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Dance Birthday Party

A dance party is a pleasant pastime for individuals of all ages, but it is especially appealing to kids. There’s more to throwing a fantastic party than gathering your pals and turning up the music. It should be given a lot of thinking and consideration.

Decorations for a dance party

Table decorations

Once you’ve figured out how many people will be attending, make sure you have just enough tables and chairs. Children’s chairs and tables are available for hire. Decorate your tables with streamers or shiny colors. Use paper items such as plates, cups, and wooden cutlery to create a disco party motif in the color tones. You’ll need to rent any serving plates and dishes to keep the food warm.

Party favor bags

Fill these with customized glow-in-the-dark name bands, little disco balls, stickers, lollipop snacks, and glowstick things for your visitors. Make your take-home Disc playlist if you want to go all out.

Make your decorations

Make golden chandeliers that may be hung in trees in the garden or inside a house and look great in the sunlight. Purchase shiny cardboard and cut out leveled circles before stapling the ribbon & tinsel strips on top. Connect it with a string and hang it. Recycle your old CDs by hanging them on a rope with the silver side showing; this is a terrific idea for repurposing items around the house. Hang, attach, or hang neon and colored paper cutouts on walls or outside as decorations.

You can make a variety of items on your own. For some quirky DIY party decorations, wrap tinfoil over cardboard shapes and tie them up. This simple DIY activity is a terrific way to get your kids excited for a disco party.


To establish the mood, lights are a vital component of your setup. Rent a disco ball, fluorescent signs, colored spotlights, or fairy lights to darken an area.

Hire a dance floor

Make it more special by using neon-colored glow-in-the-dark tapes to light up the flooring. You may mark out the dance area using squares or lines. To set the proper tone, use our rave laser lights.

White and hardwood dance floors are available for hire. The dance floor may be sized to meet your area if you hire in blocks. Set up a stage or a carpeted catwalk for the youngsters to march down in their best attire and poses.

What Do You Eat At A Dance Party?

Chicken and Waffles

Are you looking for a savory addition to your menu? As a tasty snack, serve small waffles with fried chicken bites.

Burger Sliders

Although a whole burger may not be on everyone’s agenda, especially after dinner, sliders are. Provide tiny burgers or even pork chops or brisket sliders for a savory snack.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Late-night snack desires will be satisfied with grilled cheese. A simple sandwich would suffice, or you may dress it up a little for a truly wedding-worthy nibble.

Hot Dogs

Late in the evening, work with the caterer to put out passed hot dogs. These are the perfect little bites to offer on the floor to keep your visitors entertained.

French Fries

Serve French fries as a salty alternative. What’s better? To add a personal touch, serve them in unique boxes.

Dainty disco bites

These colorful fairy bites are perfect for party nibbles & favors since they are colorful and bite-sized. We think they are a terrific last-minute bake with only six ingredients and 15 minutes of cooking time!


Bring burgers from your favorite restaurants, such as In-N-Out Burger and Shake Shack, into the mix. Late in the evening, have someone bring up a box of burgers to keep all of your visitors fueled for the next song.

Chocolate Bars Made to Order

To keep your dance moves flowing, all you need is a little sugar. Put beautiful, handmade chocolate bars in a basket on the dance floor for your guests. They’ll be simple to grab for a fast snack.

Slices of Pizza

You can’t go wrong eating pizza late at night! Set up a spread of several pies with various toppings so that guests may pick their preferred combination. And you can make delicious pizzas at home.

Disco Cake

Decoration 70’s Disco Cake

These made-to-order disco dancing cake toppers are ideal for birthdays; they’re incredibly charming, and the disco motif is perfect for 70s events.

These are ideal for Bridal Showers, Baby Shower rooms, Birthday Parties, Invitations, and more! Place them throughout the celebration for a special touch! We utilized high-quality card stock, scrapbook paper, and glitter paper.

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31 Pieces Disco Ball Cake

The disco ball cake decoration features several mirror squares that reflect light to the ceiling and walls, drawing attention to the gleaming cake and creating an indelible memory in your guests’ minds. These balls have a flat surface and no extra decorations so that they won’t fall off the cake.

This disco ball centerpiece decor incorporates the essential features of disco decor into a little sparkling ball; when you use these balls to decorate your cake, your cake will be the center of attention at the party & create a positive environment.

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Party Glitter Cake Topper

This adorable cake topper is unique in design, vibrant in color, and light in weight, creating a happy and cheerful environment. It is the ideal embellishment for your baby’s birthday cake and would be treasured as a souvenir from the child’s special day.

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Dance Party Favors

Rock n Roll Party Favors

With these varied vivid animal print party hats, disco ball necklaces & inflatable microphones, you’ll be ready to Rock n’ Roll. Great for any fun event, such as a photo booth, a birthday party, or a sweet sixteen. It’s certain to make any occasion more enjoyable.

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Rock Star Toy Set

The various inflatable toys make excellent superstar party favors. Great for children’s birthday parties, hip hop parties, Coachella Valley music festivals, 80s theme party favors, 90s theme party decor, karaoke parties, rock and Roll parties, school chorus rock n Roll, weddings, and carnival parties. These fantastic inflatable rock star toys will undoubtedly fascinate kids. Allow your children to enjoy themselves while studying with these inflated rock band instruments.

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Dance Activities

Spot Light

You’ll need one person to handle the spotlight and the other to handle the music to play this dance party game. The position that individual person in the center of the dance floor and spotlight the dancers. The person in charge of the spotlight should keep moving the light to emphasize a different dancer constantly. The spotlight hold must freeze whenever the music is turned off, keeping the light steady on the dancer it was pointed to at the moment. That dancer is no longer in the competition. The game continues until there is just one dancer left.

Spot Dance

Dancers will be paired together for this game. Each pair is only allowed to dance in a specific area. To begin, giant tape circles onto the floor and also have dancers stand on them. Play music and make them dance together in circles without stepping off. When you increase the song’s tempo, they must also increase the tempo of their dance. Every moment a foot leaves the couple’s place, they are out of the game.

To make the game more difficult, start with huge circles and gradually replace them with smaller ones as you dance.

Partner Switch

Assign one player to hold a flag in the center of the dance floor. Form partnerships with the remaining dancers and proceed to dance all around the flag holder. The flag bearer will toss the flag in the air at random moments. Everyone swaps partners when the flag is raised. The flag-bearer must also seek out a companion. The last person standing becomes the next flag bearer.

Partner Switch

Play music and then have the youngsters dance about the room at random. Stand near the dance floor and yell out different dancing types like hip-hop, disco, ballroom, square dance, or ballet at random. Players must change their dancing steps to fit the new dance style whenever announced.

Dance Switch

Forget the cha-cha slide and the macarena. Arrange them in a line as though they were about to line dance. Have each player take a step forward and make a move one at a time. Before the next player adds a move, all dancers will practice it a few times. Each maneuver will be rehearsed alongside the previous ones. The new dance will be developed when all participants have contributed and practiced their steps.

Create a Dance

Divide the partygoers into four or five equal teams. Each team will need a set of 4-5 colossal disco-themed dressing ups that are simple to put on and take off, such as a sequined headpiece, glitter hat or curly wig, sunglasses, and giant costume jewelry, a paisley blouse, a stretchy miniskirt, and so on.


Limbo has to be one of the most well-known music party games. As for the limbo pole, you’ll need a broomstick (or something similar). Two persons must hold the pole horizontally to the floor at around chest height (one on each end). Put on some music, line up the participants, and also have them take turns dancing beneath the limbo pole, avoiding knocking it down or touching it – if you do, you’re out. As they pass beneath the pole, players must bend backward rather than forwards. Once all of the players have passed through, the bar is lowered an inch, as well as the players, must pass beneath it without touching it again. The winner is the last player to dance.

Dance Battle

We couldn’t have a list of music party games without dance combat! Everyone should form a ring around the chosen ‘dancing floor.’ Two visitors dance into the center of the dance floor, vying against one another by doing their freestyle solo dances simultaneously. After the winner is determined, the following couple competes. Continue until all pairs have participated, and have the winners dance off against one another until only two dancers are left battling for the title of Dance Battle Winner!

Dance Hats

Give the dancers 2 or 3 hats each. Hats must move among the dancers while the song plays. The people wearing the hats get a reward every time the music stops. To ensure that everyone receives a prize, have the winners sit out the rest of the dancing game.

Elimination Dance

Before the party, make a list of potential party guests, such as “the girl with the ponytail” or “the individual wearing spectacles,” before the party. Put whatever you’ve written into a hat. Pull the things from the hat and name them aloud as the youngsters dance. Anyone who meets the bill is required to leave the dance floor. The winner is the last person on the dance floor.

Dance Party Invitations

Dance Party Invitation Cards

Made on high-quality hefty card paper that is thick and simple to write on and a colorful and long-lasting, environmentally friendly material.

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Hip Hop Dance Themed Invitations

Fill in the Blanks gives you lots of space to type in your child’s name & age, the time & place of the party, and how to RSVP.

There is no need to waste time looking and searching for the perfect envelope size. Included are 20 white envelopes that are specifically sized and fashioned to match your Breakdancing Themed Cards.

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Dance Party Costume

Salsa Tango Cha2x Dance Costume

The skirt is completely covered in glistening and jingly sequin, making you the center of attention in the ballroom.

The backless design makes you appear more appealing and sensual; the back tie clasp ensures a secure fit.

Sequins dance dress for Latin rumba jazz tango salsa cha-cha, dance practice/performance, the 1920s themed party, club, wedding, cocktail, and other occasions.

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Tassel Dance Dress Shiny

Dance garment with sequins made of high-quality polyester. The unique and gleaming design gives you a seductive and seductive appearance.

Women’s belly hip skirts come in various hues, including blue, rose red, gold, and silver, and are elegant, lightweight, and lustrous.

A glitter sequin dress is an excellent choice for a music festival, a nightclub, a rave party, a dance prom, a performance, or any other occasion since it will highlight your own charm and draw everyone’s attention to you.

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Metallic Shiny Jeans

Straight Leg, Zip Closure, Lightweight, Four Pockets. Under the light, it gleams. Pants with a metallic sheen. Ideal for a fashionable look or a fun costume. Straight leg disco nightclub trousers For a modern style, pair your pants with a casual suit or a bright t-shirt.

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Dance Birthday Party
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