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Thanksgiving Day

The celebration of this special day has a Christian origin. Originally it is a holiday of countries such as the United States and Canada, it had the objective of giving thanks for the harvest, this tradition is still in force today, but now it focuses on thanking God for all the good things that happened in the year, the lessons learned and the family unit and the friends that accompany us, it is about celebrating and sharing delicious typical dishes for the date.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

When is celebrated

The celebration of this special and significant day takes place in various parts of the world, with a common goal: to give thanks and share as a family and friends.

We start with, the United States. Here this day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Of all years, this day was proclaimed by President Abraham Lincoln.

In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October of each year.

In Brazil, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, just like in the United States.

As it is celebrated

In the United States, this holiday is generally celebrated in every home, and by many, it is considered a day when there is no work. The normal thing is to meet as a family at home at an older age, here a special dinner is prepared, and before eating, a prayer is made thanking God for the good things and lessons learned throughout the year.

The traditional dish for these dates is the turkey roasted in the oven. It is accompanied by mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, a red cranberry sauce, the famous gravy sauce made with turkey juice, and an apple pie or pumpkin pie for the hour of dessert.

Also, at present, every year, the president of the United States gives him the turkey pardon, which consists of sparing the life of a turkey. This ceremony was first done with President John F Kennedy in 1963.

Another common celebration is seeing the parade through the streets of Manhattan from the Macy’s department store. It is lovely since this day giant balloons parade and musical artists perform.

The next day, it is normal for everyone to buy since it is time for Black Friday, which is when stores and stores offer large discount prices and many discounts on their products. Also, during this day, it is a tradition for many to watch the NFL games.

It is customary for this day to do volunteer work, offering food to people who do not have them. Many organizations take care of this and invite everyone to do community work on Thanksgiving in dining rooms to offer them a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless.

Gifts to celebrate Thanksgiving

Many families have the custom of giving representative gifts for this date. However, each family has different traditions. Some are common in all American homes. The objective of Thanksgiving gifts is to give a present to a loved one, friend, or special person to thank you for the good times with you, offer your support, and express the value you have for this person.

Here is a list of gift ideas for these dates. To honor friends, families, and special couples, remember that no matter how simple it is, the important thing is the gesture, the intention, and the feeling of the gift:

Pumpkin pie

It is an excellent gift, which everyone will appreciate since you would be contributing to the menu for dinner, there are recipes on the internet where they explain how to prepare delicious pumpkin cakes, but if you are not given the art of cooking, you can buy it at any pastry shop.

Thanksgiving candle

This is a special day of traditions, so in this case, giving a candle to light it and thanking for all the blessings is never too much, in addition, it serves to decorate at dinner, choose between yellow and red colors, place in a candlestick Individual and decorate with what you like the most, seal it with lacquer, wrap it in gift wrap and so you will have a beautiful present.

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A good wine

Choose a bottle of wine to share at dinner. A good option is to buy a bottle of white wine. These are the ones to enjoy the flavors of dinner, but if you want, you can also buy a bottle of red wine if you like its taste better.

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Gourmet coffee

Instead of always having to drink the same coffee, it is time to bring another special option for the coffee that is taken after dinner, look for something different and special, and prepare coffee for everyone. It will be a nice touch and a great surprise. for all the guests on this special day. We seek to celebrate and thank you for the good things, enjoying good company and a delicious gourmet coffee.

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Cookies in a jar

This is a great idea for those who like to bake. It is time to stand out. You can make cookies, store them in jars and give them to whoever you want, or if you are not a kitchen lover, you can buy the cookies ready and keep them in the jars and give them as a gift to your loved ones, the idea is to be creative and special, so show off in the decoration.

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Cookbook for Thanksgiving

Although the person knows how to cook and has the Thanksgiving menu ready, giving a recipe book will give him new ideas for the following year, there are a lot of recipe books with interesting and useful kitchen trips to apply in daily life, including special recipes that incorporate turkey for breakfast, southern-style recipes and tips for breakfast ideas for the next day.

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We bring you this fun option for those who are animal lovers but full of good intentions. Try to sponsor a turkey in Farm Sanctuary. This site is responsible for rescuing turkeys and placing them in homes where they can live calm, happy, and with No problem. If you donate, you can select the turkey and sponsor it on behalf of the person you will give the gift to. So the person will receive a photo with the biography of the adopted turkey and information about the turkey’s personality, what is its favorite food, and the history of its rescue.

Movie tickets for everyone

There is no better gift than going to the cinema, so why not give a ticket to the cinema for the premiere movie? So this is an option that you must evaluate, choose the correct day, buy it and keep it in an envelope until the day delivers the gift.

A book

If you want to give a book and reading fan, giving a book is never a bad idea, you can choose your favorite subject, an interesting story, which you know you will enjoy, giving away culture, knowledge and written experiences is always A good gift.

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Special Keychains for all

A simple and practical way to give a gift is this option of keychains. Look for the model that you like the most and that suits your celebration and give it to your loved ones.

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Personalized mugs

Nothing like a cup of coffee or tea for cold winter days. The idea is to give personalized mugs, either with a Thanksgiving theme, family photos, friends, or personalize them with the name. It is a useful, simple gift, and I practice for the home.

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Custom shirts

Giving clothes never goes out of style, so make your choice and have a detail with everyone by buying shirts to remember. It can be of any color, design, and pattern, so be creative and make the right choice.

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For lovers of flowers and nature, it is always good to receive a bouquet with beautiful flowers to decorate the table or the house during Thanksgiving dinner, go to the nearest florist and order the perfect bouquet for this special date.

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Bracelets for women

Nothing like accessories and jewelry. Women and girls always love to wear this type of accessory on special dates. If you know the person well, it is always good to choose a beautiful, simple design that goes with this person, so bear careful and make the right choice.

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Necklaces for women

Following the theme of jewelry, giving a necklace to women in your family, friends, or partner is an option that will always be a winner first and foremost. Choose a nice and simple design that the person likes to wear for the remaining days of the year. So, visit the jewelry stores, do your research, and store the gift in a special gift box.

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Thanksgiving Day
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