Gifts to an 11-year-old boy

It can be hard to find a really good gift for an 11-year-old boy! But I have found out what they want, and here you should get the best gift tips.

So, what does an 11-year-old boy want as a present? He wants money, headphones, sweets, and movie tickets. He also likes to get tough things in his room and really good books. Of course, he also wants a new phone and a computer. Keep reading for more gift tips!

Here you will get my best gift tips.

What is a nice gift to an 11-year-old boy?
What is a nice gift to an 11-year-old boy?

I have also written about gifts for 11-year-olds, which are more general tips for both girls and boys. So feel free to visit that page too if you want more gift tips! If you are looking for good ideas for the party, I have collected lots of party tips with games, decorations, games, candy bags, etc. here.

Nice gifts to an 11-year-old boy

Yes, it is actually the case that it often spits in the body of 11-year-old boys, and then gifts that attract activity and fun are guaranteed to be appreciated. Maybe it can be fun to challenge him and climb the climbing path? Do you dare to hang on? As long as you do not weigh over 113 kg, there are no excuses. Here you will find a good gift for an 11-year-old boy:

Ninja Climbing Course

Whether there is a garden or going to the park, it will be an adventure with the Ninja Climbing Course. And no one is too old to challenge himself hanging in a rope, like a Ninja. Of course, you decide the height yourself, but it will probably get higher and higher up as he and his friends become safer.

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How cool is not a color-changing Waboba lava ball that changes color in the sun’s UV light? Otherwise, of course, it has all the good properties that a ball should have, such as bouncing high. Let it bounce from the park down into the pool and throw pig with friends. It can even bounce on the water surface, making it a really fun thing to take to the beach.

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If you want to create your own adventure park, the tip is to give the 11-year-old a trampoline. If you knew how many people went there and thought it was not for them but soon changed their minds. This is so much fun and suitable for all ages—an trampoline where you get to live out all your playfulness, desire to jump, and energy.

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There are usually good walkways or maybe even ramps for skateboarding in the park, and yes, all boys at the age of 11 probably have to go through a period when he rolls around and tries to learn skateboarding. In addition to good equipment on the body, the oval-shaped skateboard Graffiti made of wood is a hot tip. A board with good wheels works in all weather.

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Slack line

This is a really cool gift to give to an 11-year-old guy. Who does not want to be able to walk on a rope? It can withstand quite a lot of load, and maybe it can be a fun challenge to tackle together. This summer’s project will be to teach you to walk the ropes. When the guy himself becomes good at the rope, there are more tricks he can learn to do on this rope. (visit the supplier and watch the video!)

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An inflatable kayak is a birthday present that an 11-year-old boy will love. But maybe you do not feel really comfortable letting him out on the lake yourself? No problem, it is actually also available as a two-seater, so that any adult can accompany him out and paddle. Of course, it can be good to supplement with life jackets too!

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Of course, some calmer activities suit an 11-year-old boy. Because you know, guys also like to read books. A good gift for an 11-year-old boy can also be linked to stories he likes. Harry Potter is such a fairy tale that there are many accessories to buy and that the children get to know a lot about it.

Harry Potter collection of books

Harry Potter is one such book that can be read over and over again. This is actually the case because these popular books never seem to lose popularity. Harry Potter books are something everyone wants on their bookshelf. This is the first book in the series. If he already loves Harry Potter, I have collected great gifts for a Harry Potter lover here!

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Roller coaster

A rollercoaster for marbles is a fun gift for an 11-year-old boy. Here you build a track where the ball will roll down, then takes the elevator up again.

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Book about painting manga

Does he like to paint? This is a great gift for an 11-year-old guy who is artistic and likes to paint. Here he learns to draw manga from the beginning.

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Sketch pad

If he is going to paint, it is, of course, also very good to get some paper to paint on. They are of size A5, so it is easy to put the pad in the bag and take it with you when he goes somewhere.

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Colored pencils

For the guy who likes to draw and paint, it is good to get both nice new colored pencils and regular pencils when he turns 11-years-old. This is something that is always needed.

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A slightly more difficult Lego construction is also usually fun to get for an 11-year-old boy. Here is a dragon from Lego Ninjago.

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Mortal engines book is one of many

This four series collection will leave cliffhangers at the end of each book, keeping your child begging to start the next one. This is a survival story that will help teach real skills that all kids should learn at some point in their life. 

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Paper planes

Book filled with both instructions on how to fold lots of cool airplanes.

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Nintendo Switch

A video game is one of the things that is at the top of the wish list. This is something the 11-year-old himself really feels is in great need of. You’re guaranteed to hear 1000 arguments as to why he NEEDS a Nintendo Switch.

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A cool cookie jar

And of course, it’s fun to lock things up. For example, cookies can disappear very quickly if left open in the kitchen or room. Why not give the 11-year-old his own cookie jar with a timer function that can be used to lock in other things, of course. Only the imagination (and space) sets limits.

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Ice cream maker

When we are still in the kitchen, I can recommend an ice cream machine that you can make everything from ice cream, sorbet, and slush—a fun way to get inspiration for new alternatives to the snack. When you make your own ice cream, you do not need to add as much sugar and other chemicals as in stores’ buying ice cream.

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Have you seen these tough little speakers that go on Bluetooth? Stylish and easy to take with you wherever you are, whether in the kitchen to eat a snack, in the garden, or your own room.

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An 11-year-old guy is pretty big. The backpack he got when he was younger is probably way too childish now. A new backpack, completely black and simple, is a good gift for an 11-year-old boy.

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Fart cushion

Believe it or not, but a farting pillow is still the height of humor for an 11-year-old boy. This one he will have a lot of fun with before the next birthday. A good gift that he will be happy with.

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Alarm clock

Waking up to a real alarm clock is much more fun if you can record the sound you want to wake up to. To turn off the Gun Alarm clock, shoot the dot with the IR gun that comes with it, and after that, you are guaranteed to be awake. A really fun gift to give an 11-year-old boy when he turns one.

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Stress banana

Stress balls are very fun stuff that an 11-year-old wants very much. Good when you do not know where to put your hands or feel frustrated with all the homework.

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Carnivorous plant

Everyone likes to plant and see how it starts to sprout in the pots. If you are 11-years-old, a cool carnivorous plant that also eats flies and other insects strayed into the room is suitable. But calm down, it would be the case that no insects are surviving it anyway. Friends will definitely be jealous.  

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Car tracks are always fun and cool, but can it be as cool as a track with drones in the air? The Silverlit HyperDrone Racing kit contains two drones so that you can chase each other and shoot down your opponent with the built-in IR cannon. The base station keeps track of lap times, who has rotated who, etc. The package contains two drones.

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Mobile phone

A mobile phone is actually a must today to communicate with young people, and the most popular is an Apple iPhone. It is fast, it has a touch id to unlock, and all the apps that may be needed will fit. Besides, you can always get hold of your 11-year-old wherever he is. In fact, it is also not very expensive to buy.

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It can be difficult to know which computer can fit an 11-year-old, but a Netbook Windows 10 may be just right. Perfect for doing homework, surfing for information, or chatting with friends. It has everything you need with 32 GB of internal memory, and above all, there will be no trouble when everyone has their own computer.

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Movie night


11-year-old guys usually like to watch exciting movies. Ironman is a good idea if you want to give him a movie when he turns one.

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Antman is another movie that an 11-year-old boy will like to see. Feel free to give him some candy or a large bowl of popcorn for the movie.

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A good movie to give an 11-year-old guy can also be a cartoon, like Coco, for example. Like all Disney movies, both big and small like them.

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Popcorn maker

For the movie night, when the friends come over, it is also nice to have some kind of snacks. Why not popcorn bowl for the microwave?

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Computer games are at the top of many boys’ wish lists. Good computer games that I know many 11-year-olds want are these. Which one to choose, it’s actually a matter of taste. Not all games are available for all consoles, but of course there are fun games for both computers and video games

Computer to play on

Computers can be very expensive, so the simplest way to buy one is to have a look on the computer games for the requirements for that particular one.

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Computer gams for an 11-year-old boy

If he doesn’t already know what computer game he wants, Super Luckys Tale might be a good choice.

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Nintendo Switch

An eleven-year-old guy also needs a Nintendo Switch. It can be used as a handheld and also be connected whit the TV.

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Super smash bros

This is a really popular game for Nintendo Switch. Old, well known characters from when we were young has returned.

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Pokemon Eevee

Another most have among 11-year-old guys is this one.

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If the guy you are going to buy a gift for already has everything he might need, I think you should buy shares for him instead. It is a gift that he will enjoy for the rest of his life. Learning the importance of saving right now is good. It is fun to follow their own shares on the stock exchange and see how they increase in value. You can also take him for some kind of adventure: trampoline park, swimming house, go-kart and so on.

I hope you found some great gifts for an 11 year old guy!


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