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Christmas gift for an 11-year-old

Do you need a Christmas present for 11-year-olds? It’s not quite easy, I’ve realized. I have consulted some experts, both among educators and among the children themselves.

What is a good Christmas present for 11-year-olds? A good Christmas present for an 11-year-old is a cell phone, sweets, video games, binoculars, electronic shock games, and a sugar cane flavor. An 11-year-old also likes to get a good movie or book at Christmas. More good gifts for 11-year-olds are jewelry and decor.

What is a nice Christmas gift to an 11-year-old
What is a nice Christmas gift to an 11-year-old?

But please keep reading and you should get more good tips on Christmas presents for an 11-year-old.

What Christmas gifts does an 11-year-old wish for?

When you are 11, there is a lot of difference between what girls want and what guys want. On this page, you will find suggestions for Christmas gifts that suit both. What appears to be the highest on all wish lists is the mobile phone of the latest model. It is something that most families do not want or can give their children. That is why I have collected many other suggestions here, Christmas presents that suit both girls and boys. I want to help you find a Christmas present for 11-year-olds who do not cost a fortune but are still happy to receive it.

The best Christmas gift for an 11-year-old is a videogame

The best gift I gave my son when he was about 11 was a Gameboy. At that time, it was the coolest a little boy could have. When he got it, he cried. At first, I thought I had failed. But it was the other way around. It was just right, and he had thought he would never get one. He was so happy he cried. I often think of that time and try to find equally good Christmas presents for the children. Today, it is Nintendo that is the equivalent of the dream of the children, if they do not get mobile games instead of course.

A good Christmas gift for 11-year-olds is video games: Just Dance, Crash Bandicoot,

Cellphone as a Christmas gift for an 11-year-old

If she or he has not already received a mobile phone, it is time now. It does not have to be a new mobile phone for $700. In any case, I think that is very unnecessary. It is stupid to give the kids so expensive and beautiful phones that they risk being robbed. An old inherited smartphone works and is not as theft-proof. For the mobile, there are many lovely Christmas presents for 11-year-olds: a power bank in the form of a unicorn, a phone case, and excellent headphones. 11-year-old girls like flamingos, llamas, and unicorns are popular right now. The mobile shell guys choose more discreet. For the phone, it is also very popular with marble. The mobile shell should preferably be from Ideal of Sweden. Sure they are quite expensive. But I bought one for my daughter. I thought it cost no more than $30 to be on top and have the very coolest it is ok actually. There are no designer clothes for thousands, without just a mobile shell that makes you the trendiest in the class.

The latest model of the iPhone seems to be at the top of all children’s wish lists. Why not renew the old one they already have with a new mobile shell instead. Buying the latest mobile phone for the children is probably very few who want or can afford it. Or a TV for the phone.

If he or she likes music, it can be a fun Christmas gift to get a record with the idol on. Look up current idols. They can change weekly!

Give away activities for Christmas

Instead of getting more gadgets, you might be able to give 11-year-olds Christmas activities. Maybe she or he can get a new interest through the Christmas gift you give. It can, for example, be a dance course, bathhouse card, or badminton training.

A good idea is also to give the 11-year-old some new activities at Christmas. Maybe pay the next term dance, football, flute or whatever she or he is interested in. Or why not give a term of something completely new? Maybe skateboarding, art, or swimming might be good gifts. It can lead to a whole new interest that the 11-year-old otherwise would not have had.

It can also be fun to get gadgets to perform activities such as a skateboard and helmet. It may seem a little daunting at first, but at this age, they learn to go very fast.


Games to an 11-year-old

Games tend to be a much-appreciated Christmas gift from 11-year-olds. It can be both social games that the whole family can gather around or video games.

The Sheriff of Nottingham ‚Äď here it is necessary to bring all their goods into the city.¬†Maybe you need to lie or pay the sheriff a bribe.
Ticket to ride

Money as a Christmas gift for an 11-year-old

Getting money is an appreciated gift at this age. After all, it means individual freedom to be able to buy what you want yourself.

What does an 11-year-old want for Christmas?

Cool gadgets for an 11-year-old

Cool Christmas gifts are an alarm clock with IR, Leonardo da Vinchi wooden models, secrecy-intriguing 3D puzzle, games where you get electric shocks, action camera, space rail from cool stuff, or a star projector. Getting gift certificates on cinema visits can also be fun. Or a microscope.

Decor that an 11-year-old likes

Both guys and girls like to get new furnishings for their rooms. It can, for example, be a friendly spacecraft, poster, some lovely lamp, or why not a cool alarm clock.

A brilliant book
Sunshine in jar

Candy and sweets

It can also be a fun idea with a candy grabber or popcorn machine. Children under the age of 11 begin to take an interest in cooking and baking. They enjoy cooking snacks in different forms. It can, for example, be an ice-cream roller, popcorn machine, candy cane machine, and why not candy or candy vending machine, a unicorn that poops candy, or candy storage. An 11-year-old just likes sweets! Candy and candy boxes tend to be a prized Christmas present

Toys as a Christmas gift for an 11-year-old

Pens, papers and crafting

You can also give 11-year-olds Christmas gifts such as shower items, a calendar with nice pens.

Flagrance pens 12 pcs
Coloring book for adults

11-year-old girls usually like toys that are a bit ‚Äúgrown-up.‚Ä̬†E.g.,¬†crafting material, or textile paint stencils, batik paint, manufacture of jewelry, coloring books for adults, cat pen sharpeners, and learning materials.¬†Crochet is a great gift, why not give her yarn, knitting needles and teach her to knit.¬†It‚Äôs enjoyable when she discovers that she can create something beautiful herself.¬†Maybe a scarf might be the first project.¬†

Good books and movies for an 11-year-old

Miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children

A desolate island. An abandoned orphanage.¬†And a collection of strange photographs.¬†Sixteen-year-old Jacob no longer believes in the stories his grandfather used to tell him.¬†The shrines of the children with remarkable abilities are false memories of his grandfather‚Äôs childhood, and the collection of sepia-toned photographs is, of course, just one of grandfather‚Äôs all inventions.¬†But the circumstances surrounding grandfather‚Äôs death take Jacob to a remote island off the coast of Wales and to the ruins of Miss Peregrine‚Äôs home for strange children.¬†Among its abandoned rooms and echoing corridors, Jacob cannot resist a deep dive into his grandfather‚Äôs past and soon realizes that the children in the house may have been in reality.¬†That they must have been more than just strange ‚Äď maybe even dangerous ‚Äď and that they were not shipped off to a solitary island for no reason.¬†

Good night mister tom 

During World War II, Willie Beech is evacuated from London to the English countryside.¬†He ends up with Tom Oakley, an old loner, in the village of Little Weirwold.¬†At Mister Tom, Willie meets for the first time in his life kindness.¬†He gets to eat, he gets clothes ‚Äď and he can sleep in his bed.¬†He meets friendly people and makes new friends.¬†But the happy life is interrupted when his mother suddenly fetches him home.¬†Days and weeks go by without Mister Tom getting any sign of life from Willie.¬†Has anything happened to him?¬†Missing Tom on his way to London to search for Willie.¬†Goodnight Mister Tom is one of our most loved books and has become a classic.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter books that are available are these. NOTE: they should be read in order. The books at the end, which are unnumbered, are standalone, but if you have not read the rest, you still have not much exchange of them, so start from the top down.

1 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
4 Harry Potter and the flaming cup
7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Harry Potter A magical story
2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
5 Potter and the Phoenix Order 
Harry Potter book collection 1-7
Harry Potter book collection 1-7
3 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
6 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ‚Äď Parts 1 & 2

Harry Potter movies

The first few tips I have here are Harry Potter related: Movie Box with the Harry Potter movies and the movie Amazing wonders and where to find them (which is a standalone movie which is also very exciting if you like Harry Potter. It’s about how lots of magical animals/creatures are released out into the world.

Like 11-year-old Harry Potter? If so, there are books, movies, coloring books, and lots of accessories that are very fun to get. Imagine your magic wand, a timekeeper A Harry Potter cookbook has also been released. If the 11-year-old is going to celebrate with Harry Potter, she will enjoy this cookbook.

The accessories they want are Hermione’s hand straps (time reversals), magic wand, models, games, the golden quick 3D puzzle, bathrobe, slippers, and much more. The only thing they don’t want from the Harry Potter books is to swap their room for the nap under the stairs. I was hoping for a long time to get a sewing room in the house. But none of the kids’ wanted to change to the area under the stairs, even thou Harry Potter lived like that.

More nice films for an 11-year-old

Christmas gifts for an 11-year-old girl

What are good Christmas presents for 11-year-old girls? It is not easy to find Christmas presents for 11-year-old girls. You do not want to risk buying something that is just too childish. Christmas presents that are always popular with girls in their 11s are of course money, a new cell phone, a cactus lamp, and a popcorn machine. If she hasn’t already got her mobile phone, it’s high time now. But you should get some more tips on Christmas presents that are more fun to give away. 

Beauty products for Christmas to an 11-year-old girl

Beauty products that work for 11-year-old girls are e.g., hair clips, hair clips, and lip gloss. Glitter tends to be very popular in all shapes, nail polishes, nail decorations, go-to jellies, hair sprays, hair follicles, glittery jewelry, and body glitter.

Then it is a bit different what girls of this age are interested in. I wanted makeup when I turned 11 years old. So when my daughter turned 11, I thought that makeup was what she wanted most of all. I gave her a makeup box and thought she would like it. For a long time, she kept doing things in her room. Once she got out, she was made up for a shark with fangs. Or if it was a vampire she imagined, I’m a little unsure. But I guess it was a bit early for her to start with makeup already. But if your 11-year-old is interested, then the perfumes Green tea or Pink sugar might be suitable. If it is too early for makeup, you will notice.

Gadgets that an 11-year-old girl wish for Christmas

Other ideas can be a handbag, foot link, brilliant message board, silver necklace, sports bag, an excellent book, the game Let’s beat what and ice roll maker.

It is also possible to give 11-year-old girls consumables at Christmas. For children of this age, it is essential with MANY Christmas presents. So why not give them any extra packages of shampoo, conditioner, soap, body lotion, toothbrush, and toothpaste. When my youngest daughter was this age, she saw the number of Christmas presents as proof of how much we liked her. Then it had to be inventive so that she did not get too few Christmas presents if you compared it with the big sister!

Interior gifts for an 11-year-old girl

Decorating as a Christmas present for 11-year-old girls is usually very successful.¬†It can, for example,¬†be a beautiful armchair, pillows, curtains, flamingos, llama, a plaid, a lovely cactus lamp, bedspreads, or cozy pillows to put on the bed‚ÄĒflamingos, unicorns, mermaids, cactuses and preferably in combination with as much pink color as possible.

It is also very much appreciated to have old-fashioned candy cans filled with candies. Or why not give a gift card at IKEA so she can choose the interior herself. 11-year-old girls are extraordinary. They usually like to go to IKEA and shop.

Christmas present for an 11-year-old boy

Finding an excellent Christmas gift for an 11-year-old can be tricky. After talking to and consulting both children and educators about good Christmas presents, you will find the best tips on Christmas presents for 11-year-old boys here. The simplest Christmas gift is money and mobile games. But you should get more tips here.

The safest Christmas gift that 11-year-old guys are guaranteed to like is mobile games in the form of, eg. CS-Go and Fortnight and money.

Good things to give an 11-year-old boy for Christmas

Things that might be good to get in the Christmas gift for 11-year-old boys are a backpack, cap, gift card on shoes, activity bracelet, gift card on clothes. When guys are 11-years-old, buying clothes for them becomes difficult. They are now starting to want to look like their friends and choose clothes themselves.

Personalized Christmas gift for an 11-year-old boy

Bracelets and necklaces that are engraved with a name or a nice greeting can be found on getpersonal.se.

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Christmas gift for an 11-year-old
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