Gifts for an 11-year-old girl

Regardless of the occasion, buying gifts can be such a challenging time! If you’ve ever found yourself surfing the web and wandering through stores trying to find the perfect gift for an 11-year-old girl, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the majority! Buying gifts is stressful for most people, but it doesn’t have to be. 

When looking for the right gift for an 11-year-old girl, there are numerous categories to look into such as, technology, toys, accessories, arts and crafts, and books. However, if you ever run out of ideas or cannot find anything that suits your needs, you can always opt for a gift card so the recipient can go on a shopping spree of her own!

If you are feeling unprepared for an upcoming birthday or holiday, you are in the right place. With this article, you will get a better sense for what kinds of gifts you could buy for the 11-year-old girl in your life. By going through seven gift categories for this age group, you will have plenty of ideas next time you are looking for a girl gift. 

What is a nice gift to an 11-year-old girl?

Buying Technology as a Gift to an 11-year-old girl

When you are buying technology as a gift, it is always important to think about your relationship with the child. If they are not your family, making sure you are asking their family their thoughts about technology as a gift is a good idea. This is especially important when it comes to things like cell phones since every parent has a different opinion about cell phones.

However, if you are their family or a decision maker in their life, buying technology can be a great gift because you know they will get a lot of use out of it. It can not only entertain them but can potentially make your life easier too. Therefore, for the technology section, here are some suggestions:

  • iPhone
  • iPhone case/safety protectors
  • Charging station
iPhone 7
iPhone 8
iPhone XS

Cell Phones to Help Her Keep in Touch 

Depending on the child you are looking to buy a gift for, technology can be a great gift idea. For some kids, having a cell phone is necessary for going to and from 

  • School
  • Sports
  • Music classes 
  • After school activities 

Oftentimes kids need to go alone to these activities or catch a ride with somebody else in which they need to have the ability to stay in contact with friends or family. This can be a safety measure or a means for entertainment for children. 

Therefore, depending on your relationship to the 11-year-old girl, getting them an iPhone may be a great gift idea! Whether it’s the newest iPhone 11, or an older version like the iPhone 7 or 8, getting a smart phone for a child can be an incredible gift that they will be able to get a lot of use out of.

Cell Phone Protectors and Cases

If you are going this route, you can also accompany a smart phone purchase with accessories such as a marble iPhone case. This not only provides great protection to the iPhone, but also provides a fun and creative way for the recipient to differentiate themselves from others who own the same kind of phone!

If you are going to be buying a case, it is also important to buy a screen protector or something to make sure that the glass on the phone is safe from any falls. This is especially critical when gifting a cell phone to somebody younger who may not be as cautious with their iPhone. This initial investment can save money in the long run and avoid buying new phones. 

Marble case from iDeal of Sweden
Marble case from iDeal of Sweden
Marble case from iDeal of Sweden

Charging Station to Keep Her Charged All Day Long

Another fun technological accessory to help your gift recipient express themselves and their personality better is to buy them a power bank from Starbucks! These power banks are great for an extra on-the-go battery. This is a must-have for iPhone users as phones can often die quickly throughout the day, leaving you in a predicament. 

With these power banks, you can also pick and choose which emoji you like, making for a fun gift that doesn’t look like just a plain boring charger! With these technological gifts, you’re bound to make the 11-year-old in your life happy on their next big day.

Beauty Gifts to Accessorize With

Buying personalized accessories can be a great gift to allow children to feed into their own self-expression. Therefore, depending on the child you are looking to buy for, these gifts could fit your need:

  • Beginner Makeup Kit
  • Makeup Mirror
  • Nom Noms Lip Gloss or Glitter
  • Foldable Bathtub 
  • Bath Bombs

With this range of pampering presents, you are sure to find something that fits the girl you are shopping for. 

Mirror for Glamorizing 

Depending on the child, you could buy a beginner makeup kit for them to play around with and pair that with a fun makeup mirror.

Makeup Kit

For girls who like playing with makeup, this is a great introduction to quality makeup. Remember, if you are buying a makeup kit, you will find that they may eventually need a mirror anyway, so it is a great accompaniment to the present. 


A mascara is often the first kind of makeup you give a young girl.

For Girls Who Aren’t Yet Ready for a Makeup Palette 

For kids who are not quite there yet with a full makeup palette, you could instead get some cute lip gloss or glitter from Nom Noms. These are packaged as cute little desserts and are a fun little way to put some makeup on but keep it low key and more juvenile. These are fitting for the age group while still allowing the child to explore their interest in pampering themselves with makeup. 

Nothing Says Spa Day Like a Bathtub and Bath Bomb

If they are not interested in makeup but do like to have a fun pampering day, you could opt instead for a foldable bathtub and some matching bath bombs.

Foldable bathtub

This is a nice way to create a mini-spa experience without ever having to leave the home! This foldable bathtub comes in different colors. When fold they doesn’t take up much space.

Bath bombs

With the bath bomb, they will be able to play around with bubbles and colors while bathing to make for a fun experience. 

These gifts go hand in hand and are great options for those who do not want to introduce makeup as young as 11 years old. 

Food-Related Toys and Projects

Buying toys for 11-year-old girls can feel like the best gift option; however, it is important to remember that as they approach their pre-teen years, they may feel as though they’ve outgrown many of the toys you would suggest. Therefore, buying toys or projects for them that end up making something or rewarding with candy can be fun and have an incentive! 

For this category, here are some suggestions:

  • Slush machine
  • Kitchen safe cookie box
  • Planet Cakes Kids 
  • Candy Grabber

These gifts are fun for all ages and can teach kids how to bake, cook, and give them a fun output from each and every time they play with the toy!

Slush Machine’s Make for a Fun and Delicious Gift 

While some kids outgrow certain toys faster than others, most 11-year-olds are still excited to receive toys. Depending on the interests of the child, you may go for differing types of toys. For example, you could look into getting something like a slush machine. This is a toy that is safe for an 11-year-old to operate and will produce a delicious output!

This machine can make a wide variety of flavors so that they can play around with which slush they like best. 

Kitchen safe cookie box with timer locker

A smart box to keep the cookies safe until she comes home and can eat them herself. The kitchen safe cookie box is great if she love sweets and to bake.

Planet Cakes for Girls Who Like to Bake 

In staying with the food theme, you could also opt for Planet Cakes kids where you can choose from a wide variety of cakes and decorate them accordingly! This book has cakes from a wizard’s spell book, to the man on the moon.

With this toy, all kids will be able to find the type of cake and design they enjoy. This gives them a chance to play around and be creative with icing and colors. With this, kids can choose to either follow the step by step photos, or to mix and match and take on their own designs. This is a great gift especially for kids who like baking or enjoy having a creative outlet.

Everybody Wins with a Candy Grabber

For a kid who may like this concept but finds it to be too much work, getting them a candy grabber might be a fun way to mix toys with food in a less complex way. With the candy grabber, kids can compete against themselves to try to get the pincher to grab as many pieces of candy as possible. You can’t lose with these gift options. 

The Perfect Arts and Crafts Gift

One of the best ways to get kids playing is to gift them arts and crafts! These can often be used inside, outside, alone, or with friends. Because of this, arts and crafts are ideal presents for children around 11. If you are interested in arts and crafts, here are some of our suggestions: 

  • Bubble Wand
  • 3D Pens
  • Styrofoam Clay
  • Wooden Recreations
  • Lego Sets

This range of arts and crafts can stimulate any mind and entertain the child in your life. 

Amp Up Your Bubbles with a Bubble Wand

While you can’t go wrong with a gift like bubbles for kids to play with outdoors with their friends, the options don’t stop there. Now you can buy bubble wands that create large bubbles in specific shapes. These can entertain kids of all ages and can be played with either inside or outside!

It’s More Fun to Draw With 3D Pens

You could also look into buying them some 3D pens so that they can make some incredible crafts and spend some artistic time with their friends or family. These can be paired well with a sketch pad for extra space for drawing. 

Sculpting is Easier When Using Styrofoam Clay

If they are most hands on, you could get them something like Styrofoam clay that they can sculpt and make into their wildest creations! This offers kids the ability to play how they want and create whatever is on their mind. This gift is ideal for children who are more creative and therefore do not want to be limited by the guidelines of a craft. 

If you are buying a gift for a child who likes guidelines, this may not be the best option! 

She Can Build Her Own Wooden Recreation

For more instructions and guidelines, try a wooden recreation of Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th Century catapult. While this toy states that it is best for children ages 12 and up, this would be fine for a more mature 11-year-old girl who is interested in building. However, be prepared for items to be flying through the house with this catapult!

Lego Sets Are a Must Have for Kids Who Love to Build 

For something that will still stimulate the building part of their brains while being more accessible across ages, try Legos! There are many Lego projects that are more in depth for older kids, and many that can fit their interests. Such as, a ski resort, a Star Wars pack or a Harry Potter pack

With these, the child can build something in line with their interests while having the guidelines of the box and instructions to follow to be sure they are building correctly. Legos are great toys for children of most ages who like playing with figures and feeling the accomplishment of building their own figures to play with. 

Best Games for 11-Year-Olds girls

Games can be incredible gifts especially for children who are very social or who have siblings that they like to play with. If considering a game, be sure to double check how many players are necessary for the game to ensure you are buying them something they will often be able to use. 

If the game requires four or more people and they do not usually have that many people around, this may not be the best game for them. However, if they have five siblings, this could be the perfect game! These are all important factors to consider. With this in mind, here are a few of our game suggestions: 

With these options, you are bound to find the perfect game for the child you are looking to buy a gift for. 

The Sherriff of Nottingham Board Game 

If the child in your life is a board game fanatic, there are new games constantly being released that you could look into. For example, the Sherriff of Nottingham, this board game allows players to trade items and be the all-knowing sheriff. This game is popular among children due to their ability to make their own character and choose how they want to approach the game. 

Chess Can Build Skill and Strategy 

Not into board games? That’s ok. You can’t go wrong with classics like chess. Chess actively works the problem-solving portion of the brain and is great for helping people work on strategy and skill. This is the right game for kids who do not want to have a game that requires a lot of people to play, or that requires knowledge of other movies or events. 

Trivial Pursuit for Harry Potter Fans 

However, another popular game is the Harry Potter version of trivial pursuit! This game is a constant test of knowledge for Harry Potter fans that will bring out the competitor in those who are playing. This can be played with a variety of players and because of that can either be between a few friends, or a whole family affair!

Book Varietals for an 11-Year-Old Girl

There are several different kinds of books that make for a great gift! Whether you are shopping for a more artistic or a bookworm, here are some of our favorites:

With this variety of different types of books, you cannot go wrong in this gift category!

The Brothers Lionheart
The glass children
Do you think she likes Harry Potter, I have written a whole page about both books and accessories for Harry Potter lovers here!
Do you think she likes Harry Potter, I have written a whole page about both books and accessories for Harry Potter lovers here!
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Magazine Girls Life
Magazines – gift certificate

For the Artist in Her

So many kids are artistic and looking for ways to advance their art. By gifting them with the How to Draw Fantasy book paired with some pens for drawing, they will be able to get step by step lessons throughout the book.

This gift is ideal because not only does it give reading material, but also provides them with long term entertainment and instruction for drawing. This makes for a hands-on gift that will advance their abilities and give them a creative outlet. In addition to this, if you are buying a gift for a girl that has more advanced drawing capabilities you can gift them simply with a sketch pad

This gives them the freedom to draw what they want and explore their artistic style more than they would be able to with a book that walks them through lessons. 

Draw Manga
Draw Fantasy
Sketch pad
Pen Newton Pro Marker Winsor & Newton
Color pens
Pencils with different hardness

If All Else Fails…

If you are still not sure what you should buy for an 11-year-old girl, you can never go wrong with a simple gift card. Just by knowing the kinds of clothing they like or the stores they like most, you can get them a gift card to get themselves something they’ll like so that you know they like their present.

This ensures that if they were looking for certain clothing or a specific item as a gift, they have the money to buy that. This takes some stress off of you to get the exact perfect item and gives them a shopping trip to look forward to! This is especially helpful if you are buying a gift for a girl that you are not around as much as you’d like to be. 

Being unfamiliar with their interests and style can all be solved with a simple gift card. If you are unsure about what stores they like, you can always just buy them a Visa gift card! This way, they can shop at any store that has what they are looking for. 

A good gift for an 11-year-old girl is a dress. But you can not choose them for her. Then they will just be lying in the closet. It is better to give her a gift card when she turns one. Lindex has both clothes and other things that many people like to get.

Even more gift ideas for an 11-year-old girl

Popcorn machine

For girls, friends are very important. They often have a lot to talk about with each other and the best thing is of course when they can sleep over with each other. Then you can watch movies together and just cuddle. A good movie also requires a hearty bowl of freshly popped popcorn. These are a good gift for an 11-year-old girl who wants to invite a lot of friends home.

Soda streamer

A soda streamer is also a great gift. Teenagers love soft drinks and this one will save you a lot of money.

Salt lamp

Salt Lamp which with a pink shimmer creates cozy lighting in the room. 
Tell her that the lamp is actually carved from a really natural block of salt from the Himalayas and that each lamp is unique.

Unicorn lamp

You have not missed that 11-year-old girls are very fond of unicorns and being able to set up a nice unicorn lamp with LED lighting can give the room just that cozy atmosphere she wants. It is probably best above or next to the bed and the best of all is that it is powered by batteries so no electrical outlet is needed. 11-year-old girls love unicorns!

Candy vending machine with candy beans

Unicorns should apparently be magical and a very good gift for an 11-year-old girl. Unicorns are heavenly cute anyway. If you fill this candy vending machine with candy beans, it will be even nicer as a gift. And the best part is that those who do not know how it works will just think that it is a nice unicorn that is on the shelf. Almost as secret as a safe.

Light box

A light box is a gift that many 11-year-old girls want. On the light box, she can namely exchange the letters and form her own messages, write quotes or something else she feels for the moment. When my daughter got hers, she immediately put up a message that she was Santa Claus or a unicorn… a message that is still sitting there.


There is also a great risk that she will need a new backpack this year. Things that were super nice last year are now childish. She would rather die than go to school with a backpack with the Disney princesses for example. This nice backpack is discreet and will last a long time.

Socks from Happy Socks 

Wearing nice socks is fun. Yes you read that right. I promise these will be her new favorite socks. Socks from Happy Socks are a fun gift for an 11-year-old girl.

Shelf for her wall

It is important to have a nice room. So a good gift for an 11-year-old girl is that it is a nice shelf that she can put up on the wall. It holds small ornaments or some small plant. The shelf is made of metal and is hung with two screws on the wall. It has a depth of 10 cm. It is a trendy interior detail in the room of an 11-year-old girl.

Make your own unicorn clay

Girls like to be “big” and do adult things… but if she gets this package, she is guaranteed to “get small again” It is a set to make your own unicorn. A gift for an 11-year-old girl that will make a great success.

Soap DIY

This is a kit with soap where she can make her own soaps with different shapes and scents. As a finishing touch, there is also glitter that you can add to your soap. 

Self watering pots

At the right time of year, it is always just as fun to plant outside and then have to wait and see what comes up. In small self-watering pots, she can grow her own small kitchen garden and then it does not matter what the weather is because this can just as easily stand indoors.

Water sprinkler unicorn

A large unicorn that sprays water is a very nice way to get wet and a good gift for an 11-year-old girl who turns one in the summer. She has now grown out of her children’s pool, but a unicorn shower will still be fun to play with when it is summer and hot.


A skateboard is a great gift for an 11-year-old girl. They usually like when there is speed and fan. It’s usually exciting to do a little more dangerous stuff. Riding on the skateboard ramp for a while usually gives that breathtaking feeling.

Balance line

Maybe she likes to learn to walk on a rope? She will impress here friends if she succeed.


Even a wallet with a little money in it is appreciated.


If there is a staircase, outside or inside, this wandering spring Slinky is always just as fun to see when it goes down step by step, just by itself. It is also beautiful with its rainbow colors. It’s a great gift to give to an 11-year-old girl.

Book lamp

There is nothing better than cozy lighting in an 11-year-old room. If you find such a cool book lamp, with pages that start to light up when you fold it up like a fan, you have succeeded with the birthday present. It is also nice that you can choose whether it should shine in white, blue, green or red. This nice lamp fits both in the bookshelf or on the bedside table.

Anti-theft bag

In a really nice anti-theft bag, most things fit, such as textbooks and training clothes. Why not fill it with something else that may be needed when you are 11-years-old as well.


Funny erasers are a fun gift to get when you turn one. An extra bonus is if they also smell good, as these unicorns do.

Mug on the go

11-year-old girls are fond of sweets. This unicorn mug is really cute and can of course also be filled with candy, lemonade or something else sugary that she likes. It’s a great gift for an 11-years-old girl.

Cuddly toys

An 11-year-old girl still likes to have fun stuffed animals. Only they are not too childish.

Mermaid blanket

Having nice things around you is important at this age. One gift that 11-year-old girls really want is this mermaid blanket. It is cozy to curl up on the couch in the evening and curl up in this nice blanket.

Pusheen cat pillows

A really good gift for an 11-year-old girl are these pusheen pillows. They are found eating on a piece of pizza, donut or with a unicorn horn on the head. Cats are loved by all girls and are a great gift.

Making Your Final Gift Decision 

While buying gifts for kids can feel like a daunting task, your next purchase does not need to feel so intimidating with this easy guide! Next time you find yourself shopping for an 11-year-old girl remember to consider the seven categories. Depending on how well you know the child you are shopping for, this process will vary in how easy it is to go through. 

However, consider first if it is appropriate for you to be buying technology for this child. This is greatly going to depend on your relationship with them and their family. If you find that technology is an inappropriate gift, then think about the kinds of toys or games they might enjoy. What does this child like to do? 

Is she artistic? Does she enjoy baking? Does she prefer watching movies or reading? By answering some of these questions you can narrow down the kind of gift that might be best for her. If she really enjoys cooking or baking, one of the toys with food might be ideal. If she is artistic, buying a sketch pad or a book with art lessons in it might be appreciated. 

You can also think about what she doesn’t like to narrow it down. If she does not like watching movies, then buying Harry Potter trivia may not be well received. If she has never watched Star Wars, she may not care for a Star Wars Lego set. By having just a little bit of information about what she does and does not like, you can get a good sense for what kind of gift she will like most. 

Therefore, when you are considering which route is best, just ask yourself some of these questions. If you are not closely related to the girl you are buying for, why not ask her parents or a member of her family to get a better sense for what she would like most? This way, you will be sure to get something she will actually use and enjoy!


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