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The Best Dinosaur Cake for a Birthday

Most cakes are delicious, that is a fact. Chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and strawberry cake are some of the cakes that do not leave a trace once you cut the cake in several slices and your guest starts to dig in. It doesn’t matter if your guest’s face will be filled with icings as long as they dig some they will go home extremely happy and contented.

The Best Dinosaur Cake for a Birthday

Dinosaur always fascinates us. The bigger, the weirder it looks, and the longer its teeth and claws the more we are drawn to it. There is something with dinosaurs that captivates our attention. Imagine you have a dinosaur theme cake you know exactly who’s eyes are going to get big and round.

Kids will definitely love it, well adults would love it also. That is a dinosaur cake, everyone loves dinosaur-themed birthdays. The kids will get insanely excited upon seeing a large dinosaur theme cake standing in front of them. Imagine the giggles and the laughs when they stare at the dinosaur birthday cake for several moments. And don’t forget the dinosaur gifts also! Or maybe an inflatable dinosaur costume?

Is it easy to create a dinosaur birthday cake?

Let us put it this way, are you a professional chef? If you are going to answer NO, then the next question will be, why are you cooking? Let’s tweak the question a bit, Are you a professional pastry chef? If your answer is again a big NO, then you are not a Pastry Chef. Simple, but it doesn’t end there. You need to answer this question.

Can you read? Of course, you CAN. If you can read, then you can cook plain and simple. We will provide you simple easy steps so you can make your own dinosaur theme cake for a birthday party. You won’t be solving difficult equations and formulas. You just need to read a little, mix a little, bake a little and you are good to go.

The secret to making a dinosaur cake is, there is actually no secret, like what we have said, all you need to do is read a little, mix a little, and bak a little. Well, let us put all those little things to practice and we are on our way to baking your first-ever dinosaur birthday cake. Will it be delicious? Definitely, it will be going to be delicious. Kids will dig it the moment they have set their eyes on your dinosaur-themed cake.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake (Triceratops)

Alright, this is it. You are now at the point of no return. It’s going to be now or never and good luck. This will be your journey to making beautiful and delicious themed cakes that your family is going to enjoy. Don’t worry if there will be some bit of a mishap. As long as you don’t cause fire or burn the house down. You’re totally fine.

It may sound intimidating but it’s not. Here are the things that you will be needing.

  • 2 pcs. 9 inches round cakes. You can have a box of vanilla cake mix if you like, it will do.
  • 2 pcs. cupcakes you can get some batter from the cake, you will be needing only 2 anyway.
  • Icing, you can use vanilla and mix it with green food color
  • Colored sugar, but if you don’t have you can use just ordinary table sugar. For colored sugar used the green one
  • A pack of graham crackers
  • 8 Large Marshmallows
  • 3 small marshmallows
  • 2 chocolate chips (any brand will do)
  • 2 large white chocolate wafers
  • 2 milk chocolate wafers, it would be better if you have assorted colors so you can play with it when you are going to assemble your “dinosaur cake”

Cooking instructions:

  • Bake your cakes and the cupcakes as directed on the box. Let it cool.
  • After you have let it cool, cut. You are going to cut it like an arc. The other half would have to be bigger. Imagine a doughnut. The smaller half would be looking like a half doughnut after you have cut it. The bigger half would have a protruding part because it would comprise the head, the nose, and the mouth part of the dinosaur.
  • The smaller cut or the smaller half will be used as the tail. You just have to trim it a bit so it would resemble a dinosaur tail.
  • The other cake would be the body of the dinosaur. You need to make a small etch or a small cut to fit the part where the mouth and the nose would be. So if you are to assemble the two pieces, it would look like an 8.
  • You need to make some notches on the other half, the one where it will be used as the body of the dinosaur with little cuts on both the lower left and lower right part of the cake because that is where the cupcakes will be placed. The cupcakes will be used as feet. Cut a little bit of a notch on the second round cake. That is where the mouth and nose of the dinosaur would fit together.
  • Don’t forget the etching on the sides for the feet. That is where you are going to position the two cupcakes, which will be going to be the feet.
  • Get a cake board, and place some wax paper around the edges. You will be going to remove this wax paper when you are finished putting the icing on the cake, the purpose of this wax paper is to keep your tray nice and clean after you have applied some icing to make your dinosaur, looks like a dinosaur. The cake board must at least measure 20 inches x 24 inches but if you have a bigger one, then it would be better.
  • Slowly but surely, you can now start to cover the entire cake with icing. During this stage, you may slowly remove the wax paper strips and you can now decorate your cake and fashion it into the dinosaur cake. Remember we are forming a Triceratop.
  • At this point, you have now a green Triceratop, to highlight the form of the dinosaur cake, you need to accent the eyes by using some icing which will be used as a “glue” for the milk chocolate wafer. Then place the chocolate wafer on top of the milk chocolate wafer, by now, it would look like a cartoonish Triceratop.
  • You need to cut the mini marshmallows in half and place them on the cupcakes. It will be going to be toes. Cut 3 large marshmallows be sure it will be an “angled” cut to form the horns. Place some chocolate chips on the face of the dinosaur to form the nostrils.
  • Cut some graham crackers diagonally in half. Cover a thin layer of icing and dip it in some green-colored sugar. Then you need to cut large marshmallows in half. With the icing on both sides, put them securely on the tray and place the graham cracker on the top. You need to position the graham cracker resting on the edge of the cake.
  • You are done. Congratulations you have created your first dinosaur cake.

Things you would be needing for your dinosaur cake

Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick Round Cake 9-Inch Pan

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This cupcake mold is made of high-quality aluminum alloy for excellent heat conduction for even baking. It is sturdy and durable perfect for your everyday baking needs. It is safe, non-toxic, does not emit funny odors, and will not easily deform. You know you have an excellent quality product every time you use these cupcake molds.

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Checkered Chef Cooling Rack

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Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

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Glad Mixing Bowls with Pour Spout, Set of 3

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This Glad mixing bowl is made from premium quality materials that are BPA-free and non-toxic. It is easy to clean up and store after it had been washed. It is also dishwasher-safe letting you have plenty of options for cleaning and maintaining them with ease and convenience. Each bowl has a pour spout which makes pouring of the batter into the molds and pans easy and worry-free.

Organizing and keeping them in place is also easy. Just stack each mixing bowl with each other and you will be saving a lot of space in your kitchen. Keeping them in the cupboard would be convenient. You can also put something in it when you are storing it. It is also non-slip and non-sticky, mixing it will be safe from slipping and skidding. The ingredient won’t stick which would make it less messy and less tiring.

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Even if you don’t feel so artistic you can give your child the perfect dinosaur birthday cake. If you just bake an ordinary birthday cake and decorate it like a landscape you can buy the dinosaurs.

The Best Dinosaur Cake for a Birthday
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