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Naming party

Welcome the baby with ha naming party!

For long was the church baptism for the ceremony when the newborn baby was named as a way to welcome it into the family and to the world. But with more and more choose to leave the Swedish Church or for other reasons do not want to baptize their children also came the demand for an alternative way to celebrate. Both weddings and funerals have had their options in the form of a non-socialist ritual but not baptized. On the other hand, is different baptism from these two when neither means any legal (like marriage) or makes little difference in the life of the family.

How do you arrange a naming party?


Having children is so very special. It turns upside down on everything previously thought, and life is never the same after that. After waiting so many months, the baby is finally here, and then there is nothing more beautiful than to greet the welcome with a naming party. We celebrate as a way to tell all and show off the small wonder, whether it is a newborn child or a child who came to the family through adoption.


Many parents wait to announce the baby’s name for the naming party. At the ceremony, they start to whisper the name of the child into her/his ear so that it hears its name first of all. After that, the guests know what name they have chosen and might even tell you what’s behind the choice or how it was when you found the right name. Also, if you, before birth has one or more proposals, it may well prove to be the name you thought does not fit the child.


When you baptize children in the church, you choose godparents, but because the naming does not have any connection to the church, you can be here instead select sponsors. There is usually a relative or a friend who you ask. A sponsor is, of course, an equally important role as godparents. The idea is that the sponsor will be there to take care of the children if something happens to the parents. Legally, it may not be valid to make such a role as a replacement for the parents, but the person is still expected to be involved with the child while growing up. 


An invitation to a naming party should be sent in advance to the guests. Preferably at least five to six weeks in advance, so that guests will be able to arrange the travel. If you are planning to hold the ceremony during the holiday, you need to send out the invitations even earlier.


Some choose to have a bigger naming party while others prefer a smaller one. The number of guests determines where the party is going to be held. Sure it may be better to be home, but the easiest and most convenient might bee outdoors. Then there will be less to clean up afterward, which probably all parents of young children will appreciate. Should we keep, the outdoors can be a good idea to have one or more marquees that protect from the sun and, above all, provide a cozy feeling. It also tends to make any speech sounds better than it is out in the open.

One can, of course, also choose to rent a room or keep the party at a restaurant. Many restaurants have separate rooms or corners where you can borrow. Remember that if many guests have children, it is better to rent a place where they can run and play. Children love to play, and when you are welcoming a new baby, you should also have a child-friendly celebration.


There are no rules for a naming party if you should serv cooked food or just coffee.¬†Why not do something in between, and offer a cold buffet with coffee and cake afterward.¬†Most guests appreciate it enough, and a ‚Äúchildish‚ÄĚ buffet with meatballs, sausages, and other things the smallest guests think is tasty.¬†Have a look on Pinterest for some inspiration and fun suggestions for imaginative food.¬†Search for kids party and make skewers of fruit and berries, find recipes for cakes, or hedgehog mini pizzas that look like bears.


If you want guests to have a unique dress code, you need to write it in the invitation so that guests know what to do.¬†Usually, there isn¬īt any particular dress code for either the baptism or naming parties.¬†It should still be a dress casual but a little fancier than casual wear.¬†There is always a celebration and a ceremony where the hosts have made an effort to make it as elegant as possible, which you must respect.¬†Thus worn jeans and a non-ironed T-shirt is not suitable.


Party means gifts, and of course, it is, therefore, even at a naming party. Here it is no different than a baptism. The present is a symbol of welcoming the baby, and it is not unusual to give something that remains for long, perhaps until the child has become an adult.

If the child lives in the house or if there is a summer house, a fruit tree to be a beautiful gift that will grow with the child. The memory of getting to pick the first fruit from their trees may persist for life if you want to give something that pays off before you can instead focus on such as blackberry or currant or gooseberry bush. The problem, of course, if the family sells the house and moves from there.

You can also choose to give something that the child will bring when he or she leaves home in the future. Then a set of plates, side plates, silver spoons, or something like that. Maybe in a series that the child and the family itself can continue to collect. It is also helpful to give him or her the first own set of child plates, children’s cutlery, and mug.

Toys are, of course, never wrong, and there are a lot of suggestions.¬†A small child should not have to wait too long before you can play with things as adapting it for ages.¬†Comforters, soft toys, and rattles are good things‚ÄĒeven an excellent mobile hanging from the ceiling or above the crib.¬†Music Boxes can never get enough of, and most children are calming down to hear it play.

Clothes that fit now or grow in is always a good gift. Small babies are growing fast, and faster than you think it has all the clothes in the office has become too small. Something they do not grow out at one time but are still much needed is bath towels, a beautiful baby blanket, or a baby seat.


Do not forget to send thank you cards to the guests who came and even those who could not come but sent their regards. Make sure to take a picture for naming the party that can be used as a fun memory and a sweet thank-you note.

It can also be fun for the child if you buy a blank book where visitors can write a personal message to the child. The book will save you then give the child on the 18th birthday.

Good luck with the naming party!

Naming party
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