Gift to an 18-year-old

I know it can be hard to find gifts for an 18-year-old, that’s why I’ve looked at what they want as a gift. Here are my best gift ideas for 18-year-olds.

So what is is a nice gift for an 18-year-old? Gifts that 18-year-olds want is money, gift certificates, movies, electrical scooter, perfume, speakers, key chains, duvets, aroma eggs, gift certificates to clothing, fine jewelry, or decor that is more adult style. 

What is a nice gift to a 18-year-old?

Let me tell you a little bit more! Here you will find the best birthday presents for 18-year-olds, on this page you will find suggestions to suit both girls and boys.

What does an 18-year-old wish for?

An 18-year-old wish for many things. When I asked 18-year-olds what they wanted for their birthday they often mention practical things that are a little more expensive to buy, so that weighted duvet or a luxurious massage. They also wished for luxurious decor to their room and cool stuff.

A weight duvet improves sleep and makes it easier to come to rest in the evening.
18-year-olds also tend to like to get a little more luxurious decor to his room.
A gift certificate at Coolstuff is a nice birthday gift for an 18-year-old.

Memorable gift for an 18-year-old

Give the 18-year-old a personal piece of jewelry as a gift. There are attractive both necklaces and bracelets that fit even for guys. The 18:th anniversary’s very special in many ways. He or she becomes peremptory in many states. A gift for an 18-year-old may want to give something very special also. A gift that she or he may keep for life. A piece of jewelry is such a gift.

A stunning necklace that you can let engrave
A bracelet with a personal message will be a nice gift
A cool piece of jewelry with a personal text engraved

Watch – Watches’re both keeping track of the time and are a nice accessory. The watch is the only piece of jewelry that many men and boys use. A fine watch is a very good 18-year gift for both boys and girls. It is a piece of jewelry that he or she will benefit from throughout their lives. These are very stylish and I was actually surprised at how cheap they were.

Watch the guys – this also includes a neat bracelet
A really stylish watch for girls and boys.
A stylish watch for girls.

Technology gadgets that 18-year-olds want to have

As you might guess, there are many technical gadgets 18-year-old wishes for their birthday. First, it is, of course, a new mobile phone, preferably the latest model. But they also want speakers, the best headphones and a fitbit. Here are some of the most desired tech-gadgets.

A new mobile phone is something almost all 18-year-olds want. Buy a mobile case also!
An Ionic Fitbit has not only a heart rate monitor but also a fitness coach.
Sony headphones with noise-reduction provide good sound and remove noise from the environment.
A new computer is also what many 18-year olds who wish for.
A good speaker with Bluetooth for their phone.
A new iPad is also on many wish lists. They usually like the big screen.

A fun gift for an-18-year-old

Are you looking for an unusual and fun gift for an 18-year-old? Perhaps the keyring Tile can help 18-year-old who tend to misplace their keys, wallet or phone. With Tile keeps one track of where things are.

If you have lost the key then he can easily find it using the associated application. The best part is that it works the other way around as well. If you lose the phone you press the keychain. It works, even if the phone is in silent mode.
Do you want to give the 18-year-old a fun and surprising birthday present is this what you’re buying? A balance line that you span between two trees. Know how to balance on a line is a skill that will impress all the friends.
A fun and different gift for an 18-year-old is a bow. Sniping is great fun! This is a comp in the bow with arrows and accessories. It has a draw weight of 18 to 22.6 kg. But it will probably not be a problem for the 18-year-old. Perhaps it is good to order a target even if there is no good place to shoot.
IQ puzzle engages easily the whole family – fun gift to give an 18-year-old
With an electric scooter, it’s faster and easier to get around.

Interior as a gift for the 18-year-old

When you turn 18, it is usually time to clear out some of the room, even though the 18-year-old still living with their parents, it’s fun to get gifts that make it look more like an adult. Maybe a nice duvet, a beautiful lamp or something ells for the room. If you buy gifts like these to an 18-year-old, you can be sure that he or she wants to take them to their own homes when the time comes.

A table lamp with a cool design fits well in the 18-year-old room.
A duvet can be a luxurious gift for an 18-year-old to have in his room.
A little more grown-up bedding is a good gift for an 18-year-old
A stylish clock hanging on the wall in their room.
Some scented candles do it smells good in the room, they are also a very fine present.

Books and magazines as a gift for an 18-year-old

Do you know exactly what the 18-year-old wish for when it comes to books or magazines, it’s a very good birthday present? But guessing the 18-year-old wants to read can be difficult. It’s not so fun to read books that someone else chosen for you. There is usually much better to give away a gift certificate for books or magazines to his or her birthday.

A gift of any magazine is also a good idea

How much should you spend on the gift?

How much to spend on a gift for someone who turns 18, of course, depends on your finances. But somewhere between $2-50. Parents are expected to give a little more. Perhaps contributing to the driving license or so if they are able to. But you should never spend more than you really can afford on a gift.

Luxurious gifts for the 18-year-old

Most young people are not so much their own money, so getting a little luxury when birthdays tend to be much appreciated. It can, for example, be a massage, a spa weekend together or a cruise.

Giving clothes as a gift

Clothing is the course fun to get, but it’s not always so much fun to get clothes that someone else chosen for you. Therefore, perhaps a gift certificate is better to give a gift to an 18-year-old.If you buy a gift certificate from Lindex there is, of course, both outerwear, and clothes to choose from. Even for those who are not so interested in branding, there are very nice clothes to choose from. Like 18-year-old is not their clothes, there are other things like socks, hats, mittens, scarves and stuff and what they still need and want. Buying a gift certificate for clothes is a good idea to 18-year-old. A gift Åhlens for the brand-conscious 18-year-old.

A gift certificate at Åhléns is a good gift for an 18-year-old who likes designer clothes.
A gift certificate for clothes at Lindex is a good birthday present for girls.

Bags for present

If the 18-year-old carry his or her computer around, then a safety backpack is a really good gift. With such it will be difficult to steal the computer. It is well-hidden zippers and it is impossible to cut through the outer casing. Even an ordinary backpack or a bag to carry to school or the gym is a good gift to 18-year-old.

Ensure that the 18-year-old can keep their computer with the theft-proof backpack. It is difficult to cut through and hard to find the zipper.
An ordinary black backpack to bring to school is also a good gift because backpacks are worn very quickly.
A bag is also good to have to pack everything to the gym or workout. This bag also has a shoulder strap.

Money as a gift to an 18-year-old

Money – Money is always good to receive as a gift. Then you can buy exactly what you want. Not so fun to give as other gifts might be … but the 18-year-old will surely appreciate money as a gift. If you are 18 you generally don’t have a very high income and it’s nice to get some extra money to spend.

Why not give the 18-year-old a personalized wallet engraved with there name or some loving message. A really nice gift they will keep and love for long.
Why not give the 18-year-old a personalized wallet engraved with there name or some loving message. A really nice gift they will keep and love for long.
Young people usually do not have so much money, so they usually wish for that as a gift. Maybe it’s clothes, new cell phone or something else they need best. By giving away money, you give him or her the opportunity to choose yourself.

Games for 18-year-olds

Even 18-year-olds like to get a nice game as a gift. Some great games to give 18-year-olds in the gift are:

Sheriff of Nottingham – Here’s player traders in Nottingham and will declare the goods they want to bring into the city. The goods are stored in their bag. The player who is the sheriff must now determine who is allowed into the city with their goods, who should be inspected and whose goods will be confiscated.

Videogames for 18:th birthday

18-year-old has, off course, a “great need” to get more video games (well, at least if you ask him or her). Good computer games or videogames that suit to give 18-year-olds are listed here. But have a careful look, so you know what branding they have on there videogame or if there are computer games that apply. It is a different consoles.

Computer games are at the top of many 18-year-olds wish lists. Great computer games that I know many 18-year-olds wish for these. All games are not available for all consoles. This is how the consols look like. (clicking through to the stores get to see a larger image). When it comes to Xbox One, you should choose the Xbox One X if the TV has 4K resolution in order to have the best graphics.

Computer (pretty obvious)
Xbox Ones
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4 (PS4)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundsxavailablexx
Counter Strike: Global Offensivexavailablexx
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siegeavailableavailablexavailable
Grand Theft Auto 5availableavailablexavailable
Monster Hunter: Worldavailableavailablexavailable
Rocket Leaguexavailableavailableavailable
Call of Dutyavailableavailablexavailable

To do something nice together with the 18-year-old

A nice gift for 18-year-old is, of course, a gift which where you are doing something together. The activity can, of course, vary depending on what you think the 18-year-old is interested in. There are many activities that can be able to fit and be a memorable gift to 18-year-old:

  • Cinema with dinner for two. Ok, not memorable but fun anyway.
  • Dance classes for two people Nice gift to give your 18-year old boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Driving karts are great fun!
  • Guided tours a sightseeing tour through in beautiful surroundings

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What do you give the 18-birthday present for a girlfriend? Great gifts for an 18-year-old girlfriend is a good perfume, personal jewelry, a nice mug, or furnishings for her room that you know she likes. More tips on gifts that fit to give the 18-year-old girl can be found here!

What do you give the 18-birthday present to a brother? What to give a brother of 18-year gift depends a lot on who you are and what your financial situation. If you are still in school and do not have enough money to move to, you obviously do not put a lot of money on a gift. A good gift for an 18-year-old brother’s example a fine piece of jewelry, a thermos mug or go on a fishing trip together.

I hope you found a really good birthday gift for 18-year-old!

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