Best Naruto Birthday Party Ideas!

Is the birthday celebrant a Naruto Anime fan? And you want to arrange a Naruto Birthday party and give Naruto collectibles as gifts for him or her? You’re just in the right place. You see, Naruto is a popular anime series in Japan loved by millions of kids, teens, and even grown-ups all around the world! If your loved ones are among them, they will surely be surprised if you suddenly organized a Naruto birthday party for them and they will love the Naruto collectibles as gifts. After all, Naruto is an awesome ninja with superpowers and a humorous character.

How to arrange a Naruto birthday party
How to arrange a Naruto birthday party?

Here we are going to talk about awesome ideas on how to organize an awesome Naruto Birthday party theme! Let start with:

Naruto Party Ninja Scroll-Designed Invitation Cards!

Here is how you can make your Naruto Birthday party Ninja Scroll-designed invitation cards! First, we need pencils, strings, scissors, pencils, and hot glue.

How to make your own Naruto birthday invitation card

Step 1 Use any photoshop to create your own design just like in the images shown above. Download your font from You can mention in your Naruto birthday party invitation card the famous village in Naruto anime – “The Village Hidden in Leaves ” or you can just say “Konoha invites you Ninja training for [Name]’s [age]th Birthday!”

Step 2 Now print these awesome Party Invitation cards designs you made. Print copies depending on how many are invited to the Birthday Party! The size of paper you use should depend on the size of the images.

Step 3 Trim the excess paper on the top and bottom of the paper. Do not trim the excess paper on both sides to roll up with the pencils.

Step 4 Place pencils on each end to roll the Naruto Birthday Invitation card so that it would look like a Ninja Scroll!

Step 5 Over the pencil and up to the black line on the paper, use hot glue to attach. After doing so, roll the pencils in the paper and place them on top of the paper.

Step 6 In order to hold it in place, one pencil should be wrapped around the other and tied with a piece of twine when it has dried.

Pre made Naruto invitation cards

If you’re busy or you’re running out of time to make this, check out these awesome ready-made Naruto Birthday Party Invitation cards!

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Once you have secured your Naruto Birthday Party Invitation Cards, the next thing we need to prepare is decorations for the Naruto Birthday Party!

Here you can find some awesome decor for the naruto birthday party!

Naruto Birthday Party Decorations

Personally decorating a Naruto Birthday party is a bit challenging since it would require you a lot of knowledge about the Naruto Anime series and also you would need very good drawing skills if you want to draw an anime character like Naruto yourself. But if you really want to do it yourself, there’s a lot of video tutorials available online. But if you are busy or you are running out of time to make it to the day of the birthday, don’t worry, you don’t need to do all of that if you can just purchase the Naruto Birthday decorations set. Here are some Naruto Birthday party decorations you can use:

Naruto party decor

Look at those awesome letterings in the birthday party banner that matches the Naruto anime title lettering itself! The cool orange and black shading background color of the banners also matches the color of Naruto’s clothes in the anime and on both sides of the banner you can see Naruto and Sasuke characters! The design and aesthetic of the banners match that of the anime drawings and designs as well. You can really feel the presence of the theme Naruto Birthday Party! Add to that are the awesome Naruto design cake and cupcake toppers that come with a variety of drawings like the mask of Madara, the emblem of the Akatsuki and Uchiha clan, the headdress of the Kages, Ninja tools, and the awesome Sharingan of the Uchiha clan.

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Naruto party supplies

There’s a lot of writing on this one! Look at that birthday party banner! It is an alternating color of orange and black color – the color of the Naruto Anime! Also in the birthday banner, you can see awesome letterings that look just the Naruto anime letterings! And in each letter, you can see pictures of Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi sensei, the three-man team of the main characters in Naruto! And what’s way cooler is that there are helium balloons in colors orange and black also! You can see in the orange balloons are drawings of Naruto himself holding a Kunai and in the black balloons, there’s a drawing of Sasuke with his Sharingan and Susano! There are also a lot of stickers and cake toppers on this decoration set! This is a nice Naruto Birthday party decoration set!

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Naruto cake toppers

Now that’s just simply amazing. The birthday party banner has the Naruto images background and the letterings resemble the Anime title lettering as well! The helium balloon is now in three colors with drawing designs of Naruto himself! Also look at those amazing cake and cupcake toppers with printed drawings of Naruto, Sai, and Sasuke! This is a thumbs up Naruto Birthday Party Decorations!

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Party backdrop

You can also add this Naruto Birthday party backdrop if you wish for some life-size printed character of Naruto.

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Now that we have invitations and we have decorated the venue, the party’s incomplete without some costumes! Here are some Naruto Birthday party costumes!

Naruto Birthday Party Costumes

In the costumes, you don’t necessarily have to exactly wear Naruto’s character anime clothes. But you can if you want to. But for a simple Naruto Birthday Party, you can wear T-shirts imprinted with Naruto characters or shorts, or you can even buy the Naruto headband as a birthday party headdress. You can also opt not to wear any costumes and only let the birthday celebrant wear Naruto clothes!

Here is where you can get some Naruto Birthday Party costumes!

Naruto Birthday Party Costumes

What to food to serve in Naruto Birthday Party

Naruto cake inspiration (source pinterest)

You can prepare a Fortnite birthday cake themed as Naruto for the Birthday party and you can search for video tutorials or articles on how to make a cake for the Naruto Party.

Naruto-inspired Japanese onigiri or rice cake

You can also add this to the menu – the Naruto-inspired Japanese onigiri or rice cake! It is very unique to have this since Naruto and his team often have this when they are at training or mission. Aside from its nutritious benefits, this onigiri looks really cute and kids will definitely love it!


You can also add this really cute cupcake to your Birthday part with the little Naruto character as the toppers. This would make the party more exciting and Naruto fans will love it!

Naruto ramen

You can also make this ramen that the Naruto character really loves! It’s a noodle with soup and different kinds of toppings. Naruto always saves money to purchase Ramen at Ichiraku every time he finishes his mission. It’s like Naruto’s daily diet is ramen and all Naruto fans know that!

Naruto Birthday Games!

Chopstick pick

Set up a variety of tiny toys and candies. Provide each participant with a pair of chopsticks. On the move, the players must use chopsticks to pick up as many objects as they can and place them in a bowl. The team with the most things is the winner.

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hopstick pick is a lovely game for the naruto birthday party

Triangle Tag Game

Just like the three-man team of Naruto’s main character, we’re are also going to play in three-member teams for this Naruto Birthday party. To form a sturdy triangle, all three members of the team hold their forearms together. Choose a single individual to be the subject of your attack. The tagger should be from someone from the opposing side. During a go-around, the tagger tries to touch the target as the triangle teams spin and raise and drop their arms to obstruct the tagger. Then switch teams and do it again. The winning team is the one with the fastest time.

Ninja Treet Box

There are also ninja treat boxes for the Naruto birthday party.

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Ninja Treet Box

Naruto gifts

More Gifts for Naruto Birthday Party, see them here.

Naruto Monopoly

If you want a gift that’s something educational and at the same time fun, you can try these Naruto-inspired Monopoly game sets! The best gift for Naruto fans who like to play monopoly games!

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Naruto Monopoly is a good gift at a naruto birthday party

Naruto POP figures

Or how about some Naruto figures for Naruto Birthday Party? Kids would love this as a toy if they are a fan of the Naruto Anime. Also, these can be Naruto collectibles for adults who are Naruto fans!

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Naruto POP figures are good naruto gifts

Naruto Squad Art on Black Tee

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Anime Gift Sets

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Naruto lamp

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Makeup Brushes Set

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Funko Pop! Animation: Naruto – Naruto Running

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Anime Naruto poster wall art 

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Naruto Shippuden Naruto Sasuke Split Face Pullover Hoodie

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Glasses Gift Set

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There are more Naruto-inspired gifts that you can find online to give to your Naruto fan birthday celebrant. Naruto is a very popular anime and no wonder there are so many fans who wish this to be the theme of their birthday party!

Make your loved ones’ birthday extra special with Naruto Birthday Party! If you think they really love the Naruto anime, then giving them a Naruto Birthday Party theme is just perfect!

I hope this helps you with how to arrange a Naruto Birthday Party!

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