Gift to a 12-year-old

It is not so easy to guess what is a good gift for a 12-year-old! At this age, the time to happen a lot in a year, it comes to finding the right presents.

So, what is a nice gift for a 12-year-old? Great gifts for the 12-year-old is a hoverboard, crafting material, bow, earphone holder, cotton candy machine, basketball, video games, book Our treehouse with 13 floors and a carnivorous plant. The 12-year-olds want most of all is a new mobile phone and money.

What is a nice gift to a 12-year-old?

Looking for great party tips with games, decorations, and candy bags, I have collected lots of party ideas here. I have also divided the whole bit, so if you can not find what you are looking for on this very page, there are more tips. But please keep reading, then you should get the best gift tips for a 12-year-old!

What does a 12-year old wish for?

Twelve-year-olds usually love to get gifts. When children turn 12 years, it is best to choose birthday gifts that are not childish. If he or she likes Harry Potter, so can a 4D puzzle is a good idea. A 12-year-old still wants to do fun stuff with his or her family. 12-year-olds love their cell phone, so accessories will always be a nice gift. It’s also fun to get nice decor to the room as a gift.

A 4D puzzle with Harry Potter is a good birthday gift for a 12-year-old.
This is a combined lamp and speakers. A great gift to give a 12-year-old's birthday.
This is a combined lamp and speakers. A great gift to give a 12-year-old’s birthday.

Great presents for 12-year-olds

What do the 12-year-old want for a present? There is, of course, a bit different from person to person, but this is my best gift ideas for the 12-year-olds: mobile phone, ice cream machine, ninja climbing track, pillows, and a balancing line. But please keep reading for more great gift ideas for 12-years-old!

Here are some of the gifts 12-year-olds want most of all.

Ninja climbing track. Tightening up between two trees. A fun challenge for both children and parents.
A mobile phone is something 12-year-olds can not do without. Now it is a must to get their first phone.
A chalkboard mug where you can write with an ordinary pencil and blend again.
A balance line
Compound bow for a youth
Candy machine
Super Wubble Bubble Ball, there is an inflatable bubble ball that you can kick, bounce, and juggle.
Hoverboard as you stand on and go.
Crafting kit to build their ukulele

Mobiles and stuff

The most important thing you can give a 12-year-old in the gift if he or she does not already have a course is a mobile phone.

All 12-year-olds sit like glued to their cell phones. If you have no phone so you are hopelessly beyond. They must not have the latest model of the phone, but to have your cell phone is essential.
A power bank to keep your device up and to run is essential. This white marble and gold are top-rated among 12-year-olds. How would it look if you suddenly did not charge the phone? It would be a disaster, after all!
Are you going to buy a cell phone as a gift for a 12-year-old? I recommend that you buy a pair of headphones also. These are wired, and you do not think about having them uploaded all the time, which makes it more accessible.
There are many variations of the power bank. Here you have emoji and a unicorn to choose. Unicorns and poops are something that the girls at this age like much.
An alternative to the headphones is to buy a pair of earplugs to 12-year-old. But I swear, one of these you need to buy, you will not put up with all YouTubers and sounds in the long run.
When you give away a costly mobile phone is just stupidly stringy not even afford a mobile phone case and a screen protector, they allow mobile phone lasts longer and is anti-scratch coating.
Marble is trendy on mobile cover nowadays. These blacks are cool and fit both boys and girls aged 12. The cell phone will look much more beautiful and last longer.
Is it essential to have the “right” brands where you live? Then there’s this mobile case is a nice one to buy. It’s a little more expensive and is from iDeal of Sweden. And it’s the brand that satisfies the brand-conscious kids.
This mobile case looks nice but doesn’t have a fresh brand. This one is from Onsala. But I think that cell phone cases from Onsala are sweet looking!
Here is one of the latter phone cases from iDeal of Sweden. It is in green, white, and gold-colored marble. Make sure to check the phone model just before you order!
A fresh headphone stand is both stylish in the room and prevents the headphones come under piles of other gadgets.


Children like to have both goodies and things to do their treats. Here are some treats that are an excellent gift for a 12-year-old, and she or he’s sure to like.

Cotton candy machine – who has not dreamed of being able to make your candy at home. Perfect access to birthday parties. The friends will be envious.

A little more healthy snacks, however, are popcorn. This popcorn machine, you get perfect popcorn every time. More fun is the design, which is the same as the amusement park and movie theaters.
An ice cream machine is a fantastic fun gift for a 12-year-old. Maybe she or he will be the one who will find the new trendy glass tastes, and who knows, maybe sausage ice cream will be the latest trend.
All children love the Kinder egg. Both chocolate and candy at once. This is a giant Kinder egg. Perfect for when you want to get the child’s eyes to sparkle a little extra. The egg is more significant than a typical Kinder, so it also contains a slightly more substantial gift.
Sweets are good and bigger sweets are even better! Order a great Daim. You will be on top of the 12-year-old’s favorite list for long. Inside you will find 20 common Daim. Perfect gift for all the sweet tooth on the birthday.
Even if he or she is getting pretty grown ut by now, you are never too big to get chocolate gifts. The chocolate cake, you will find 16 regular chocolate bars. When you get so much candy may also want to have a movie. It will take time to eat everything.

Give the 12-year-old activities as a gift

All gifts to give away need not necessarily be an object. If the 12-year-old can handle drop their phone a little while, they usually like to visit a trampoline park. A visit to the trampoline park can be a success to invite a friend. Experience as a gift together with the family is also a nice gift. Going bowling is also great fun. It’s something that might be nice to do as a family outing or to invite some friends. When you are 12 years of age, friends are vital, and it is nice to get experiences to share with them or stuff that you can use together.

A basket hoop is a nice thing to have and where she or he can associate with friends.
A trampoline is a nice thing tho have in the backyard.
A trampoline is a nice thing tho have in the backyard.
KanJam is a different kind of frisbee golf that is fun to play with a good friend.

Annual entrance to a public bath or some other activity

Another birthday gift for a 12-year-old, as they tend to like, is to swim. It can, for example, be a season ticket in the swimming pool, a visit to the water park, and bring their best friend. It can be fun to have new swimsuits, bathrobes, and snorkeling equipment at the same time. It is also giving away a termination of any activity such as dance, football, or athletics. It’s fun with birthday gifts that will last a little longer.

Nice experiences to give a 12-year-old

Cinema tickets are excellent experiences gifts. Wrap the cards together with five bags of popcorn. It’s usually fun to see the astonished face. It will also be great fun to get guitar lessons and a guitar. This is the guitar I gave my daughter.

A guitar might be a fun gift to give a 12-year-old. 12-year-olds like music and might become a great musician one day. But it might be useful to start with a guitar lesson like this one!

Fragrance and beauty

An excellent gift for a 12-year-old is shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, and such. Maybe it’s time for the first perfume now? Is it a 12-year-old girl to buy gifts for? There are a few more beauty products to choose from: nail polish, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, curling iron, flat iron, mascara, body lotion, or a gift certificate on your local beauty store. Or maybe a bag with a little bit o good in. Guys might appreciate cool bracelets as gifts or perfume from David Beckham.

For a 12-year-old girl might fit well with a subtle fragrance from Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. It smells good but unobtrusive.
A bag with a cat will probably be very popular. It can be good to have in the school bag or to collect hair bands.
Even the young guys want to feel extra nice sometimes. Homme from Beckham tends to be a scent they like.
Even guys can have jewelry. This leather and steel is cool and appeals to young boys.
A dog tag also belongs to the cool type of jewelry that both men and boys love to wear.

Video games as a gift to a 12-year-old

Video games tend to be such twelve-year-olds want to very much. Right now, for example, Nintendo Switch very popular. Besides the console, they also need some good games. Here are some video games that 12-year-olds wish for.

Nintendo Switch
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Rocket League Collection Edition
Pokémon Eevee

Books as gifts to the 12-year-old

Does he or she like to read books is a good idea. Books usually go home at 12 years old is Harry Potter, The 12 Storey treehouse, or a classic book like Good night mr Tom.

A humorous book about two boys living in a treehouse with 13 floors. The treehouse is a bowling alley, swimming pool, an underground laboratory, vines to swing in. Anything can happen here!
Willie evacuated to the English countryside. There he meets Mister Tom and gets enough to eat and sleep in your bed. Suddenly his mother decides he shod get back home.

The Harry Potter books are these. NOTE: the first seven should be read in order. Others are independent, but if the 12-year-old did not understand the first seven books in the series, he or she probably is not interested in the other books, either. Choose another birthday gift in this case instead! But for Harry Potter lovers, it is great to have a new album in the present when he or she turns 12 years.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
(Part 1)
Harry Potter and the secret unit chamber (Part 2)
Harry Potter and Azkaban
(Part 3)
Harry Potter and the goblet
(part 4)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
(part 5)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
(part 6)
Harry Potter and deathly
(part 7)
The collector's box with all 7 books.
The collector’s box with all 7 books.

For those children who like Harry Potter, there are some more books and lovely things to be desired as a present. The books are independent, but will not give anything if you are not interested in Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and the cursed child is a script book. The play takes place in the future when Harry is an adult and has children.
A book where young witches and wizards are taught Divination, Herbology, Astronomy, Defense Against the Dark Arts and learn the truth about the Philosopher’s Stone.
Harry Potter unofficial cookbook. A must for all Harry Potter Nerds. Here he or she can enjoy the same food that is served in the books.
A must for all Harry Potter fans. The complete collection of movies with Harry Potter, a great addition to the books. Incredibly exciting movies!
A wand is a must for all witches and wizards. With this wand, you can learn 11 different spells. Wand recognizes movement patterns
Pillows from Harry Potter

Hermione’s necklace, a Time-Turner, a handy gizmo that made Hermione had time for more lessons than was possible. With her necklace, she could turn back time and go for more lessons. What would the 12-year-old do if the Time-Turner turns out to be more than ordinary jewelry? Go to more lessons at school? Or maybe he would have more time for the mischief?
For all Harry Potter fans, it’s a good gift to get metal models to build together. The motifs are of course taken from the story. Here is Hagrid’s hut, Hogwardsexpressen, The Snitch, and a dragon to choose from. It’s fine collectibles and they are of course fun to assemble as well. A little tip is that you buy the tool also if you do not already have it at home.
This Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter game contains 600 different questions based on the Harry Potter films. Some are really tricky for even the most experienced wizards and witches. Here are the issues in the areas of black magic, Hogwarts, magic spells, magic items and so on. This game usually kids like to get out because the parents did not have a chance.
3D puzzles with the Golden Snitch is a really nice gift to a Harry Potter fan. The puzzle has 242 pieces made of plastic. You get to a holder to put the snitch in the bookcase.

A pair of slippers from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the basic equipment in all the little witches and wizards wardrobes. To stick your feet into a pair of warm and comfy slippers are cozy in winter.
Harry Potter video games he or she will be very happy to receive a gift.

More great gifts for a Harry Potter fan, you can find here!


The magazine is a nice gift to a 12-year-old. A magazine subscription is a good gift for the 12-year-olds who have not got started with their reading correctly. But reading a comic book is usually not perceived as just as hard as reading a book. However, some 12-year-olds are ready to learn more complex texts that like to read more complicated texts. A subscription is anyway a good gift for a 12-year-old.

Furnishing of the room

All 12-year-olds are usually interested in home furnishings. They want it neat and have their room full of really cool and useful gadgets. Here you will find furnishings that fit to give as a present to twelve-year-olds.

A speaker for listening to music or youtube clips, they tend to always appreciate.
Letterboards are very popular to decorate the room with nowadays
These lightboxes that you yourself put up letters to select text is very trendy.
12-year-olds like to have some cool plants like cacti and so. But this carnivorous plant is even better.

A lovely lamp for her room is a nice gift for her birthday.
Emoji pillows are something 12-year-olds like. There is a lot to choose from.
To cultivate their own little herbs, or maybe wild strawberry in her window is nice.
To have something nice on the wall is important when friends come to visit.
A letter board where you can write your own message, quote or other stuff.
An attractive bowl that you fill with favorite treats can be a good birthday present for 12-year-old.
Internet phenomenon Pusheen has come as pillows.
Nice and pink bedding for her room.

Technology gadgets as a gift to the 12-year-old

A magical notebook where the paintings are transferred to the phone
Water Speaker where water and light bouncing in time with the music. Really nice gift to have the 12-year-old’s room
Stylish lava lamp
A cool alarm clock flying away from the bedside table when the alarm goes off.
To get your own camera can be fun if he or she sports or bicycles. 
Wake up light

Clothes as a gift to the 12-year-old

Gift certificates to clothing at Åhléns. The store with branding clothes for kids. So if brands are important, it may be a good idea.

Outdoor play equipment and sports

An ordinary soccer ball
Soccer goal to have in the garden
Badminton for 4
Basketball hoop
A fun game for the whole family

Games that 12-year-olds like

 Monopoly Super Mario

Money or gift cards

A wallet with some money in is a good gift for a 12-year-old
Gift certificates to all 12-year olds favorite store Coolstuff

Educational presents for a 12-year-old

Lego Speed
Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express
Magnetic poo
Lego Ninjago
IQ puzzle
The models of Leonardo Da Vinci once did drawings to. There are a number of building models to choose from.
Lego Harry Potter
Rubiks Cube
Metal Models of Harry Potter is a good gift to give a 12-year-old

Crafting makes a good 12-year-old gift

Fancy pens that are especially suitable for drawing manga are fun to have together with the manga book. They can also use the other drawing course.
Penns Faber Castell color 12 pcs. Some beautiful colored pencils to paint with is also a lovely gift. If you are coloring in a coloring book, these pencils are great because the color does not go through to the other side.
Learn to draw well is something many 12-year-olds dreams of. Perhaps this is the beginning of a career as a manga illustrator? Or is it just fun to paint?
An artist also needs a sketchbook for their masterpieces.
Starter kit for scrapbooking with a lot of stuff paper, pencils, and glue
It is nice to get a grafting kit with a little of each such standard, bands, sequins, and glitter.
It is nice to get a grafting kit with a little of each such standard, bands, sequins, and glitter.
Crafting kit to make their jewelry, not only pearls but delicate laces and charms as well.
Cernit clay is a good gift for creative children to make small figurines or maybe your jewelr.
Starter with Aquabeads just spray with water when pärlplattan is complete solidifies when dried.

Movies in the gift to a 12-year-old

To get some good movies are always appreciated. Good movies for 12-year-olds, for example, Narnia, Peter Pan, and Shrek. A big bowl of candy, a good film, and cozy pajamas are a perfect end to the birthday.

Peter Pan

To spend time together

Why not give your time too. Go shopping as part of the birthday present. See a movie, shopping, or lunch in town alone with mom or dad is very appreciated. I hope you find a nice gift to 12-year-old here. You can find inspiration for more great gifts here:

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