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Best Naruto Birthday Party Ideas!

Is the birthday celebrant a Naruto Anime fan? And you want to arrange a Naruto Birthday party and give Naruto collectibles as gifts for him or her? You’re just in the right place. You see, Naruto is a popular anime series in Japan loved by millions of kids, teens, and even grown-ups all around the world! If your loved ones are among them, they will surely be surprised if you suddenly organized a Naruto birthday party for them and they will love the Naruto collectibles as gifts. After all, Naruto is an awesome ninja with superpowers and a humorous character.

How to arrange a Naruto birthday party
How to arrange a Naruto birthday party?

Here we are going to talk about awesome ideas on how to organize an awesome Naruto Birthday party theme! Let’s start!

Naruto Party Ninja Scroll-Designed Invitation Cards!

Here is how you can make your Naruto Birthday party Ninja Scroll-designed invitation cards! First, we need pencils, strings, scissors, pencils, and hot glue.

How to make your own Naruto birthday invitation card

Step 1 Use any photoshop to create your own design just like in the images shown above. Download your font from dafont.com. You can mention in your Naruto birthday party invitation card the famous village in Naruto anime – “The Village Hidden in Leaves ” or you can just say “Konoha invites you Ninja training for [Name]’s [age]th Birthday!”

Step 2 Now print these awesome Party Invitation cards designs you made. Print copies depending on how many are invited to the Birthday Party! The size of paper you use should depend on the size of the images.

Step 3 Trim the excess paper on the top and bottom of the paper. Do not trim the excess paper on both sides to roll up with the pencils.

Step 4 Place pencils on each end to roll the Naruto Birthday Invitation card so that it would look like a Ninja Scroll!

Step 5 Over the pencil and up to the black line on the paper, use hot glue to attach. After doing so, roll the pencils in the paper and place them on top of the paper.

Step 6 In order to hold it in place, one pencil should be wrapped around the other and tied with a piece of twine when it has dried.

Pre made Naruto invitation cards

If you’re busy or you’re running out of time to make this, check out these awesome ready-made Naruto Birthday Party Invitation cards!

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Once you have secured your Naruto Birthday Party Invitation Cards, the next thing we need to prepare is decorations for the Naruto Birthday Party!

Naruto Decorations For Birthday Party

Naruto Birthday Party Decorations

Personally decorating a Naruto Birthday party is a bit challenging since it would require you a lot of knowledge about the Naruto Anime series and also you would need very good drawing skills if you want to draw an anime character like Naruto yourself. But if you really want to do it yourself, there are a lot of video tutorials available online. But if you are busy or you are running out of time to make it to the day of the birthday, don’t worry, you don’t need to do all of that if you can just purchase the Naruto Birthday decorations set.

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Naruto Party Decoration Supplies

The Set includes Balloons with line drawings of Kakashi, Itachi, Sasuke, Gaara, Tobi, and Naruto Kyuubi Mode drawn in different colors.

Chocolate Stickers with flashy colored drawings of Orochimaru, Yahiko Pain, Guy (Gate of Death activation), Madara, Hashirama Senju, Sage mode Jiraya, Gaara, Sakura, Naruto Rasengan, Sasuke, Itachi, and Neji.

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Naruto backdrop

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Naruto Birthday Supplies

  • This Set includes:
  • 1 Birthday Banner
  • 1 Cake Topper Featuring Naruto Team 7 in both Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden series.
  • 1 Forehead Guard with the Village of the Hidden Leaf Insignia
  • 6 Hanging Swirls With Pictures of Naruto Team 7, Gaara, Itachi Uchiha, Tenten, Sage Mode Naruto and Sasuke.
  • 24 pcs Cupcake Toppers featuring pictures of Sai, Sasuke, Naruto, Naruto Sage Mode, and Sasuke Adult version.
  • 24 Pcs Latex Balloons with Line Drawings of Naruto

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Naruto party decor

Look at those awesome letterings in the birthday party banner that matches the Naruto anime title lettering itself! The cool orange, blue, and black shading background color of the banners also matches the color of Naruto’s clothes in the anime, and on both sides of the banner, you can see Naruto and Sasuke characters! The design and aesthetic of the banners match that of the anime drawings and designs as well. You can really feel the presence of the theme Naruto Birthday Party! Add to that are the awesome Naruto design cake and cupcake toppers that come with a variety of drawings like the mask of Madara, the emblem of the Akatsuki and Uchiha clan, the headdress of the Kages, Ninja tools, and the awesome Sharingan of the Uchiha clan.

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Naruto party supplies

There’s a lot of writing on this one! Look at that birthday party banner! It is an alternating color of orange and black color – the color of the Naruto Anime! Also in the birthday banner, you can see awesome letterings that look just like the Naruto anime letterings! And in each letter, you can see pictures of Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi sensei, the three-man team of the main characters in Naruto! And what’s way cooler is that there are helium balloons in the colors orange and black also! You can see in the orange balloons are drawings of Naruto himself holding a Kunai and in the black balloons, there’s a drawing of Sasuke with his Sharingan and Susano! There are also a lot of stickers and cake toppers on this decoration set! This is a nice Naruto Birthday party decoration set!

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Party backdrop

You can also add this Naruto Birthday party backdrop if you wish for some life-size printed character of Naruto.

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Naruto-Food Wall Poster

Wall decor that can cover a space of 22.375 x 34 inches. A High Quality Art Print depicting Naruto and Iruka Sensei eating a bowl of Ichiraku Ramen while Kakashi Sensei Orders one for himself. This item is Officially Licensed.

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Now that we have invitations and we have decorated the venue, the party’s incomplete without some costumes! Here are some Naruto Birthday party costumes!

Naruto Birthday Party Costumes

Black T-Shirt Naruto

Black T-shirt with a Naruto Teenage Base form, Kunai, and printed with “07 Nine Tails”, a vortex symbol and the symbol of the Hidden Leaf Village at the front. Made of 100% Cotton. It is officially licensed by Bioworld/Naruto Product.

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Hoodie with print Creative Youth Hoodie Sweatshirts

These are Hoodies with 3D Print pull overs of characters such as Kakashi, Naruto with Kurama Armor and Sasuke with Susanoo, Itachi Uchiha Genjitsu Red design, and Akatsuki group, Hoodies are hand wash only and 100% Polyester. Can be ordered in Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large for teenagers aged eight to sixteen. Designs are Printed with 3D technology that makes the characters look lifelike.

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Ripple Junction Men’s Hoodie

Black and orange hoodie design is similar to Naruto Uzumaki’s Jacket in Naruto: Shippuden. The back also includes the Vortex Symbol of Uzushiogakure, home of the Uzumaki Clan. It also features a Forehead Guard with the Symbol of the Village of the Hidden Leaf. Made of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. Sizes include Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double Extra Large, and Triple Extra Large.

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Kids Naruto Costume

The Spirit Halloween Kids Naruto Costume – Are you looking for your kid’s Spirit Halloween kids Naruto costume? Well, this first choice is the best choice you can think of finding. The costume is even officially licensed, so you can rest assured that this unit is legitimate. This unit is awesome, and you’ll be able to show your worth by dressing in this costume. If you’re an expert in fighting all forces of evil, then you can be assured that this costume will definitely offer you what you need. What’s more, this is an ideal costume for any young person who wants to become a village hero. The unit comes with pants, a jacket, and a headband that makes you look like a real hero. To clean this unit, you just hand wash.

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Long Ninja Robe

JIUER Unisex Long Ninja Robe Cloak Cosplay Costumes – Adults have not been left behind as well; if you are looking for a ninja robe cloak that is ideal for adults then this model by JIUER unisex costumes will definitely match your needs. The unit comes with a zipper closure. The package includes a headband, cloak, necklace, throwing plastic toy, etc. Even better, this unit is ideal for any occasion, and to make it even better, it is suitable for any gender. Whether you need it for Easter, Halloween, Carnival, Christmas, and Anime Cosplay costumes, you’ll definitely get all that by this unit. Further, it is designed with a classic animation logo, you’ll like its presence. The zipper style, sewing vividly clouds, and high-grade zipper material also makes this unit play an important role in making this apparel to be the best.

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King Ma Women’s Haruno Naruto Sakura Cosplay Clothing

King Ma Women’s Haruno Cosplay Clothing – If you’re looking for women’s cosplay clothing, then this unit by King Ma is the best choice you can think to have. The unit is made using 100 percent polyester. It is best for animation festivals, friend’s parties, diffuse shows, and different other occasions. The fabric is not only active green but is also breathable and soft. Better yet, it is also a fine texture to suit the needs of your attire. To get the right wearing effect, the standard size that this unit comes in is a slim style. The unit weighs 10.58 ounces which is light to allow you to walk comfortably. So, what are you still waiting for? Grab this unit and show how better you can perform work.

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Ninja Cosplay Costume

In the costumes, you don’t necessarily have to exactly wear Naruto’s character anime clothes. But you can if you want to. But for a simple Naruto Birthday Party, you can wear T-shirts imprinted with Naruto characters or shorts, or you can even buy the Naruto headband as a birthday party headdress. You can also opt not to wear any costumes and only let the birthday celebrant wear Naruto clothes!

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Here is where you can get some Naruto Birthday Party costumes!

Naruto Birthday Party Costumes

What food to serve at the Naruto Birthday Party

Ramen at Home: The Easy Japanese Cookbook

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Naruto cake toppers

Now that’s just simply amazing. The birthday party banner has the Naruto image background and the letterings resemble the Anime title lettering as well! The helium balloon is now in three colors with drawing designs of Naruto himself! Also look at those amazing cake and cupcake toppers with printed drawings of Naruto, Sai, and Sasuke! This is a thumbs up Naruto Birthday Party Decorations!

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Naruto cake inspiration (source Pinterest)

You can prepare a Fortnite birthday cake themed Naruto for the Birthday party and you can search for video tutorials or articles on how to make a cake for the Naruto Party.

Naruto-inspired Japanese onigiri or rice cake


You can also add this to the menu – the Naruto-inspired Japanese onigiri or rice cake! It is very unique to have this since Naruto and his team often have this when they are at training or mission. Aside from its nutritious benefits, this onigiri looks really cute and kids will definitely love it!



You can also add this really cute cupcake to your Birthday part with the little Naruto character as the toppers. This would make the party more exciting and Naruto fans will love it!

Naruto ramen


You can also make this ramen that the Naruto character really loves! It’s a noodle with soup and different kinds of toppings. Naruto always saves money to purchase Ramen at Ichiraku every time he finishes his mission. It’s like Naruto’s daily diet is ramen and all Naruto fans know that!

Naruto Birthday Games!

Ramen Eating Contes

Played like any food or drink-related game at parties where noodles are used as the food of choice instead of beer or pies. The Naruto Birthday party variation can use instant noodles instead of ramen as they are typically thinner and faster to slurp than regular ramen. You can control the quantity or quality of the food depending on whether your contestants will be adults or children. For adults, you can suggest getting spicy noodles instead of regular flavored ones or you can make sure that the water is still hot when the contest begins to see who has a higher tolerance for heat. For children, we usually only use around half the commercial quantity of instant noodles per bowl because they will typically eat slower than adults. The first person to finish their bowl of noodles wins.

Kancho Balloon Popping

This game is played like a normal pop the balloon game but for non-Japanese/Korean cultures, this game is only for Adults (and usually Males). As you know, Kancho is one of the tricks that young Naruto loved to play on his classmates, especially Sasuke, and even tried to do it on Kakashi but it instead backfired. For non-Japanese cultures, it is played better for adults because it involves clasping your hands together in the shape of a gun, and poking another person in the anus which a lot of other cultures will deem inappropriate.

The rule of balloon popping is simple, you have two or more teams of at least five members each. In the balloon popping game, you will have two chairs a few meters away from the teams. Each team member will then have one balloon. When the host yells “START!”, one member from each team will then run to the chair, sit on the balloon to pop it then run back to their group to tag in the next person who will then run to the chair and sit on the balloon to pop it, and so on
 the first team to pop all of their balloons wins the game.

In the “Kancho” variation, the same rules apply but instead of a chair, a member of the team is on the spot where the chair is and will be holding a balloon on their butt. When the host yells “Start!” the second member of the team runs to the person with a balloon and pops it using the Kancho hand position. The person whose balloon was popped then runs to the rest of the team to tag the next person to pop the second member’s balloon which should also be positioned on his buttocks. The first team to pop all their balloons wins. Coordination is key because, in order for the balloon to pop without accidentally poking the anus, both the holder of the balloon and the popper will have to squeeze the balloon at the point of impact.

The rules can also vary. Some hosts will allow the participants not to use the gun hand position to pop the balloons and will instead be a coordinated slap between the holder and the popper.

Other variations also allow for only one person to be the victim of the Kancho for the whole game and the other members get to run back to tag the next team member to pop the next balloon on the same person’s buttocks. This rule is usually used for parties that allow women to play since it is currently inappropriate for men to do Kancho on women. This game is simply a balloon popping race with a Naruto / Japanese theme.

Narutomaki Spoon Race

Naruto’s name was based on a popular ramen ingredient: the Narutomaki or a type of cured fish cake. It has a spiral pattern in each slice similar to the Hidden Leaf village symbol which is supposed to resemble whirlpools in Naruto Strait in Japan. If the host has any way to purchase these fish cake ingredients, you could slice it and use one slice on the spoon instead of an egg.

The rules of the egg on spoon race are simple: you have at least two teams of four or five members each and each team is lined up together as one group. Each member will have a spoon but the first team member to run will have an egg on his spoon. You’re supposed to balance the egg, walk quickly to a marker a few meters away from both teams, go around the marker and walk/run back quickly to the next member of your team. The first person will then have to carefully transfer the egg onto the spoon of the next person without touching the egg itself. When it is transferred, the next member then walks or runs to the marker, goes around it, and runs back to the team – who then transfers the egg to the next person. The first team to have all their members walk around the marker and reach the team start line wins.

If the egg falls, the person must pick up the egg (if it is still whole) or get a new egg, put it on his spoon, and start again from the team’s starting line. If the egg falls while transferring between team members, the host can choose whether the team can continue as is or if the previous member must start the run around the marker again.

In the “Narutomaki” Variation, instead of an egg, guests will have to balance Narutomakis of equal thickness on the spoon. The same rules apply if the Narutomaki falls to the ground. The first team to have all members run around the marker and go back to the team start line wins.

Since the slices are much lighter than whole eggs, there are variations to this game where the spoon is placed and balanced on the participant’s mouths instead of their hands to increase the challenge. This variation is not suggested for children.

The rules on transfers can also vary. Some hosts will allow participants to use their hands when the players reach the team’s starting line to transfer the narutomaki to the next spoon. While others will insist that the use of hands is strictly prohibited even when transferring. This will require both participants to have great mouth dexterity to make sure the fish cake does not fall. You can adjust the difficulty of the game depending on the guests at your party.

If the family or group hosting is particular about not spoiling or spilling food; or if the host cannot purchase the fish cake, the Narutomaki can be replaced with a coin or token with the Hidden Leaf Symbol or any lightweight Naruto Birthday Decoration that can fit and balance on a spoon.

Bring me (Naruto party supplies/ Naruto Birthday Decorations)

This game is fairly obvious and involves little preparation. If you’re unfamiliar with the “bring me” game, it’s simply the host asking the participants to bring him or her an object of their choosing. For example, “Bring me a wallet.” The first person to bring the host a wallet wins the prize.

For the Naruto Birthday party variation, the host or celebrant should have several of the Naruto party supplies or Naruto Birthday decorations available for the guests to find and bring to the host. For example, “Bring me a Sakura Balloon.” The guests will then have to identify and grab one of the Balloons with Sakura design on it and bring it to the host. In some ways, this is better than the normal “bring me” game since all guests will have an equal opportunity to participate, and winning is not dependent on whether you packed the right items in your wallet or bag.

One variation we tested involves having several members of the celebrant’s family in costume. The host will then say, “Bring me Sasuke.” and the children will have to find that one family member who is wearing a Sasuke costume. The family member has the option to “hide like a ninja” and have all the participants of the party try to find him in the venue allowing the guests to play a quick game of hiding and seek. The family member then has to identify which participant first touched him since all the children will be touching him when he’s brought to the host.

Rasen-Shuriken Balancing Game (fidget spinner)

This game involves a lot of luck and timing. It isn’t visually entertaining but it fits the theme of a Naruto Birthday Party. The host will call to stage participants equal to the number of fidget spinners that the hosts can provide. Each participant will then have ten seconds to spin and balance the fidget spinner on their finger or palm (it’s easier to transition to balancing on the finger). The host will usually tell the guests to count down from ten while the participants spin their “Rasen-Shurikens”. At 0, all participants must stop flicking their fidget spinners to spin, and the participant whose fidget spinner lasts the longest turning while balanced wins. If the fidget spinner is touched or falls after the count down, that participant is eliminated from the game.

Ninja training (Freeze Dance/Statue Dance)

Freeze dance or statue dance is a fun game for kids and the rules are simple. The host plays a song and all the participants dance to the music. When the music stops, all participants must stop moving otherwise they are eliminated from the game. the last person who is not eliminated from the game wins.

In the Naruto Birthday party variation – the host acts as “sensei” and all the participants must follow his actions. The host will usually perform some “kata” moves such as a light punch or a block and music is playing while this is happening. When the music stops, the game goes into “sage training mode” and no one is supposed to move. Any person who moves during “sage training mode” is eliminated. The host can try to throw off or distract some of the participants by moving while the music is stopped.

The rules can be as strict or as lenient as is needed. If the participants are adults, the host can eliminate participants who do not follow their movements. If they are children they can be allowed to do any action they want as long as they do not move during “sage training mode” (when the music stops).

The problem with normal freeze dance is you can have two or more very talented and dedicated participants who can control their movements well and end up with a tie. In this Naruto Birthday Party variation, the host can break the tie by stopping the music during a very difficult pose such as a high kick or balancing on one leg and the last person to move wins the game.

Chopstick pick

Set up a variety of tiny toys and candies. Provide each participant with a pair of chopsticks. On the move, the players must use chopsticks to pick up as many objects as they can and place them in a bowl. The team with the most things is the winner.

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hopstick pick is a lovely game for the naruto birthday party

Triangle Tag Game

Just like the three-man team of Naruto’s main character, we’re are also going to play in three-member teams for this Naruto Birthday party. To form a sturdy triangle, all three members of the team hold their forearms together. Choose a single individual to be the subject of your attack. The tagger should be from someone from the opposing side. During a go-around, the tagger tries to touch the target as the triangle teams spin and raise and drop their arms to obstruct the tagger. Then switch teams and do it again. The winning team is the one with the fastest time.

Party Favours for the naruto birthday

Ninja Toys Set with Stretchy Flying Ninjas 

The PICK A TOY 12Pcs Ninja Toys Set – We offer you with stretchy, and sticky flying toys pack. These units are suitable for kids and feature six stretchy flying ninjas and other six elastic stretchy stars which both boys and girls will like to shoot, fling, and launch in every section of the house. These party favors are suitable for sleepovers, classroom treasure chests, parents, or party favors. Besides, it is kid-friendly, durable, and colorful. The units are also designed with BPA-free, flexible elastic that is very safe, strong, and offers many hours of stretch resilience, and reliable pull; thus, your child will enjoy sticking them on every type of wall surface. Moreover, it can easily stick to the surfaces for activities and games.

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Anime Naruto Poster Mystery Bundle Naruto Party Set

This unit for a party is a set of two that suit both boys and girls. The unit also comes with stickers. Further, the unit entails two out of 10 randomly chosen Naruto posters. Additionally, it entails your excellent Naruto characters. You can be assured that this unit will catch the attention of teens, adults, fans, kids, and such. Further, these posters are usable for Naruto decor, room decor, party supplies, and such kinds. Also, it will match seamlessly with any merchandise for Naruto and even the Naruto party. Additionally, the unit is fully licensed which makes it the perfect accessory for both men and women. Aside from that, it entails bonus ninja stickers.

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Naruto headbands

CosInStyle Cosplay Naruto Headbands Suit 6Pcs – Are you looking for anime cosplay that will suit adults? Look no further than this set by CosInstyle. This anime character has everything you need to get you to enjoy its offers. The band length of this unit is approximately 1 meter. The metal plate is 4 x 10.50 cm and universal size that suit every head. Also, it is delivered with its initial packaging. The unit is most suitable for women. Better still, this unit weighs 6.38 oz which makes it so light for convenient partying. What’s more, it is also affordable, you’ll get the value for every penny that you’ll pay.

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Narutoo Akatsuki Rings Set

This 11 pcs unit comes with a chain and an anime gift box cosplay and it is made using metallic material. The unit is easy to use. This ring can be used in whenever way you like whether you need to put them on different fingers or place them on each finger. Additionally, you can wear them as necklaces because it comes with a chain. Additionally, these rings are ideal for kids for playing along with. But adults can still get this unit to enjoy themselves in the best way they can. The unique gift is perfect for any kid, fans, or even cosplayers who will enjoy having this. Furthermore, it is perfect for any occasion and improves the kids thinking and reasoning capacity.

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NARU gift bags

The Naruto party gift bags are ideal areas best as goodies for all girls’ party events, baby showers, sleepover parties, arts and crafts, and other occasions. Additionally, it is designed using high-quality materials that are strong enough to be able to support toys and candies, and even any other gifts. So, if you’re looking for party favors, then you can be assured that this unit is the ultimate solution.

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Ninja Treet Box

There are also ninja treat boxes for the Naruto birthday party. Are celebrating a Naruto birthday party? You will need these treat boxes for more fun. It offers you a larger space to hold most of the stuff. It is designed from high-quality paper materials that offer you a longer-lasting unit. With only a weight of 0.68 pounds, you can easily transfer it from one place to another without feeling much of its weight. Each time, you order them you will receive up to 12 ninja warrior treat boxes. Ideally, assembly is pretty easier since it does not need any extra and takes the shortest time possible. After assembly, it remains sturdy and stable to hold all your kinds of stuff. You can use it to hold treats, candy, party favors, and many other ninjas’ party favors.

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Ninja Treet Box

 Sticky Wall Climbing Ninjas

This is a set of 24 sticking and wall rolling humanoid figures that comes with a DIY costume sticker sheet. The sticker sheet includes designs of Ninja Armor, Shurkien or Ninja Throwing Stars, Kunai (Throwing Darts), Swords and a Forehead Guard. Each Ninja Piece comes with a sticker sheet.

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Cosplay Party Gift Set

This Set includes:

  • 2 Pcs Hand Swords (Shuriken/Throwing Star Shaped)
  • 2 Pcs. Kunai
  • 6 Pcs Small Kunai,
  • 1 Pc. Forehead Guard with the symbol of the Hidden Leaf Village
  • 20 Pcs of gift bags featuring pictures of Chibi (Small version) Itachi, Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, Kakashi, Gaara, and Kurama.
  • 50 Pcs of stickers Featuring various forms of Naruto from Child/Chibi version to Shippuden version (including Kyuubi Mode Naruto), Chibi and Regular Versions of Kakashi, Gaara as a child, Sasuke as a Chunin, Chibi form of Naruto and Hinata, Vortex Symbol of the Uzumaki Clan, Chibi Rock Lee.

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Naruto gifts

More Gifts for Naruto Birthday Party, see them here.

Naruto Bandai Figurearts Zero

Model figure of Naruto Uzumaki in the Naruto Shippuden series. The figure depicts Naruto jumping and charging up his Rasengan with a crystal and blue flow design. Made by Bandai TamashiiNations and affixed with the official Bluefin and Bandai Namco Label. The figure is approximately seven inches tall and includes a stand.

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Funko Pop! Naruto and Sasuke

Funko Pop figures of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha in the Final Battle in the Valley of the End. The figures depict the moment Sasuke’s Chidori clashes with Naruto’s Rasengan

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Ichiraku Ramen Soup Mug

This item is an 18-ounce ceramic Mug with a lid to regulate the release of steam. The design features the characters of Team 7 – Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura in the original Naruto Anime Series while eating a bowl of Ichiraku Ramen with a subtle inclusion of the Narutomaki design. The mug is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

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Naruto Scroll Pencil Case

This is a pencil case made up of canvas and leather designed to look like a scroll. Its dimensions are 8.28 x 5.91 x 2.56 inches and can hold up to 50 Pens or pencils. The scroll features a black and white image of Naruto with Uzushiogakure Vortex and Sasuke with the Uchiha (Paper fan) Clan symbol. The case is washable and opened with the use of zippers.

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Konohagakure Necklace and Bracelet

The Title on Amazon.com says it’s an “Attack on Titan” Necklace but the description shows that the necklace is a stainless steel Necklace with a Konohagakure (Konoha for short) symbol. It also includes the plate on a ninja head guard with the same symbol. The bracelet has a black strap with a stainless steel plate with the Village of the Hidden Leaf Symbol similar to the design of a forehead guard in the Naruto Series.

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Naruto LED Table Lamps

The Item is a Naruto Themed 3D LED table Lamp which shows both the characters Naruto Uzumaki and Itachi Uchiha outlined in your desired color. ere are sixteen colors to choose from and brightness can be adjusted. Its a battery-powered lamp that can be controlled by touch or by remote control. The lamp requires three AA batteries or can be powered through a USB cable.

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Men’s PSD Boxer Briefs

Naruto-themed Boxer Briefs for Men. Briefs have a soft elastic waistband and a 7″ flatlock seam. Made by PSD and composed of 88% Polyester and 12% spandex. Characters featured on the briefs include Naruto with a black and red background and Sasuke with a purple background and blue lightning streaks.

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Naruto Stainless Steel Bracelet

The black-brown Cosplay Bracelet is made of stainless steel and handmade leather. It’s water-proof and non-allergic. The design on the plate shows the symbol of the Hidden Leaf Village or the symbol of the Akatsuki (clouds). The length of the strap is 21 centimeters.

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Naruto Chibi Plush Pillow

Do you want to hug Naruto at night? This item features the Chibi (small person) design of Naruto Uzumaki during the Naruto Shippuden Series in the form of a throw or plush pillow. The Pillow size is 10 x 20 inches. The pillow is made of polyester.

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Naruto Hidden Leaf Backpack

This is a blue, orange, gray, and black Bioworld backpack with a metal plate showing the symbol of the hidden leaf village. Inside the orange trim, the name Naruto can be clearly seen. The arm strap also shows a Naruto Shippuden Logo.  The design of the backpack provides multiple organizing pockets. The bag measures 20 x 13 x 5.75 inches and is made up of durable polyester.

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Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband

One of my favorite items on Amazon. This item is a replica of a Forehead Guard with the symbol of the Hidden Leaf Village with a horizontal scratch in the middle of it. In the Naruto Anime series, this signified that the ninja breaks ties with his village and rejects them and their ideals.

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Naruto Shippuden Blanket

The item is a 60 x 45-inch fleece or plush comforter. It features the design of Naruto Uzumaki while he ties his forehead guard to his head. The character model was taken during the Naruto: Shippuden anime series. Behind Naruto is a red background.

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Naruto Monopoly

If you want a gift that’s something educational and at the same time fun, you can try these Naruto-inspired Monopoly game sets! The best gift for Naruto fans who like to play monopoly games!

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Naruto Monopoly is a good gift at a naruto birthday party

Naruto POP figures

Or how about some Naruto figures for Naruto Birthday Party? Kids would love this as a toy if they are a fan of the Naruto Anime. Also, these can be Naruto collectibles for adults who are Naruto fans!

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Naruto POP figures are good naruto gifts

Naruto Squad Art on Black Tee

If you are looking for a high-quality t-shirt for your junior, this brand is the best choice. It is designed from high-quality cotton materials that keep you feeling warm at all times and prevent any wear and tear. There are different sizes to allow you to choose one that suits your needs better. It has a short sleeve design, therefore, you will look elegant and more fashionable each time you wear it. Maintenance is such a hassle-free task because you can use a washing machine and tumble dry. You should never bleach or dry it to avoid fading and losing its colors. It feels light on your body therefore you will be feeling more comfortable whenever you wear it. This makes it the best gift for birthdays, Christmas, holidays, and many other special occasions.

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Anime Gift Sets

As an anime fan, you would never miss this anime package in your must-have accessories. The backpack is designed from high-quality Oxford cloth that is strong and durable to hold all your stuff together. It has a larger capacity to accommodate most of your stuff and is lightweight making it easier to carry from one place to another. With the anime stickers, you can easily decorate your luggage, phone case, cup, notebook, laptop, travel case, guitar, skateboard, bicycle, snowboard, and many more. On the other hand, the keychain is designed from quality, durable acrylic materials. You can use the button pins on your jacket, t-shirt, guitar strap, and more. This assures you of sturdier and stable operations at all times.

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Naruto lamp

Anime Figure Itachi Night Boys Bedroom – You can easily decorate your living room or bedroom using these stickers and anime night lights since it brings the best 3D visual effects. Installation is such a pretty easier task since all you need to do is to install the acrylic panel on the ABS base then you can connect it to the power supply using a data cable. Whenever you are traveling you can use some batteries and change the colors by simply touching the button. It has seven different colors that you can always change to suit all your needs. This makes it the best gift during birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, new year, anniversaries, children’s day, and many other special occasions. It is designed from quality materials and the LEDs can last for up to 30000 hours.

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Makeup Brushes Set

Rose Pink 5Pcs Naruto Makeup Brushes Set – You will always need these makeup brushes each time you need to apply to make on your face. This set contains 7 different brushes that are designed from high-quality synthetic materials that are well known for their strength and durability. They look stylish thus keeping your dressing table well decorated. Moreover, they are soft enough time to avoid scratching your skin and easily stick the makeup on your skin. You are assured of a longer usage time because they do not fade or drop while using them. Ideally, they are packaged in a pink velvet bag making it easier to present them to your loved ones at any time. This makes it a perfect gift for beginners who are still practicing how to apply makeup to their faces. Moreover, it is ideal for makeup artists since it makes it easier to create stunning makeup.

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Funko Pop! Animation: Naruto – Naruto Running

Your kids can have more fun with their friends each time they are using this toy. It is designed from high-quality Vinyl components that assure you of a longer-lasting unit. It only weighs 4 ounces making it easier for your kids to carry it around as they have fun. This makes it suitable for kids aged above 3 years. It only needs one A battery for better operations. The colors are very bright therefore your kids will fall in love with this toy each time you offer them. This makes it an ideal gift during birthdays, Christmas, holidays, and many other special occasions. On the other hand, it is made sturdy and stable thus remaining upright for more fun.

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Naruto Shippuden Naruto Sasuke Split Face Pullover Hoodie

This hoodie is designed from quality polyester and cotton materials that do wear or tear easily. It keeps you warm at all times; therefore, you can wear it during the cold times of the year. With a twill-taped neck, you will always be looking elegant and more fashionable. Moreover, it only weighs 8.5oz meaning that you will always feel comfortable without feeling its weight on your body. Whenever you need to wash it, you can use cold water in a washing machine for better results. They are available in adult sizes therefore you can choose one that will suit your needs better. If you have a Naruto fan celebrating a birthday or any other special event, you can always offer them as a gift.

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Glasses Gift Set

The Stunned Mind Official Naruto Shippuden – Naruto glass is an ideal product for all Ninjas because its story dates back to their time as they grew up at Ninja academy. Naruto who grew up as an orphan and a loner who wanted to become a Hokage teamed up with Sasuke who desired revenge on older brother Itachi. Thus, Sakura came up with a team of 7 and Kakashi as the leader. Just as these 4 have been great friends and have been through a lot you can trust them to keep your cold drinks. The glasses are of good quality and hold up to 2 oz thus you fill them with a cold beverage. To ensure that it lasts longer you should hand wash without soaking. Therefore, Naruto is a perfect gift to any one of your choices regardless of age.

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Shot Glass Gift Set

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There are more Naruto-inspired gifts that you can find online to give to your Naruto fan birthday celebrant. Naruto is a very popular anime and no wonder there are so many fans who wish this to be the theme of their birthday party!

Make your loved ones’ birthday extra special with Naruto Birthday Party! If you think they really love the Naruto anime, then giving them a Naruto Birthday Party theme is just perfect!

I hope this helps you with how to arrange a Naruto Birthday Party!

Best Naruto Birthday Party Ideas!
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