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Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

Cinderella is the most well-loved character, particularly by little girls because they want to be a princess just like Cinderella. It is not just about the beauty, the wonderful songs, and the happy attitude of Cinderella that made her popular, but it is also her patience and her positivity, despite her hardships, she still dreams that one day she will meet her prince and live happily ever after. This story is about not giving up, about seeing what is good, and that is why it is a very sought-after story. Most little girls love to be a princess, and the easiest princess to be their model is Cinderella with her glass slippers. This theme is simple to plan, and you only need a few items during preparation, but you need to make sure that the symbols that made Cinderella well known should be there, included in the decoration. The glass slipper, the carriage made of pumpkin, garlands, and most of all, the princess outfit.

First on the list is the invitation. You can find many invitations online or in stores where you can choose the colors that your little one would love. Invitations should be colorful so guests will love looking at them and reading the details and will not miss the party for anything. You may also DIY the invitation if you have a printer and have some designs that you can use, it is more cost-effective and will not take too much of your time to make. You may send the invites a few weeks before the said date so guests can check their schedule.

Carriage Birthday Party Invitations Set of 20 with Envelopes

The little ones will feel giddy with happiness once they receive this invitation. It is perfectly designed and meticulously prepared. Colors pop, and it is also with the symbolism of Cinderella and her lovely carriage, and who can ignore the lovely flowers? High-quality papers are used during the production, and each invitation is durable. There is enough space for the important details of the party with allowances to include any other information you may wish to add. If you consider making your invitations yourself for fear that you cannot purchase a suitable one, these invites will not displease you.

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Cinderella Party Invitation Set of 8

Although it only includes 8-pieces of invitations at a cost-effective price, you can order more as required. The print is detailed with an accurate image of Cinderella wearing her renowned gown plus the clock that is always included in every Cinderella movie. Each guest will surely go to the party without hesitation with this invitation. Kids will also love this invitation as they can immediately see that the party is Cinderella-themed.

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What to use for Decoration?

Balloons will always make the venue lively, plus the inclusion of various colored roses will do as well. Of course, you need to add and decorate a printout of Cinderella’s glass slippers, or if you can find faux glass slippers in stores, this will make it more realistic. The colors you may use for the decors may include, blue, pink, gold, peach, lavender, and white. There are other colors that you may utilize according to your preference.

Cinderella Balloons for Birthday Party 5 pieces in a Pack

A Cinderella balloon that you can hang anywhere in the venue and your effort will not be wasted. It is a high-quality material of aluminum that is also durable. Inflation and deflation can take seconds which is considered an easy task if you are also in a hurry during the preparation. The colors of the balloons are bright and glowing, which is perfect if you want kids to be fascinated with the decorations during the party. This product is worth every penny.

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Cinderella Balloons Set With Happy Birthday Garlands

If you are planning to purchase some decorations for your little angel’s Cinderella birthday party then you should consider this set. It consists of various shapes of balloons in different sizes as well. The aluminum material is also reusable, durable, high quality, and it is also non-toxic, so this is nothing that you should worry about since you will have children as guests. This decoration is not only for birthday party celebrations.

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Metal Cinderella Carriage Centerpiece

A Cinderella birthday party would be fantastic with a pumpkin carriage that you decorate with some flowers.

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Supplies you will need for the party

Although you may have dinnerwares or cups and saucers to use during the party, including glasses for the refreshments, this will take too much effort to wash. There is also the fear of having little children handling anything that can break into pieces, so some supplies you will need include plates, cups, spoons, and forks, everything that is unbreakable.

Princess Cinderella Party Supplies

Ideal for 16 guests but with its affordability it will be easy to add more to include additional guests. There are cutleries such as forks, spoons, and knives and not just cups and plates. There is also a princess pennant banner in big size, as well as, a table cover to ensure you need not look for anything else to cover the food table. An exclusive life of the party is in the pack completing this wonderful set of party supplies.

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Princess Design Party Supplies

This tableware set is perfect for the party you are preparing for your little princess. The design is simple yet elegant. There are 25 pieces of tableware in this pack which is just right for a few guests. The price is not steep, and you won’t hesitate in buying a few more packs, as needed. This set is waterproof because of the unique coating technology used during manufacture. Also, the material is not thin which is what most party hosts would prefer as it can hold more food and is considered highly durable.

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The Princess Dress

The party will not be complete if there is no dress for the celebrant. It is one thing about her birthday that she will not forget and makes it highly memorable. Some samples of princess dresses for the party are below.

Princess Dress Cinderella Costume

It comes in different sizes and colors, and to ensure the right fit, you need to send the exact measurement. The dress can make your little one appear stunning with a grace of a princess. This is such a pretty dress and made of comfortable materials, including cotton lining, so it will not create discomfort for your little one. It requires hand washing instead of machine washing if you want to clean it after use.

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Princess Cinderella Girl’s Costume

An ideal dress fit for a princess. This includes a necklace, earrings, gloves, wand, and tiara. You need not spend more on the other princess effect cause you have it all here. You only need to pair it with wonderful shoes, as well, or the faux glass slipper if available. It is non-itchy and highly comfortable for the wearer’s enjoyment.

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Games and Activities for an Exciting Party

You may include a photo booth, face painting, magic tricks, balloon modeling among others. It is up to you how you can make it more exciting for the kids who will attend but if there is a party planner for your child’s birthday then this should be easy. There are party entertainers that you can hire so they can take over the entire program and make it more fun.

Draw a Castle

This game is a simple way to show the creativity of each kid. There can be many who can participate, as long as you have all the tools required for this game. You may save some space to ensure that the kids have enough room to draw their princess castle. The most imaginative, colorful, and clever drawing wins this game.

Scavenger Hunt

Group them in three or more and give each group a list of what they need to look for. They will be timed, and the group who can find most items that are listed wins. Make sure the items are well hidden and will not be something they can see even with their eyes closed.

Party Entertainers

You can hire entertainers who can dress up in colorful garb, dance or sing, and even do magic tricks. They are well learned to entertain guests. This is one option other party hosts have instead of having games for the party or taking care of the entertainment themselves, but it would be best if you can afford both games and entertainment.

What to Eat during the Party

There is no need for you to prepare an elaborate meal complete with soup and stuff, but you can pick some finger foods that will be a hit with kids or something recognizable. Do not provide foods that they are not familiar with, or they will leave them dry and hanging on the food table. Some of the options include small-sized pizzas, mini tacos, sausage sandwich rolls, sausage on a stick, chicken nuggets, tiny ham sandwiches. Prepare fruit juice that kids will love instead of sodas.

Princess Shaped Cake

Choosing a light blue icing for this cake would be ideal, or you can let someone else make the cake for you. Let them make a princess-shaped cake to add detail to the princess party. There are various icing colors to choose from and may depend on what color your little girl prefers.

If the cake contains a Barbie doll that she can keep afterward, that’s an extra bonus.

Castle Shaped Cake

There is nothing obvious then that you are having a princess-themed party with a castle-shaped cake. This is a bit simpler to make if you are into baking as the shapes will mostly be squares, circles, and perhaps triangle or diamond shapes for the cake decor.

Princess Cupcakes

Some bakers can make a smaller versions of cupcakes, so every kid doesn’t need to finish the bigger-sized cupcakes, and there is no left-over. They can decorate it with tiaras, glass slippers, or design it with icings to make it appealing. Everything that is used for the design should be edible.

The Goody Bags and Party Favors

Kids will always appreciate anything you place inside the goody bags. You can fill it with as many candies as you can but that won’t be a healthy choice for the little ones. There are affordable party favors that you can choose from and still make these items the perfect addition to your giveaway bag. Some goody bags include princess stickers, easy-to-blow mini balloons, bubble blowers, candies, among others.

Princess Party Supplies and GiveAway

Why not place a tiara, wand, ring in the goody bags so the girls can play dress-up later on. The set is artificial gems that glitter. Materials used in making this product are safe not just for the user but also for the environment. With the cost of this party favor pack, you can purchase a few to complete the giveaway. It is an ideal inclusion as party favors and perfects not just for birthday parties, but for other princesses’ pretend occasions.

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Cinderella Glitter Stickers for Giveaway

Why not add a few stickers inside the goody bag so that the guests can use them to decorate their personal items or even their room. The stickers shine, and it is beautifully made. The sticker features the classic image of Cinderella wearing her gown and looking exquisite. There are 24 sheets of stickers to give away, and with the amount you pay for this party favor, you can even purchase a few more.

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Ballpoint Pen and Wand in One

This is going to be popular for little girls to have, especially those who are fond of using pens in school or for their home activities. It comes in assorted designs so that there are variations for each guest. Perfect for the princess-themed birthday without putting a hole in your pocket. Made from high-quality plastic that can last for many drawings, and doodling. It is also a perfect treat not just for birthdays, but also as a prize for kids in school or as a holiday giveaway.

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Gifts for the Cinderella birthday party

If a girl is hosting a Cinderella party, you can be certain that she LOVES Cinderella, so Cinderella-themed birthday gifts will be the best you can give her. I found some, that I am sure a small girl will love.

Personalized Portrait

This sweet young Queen’s portrait will bring joy to your little girl. Since the artists do not change what is in the personalized portrait or background, expect a royal look with a crown and royal clothing. You cannot ignore this young Queen, with a perfect smile. It is best to consider the picture with a perfect smile to befit this sweet young Queen. It is ideal for hanging on the wall or placed on a surface that matches the beauty in the portrait.

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Personalized Portrait Sweet Queen

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Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas
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