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Gifts for a 12-year-old girl

Twelve-year-old girls can be hard to shop for, especially if they are not around you and it’s meant as a gift! It is quite different than shopping for a boy, a grandma, or a college graduate. There are so many gadgets and goodies out there nowadays that make finding the right gift very overwhelming. 

So, what is a good gift for a 12-year-old girl? Good gifts for a 12-Year-Old Girl are Technology Gifts, Food Gifts, Unicorn Gifts, Flamingo Gifts, Harry Potter Gifts, games, and Health and Beauty Gifts.

As many people enjoy giving the perfect gift, they also enjoy seeing the smile on their faces as their present is unwrapped. We want to help you make sure your gift will make this 12-year-old girl’s day. 

What is a nice gift to a 12-year-old girl?

Best gift ideas for 12-year-old girls

Are you having trouble deciding what to get your 12-year-old daughter? That’s very understandable. They’ve grown into young girls, and choosing presents for them can be as daunting as it is delightful.

They are no longer children, but neither are they, adolescents. You believe you know what people want until you don’t. This is when they can communicate their emotions more clearly and think more complexly. Here are some gifts for a 12-year-old girl.

A waterproof speaker

This wireless speaker is portable and floatable, so you can listen to music whenever and anywhere you choose. They may use it while going to or from school, waiting for a ride home from sports practice, hanging out with friends, or whenever the mood strikes. It features a clip to keep it from becoming misplaced.

Never again will you be able to leave amazing sound at home. This ultra-compact BlueTooth speaker packs a punch in comparison to its little size. Clip it on with the provided carabiner, hit play, and make the moment explode.

Wirelessly stream high-quality sound from your tablet or phone. Additionally, with the noise- and echo-canceling speakerphone, you may conduct crystal-clear calls directly from your speaker.

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Slackers NinjaLine

Make a challenging obstacle course out of your lawn. No, a tween will not become a master in martial arts, but this activity package may help them develop abilities like attention and planning.

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Cute Leather Backpack

It’s a charming tiny backpack for girls and ladies that may be used for everyday activities such as shopping, day excursions, and short travels. It can contain your wallets, keys, mobile phones, cosmetics, and other small accessories & belongings, but not your iPad or laptop.

It’s a beautiful present for both girls and ladies. The miniature size and bowknot decoration give you a sophisticated and fashionable appearance.

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3D Printing Pen

Gifts that inspire creativity and imagination are ideal for 12-year-old girls or anybody. It’s even nicer if it’s a very fantastic present. This 3D printing pen checks all of the boxes for the ideal present! This pen is a terrific way to get started with 3D printing. She may manage the pen’s speed and flow with the adjustable feed, and the temperature can be adjusted in one-degree increments for more accuracy. Three colors of Polycarbonate filament, an A/C adaptor, and a touch pen are included in this package. This device is an excellent method to introduce STEM toys to a preteen.

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Instax Mini Instant Camera

This instant camera is the closest that today’s boys and girls will get to a Polaroid. And, since the Fujifilm Instax Mini is akin to a Polaroid, what was once old is now new! The camera can shoot and print photographs that are the size of a wallet. It has a macro lens and a selfie mirror, and 20 film sheets.

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QUARTERLY Dream Girl Box

The Dream Girl Box is a gift subscription service that gets customers a variety of gifts in its themed boxes every three months. It is a proper inspirational gift for those girls with big dreams. This gift focuses to build the girl from the inside out and each quarter, the girl will receive an inspirational box depending on the social-emotional theme such as accessories, stationery, and tees. This girl’s box will also teach them leadership and life skills.

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Crystal Jelly Lip Balms

These color-changing lip balms are a one-of-a-kind present! They’re lovely; each tube has a genuine dried flower with gold specks, hydrating, and is one-of-a-kind for each user since the hue varies according to one’s Ph. If their parents aren’t ready for heavier lipstick colors, the dyes are different shades of light pink, so they’re not too much even for even 12-year-old girls. There’s more lip gloss here.

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Wireless Earbuds

Because these earbuds offer Smart Touch Control, you can do things like play/pause, take a call, and control the volume without touching your phone. They feature Bluetooth technology and thus are waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water, making them ideal for sports and activities. They can run for up to six hours on a single charge & up to 30 hours when used with the charging case.

You can listen to whatever you choose, and by letting outside sound in, you can hear & engage with the world around you. Without removing the earphones, you can clearly hear airplane and subway announcements and what is happening around you.

Optical sensors can detect when they are inserted into your ears and come to a halt when they are removed.

Adopt a high-precision touch sensor that is suitable for everyday use and sports, enabling real-time sensing of the wearer’s status.

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Rainbow Scratch Art Pad

This entertaining notebook includes one hundred twenty-five pages of small rainbow notes. A matte black finish masks the vibrant hues. Kids scratch a remark, draw, or pattern into the black layer to expose the colors below using the wooden stylus.

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Lokai Bracelet

A Lokai bracelet is more than just an exquisite piece of jewelry. The white & black beads include elements from the lowest and highest points on Earth. The white bead is made of Everest water as a reminder to be humble. To maintain a cheerful attitude, the black dot contains dirt from the Dead Sea. The small is six inches in circumference and will fit the majority of 12-year-old girls & women with thin wrists.

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Zen Desk Garden

Everyone may benefit from a little more Zen in their life, and this garden offers it! Sand, Stones, rakes, moss, and other items are included in the garden’s 13 components. When things become hectic, let the garden be her small haven.

Using our Zen Garden decor allows you to engage in a whole range of focused investigation and self-observation, showcasing the value of our goods as meditation aids. Enjoy some peaceful time and let your imagination run wild.

This high-end Japanese Zen garden will let you unwind and unwind. A Zen garden for your workplace is a fantastic way to unwind and unleash your creativity. A few minutes of zen gardening may automatically relax your mind.

Any room or location may benefit from the lovely small Zen garden decor. Make the environment welcoming and friendly. This is a beautiful little addition for when you need a little Zen in the middle of the day.

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Paper Bliss

A paper kitty subscription box is a themed box filled with gifts for cat lovers. With this subscription box, it is offered high-quality office stationery including fine pens, memos, pouches, staplers, and everything in between. In addition to that, each box comes with 5 to 8 smile-inducing stationery supplies. This gift can be a great way to introduce someone to your passion for cats or even get them something unique as a gift.

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Bath Bombs Gift Box

Many bath bombs have the same circular shape. That’s tedious! Bath bombs in amusing forms like cupcakes, donuts, and cubes are available. Seven bath bombs are included in the collection, all created with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. Rose, orange, lavender, ylang-ylang, mint, coconut, and freesia are among the smells.

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Galaxy Hoodie

Galaxy print is what tie-dye would be to the Hippies for Generation Z: ubiquitous and trendy. It’s about everything from notepad to brownies.

Everyone needs a great sweater, so a galaxy pattern is a no-brainer! The inside shell is made of fleece for extra warmth, while the outer shell is made of an 80/20 poly-cotton blend.

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Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker would make a fantastic present for a preteen who has an active lifestyle. Because the speaker is waterproof, it’s ideal for use at the beach, pool, or boat use while hiking, jogging, or bicycling. This speaker has double the loudness of a smartphone, hands-free calling, and up to 10 hours of playtime. It connects to any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet with ease.

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Corgi Slippers

 Corgis slippers are the cutest piece of footwear! The slippers are incredibly soft and fluffy, just like the real thing! The top of each shoe includes a picture-perfect Pembroke Welsh Corgi face, making it the ideal slipper for fans of a man’s best friend. Make any dog lover’s fantasy a reality!

Step into something comfier with plush Sherpa fabric and non-slide soles with these warm cushioned Sriracha slippers. They’re created for lazing in style and are soft and breathable.

Like any other piece of apparel, Slippers are a highly personal decision. Therefore we’ve looked at a variety of various styles. Your feet will be toasty in every circumstance, but your sense of class will be unaffected. These slippers are excellent present options if you need to keep a loved one warm on a chilly night.

Nothing beats sliding your feet into a pair of toasty slippers whether you wake up in the morning and return home after a long day. Finding the appropriate pair of slippers is vital, so you don’t have to wear your dusty outside shoes inside your house, whether you’re seeking cushioning, warmth, support, or a soft feel. This type contains a fur lining and an anti-skid sole to keep you from slipping. During the chilly winters, they are the slippers that keep your cold feet toasty.

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This Razor scooter is much fun to ride. The extra-large wheels provide a smooth, sturdy ride, and the height can be adjusted to accommodate up to 220 pounds.

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Portable Charger

Tween girl gift ideas might be challenging to come by, but she’ll be delighted to get a portable charger to keep her equipment charged. The adorable and tiny form fits easily in a pocket or bag and charges an Apple iPhone or Samsung completely. It also features a handy built-in flashlight, which is helpful while camping or looking for anything at the bottom of her backpack.

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Charm Bracelet

The birthday girl will appreciate a charm bracelet with her age and several other lovely charms. Because the bracelet is composed of stainless steel, it will be comfortable and sturdy for her to wear.

Your zodiac or constellation was the location of the sun when you were born, and it has a significant impact on your personality & emotions.

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Bonsai LED Light Tree

This lovely tree may be used as a night light or to provide a touch of atmosphere to your study or reading space. It stands 16 inches tall and is illuminated by 36 pinks LED cherry blossom lights. The timer may be programmed to turn off after six or 18 hours, and it is powered by four AA batteries or an adapter.

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Photo Clip String Lights

These string lights are the ideal stocking stuffer if the Instax Mini is her Christmas present! The wire is 10.5 feet long and contains 20 explicit picture clips. Each clip has an LED light that provides the mini-photos attached a pleasant, white glow.

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DIY Wall Collage

Are you looking for a way to give your space a stylish feel? Happiness Wall Collage is a fantastic DIY project for bringing life to a boring wall! It may be used to adorn a door, a dorm room, or a bedroom!

Create a one-of-a-kind piece of art by using letters to spell out your name or a phrase that inspires you. To give your poster a 3D feel, add your own photos and use the foam spacers.

Give the gift of self-expression and creativity. This Wall Collage is a terrific art and crafts gift for adolescent girls for any occasion.

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Technology Gifts are the Ultimate Gift

Technology gifts are an excellent gift to give to keep up with the times of society. They allow the 12-year-old girl to feel:

  • Included at school
  • Keep in touch with friends and family
  • Stay up to date on the new trends

Technology gifts will bring a smile to a birthday girl’s face. 

Waterproof Speaker for Dance Parties

Great to take to the pool, listen to in the shower, or out for a day on the boat. A waterproof speaker is easy to pair via Bluetooth and always allows for good tunes and good times!

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Mini Robot Ball Interacts From Facial Expressions

Sad or upset? Happy or excited? This mini robot ball knows what to do all based on which way your eyebrows are shaped. The ball will react to facial expressions, challenge your 12-year-old to laughing contests, and keep her entertained for hours.

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iPhone 8 Keeps the Communication Flowing

Phones have many pros and cons, but this iPhone will allow your preteen to keep in communication with you and her friends. She will be able to look up quick facts, play brain games, and read right from this device! A great gift to help stay in touch and have long conversations. 

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Unicorn Gifts are Magical

Give the most magical gift of all with a unicorn-themed gift. A girly and colorful animal that brings a smile to any preteen’s face. Unicorns encourage imagination through the mythical world, and these gifts will inspire young dreamers to live creatively. 

Power Bank to Stay Charged Up

The power bank will fit in a pocket or a backpack. This will help keep headphones and cameras charged for making sure your 12-year-old doesn’t miss out on the latest song or a photoshoot with her friends!

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Jellybean Dispenser is Very Tasty

Who wouldn’t want a mythical animal that can poop out colorful treats? So fill up with jelly beans and pass out party favors to all guests for a good laugh and a belly full.

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Hot Chocolate to Go Cup On Cold Days

A Thermos to-go cup will keep this 12-year-old warm and fashionable. The cute, pink unicorns add a touch of fun and pizzazz. Hot Chocolate on the go is perfect if it is in this cute mug.

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Unicorn Lamp

A unicorn lamp will look magical in her room!

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Unicorn for the winter

An inflatable unicorn for sledding is a lovely gift for a 12-year-old girl that has her birthday in the winter.

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Slippers are Cute and Cozy

Unicorn slippers are excellent gifts to give an almost teenager. They help keep her feet warm while washing dishes or doing homework. Look good, feel good, do good!

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Make your own unicorn

A crafting kit for making her own unicorn is a fun gift to a 12-year-old girl for her birthday.

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Wallet for Allowance Money

Everyone must have a place to put their hard-earned money. This cute wallet keeps allowance money in a safe and well-known place. 

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Stuffed animals

When consicering what to buy for the 12-year-old girl, also remember that she loves cuddly toys. She is not too old for them, at least not for a unicorn!

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Flamingo Gifts Have One Leg Up on Unicorns

Unicorns are cool, but flamingos have a bit more class and sass, perfect for your preteenager. This pink colored animal print is the perfect gift to receive to spice up a room or house. Gift something unique with a flamingo on it to ensure a huge thank you once the gift is unwrapped!

Inflatable Pool Float for the Best Instagram Photo

The ultimate trend these days, a super cute pool float to help capture the perfect Instagram photo! Not only do these Flamingo floats look pretty and pink, but they also keep the swimmer afloat and relaxed on a hot pool day.

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Watering flamingo

If she has plants in her room she will be glad to have a flamingo watering can to water them. This one is so stylish so she will leave it on the window sill.

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Inflatable Sled for Speedy Ride

Look good in the snow with this cute and comfortable sled. With two handlebars, this sled will hold you and your 12-year-old safely while flying down a hill. This pink flamingo sled will make sure you don’t get lost in the snow.

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Flamingo Stuffed Animal

A cute and cuddly friend that will always be by your preteen’s side. The princess flamingo brings comfort. Perfect for teaming up with a stuffed unicorn for the young girl.

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Flamingo Lamp Brings Chill Vibes

Standing tall and on one leg, this light shines bright. The pink aura will add chill vibes to a girls’ sleepover or movie night. 

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Flamingo pillows as a gift to a 12-year-old girl

She also will appreciate to receive flamingo pillows for here room.

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Food Gifts That Will Make Everyone Drool

Everyone loves food at pool parties and sleepovers, but to have your own machine to make your favorite snack is even cooler. Gifting food makers is a great idea for allowing the girls to understand the work and preparation it takes to make a yummy snack, followed by enjoying what they create. 

Chocolate Fondue is Healthy and Clean

The perfect gift for a clever dessert! The chocolate fondue set is microwavable, with three compartments for different edible goodies. Your 12-year-old will definitely want to experiment with the best types of melted chocolate and figure out which snack tastes better – covered pretzels or pineapple?

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Popcorn Machine for Sleepovers

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Take microwave popcorn up a notch and enjoy a buttery snack from an original popcorn machine—a great gift for sleepovers and birthday parties.

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An ice cream roller to make decorative ice cream deserts. 12-year-old girls like to cook and prepare lovely deserts.

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Cotton Candy Maker for Sugar Overload

The state fair makes cotton candy look like a science project, but it’s easier than it looks. Grab some sugar and food coloring from the market and spin your snack up in a matter of minutes. A great gift for party snacks.

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Slushie Machine Takes No Effort 

One word: Ice! All that is needed for this machine is ice. The machine will crush up the ice and create a personal slushie for your pool party. Add some flavor and color and now your kiddo is the most popular girl in the neighborhood.

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Sorbet Machine is Sweet and Salutary

Add some fruits or berries to this machine to make the most flavorful and filling summer snack. With a sweet and savory fruit taste, this sorbet maker will keep the girls feeling cool and healthy on a hot day. 

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Watermelon slicer

It might seem simple, but stuff like this is what a 12-year-old girl likes in the kitchen. A watermelon slicer helps her to easily prepare a snack.

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Candy grabber

A candy wending machine will be highly appreciated among 12-year-old girls.

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A huge chocolate box

Provide her with her chocolate favorites!

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Gigantic Toblerone chocolate

A gigantic Toblerone will be a great chocolate gift for a 12-year-old girl.

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A large package of Jelly candy beans in all flavors are fun birthday gifts.

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Adventure and Game Gifts Encourage to Keep Active

Rather than sitting inside playing video games or staring at a television, gift fun, and active games to motivate the 12-year-old to get outside or enjoy a new activity. You can increase your girl’s desire for a new adventure by:

  • Allowing your girl to play outdoors
  • Learn a new game
  • Chill after an adventure on a comfy piece of furniture

For instance, Spike the Ball is a great game for the yard or the beach! Grab a group of four and put your kid’s athleticism to the test. A party starter game to play all year round. 

Slackline for Balance

Trendy and tricky, a slackline enforces patience, confidence, and balance. Slacklines are great gifts that can be set up anywhere and will challenge all participants to remain calm and focused in hopes to walk the tightrope in one go. 

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Spike ball

This is a fun ball game together at home or on the beach.

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Hammock for Ultimate Comfort

This is an excellent gift to give an outdoorsy girl that wants to relax after a long hike or on a chilly day. Hammocks can be hung up anywhere and at any time. The best feature is they fold up into small sacks that make transporting easy.

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Inflatable Couch for Backyard Chillin’

Inflate with a quick run through the yard and you’ll be set for hours chillin’ on this comfy couch. Easy to blow up and easy to relax, this is great for a beach day or a backyard barbeque. 

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UNO on the Go

Everyone loves a good game of UNO. This pack allows the children to pack up and take it with them to a neighbor’s house or on the school bus. A great activity for all ages.

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Yahtzee Game Night

Yahtzee keeps the game light and cheerful with pure luck and minimal strategy, a fun gift to get the whole family involved.

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Harry Potter Gifts for the Wizard in Training

For those children that love to step into the wizardry world of Hogwarts, giving a Harry Potter themed gift is more magical than they could imagine. Allow the kid to design their own movie set or re-watch all the movies by gifting them their favorite Harry Potter collectibles. 

Train Set Creates Your Own Hogwarts

Help your Harry Potter enthused 12-year-old girl create her own magical university. This train set comes with different models and different levels of difficulty that build critical thinking skills. A metal model is a great gift for thinkers and Potterheads!

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Dobby Collector’s Item Keeps the Magic Alive

Grab this collector’s item before it’s gone! A stellar gift to give for her shelf or closet full of Harry Potter accessories. A Potterhead needs this gift to top off their collection.

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Collector’s Box for Oldies and Newbies

Share the fantasy by gifting this Harry Potter Box complete with 8-films. For the Harry Potter beginner, this is a great gift helping him or her enjoy all the magic.

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Book Gifts for School and Summer

Reading is always going to be popular, therefore giving a book as a gift will never be a waste. Encourage your middle schooler to get involved in new books even during winter break and summer vacation. Books are gifts that keep on giving, the more the merrier.  

Complete Harry Potter Series Makes the Best Gift for Potterheads

Although the movies are spectacular, reading the stories creates a movie within itself. The Harry Potter Book collection increases brain activity and creative traits that will keep your 12-year-old engaged and reading for months. 

Miss Peregrine’s Home Book for Peculiar Children

This book takes the reader on a journey they won’t forget. An excellent gift to give for those kids that struggle to take 30 minutes of reading time a day. Your kid will be so engulfed in the story you will be asking them to put the book down while at the dinner table. 

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Goodnight Mr. Tom Book Keeps History Alive

Time travel with this book as it is written during the brink of World War II. Help your 12-year-old student impress their teachers with this read. It will keep them asking questions to their teachers for multiple classes.

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Mortal Engines Book is One of Many

This four series collection will leave cliffhangers at the end of each book, keeping your child begging to start the next one. This is a survival story that will help teach realistic skills that all kids should learn at some point in their life. 

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Tropical World Coloring Book for Road Trips

With more detail than a regular kids coloring book, this Tropical World book requires more precise paints and patience. An excellent present to receive before a long road trip or for a relaxing, mindless activity. 

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Health and Beauty Gifts for Girly-Girls

Gifting personal health and beauty items are a great idea to guarantee that younger sisters won’t be going through their older sister’s makeup drawer! Many young girls go through a phase of exploring makeup and beauty products, helping give the right items makes sure they are receiving healthy and beneficial products. 

Jewelry Kit for Bling

A fabulous gift to give to girly girls wanting to make their own bling. With over 100 beads, the girls will be able to get crafty with their new necklaces and bracelets. If you give this gift, be ready to receive your own piece of jewelry in return!

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Hair Clips Add Extra Bling

Cute and subtle hair clips are fun and functional. These clips keep bangs out of the way or add extra color to a cute outfit. 

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DIY soap

Kit with things to make your own soap with different scents and shapes.

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These brushes are very trendy, and that is not strange. They are really great for untangling long hair without any pain.

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Toiletry bag

12-year-old girls also like to get practical stuff for their birthday. A toiletry bag is great for keeping their hair and beauty stuff in one place.

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Bath Bombs Enhance Relaxation 

Bath bombs are excellent girl gifts to help create the ultimate bath. They include: 

  • Oils
  • Scents
  • Bubbles
  • Color

Any preteen or teenager will enjoy this gift for a nice night of calming down before bedtime.

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Bath Salts Create Good Smells

Along with bath bombs, bath salts enhance the bath time aroma. These crystals are perfect for softening the water’s scent and reassuring a relaxing evening. 

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Eyeshadow Kit to Practice 

Most girls go through a makeup phase, eyeshadow being one of the favorites. This kit has over 20 colors that will help teach how much to wear and what colors match best. A great gift for a 12-year-old girl!

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Bedroom Decor Gifts Add Extra Comfort

Receiving a decorative gift is always a nice reminder of those that gave the gift. Having a piece of furniture or a picture that is in her bedroom or playroom lets the new owner remember who genuinely loves and cares about them. Gifting a decorative gift is meaningful to both the giver and the receiver. 

Cat Pillows are 3D

These cute and decorative cat-shaped pillows have 3D details that come to life. A great gift for cat lovers wanting a cuddly, catnap. 

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Good Vibes Only Sign Brings Great Vibes

Gift good vibes with this cinema lightbox. With multiple colors and phrases to choose from, this is a great decoration to place in a bathroom or kitchen to always remember to stay positive. 

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Letter Board Creates Cute Messages

This DIY letter board lets the 12-year-old get creative with their message for the day. With over 280 characters, they will be able to design their own motivating phrase for themselves and their families to remember. 

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Shelf as a gift to a 12-year-old girl

A shelf can be good to collect her finest things in. This shelf can hang on the wall or stand on a desk.

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Fuzzy Blanket to Keep Warm

A warm blanket is always a superb gift to give. For a movie night or on a chilly afternoon, this fuzzy blanket will guarantee to keep her warm. 

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Beauty Mirror for Makeup

A bright mirror with dimmable lights is an excellent gift for a beginner makeup artist. The Hollywood design with LED lights will definitely bring elegance and style to the bedroom or bathroom.

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Salt Lamp Carved with Himalayan Salt

Salt lamps magnify the clean air through the home. They help physical and mental health benefits including:

  • Sleep schedules
  • Soothe allergies
  • Boost overall moods 

If you want to give a relaxing, calm gift, this is one of the best gifts out there. 

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Mini Fridge Stocked in With Snacks

Keep this mini fridge stocked with snacks and sodas in the basement or playroom. This adds a fun chore to the weekly list to keep the fridge full for the company.

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Ceiling lamp

Why not give her a nice ceiling lamp for her 12th birthday. It is now time to redecorate the room. She is growing up and wants that to be reflected in her room also.

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Cozy lamp

A lamp that makes her room cozier is also a lovely gift for a 12-year-old girl.

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A book lamp

A book that shines when she opens it can be nice to have on the shelf.

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You Can’t Go Wrong With These Gifts

Giving a great gift always shows gratitude and the value of that person in your life. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift or a last-minute gift, consider buying one of the gifts mentioned above to ensure a smile on the 12-year-old’s face once she opens it. Here are some other gifts that she might like!

Sterling Silver Child’s Birthstone Heart Pendant

A mother told me about her younger daughter’s reaction to this sterling silver pendant. She described it as a very thoughtful gift that she is still thrilled with. It was a gift for her eight-year-old that she received when she turned eight. The child still wears it often and has not lost it yet. This silver pendant is very pretty and looks like a real diamond with its clear setting. And the best part is that children can wear this pendant all day long without having to take it off for sports activities or for sleeping.

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Moomin mug

Getting a nice mug to drink the morning chocolate from is also fun to get. To get a really nice wrap, I think you should fill it with marshmallows and wrap it all in cellophane. It will be very nice to give her a Moomin mug.

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Carnivorous plant

This is also a fun gift to get when you are a 12-year-old girl. A carnivorous plant. It is much cooler to have one in the room than a traffic light or porcelain flower. A carnivorous plant is actually a bit tougher than cacti as well. Maybe the intruder eats too? Although it would probably be good to supplement with a surveillance camera.

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Llama mug

Right now, Llamas are also trendy among 12-year-old girls. Getting a mug with a Llama is something they like. Llamas are cute and popular gifts nowadays.

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Cultivate your own spicy pepper

Twelve-year-old girls usually want something nice in their room. Maybe a spicy pepper garden is both a nice and fun gift for her.

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This is a cute little chicken that also acts as a speaker. With one here, she can listen to music using Bluetooth.

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Pens with fancy stuff on top

Gold and silver pens are another such thing that you never get too big for. Here is a 6-pack of cute pens. In addition to painting, they are good for writing congratulatory cards and stuff.

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Tattoo pens

A fun gift to get is tattoo pens. With them, she will be able to offer the whole family free tattoos.

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Do it yourself straws

Do it yourself straws are a great gift for 12-year-old girls (unless the parents drink wine with the food.)

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IQ puzzles

IQ puzzles in the form of different metal parts that you have to take apart without using force. These tricky metal puzzles are hard to tear away once you start picking with them. Both adults and children find it difficult to let go of them when they are in front.

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A transparent backpack

Other items that a 12-year-old girl likes to get are nice accessories. A transparent backpack is apparently very cool and many who wish.

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Da Vinchi’s models

Leonardo Da Vinci’s wooden models are a fun gift to receive when she turns one. They have different levels of difficulty depending on which of the different models you choose. Trebuchet is the one recommended from the age of 12. But which is the most fun to get as a gift?

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