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Valentine’s day-Themed Birthday party

To fill in Valentine’s Day is nice because the birthday party can also be made with the Valentine’s Day theme. Here you will find great tips for the party to be successful.

How do you arrange Valentine’s Day party? A Valentine’s Day party is supposed to have pink, red, and hearts invitation. You can make cute decorations for tulle and paper. It is easy to bake your cake base as you cut out a heart. Good games at Valentine’s Day party are to guess the number of hearts, dance with candy, and look for hearts.

But please keep reading, and I’ll tell you more!

Why not have a Valentine's Day themed children's party?

Invitation to a party

The invitations can be printed on Valentine’s Day cards or make your cards of pink or red paper that you cut the big hearts. The letter can be delivered with heart-shaped chocolate boxes, candy hearts (in foil) that you glue on the card. Make your invitations might be sweet to make a hole at the edge of the card and thread a ribbon in matching color. Finish it with a bow.

How to dress

An appropriate dress for Valentine’s Day party is pink or red clothing. Or clothing with hearts on.

Decorations on Valentine’s day party

Hang pink or red garlands made of crepe paper or ribbon. Cut matching hearts of paper and hang up. Outside the door, sprinkle glitter or sequins.

You can also make nice decorations made of tulle. Decorate the table with a cloth in red or pink, which you sprinkle glitter and sequins heart. The chairs can be decorated with bows of tulle.

You can easily make a beautiful place card of colored paper that you fold in half. Cut out hearts in a different color and write the child’s name.

Balloons are a must at Valentine’s Day parties. Often it is possible to find heart balloons around Valentine’s Day. I cannot find it so choose balloons in red and pink.

What do you serve at the party

Heart-shaped cake ‚Äď if you bake your cake base, cut it out like a heart, and put the first cake base as a template to cut out the second cake base or make a paper template that you cut for.¬†Decorate the cake with pink marzipan, candy hearts, silver balls, or sprinkles.

Do you want to offer something more, filling you can make heart-shaped pizza? Children also tend to like to get heart-shaped pancakes or pancakes. There you can get by using cookie cutters in the frying pan.

You can also make heart-shaped sandwiches by using a cookie cutter. Spread strawberry jam.

Strawberry or raspberry ice cream with pink sprinkles.

What do you play at Valentine’s day party?

Target throwing

Cut hearts of different sizes and hang them on a string. Let the kids throw bulls eye on the hearts of a softball. Each heart brings different points, and the child who gets the most points wins.


Draw a large heart on a piece of paper and then draw hearts inside the big heart. Let the hearts become smaller and smaller, like a bull’s eye. The smallest heart in the middle gives the most points, and the other means fewer and fewer points the farther from the center they are. Let the kids get target shoot with a toy bow and arrow with a suction cup on end. The winner is the child who receives the most points.

Repair a broken heart

For this game, you have to make some preparations in advance. Cut large hearts of paper or cardboard. Cut the hearts of a certain number of bits. On each heart piece, write a clue to where the next piece of the puzzle is hidden.

Divide the children into teams of 2-3 children in each group. The winner is the team that first manages to get and piece together all the parts of their heart.

Valentine’s relay

For this game, you need heart pillows or harts that you make out of fabric and filled with padding. The children should hold a hart between their legs and jump to the other end of the room and round a cone and back. When they get back to their team again and the next child in line doing the same thing. The winner is the team that first comes to the finish.

Another fun relay you get if you cut out the hearts of the paper, as many as the number of children. On the hearts, you type how the kids are going to get back to their team. It can, for example, be crawling, somersaults, jumping, spinning, or squatting. Divide the children into two groups, and they have to run to the heart pile, take their own heart, and then get back to their team in the manner shown on the card. When the first child has returned, it is the next child’s turn to run back to the heart pile and draw a heart. The winner is the team that first comes to the finish.

Gift wrap

Divide two and two.¬†Now the children wrap a present together.¬†The only problem is that the good ones may use a hand was and that they will enter the package together‚ÄĒthe couple who first struck his Valentine‚Äôs Day gift win.

Guess the number of hearts

Fill a glass jar with jelly hearts and let the kids guess how many hearts are in the pot. Whoever guesses the closest wins the jar.

Look for hearts

Cut a lot of red hearts out of paper. Hide the hearts in the room and let the children look for them during the party. The winner is the child or the team that finds the most hearts.

Dance with candy

Cut big hearts in different colors that you put on the floor and taping. Cut out small hearts in the same colors. Let the children dance around to the music. When the music stops, they stand on a heart. Then, pull the heart out of a bowl. It is at the heart of the right color wins a small piece of candy. Continue until all have won.

The kiss

Draw a picture of a face on a piece of cardboard and put it on the wall. Paint all the child’s lips with lipstick. Blindfold one child at a time and let them kiss the image. The child who hits closest to the mouth wins a prize.

Things I love

Cut out the hearts of paper and give one to each child. Let them write down their favorite movie, favorite, favorite color, favorite food, and its name. They should not look at each other here. Collect all of the notes and put them in a bowl. Pick up a piece of paper at a time and read up everything except the name and let the kids have to guess who it is.

Activities on a Valentine’s day party

Write rhymes ‚Äď let the kids write a sentence that ends with the word heart.¬†Then fold the paper down and send it on to the next child.¬†The next child writes, without folding up the paper, a sentence that ends with a word that rhymes with heart.¬†Then read up all the rhymes aloud.¬†It can be great fun!

Making Valentine Cards ‚Äď Set up the colored paper, lace, ribbon, glitter, glue, sequins, etc., and let the kids get produce respective Valentine‚Äôs Day cards to parents or a friend.

What to give a child in the Valentine’s Day gift? Great Valentine’s Day gifts to children are small teddy bears, candy, movie tickets, or maybe a subscription to a magazine. You know that the child likes it. More tips on Valentine’s Day gifts to children, you can find here.

What should you have for the theme of the children’s party? Having a theme at kids’ parties tends to be popular. Why not a pirate party, birdie party, or a winter party? More ideas on fun themes in children’s parties can be found here.

What can you play on the kids? Good games are scavenger hunt, relay race, chocolate pudding game, put the murmurings of the pig, and dance peak. More tips on good party games can be found here.

What do the children like a gift? Great gifts are plush toys, craft books, subscriptions to a magazine, or mercenary. But of course, it depends on how old the child is. More tips on good gifts for children can be found here.

Valentine’s day-Themed Birthday party
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