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Happy First Day of School Gifts

There is always a first time for everything. The feeling of being uncertain, the uncomfortable feeling of being anxious about not being able to meet the grade is something that most of us felt during our first day of school way back then. A new environment, a new set of faces, a new circle of friends, a new atmosphere, and most of all a new day will mostly send chills at the back of our spine when we first set foot in a new place that is not our home. We always felt that something is about to happen and we must be on our toes most of the time so that we will not be put in a really awkward position.

What Is A Good Happy First Day of School Gifts?

What a wonderful feeling when during our most vulnerable time there is something or someone that would make us feel that everything is going to be alright. Everybody and I mean every new kid on the block welcome a warm gesture of sympathetic smile, a kind pat at the back, and a wonderfully crafted happy first day of school gift. We are just a sucker for a heartily given happy first day of school gift.

Most first day of school early mornings are where the action starts, shaking off the morning jitters are usually a struggle and needs more than just encouragement for us to be ready and make something special out of the ordinary. Mommy’s job of sending his children to school early in the morning will be much easier and lighter with some gift items that will surely fire up our toddler, our teen, and our young adult’s first day of school enthusiasm.


Why not add some spark of magic to your child’s first day of school. Breathe a bit of life and good memories with our vast choices of the cute happy first day of school gifts and giveaways. You don’t need to spend much just to make your kid smile. A simple token of kindness will make your kid achiever achieve more. Little things as it may seem, but it may count a lot once your kid use, wear,s or simply carry items from our vault, please find time to visit us.

Coffee mug

15 oz. white tie-dye “Hello 1st Grade” TALOGEM coffee mug. Your kid’s cereal drink or hot Choco milk will surely taste and feel better with our TALOGEM COFFEE MUG

  • It is made from fine ceramic, food-safe and non-toxic. It is durable and great for everyday use. Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • High quality ceramic, available in black and white comes in vibrant color. Perfect for both hot and cold.
  • Printed in the USA, you are sure of an excellent quality every time your child drinks from our mug.
  • Nice gift for your son, daughter, friends and to anybody special
  • Comes in witty and funny designs, surely everybody will enjoy their morning drinks with this mug.

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Happy First Day of School Shirt Dinosaur Shark Gift Shirt

Make every morning warm and great with our shirt. Your kid will surely love it!

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Comes in black, navy, asphalt, dark heather and heather blue
  • Machine wash
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Perfect for gifts, field trips, teacher’s day, birthdays’, camping and every special events and occasions.

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Back to School Gift Tags

WRAPAHOLIC Back to School Gift Tags with String (with 100 ft. natural Jute twine). Make your child’s first day of school special and complete with our gift tags.

  • Our tags are made with high quality 350 GSM heavy duty paper card.
  • Colorful and catchy “Happy first day of school” message printed on a side.
  • One package contains 100 pcs. back to school gift tags with Jute twine.
  • Perfect for back to school, first day of school

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A Letter From Your Teacher

On the First Day of School Paperback (Why not make the teacher’s first day of school special)

  • It’s not only kids that loves to receive something, our kid’s teachers who we consider as our children’s second parents would love to receive something special and heartily given. This feel good and heartwarming colorful and meaningful picture book can greatly help teachers in welcoming new sets of learners for the coming school year. What a nice way of saying thank you to our teachers for doing a job well done.
  • This gift item is great for class community building, this can help your child develop and build positive relationship, teachers can read aloud story that the kids loves to interact and can serve as a jump point for our kids to get to know others.
  • A blank space is provided at the last page for the teachers to affix their signatures and name to let the students know that the letters written are from their their teachers.  A Letter From Your Teacher is great addition to elementary school teacher classroom.
  • 31 pages, written in English and published this recently (May 19, 2021)
  • Written by Shannon Olsen and illustrated by Sandie Sonkie

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First Day of Preschool Sign

Bigtime Signs First Day of Preschool Sign Board Plaque Back to School Sign (10 inches x 15.5 inches). Toddlers just love having this as their accessory. Designed for kids great for a photo prop for boys and girls. Never fails to make your toddlers smile, helps them win a friend every time they flash this sign to their would be friend.

  • Made of rigid, durable and strong material that would surely last
  • Weatherproof won’t get damaged even when dropped
  • Colorful and vibrant great for Preschool, Kindergartens and First graders
  • Perfect match for your child’s photo ops
  • Great for girl or boy

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Solar System Poster

Bigtime Signs Solar System Poster Science Banner (16-inch x 6 ft). A good addition to your child’s room, our banner will surely bring learning in every corner of your child’s room. Great for students and teachers alike.

  • All the planets of the solar system are present. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are printed legibly and in bright colors. Learning is more fun with your child’s every look at our Bigtime Signs Solar System Poster Science Banner.
  • Details of the planet (including the planet’s nickname), interesting facts, distance from the sun, length of their year and their number of moons are printed clearly.
  • Made of strong and durable material, very colorful and easy to understand.
  • Learning is more fun and more interesting with our powerful education visual aid. The study of the heavenly bodies and everything that revolves around it is explained more clearly with every brightly colored visual and graphic presentation.
  • Perfect for all ages, student, teachers and even for parents.

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The 3-minute Gratitude Journal for Kids

A Journal to Teach Children to Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness Paperback.

  • Number 1 best seller in Children’s Diary Books
  • A great guide to cultivate positive traits and attitude to children
  • Designed to focus of being thankful for what we have, a good virtue for children to learn.
  • Kid friendly design
  • Meant for kids to plan their course of action as it provides space where children are to write down things they are thankful for.
  • Inculcate good habits of focusing on the blessings they have everyday.
  • A must for every kid. A favorite happy first day of school gift.
  • Perfect for 7-10 year old kids, 110 pages and written in English.

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First and Last Day of School Chalkboard

(10 inches x 14 inches) This is a great item for kids (kindergarten and graders)

  • Great item for keeping memories of every school year. First day and last day of school stays a special memory with our chalkboard
  • Textured and durable
  • Big, easily seen (10 in. x 14 in x 1 in) great for putting up important dates, age, favorite items like books and other things.
  • Great photo ops prop
  • Reusable and can be customized. Easy to clean and can last for many years.

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Dream, Courage, Strength, Focus – Motivational Key Chains with Inspirational Quotes

Having something to remind our children that no matter how hard or how difficult life may seem, looking at something inspirational can help them get through life challenges and difficulties. Our key chains are great gift ideas for teenagers who are trying to do their best on their first day of school. Great also for young adults that need an extra push for them to dream big and reach for the sky.

  • Not just a keychain but a source of inspiration to help our young minds to focus on their dreams and their future
  • Each pack contains 12 pcs. of keychain with different inspirational quotes from iconic and motivational figures like Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, C.S. Lewis and Benjamin Franklin
  • Each keychain is double sided and words like Dream, Courage, Strength and Focus are printed in bold and in easy to read text and on the side are motivational quotes.
  • Comes in purple, gray, teal and blue. Each keychain has 4 different design, made from flexible silicone rubber with a large metal key ring use to hold keys and keyring attachments
  • Trendy, fashionable and handy. Great for backpacks, suitcases and purses. Allows you to bring a ton of positivity everywhere and anywhere you go.
  • A sure hit as a happy first day of school gift

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First and Last Day of School Interview Signs, Back Photo Booth Prop Chalkboard Style

Make your kid more enthusiastic and energetic every first day of school with our interview sign that they would love to flash around once they get their hands with it. Make your kid’s first day of school a proud moment every time they carry their interview signs anywhere they go.

  • Perfect prop for a photo shoot
  • Great happy first day of school gift for preschool, kindergarten and graders
  • Reusable and great for boy or girl
  • Large (8 in. x 10 in), can be read from afar, great for announcement and photo ops
  • Easy to use, easy to write on will make your kid’s first day of school an adventure
  • Versatile design as it is double sided for first day and last day of school respectively.

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Wooden Wall Clock

The Covid-19 pandemic forced our school to close its doors to the children. As a safety precaution, schools implemented virtual schooling to ensure the safety of our children. The need to wake up early to catch the bus in the meantime is temporarily held in abeyance, but we need to cultivate to our children the value of being time conscious. Not because some activities are temporarily put on hold doesn’t mean time will stop ticking, Let us help you in your quest in training your kids to be particular and conscious with time.

  • Non-ticking and quite
  • Elegantly design with a touch of rustic and antiquity.
  • Easy to setup, hang anywhere you like and it works like a charm
  • Great gift for everyone. Perfect choice for happy first day of school gift.

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Melissa & Doug School Time Classroom Play Set Game

Ask your kid what is that that she wants when she grows up, most likely her answer would be “I want to become a teacher”. Great things start from small beginnings as they say. Why not let your little teacher engaged in a true-to-life role-playing activity with our Classroom Play Set Game. Invite your child’s friend and let them play for hours making them take turns playing teacher or student roles, what a fun way to spend the hours this pandemic.

  • Let your kid’s imagination come to life. The Melissa & Doug School Time Classroom Play Set includes a complete set of everything your kids to enjoy long hours of playing with her friends. It includes student desks.
  • Complete with 150 accessories, it has 150 reusable stickers, colorful blocks, timer, bell, lesson plan guide, storybook, double sided boards, markers and everything that an imaginary school have. What a fun way of spending long hours of playtime.
  • Easy to store, easy to keep and convenient to keep. Imagination and creativity is endless with our Classroom Play Set
  • Perfect first day of school gift for children ages 4 to 8 years old.
  • Time tested and science backed. For 30 years Melissa & Doug has been a part of every child’s dream. Considered as a gold standard in early childhood play
  • 100% Children Happiness Guarantee. Every set is of highest quality. Meant only to make your child happy our phone number is printed on every product, give us a call if after playing your kid ain’t happy. Your child’s happiness matters to us. Their happiness is also our happiness.

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More Happy First Day of School Gifts that your child will love!

Our wide choice of selection mugs, shirts, keychains toys, and other things will help you in choosing the perfect first day of school gift for all ages. Please feel free to browse and make your choice. Remember, no perfect gift is greater than love.

Happy First Day of School Gifts
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