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How to blow up balloons

Balloons are a part of celebrations. From birthdays to graduations to baby showers, you’ll always see balloons there. There are many types of balloons that are used from helium to latex. But the real question is, how to blow up balloons? Of course, the most obvious way (which will be talked about in-depth here) is through the mouth. Did you know there are many other ways to do so? Read on to see how to blow up balloons.

How to blow up balloons?

How to blow the balloons through the mouth

This is the most obvious and easiest way (if you have that lung capacity). It works if you have no pump at home to blow the balloons up or don’t want to be bothered to pay someone to do it for you.

Stretch the balloon

You need to stretch the balloon to make sure that you can blow in the balloon. When latex stretches, it makes it easier to expand under the pressure of the air that’s caused by your mouth.

Pinch the Neck

You’ll want to pinch the neck with your thumb and finger so that you can hold on to the balloon. If you don’t have a grip on the balloon, it’ll be hard to blow and it’ll “fly” all over the place.

Blow into the balloon

Now you’ll want to blow into the balloon by pretending your kissing but instead, you’re taking a deep breath. After you got the amount of air that you want inside the balloon, you will need to make sure that air doesn’t escape. Remember to make sure you are blowing the balloon, not your cheeks, otherwise, you’ll be wasting your breath literally.

Stop Blowing

After you get the size of the balloon that you wanted, stop and pinch the neck tightly before it loses air. You’ll know this if the balloon feels tough.

Tie the balloon

You are done! Make sure that you tie the balloon properly or it’ll literally go everywhere if you let it go.

How to blow up helium balloons

Balloons filled with helium are fun to have because they look pretty and you can make squeaky noises (out of the rubber ones) as you’re blowing these balloons up. Remember that children should not be near the gas cylinder. However, you can’t do it with your own mouth as you need a gas cylinder to do so. Also, balloons that have helium in them usually fly much higher than ones with ordinary air.

Use the correct size nozzle to use on the gas cylinders.

Size matters

The smaller nozzles for the gas cylinders are usually used for the foil balloons. The larger nozzles are used for the rubber balloons since they can stretch.

Open up the gas valve

On the gas cylinder, you’ll have to open up the valve counterclockwise in order to “release gas”. You know you got it right when you are able to blow up your balloon with ease.

Make sure the neck is secure

Whether you are using foil or a rubber balloon, you’ll want to make sure that the neck is securely on the nozzle so that the helium can get in there.

Push down

Now it is time to push down the valve with the same hand that is holding the balloon on the nozzle to get helium in it. You can use another hand if you need to, but usually, only one hand is required.

Tie the balloon

Assuming that you have the perfect amount of helium in the balloon, it is now time to tie the balloon. Remember to make a loop and ensure that the balloon is tired.

Close gas valve

This is extremely important. If you forget to turn it off, you will lose gas in that container. Remember to close the valve after you are done blowing up your balloons.

Blowing up balloons via pump

This is the other common way to blow up balloons at home cheaply. It’s more convenient if you know what you are doing. However, you should know that children should not be using a pump due to them potentially injuring themselves.

Put the balloon on the nozzle

You’ll want to make sure that the balloon fits on the nozzle. By doing that, you’ll ensure that the balloon’s neck is around the nozzle securely.

Pump air

If you are using a hand pump, you’ll want to pull the lever back and forth to “pump air”. The same applies with the foot pump, only you are using your feet. You will blow up the balloon until it’s getting hard to inflate them.

Tie balloon

Now that you are done pumping air in the balloon, you’ll want to make sure you tie the balloon properly so that it doesn’t fly everywhere.

Other ways of blowing up the balloon


Using water to inflate the balloons is especially popular with children. You don’t fill the balloons all the way and you simply tie it up. It can be a very fun activity to do with kids.

Baking soda & vinegar

This method can be a fun way to inflate the balloons because when you mix the two together, you’ll see a reaction. Here, the reaction will inflate the balloon. You’ll want to put no more than 4 teaspoons of baking soda in the balloon and remember to pinch the neck while it’s inflating.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is used in a lot of things. It can also be used in inflating balloons. For this, you’ll want a very small piece of dry ice and warm water in a narrow flask. The reason that you want to use it is so that you can fit the flask on the balloon’s neck to release the liquids. Remember to hold on to the neck so that the air doesn’t escape and watch the balloon grow.

Final Words

There you have it, 3 proven plus creative ways to inflate a balloon. Now go have some fun and blow some up!

How to blow up balloons
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