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11th Birthday Gift Ideas

Your kid is now a decade and a year old. For sure, your kid is no longer fascinated with bubbles and three-wheeled bicycles. They are now more mature and would frown immediately when they hear you ‚Äúbaby-talk‚ÄĚ them. But despite their bigger frames, they would always be your baby, no matter what.

What would be the best 11th birthday gift ideas? For sure, they‚Äôll get their eyes rolled with a shoe that lights up each time they step it on, or a toy sword that glows with several colors in the dark and made a lot of whirling sounds. I‚Äôm sure they now want something edgier, more ‚Äúmature‚ÄĚ sort of stuff. Finding a good gift for an 11-year-old is not easy.¬†Therefore, I researched what the 11-year-olds wish.

So what is a good gift for an 11-year-old? They want nice decor for his or her room, Rubik’s Cube, dinosaurs, bicycles, and a slackline, skateboards, unicorns, ice roller makers, Daim, notepad mugs, and hatching eggs.

Let me tell you more about the best gift tips for an 11-year-old here!

What is a nice gift to an 11-year-old?

If you want to read more, I have also written about gifts to 11-year-old boys and gifts for an 11-year-old girl, where you can find more great gift ideas. Looking for great party tips with games, decorations, and candy bags, I have collected lots of party ideas here.

On their 11th birthday, they now want something that they can use every day. They are now more practical with their choice of items. They now appreciate gift ideas that have a drop of ‚Äúadulthood‚ÄĚ in it. You‚Äôll find them outgrew their garments in the previous years and don‚Äôt seem to look back on their once favorite items. They just grew up fast.

11th birthday gift ideas

This year, on their 11th birthday, we will be going to treat your kid something that would make them happy. We got your back in choosing what items would best fit them. They may want shoes, but not the ‚Äúmakes a lot of light when you step on‚ÄĚ kind of thing. Don‚Äôt worry, we got you perfectly covered, and let us just enjoy and soak at the moment.

11th Birthday Vintage Retro Shirt

Times really flies by fast. Yesterday you were just changing their diapers and now they are almost like little adults. What could be the best gift item for our 11-year-olds? Why not give them this shirt for their 11th birthday and see how their eyes got big and wide with all the figures printed on it.

Made from premium-quality cotton and polyester, this shirt is one significant item to remind them they have passed the decade mark. It is a great gift idea for both boys and girls who are celebrating their birthdays. It is lightweight and comfortable to be worn all day long. Get this shirt now and get a lot of love doing it.

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eYotto Kids Sports Watch Waterproof Boys Multi-Function Analog Digital Wristwatch

Your boy could argue with you for hours that he’s no longer a baby, but just watch his reaction when he sees this gift. It will just make the baby jump out of him. This Sports watch has got the gizmos that your eleven-year-old would get so fascinated. It has a cool LED display, and lots of information that would make him pretend he’s 007.

It is functional, good-looking, and full of things that would make him stare at it for hours without even tiring at it. You know how your big baby works. He pretends not to like it, but, come on, we both know he’s just pretending. Be ready to see him smile from ear to ear with his brand new gizmo. He’s going to run around with it, we are sure about that.

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Birthday Gifts for Girls Necklace ‚Äď Pearl Pendant Necklace

Your little darling has turned into a fine and charming young lady at 11. This pearl pendant necklace would make your darling the star-like she really is. It is a perfect gift item for 11-year-old girls who are celebrating their wonderful year. This pearl signifies a milestone on their journey after they have passed a decade of existence.

It is elegant, classy, and stylish, featuring an adjustable chain. This necklace is safe to wear every day. It will not turn your girl’s skin green or make her feel itchy. You can make her day special with this wonderful piece of 14-carat gold plated chain that is perfect for making her special day super glamourous and classy.

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11th Birthday Water Bottle, 11th Birthday Gift Ideas

Keep your 11-year-old fully hydrated all day with this excellent water bottle. This wonderful 11th birthday gift idea is a significant item because your kid can use it every day as soon as you gave it to them. It comes in beautiful and attractive colors that will surely make anyone like it in an instant.

Made from unbreakable 304 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, this water bottle also features a drinking straw that is a significant addition. Very easy to clean and will keep your kid’s cool drink icy-cold for 9 hours. You can always be sure that your kid stays hydrated all day long with this perfect set of a bottle and tumbler. Get this one now.

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Level 11 Unlocked Awesome 2010 Video Game 11th Birthday Gift T-Shirt

A great gift item for your 11-year-old gamer that would surely go to be a hit. This shirt features a very cool message that says “Level 11 Unlock Awesome Since 2010“. You know how kids dig video games these days. This cool shirt is one great gift and we are pretty sure of that.

Made from fines cotton and polyester, this shirt is comfortable for all-day wear. It is easy to clean and maintain, just slide it nice and easy on the washer, give it a little spin, have it dry on low heat and it’s done. Perfect for going to the mall, or strolling in the park, it will make them level up their gaming performance. Come and get this one now.

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Back in 2010 Birthday Poster ‚Äď 11th Birthday Gifts Idea

A collage of cool happenings back in 2010 helps your kid get acquainted with the wonderful things that happened in that decade. It is such a perfect gift item for 11-year-olds who are celebrating their birthday this year. Done professionally with vibrant and cool images, it will give our 11-year-olds a retrospect of everything that took place.

A perfect gift item for both boys and girls that will surely get them interested. This birthday poster will give them a pleasant background in the decade they were born. It is perfect to be hung on their wall and will help them appreciate the decade that has passed. It is both educational and aesthetically great in creating a lot of awareness.

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11th Birthday Tumbler

An amazing set of tumblers for your birthday kid, two different tumblers with cool printed messages that will lighten up to their faces on their special day. Featuring tumblers that are great for keeping the kids well hydrated after an active and tiring day at school.

This birthday-themed tumbler is a perfect gift item for all of you who loved their special day. It is nice for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other special occasions. Get to share a lot of love with these nice sets of tumblers. It is useful and is just perfect for reminding our celebrants that we loved them very much.

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Kids Square Root Of 121 Math Birthday shirt

There are cute kids, lovable ones, and freakishly geeky ones. But just the same, we love them all. This wonderful piece of Math birthday shirt will make your math wizard 11-year-old wear that geeky smile. Made from premium quality cotton and polyester that is comfortable and light to wear all day long.

This shirt is just an amazing piece of gift item for our 11-year-old brainy kid. It’s great with math birthday cake toppers and balloons. It will make an ultimate treat for all math-whiz kids that eat, breathe and sleep literally with numbers and other numeric symbols. Get this one now because we know they would love it in an instant.

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It’s My 11th Birthday Sash and Crystal Tiara

Your baby girl wants to be a princess on her special day, and behold, she’s a princess, instantly. This set of 11th birthday sash and crystal tiara would make their mark on your princess’ birthday and it would make her thrilled. We are just so sure of that. You can actually hear her giggling even if she hadn’t worn this one yet.

Made from high-quality alloy, this birthday set of crown and sash is a perfect accessory for girls that loved becoming a princess. The sparkling tiara crown is just fabulous. It makes everything revolve around her on this very special day. The sash was great at making her feel like a beauty queen. It gives a nice and silky feeling every single time.

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Mom Son Wallet ‚Äď Engraved Leather Men Wallet

It is a sentimental gift item that would surely get you a lot of love from your kid when he gets this one. Made from leather, it just speaks volumes when you give this wallet as a present for your kid. It got outstanding features like card slots and cash pockets. Makes your kid feel like he’s already grown up into a fine gentleman.

This wallet has a very cool message that shows how much you love and cared for your kid. This wallet may get old but we are sure that your kid will keep this gift item for a very long time. It shows a great testament of love and admiration that only a mother can bring. Special people deserve special gifts. This one is special. Get this one now.

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What does the 11-year-old wish for?

An 11-year-old wishes for fun, excitement, and beautiful gifts. They like to learn new things and to get a great adventure for their birthday. Here are some specially selected presents that I think fit well to give an 11-year-old birthday.

Give the 11-year-old a balance-line tightening up between two trees. Fun to learn something new that will impress all their friends.
Barometer cloud ‚Äď this is a storm glass where one can predict the weather.¬†If the liquid is clear, it will be fair weather, formed the crystals can be frost, snow or rain.
A Nintendo Switch is a fun birthday gift that most 11-year-olds wishes for their birthday.

A good gift as an 11-year-old wish for a gift is a mini allotment, lightbox, and skateboarding.

A small greenhouse for an 11-year-old who likes to cultivate. Sure it’s fun to have your own favorite or chives in the room. Perhaps other vegetables like parsley or peas would slip down the teen’s stomach if they were in his or her room. Stylish interior gadget and a fun interest to cultivate.
This kind of lightboxes that you can put text is being sold a lot. They are really popular among kids nowadays. They like to type new messages all the time.
A good gift for an 11-year-old can also be a skateboard. Children usually like to do dangerous things at a high speed. Lack of risk awareness, so skateboarding is a gift that suits them just fine. But purchase a good skateboard helmet, patches, water bottle, and cover too! 

Interior that an 11-years-old like

An 11-year-old has taken an interest in decorating their rooms with beautiful and cool gadgets. It’s getting interesting to clear out things from childhood and become a little more adult as well. Then it can be fun to get some nice new things to keep in their room.

Lams and shelves

Getting nice lamps and a shelf to put the nice things on tend to be a good gift for an 11-year-old who wants to get a little fancy in his room.

A nice lamp with atmospheric lighting can also be fun to decorate their rooms.
Cozy lighting in a jar is a nice decoration for the 11-year-old’s room.
A fine tribute to store fine things tend to be a good birthday present.


To cultivate their plants is something that 11-year-olds tend to think is fun. To have some nice plants in their room, cool ones is something that 11-year-olds like. Plants that fit to give them as gifts are these, even cactuses are something they really fancy.

A carnivorous plant is probably one of the coolest things you can have when it comes to plants. With a little luck, you scare the little brother out of the room with this plant. Who knows, it might take a bite out of the little brother if he comes too close.
11-year-old girls usually love unicorns in all forms. This pot is sure to make an 11-year-old girl very happy. Complete with a nice little plant, a cactus or perhaps a carnivorous plant. 
11-year-old guys still love dinosaurs, so a flower pot in the shape of a T-Rex is a nice gift that he will adorn. It is fortunate that the T-Rex is not known for eating plants. Who would, by the late winning a clinch, the carnivorous plant or T-Rex?
A fun culture to have in his room is chili cultivation. This package includes the seeds of five different chili varieties, 5 planting pots, planters, manual and compost discs. Chili is very easy to grow and fun to have in their room.
A fun gift to give an 11-year-old who is interested in growing stuff is this lama where you grow the fur on the animal.
Self watering pots is also a lovely gift.

Sweets as a gift to an eleven-year-old

Kids like candy and sweets. Here you will find some of the presents that 11-year-olds really want for their birthday.

Ice cream roles ‚Äď You do your own ice cream rolls by pouring the batter in the cold plate and then scrape together the batter into beautiful ice cream rolls.¬†It‚Äôs fun to be able to invite friends and family to a yummy dessert.¬†Serve fruit or berries along with it!
Popcorn machine ‚Äď A classic in the household.¬†No home is complete without one of these beautiful popcorn machines.¬†Great to have a healthy alternative to crisps.¬†Give the 11-year-old a popcorn machine and a good film as a birthday gift!
Candy Machine is the ultimate decor of the 11-year-old’s room. One of those candy machines available at the carnival and markets fixed in a convenient format. Grab the candy out of this machine with claw means that it will last the entire week.
Chocolate fondue is also something that is eagerly wished for. If one is to dip the fruit pieces into the chocolate before eating them will an apple taste divine!
Getting a chocolate box is also very popular. This will, of course, last a while, do not you think? Maybe their friends can come over and help with the task?
Would you like to send a birthday gift for the 11-year-old can this gift box be a good idea. A fun birthday gift to an 11-year-old.

Something to put the candy in

Give a mug as a gift for an 11-year-old. It’s nice to have your morning tea or chocolate in your very own mug. Mugs 11-year-olds might like is a note mug, a unicorn mug or perhaps a Pusheen mug. Please fill the mug with candy when you give it away. A tip here would be to wrap it in cellophane, it gets incredibly beautiful!

Note mug writing in pencil and then you smudge the text.
All that drinking a unicorn mug is much tastier!
Pusheen cats are known from the network and tend to be very popular.

Outdoor play equipment

11-year-olds feel well when they can come out and play a little, both during the summer and the winter. It’s just right to get a short break from the mobile phone. Therefore, I have some suggestions for exceptional gifts that can attract the 11-year-old.

Winter outdoor play equipment as a present to an 11-year-old

In the winter is fun with a sled or snow racer if you have a snowy climate. It’s fun to throw snowballs, especially if you have a snowball maker. 11-year-old will easily win the snowball fight in the neighborhood and to make the best-looking snowball lantern.

A spaceship sled that is easy to carry up the slope again.
A snow racer that is how is a little heavy to pull up the hill but really cool.
A secret weapon to win the snowball fight in the neighborhood.

Toys for playing outdoors during the summer

11-year-olds usually like to swim, both on the beach in the bathhouse. Good gifts could be a trip to the bathhouse and bath toys.

Water toys

Bath toys like 11-year-olds like the cyclops, giant swimming ring and Waboba -ball that bounces on water.

Stylish bathing ring in the shape of a donut with sprinkles on will make the 11-year-old king of the pool.
This is a cool ball that can bounce on water. Great fun to have at the beach.
A water sled where children run, throw themselves and sliding on it.

Summer is a great time for 11-year-olds. It is easier to play outside and there are many fun activities. During the summer is probably a skateboard, ride a cable car, bike or jumping trampoline most fun you can get involved with.

A cable car is a fun toy for both children and adults. Expect their buddies to drop by.
Want to give a bicycle as a gift to the 11-year-olds as recommended one that is 26 inches.
Want to give a bicycle as a gift to the 11-year-olds as recommended one that is 26 inches.
A trampoline is still being very nice to get as a gift when the child reaches the 11th
A trampoline is still being very nice to get as a gift when the child reaches the 11th
Speaking of fun balance lines tighten up between two trees is a fun thing to have.
Do you think the child could do more work at home? Well, the child may be able to take care of the watering of the garden?

Toys for indoor play

What are the toys that you can give a gift to an 11-year-old and 11-year-olds are playing with? There are actually lots of fun toys. Lego, marble trajectory, dinosaur, science boxes and microscope to name just a few.

Add dinosaur eggs in the water one day they begin to hatch. Perfect for the child who can not take time off from school to incubate their eggs.
Trajectory ‚Äď A roller coaster for marbles.¬†Gather the family and build trajectory along.¬†Trajectories are available at different difficulty levels.
Lego Ninjago Dragon nest with ninja heroes. Here you have to free the dragons dragon hunters captured.
It has such a great gift that most 11-year-olds do not even dare to dream about getting it. Almost all the 11-year-olds like Harry Potter and getting great hall at Hogwarts are fanatical.
Rubik’s Cube’s purpose is to twist and turn it so that all the colors fall on either side. Note that this is the original and not a cheap copy that is difficult to twist.
Another old-school classic, the spring slinky. Slinky can walk down the stairs itself. Its predecessor was made of metal, but the new generation Slinky has bright colors.

Coloring and fun stuff to an 11-year-old

A good gift for an 11-year-old’s crafting things. In addition to standard paper and pens, there are other fun things to buy crafting stuff as Styrofoam clay, watercolors, magnetic clay, create their own unicorns and ordinary coloring books.

Crafting kit with a little of each of such eyes, pompom balls,  stickers, pipe cleaners, felt, plastic foil, markers, scissors, beads, glue. A really good gift for an 11-year-old who likes to get involved. This package will go a long way and be lots of fine crafts
Crafting kit with a little of each of such eyes, pompom balls, stickers, pipe cleaners, felt, plastic foil, markers, scissors, beads, glue. A really good gift for an 11-year-old who likes to get involved. This package will go a long way and be lots of fine crafts
Styrofoam Clay is a new form of clay. It feels like small Styrofoam balls in it. This clay doesn’t mess up or become a hard lump that ordinary clay. It can be molded into all sorts of shapes and the adults will not be able to stay away from the play.
A nice coloring book with unicorns is a great gift to an 11-year-old’s birthday. This coloring book vill provides many hours of fun coloring.
A fun gift for an 11-year-old is a little more adult coloring book. 
In this coloring book, you will find designs from the story of Harry Potter. 
Painting is very relaxing and fun.
A book about origami is a good gift for an 11-year-old’s birthday. I completed it with some nice paper. In this book, you learn the basics of origami with the help of clear and comprehensive instructions showing how to fold step by step.
For 11-year-olds, it is fun to get some exciting crafts this package to make your own unicorn. 
Cernitlera is a good gift for 11-year-olds who like to potter. With the help of this mud can make small trinkets, figurines or even make their own jewelry. The creations are then cured in a conventional oven at 100-130 degrees. To get a big package with many different colors of clay will provide endless opportunities to create.
A book about drawing manga is a great gift for an 11-year-old. They watch a lot of cartoons and think it would be fun to learn to sign as well. In this book, they learn the foundations of how to draw manga. This is sure to be a very good birthday gift for an 11-year-old. Completed with some good pens.
Colored pencils are also handy when you’re 11 years old. Perhaps it’s now nice to get some finer paint stuff than they had when you were smaller.

Games as a gift to an 11-year-old

Children usually like to play games. Here are some games that will be good gifts for an 11-year-old:

Twister ‚Äď Spin Spin the arrow and let it decide what the next move will be.¬†Right foot on the red dot, the left hand on the green dot and so on.¬†Now we have to keep the balance!¬†The winner is the one who keeps the balance furthest without falling.¬†Extra fun is the game if you are really many people play.
The classic monopoly in Super Mario Edition.
Blokus ‚Äď a fun strategy game.

Cellphone and accessories as a gift for an 11-year-old’s birthday

If the 11-year-old does not already have a cell phone, it is precisely that which is top of the wish list. The phone you also need headphones, cell phone covers, and a power bank. All of their friends have a mobile phone and there are a lot of fun games, music, and communication with a telephone. A cellphone is a great gift for an 11-year-old.

Can not find a used phone to give 11-year-old, maybe an iPhone 7 can fit.
The phone is very trendy to have a cell phone cover from the ideal of Sweden in marble.
Headphones are what the kid’s family wishes the kid to have most of all.
Along with the phone is also good to get a power bank if the power is exhausted.
A headphone holder is a gift that is both practical and stylish room.
A long cord is a good gift for an 11-year-old. 

Educational gifts for an 11-year-old

There are many scientific gifts to give an 11-year-old, microscopes, telescopes and scientific boxes are fun gifts. 11-year-olds like to learn new things. And there are also many special education apps available on the market.

Scientific gifts to an 11-year-old

11-year-olds are curious by nature and love to learn new things. Here are some gift ideas to an inquisitive child:

A telescope is a fun and educational gift to give an 11-year-old.
A book about astronomy makes a good gift for a child who gets a telescope.
A microscope is a nice gift for an 11-year-old.
It’s fun to have a chemistry set and experiment even at home.
Magnets are a great gift to an 11-year-old
Magnets are a great gift to an 11-year-old
A globe is both stylish interiors and an educational tool to give the child.

What do an 11-year-old like to read?

Exciting books like 11-year-olds like Glass children, The brothers Lionheart, and they also like non-fictional books and to get an enumeration in a magazine.

A nice magazine that he or she likes maks a good birthday gift.
Glass Child ‚Äď Billie and her mother move, but the house does not want them there.¬†Billie and her friend begin to explore the building‚Äôs history.¬†One night knocking someone suddenly Billies window.
The Brothers Lionheart ‚Äď beautiful, scary and sad book. The little brother is ill and his brother Jonathan assures the little one that when you die you come to the land of campfires and fairyland.

Non-fiction books as 11-year-olds like to be about eg volcanoes, dinosaurs or stones. They are often very inquisitive and like to learn more.

Reference book about dinosaurs
Rocks and stones

Harry Potter

Harry Potter books have been read and loved by many children. There are really good books to give as a gift to an 11-year-old. The Harry Potter books are these. NOTE: The first 7 must-reads in order:

1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone
2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
4. Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Harry Potter and The Damned child
Harry Potter magic history

Harry Potter collector dolls¬†‚Äď It‚Äôs fun to collect on the characters from the story of Harry Potter.¬†Harry Potter or Hermione as a power bank.

Harry Potter Collector figurine
During the trip on the train to get Hogwarts Harry Potter acquainted with the wizard’s world candy. Chocolate Frogs with trading cards of famous witches and wizards was one of the big shots. On these trading cards moves unable characters as they do in the book, this is the hologram.

Metal models Harry Potter ‚Äď Getting a metal model a birthday present is fun.¬†It is both tricky to build and will be a nice ornament shelf.¬†Buy the tools if you do not already have it!

When Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione go to school, they travel by this train Hogwardsexpressen. 
The golden snitch
This candy named Betty Botts Every Flavor Beans. When it says in all the flavors, it is actually what it is. Yes, or at least in the book, so they taste boogers, rotten eggs or soap is one of the less pleasant varieties. Perfect to invite all their enemies on. Fortunately, you get a taste list.
The cornerstone of the 11-year-old Harry Potter interest is understood to have the complete collection of Harry Potter films on the shelf. 
In the story of Harry Potter registering the over-ambitious Hermione for more lessons than there is room in the schedule. It solves her by traveling through time. For its time travel, she uses a place like this jewelry, called a Time-Turner.
To have a good wand is a must for every magician. When the wizards and witches fill 11 are called to Hogwarts. It is therefore important that you prepare the baby packaging with a wand in case there would be a call to the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Harry Potter Colouring Book Compact Edition
Pillows with the characters in the Harry Potter books is a gift that 11-year-olds like to receive. Ornamental cushions with fine details. Magically good gifts for friends birthdays!
Marauder is a perfect gift to give an 11-year-old if she or he is interested in the Harry Potter books.
A small Harry Potter lamp is fun to have in the room.
It can also be fun to Harry Potter video games as gifts.

More gifts for someone like Harry Potter ‚Äď here are some of the Harry Potter Things that are available.¬†Want more tips, see the page on¬†gifts for a Harry Potter nerd.

Clothes as a gift to the 11-year-old

Getting new fancy clothes tends to be appreciated by the 11-year-olds. A nice shirt, a pair of jeans or a new T-shirt is something everyone usually likes.

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What to give the kid who has everything?

An excellent gift for an 11-year-old who already has everything that you put some money in shares to him or her. It is a gift that increases in value, and that will be fun to follow value.

What is a good gift for kids? Good gifts to kids are super strong magnets, crafting kits to do custom keychains, book for folding 100 paper airplanes, sparkly earrings, and slime. Want more tips on a good gift of kids will find it here.

What is a good gift for an 11-year-old guy? A good gift for an 11-year-old guy is a trajectory, an exciting book, an ice cream machine, a whoopee cushion, a carnivorous plant, or a drone. More great gifts for an 11-year-old guy, you can find here.

What is a good gift for an 11-year-old girl? A good gift for an 11-year-old girl is a mobile phone, vanity mirror, bath bombs, cookie jar, skateboard, or a wall shelf. More gift ideas to an 11-year-old girl here.

I hope you found any good gift for 11-year-old on this page.


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11th Birthday Gift Ideas
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