Gifts to a tea lover

Should you give someone a gift for tea? Then you can find some good looks on this page. Tea is a good drink, but many also choose to drink it for health reasons. Green tea is said to prolong life, reduce stress, and give us a healthier complexion. Whether you drink it for your health or just to enjoy the taste, there are many great suggestions on gifts for a tea lover.

So what is an excellent gift for a tea lover? Good tips for a tea lover are, of course, different teas, but also a cute tea strainer, teacup, kettle, storage for the teas, or why not invite the tea lover to afternoon tea?

Hjälp att hitta bra presenter som passar alla

The tips on this page will help you find the perfect gift.


Green tea is the tea that is considered to be the most healthy and bring long life, etc. Whatever the case, green tea is something that most people like the taste of.

The tea blend consists of a mix of organic green tea with organic fruit-flavored with apple and quince aromas—a slightly more luxurious gift to give a lover.


Or why not buy a large box of mixed teas as gifts. This tea box comes from the English Tea Shop. You can choose from 36 tasty, organic tea bags with black tea, green tea, herbal tea, rooibos tea, and chai tea. Here you will find the classic teas English Breakfast and Earl Gray, green tea with lemongrass, citrus and ginger, chamomile tea with lavender, rooibos tea with super berries and spicy chai tea.

A tea bag for every snack and person!


A beautiful teapot in stoneware designed by Ernst Kirchsteiger is an excellent gift for the tea lover. Ernst is known for his elegant yet straightforward objects. Even if your friend is not so fond of Ernst, his design usually appeals to everyone. This teapot will be a precious gift at the home of your tea drinking friend.


There is a ready-made gift box to give the tea drinker as well. It is filled with delicacies that just fit the tea drinker. In addition to a lot of good tea, the gift box also contains white chocolate with a taste of vanilla and Japanese matching tea. The tea gift box also contains lemonade, chocolate truffles, and popcorn with peanut and caramel flavor. So a lot of goodies that are good for tea or have a taste of tea.

The gift box can be sent directly to your loving friend.


If you want to give something unusual, then maybe this kettle should give your tea drinking buddy. The pot is handmade Chinese porcelain. It has the traditional floral pattern that teapots usually have. It will adorn its place in the kitchen. It fits well in both the rural as well as the modern kitchen.


One of the first things to think about when buying a gift for a tea lover is perhaps a personal teacup. Getting a cute and personalized tea mug as a gift is beautiful.

This is the classic Mon Amie design, designed by Marianne Westman in the 1940s, has today become one of Rörstrand’s classics. The flowers on the mug are beautiful. Anyway, it’s fun to give a nice cup of gift to the tea lover.


Tea is not only a pleasure for the mouth as it is also used in many beauty products. This body scrub removes dead skin cells. The scrub contains green tea and tea leaves. It is full of antioxidants from the tea, and it smells amazingly good—a great gift to give a lover.


A classic perfume from Elisabeth Arden is Green tea. It smells of green tea and jasmine. It is a very subtle scent that quickly becomes a favorite even if you do not like tea.

Tea man

For the tea lover, there are many fun tea kits to buy as gifts. Why not a theme? Fill him with tea and let him lean back over the edge of the teacup.

A fun and different gift to give a tea drinker.


If you are going to give a gift to someone you love, this teacup is a great favorite. Here the ball is shaped like a heart. Maybe you can make an excellent package with the right solution, a cup, and a cute mug. 

Fill the mug with the other gifts and wrap everything together in cellophane. It usually becomes gorgeous!


Who can resist these sweet, old-fashioned teas? Buy some good drink and put it in the jar before handing it over—an adorable gift to give a tea drinker.


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