box Gift? A shadowbox gift is a fun and creative way to present memories, collect keepsakes, or just a personal piece of art. They are often sentimental gifts given as part of graduations, promotions at work, retirement packages, and more. They can also be used as memorial gifts. What is it? […]

Harry Potter Blanket Gift Ideas

Fall is among us once again. For a lot of Harry Potter fans, fall is one of the best seasons there is! Fall is a time where people can let loose and enjoy the temperature gradually decreasing. Fall is the perfect time to read your favorite Harry Potter book, or watch your favorite Harry Potter […]

Snorlax Bean Bag

A Snorlax bean bag is the ideal cushion for you when you want a giant bean bag to make you sit, relax, and lay down comfortably like in a nest. It is enormous and more than just cuddly. A Snorlax bean bag can cuddle you because of its size. No wonder people love it. A […]

Whiskey Barrel Table

Several breweries, wineries, and distilleries use barrels to create fermented alcoholic beverages. When a distillery has done using barrels, what happens next? A charred whiskey barrel can be used to create a stunning whiskey barrel table that can be used as a gift. When a whiskey barrel has reached its end of serviceable life, you […]

Glass Chess Set

For someone that is an avid chess player, a gift of a glass chess set is the best gift someone could ever have. A bright, shiny, and sparkling glass chess set is a welcome addition to chess enthusiasts out there. There is nothing like a glass chess set that can captivate one’s attention in having […]

CWI Gifts

Our home is more than just a place of shelter because above all, it is a sanctuary where we take comfort and relax from the stresses of daily lives. Make the most out of your sanctuary by decorating your interiors with warm and inviting design elements that are bursting with character. CWI gifts offer a […]

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