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When to Start Decorate for Halloween?

Halloween is always the perfect moment to get creative and creepy with those ghosts, goblins, pumpkins, and spider webs decorations. Often, as the days of summer fun come to an end, most people are always in a hurry to make their home look spectacular for Halloween. But how early is too early to decorate for Halloween?

You can start with Halloween decorations anytime from the beginning of October. As soon as October 1st hits, you are good to go with Halloween decorations. However, most people start decorating for Halloween as early as late September.

Nonetheless, deciding on a timeline for this traditional holiday will largely depend on several factors, including the scale of your Halloween decorations.

When to Decorate for Halloween?

This article will shed more light on the best times to decorate for Halloween and fall holidays. Also, you will discover whether August is too early to decorate for Halloween or not. As you come to the end of the article, you will also know when to take down the Halloween decorations. Read on.  

When to Decorate for Halloween and fall

Generally, the first two weeks of October are the optimal time to decorate for Halloween. Occasionally, as soon as October 1st hits, most people are always ready to start with Halloween decorations.

But, there is nothing wrong with putting up some decorations a little earlier if you love the holiday. Despite everyone’s preference, the last week of September is always considered the earliest time to decorate for Halloween.

You can also start decorating your house for Halloween in stages, especially if you can’t wait to start the festivities and if you don’t want to overwhelm your neighbors.

If you decorate your house in stages, put out some smaller spider webs and bat garlands in late September. After that, during the last two weeks of October, you can work your way up to the oversized inflatable black cat and motion sensor screaming ghoul.

Your Halloween scale can also determine the decoration timeline. If the idea is to turn your home into a complete haunted house, you will want to decorate for Halloween in late September to get a head start. But, if you plan to keep it simple, you can put up your decorations in early October.

On the other hand, you can start decorating for fall when the weather begins to change. However, this could not be said for everybody. The decoration will ultimately depend on your personal preference and the timing and seasonal changes wherever you live.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you can start decorating for fall in September or October, when the leaves change color. But, if you live far north, decoration for fall can be as early as late August.

Remember to use elements that celebrate bountiful harvests when decorating for fall. Try not to forget seasonal accents such as pumpkins, berries, apples, fall leaves in your entryway and dining room table.

However, despite the timeline, you decide to decorate your house for these two phases, try not to feel pressure. You can take a break if you get stuck and return to your inspirational source to unlock new ideas.  

Is August too early to Decorate for Halloween?

The month of August is way too soon to decorate for Halloween because it is still the summer season’s height.

Even though Halloween costumes, jack o lanterns, and party gifts begin to hit the local shelves as early as August, it is not the appropriate time to start your home decoration.

What is the First You Should Decorate for Halloween?

The front yard should be the first place to decorate.

Since I do my Halloween decorations a bit earlier than my neighbors, I always prefer to start with my front yard then extend to my house. It is amazing!

Here are the spooky front yard and indoor decorations ideas for Halloween;

The Yard

For the yard decoration, you decide on a theme for your presentation. You can either choose to go for haunted houses, graveyards, zombie hospitals, abandoned warehouses, executioner’s platforms, towers of terror, or an alien spaceship. Whatever you choose, let your imagination be wild.

Adorn your front yard with jumbo swarming bats

You can spook your neighbors by adorning your front yard with the most feared nighttime creature: bats! These oversized bats make a significant impact when mounted in clusters onto a large tree trunk.

Spooky pumpkins, please!

Pumpkins are often used during Halloween, and it’s not uncommon that they don front stoops. To give the pumpkin patch an extra-creepy look, add overgrown elements such as moss, cobwebs, and creepy crawlers. Also, you can reuse the pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns.

Put some natural twig wreath

I know what you are thinking! You can also use wreaths during Halloween and not only during Christmas.

Hanging ghosts on your doorway

Tiny ghosts are adorable enough to hang in your doorway all month long. To make the ghosts, you can collect tissue paper tubes and make a quick run to the craft store. You can even incorporate your kids to help make.

Indoor Decoration

Before you decorate inside your house, remember to keep in mind that your Halloween house decorations should reflect the outside theme.

Here is how you can decorate your house for Halloween;

Light up your house

Set an eerie ambiance for your home using fairly dim lights. Ensure you make the most of the lights you have while keeping the house looking reasonably dim so that something spooky could pop up at any time.

If you want to have a perfect Halloween light, tape plastic bats to the inside of the shade of an ordinary lamp, light some white candles with ‚Äúblood‚ÄĚ dripping down them, or light a few orange paper lanterns and drape them all over the house.

Use your pumpkin decorations to your advantage

Everybody knows that Halloween cannot be the same without pumpkins. You don’t have to overdo it with the pumpkins but think of clever ways to introduce more pumpkins into your décor.

You can take some of your pumpkins and paint them black, silver, or cover them in glitter, or open up a pumpkin and use it to hold potpourri.

Create spooky walls

Did you know your walls can do a lot to make your home look even spookier? Try to cover up some of your paintings with white cloth, or draw creepy eyes on your mirrors, so people will get scared when you look into them. You can also hang spider webs all over your walls.

When to Take Down Halloween Decorations

November 1st is the most appropriate time to take down Halloween decorations. Since the holiday is a one-night thing, there will be no harm if you extend your decorations till the next day, around noon.

Nonetheless, you can always extend the decorations’ period for one or two weeks, depending on how attached you are to the holiday. Halloween is one of my best holidays; therefore, I always ensure my decorations are up at least for a week. You can try it this year!

There are two factors you must consider before pulling down those beautiful and scary decors; the scale of your indoor and outdoor decorations.

If you have many outdoor decorations, it might take you a while before cleaning up the place. In this case, it is appropriate you start taking down the decoration as soon as the night is over. But, if you don’t have many outdoor decorations, there is no need for a hurry.

On the other hand, if your indoor decorations are a bit too many, you might want to do an immediate take-down. But, if the decors fascinate you, wait until one week elapses.

Sometimes we have kids or grandkids running around even after the special day. In this case, you can wait until the grandkids leave.

Remember, the earlier you take the Halloween decorations down, the earlier it will create a welcoming and fresh environment for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Below are simple tips to help you transit your home décor from Halloween to Thanksgiving;

Remove spooky Halloween decorations: Take the decorations down since not all of those decorations will blend in with a ‚Äúturkey day‚ÄĚ theme.

Rearrange fall decors and add in an extra harvest accent: Once the Halloween decorations are down, it’s time to rearrange your remaining fall decorations. You can add some different things to make your decor spread feel fuller since some empty areas could use some more decorations.

Decorate rooms with Thanksgiving sentiments and symbols: Include signs with sentiment signs with sayings such as gather, thankful, and grateful. Also, include decorative accents that contain characters such as turkeys, corn, and pumpkin pie.

Finally, bring in some warm fall scent: You can achieve these mainly through candles, of course, but you can also bring in the warm fall scent through potpourri or essential oils.

The bottom line is whether you choose to take down Halloween decorations on the same night, November 1st, or after one or two weeks, just make sure they don’t last until Thanksgiving Day.

When to Start Decorate for Halloween?
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