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Gifts for a 10-year-old girl

Preteens can be amongst the hardest groups of people to shop for. While with a boy, you will never be too far off with a video game, buying a birthday or holiday gift for a girl can be a bit more complicated. That is especially true at this age when a gradual shift in their interests has begun.

So, what is a good gift for a 10-year-old girl? The best gifts you can buy for a 10-year-old girl are things like: candy and snacks, perfume, makeup, custom but fun jewelry, arts and crafts, video games, cell phone, clothing gift cards, age-appropriate toys, dolls, or a unicorn.

Take a look at this handy guide to give yourself some specific options when buying a gift for your 10-year-old girl.

What is a nice gift to a 10-year-old girl?

In addition to this page with gifts for a 10-year-old girl, I have also written about gifts for 10-year-olds. That page has gift tips that are suitable for both boys and girls who turn 10-year-old. Feel free to take a look there for more gift tips. If you are looking for good party tips with games, tip walks, decorations, and candy bags, I have collected many party tips here.

Great gifts ideas for a 10-year-old girl

Oftentimes, the task of buying the perfect gift for someone can be overwhelming – after all, not all children are easy to please. If you’re looking for the best gift ideas for a 10-year-old girl, whether it’s your daughter, niece, granddaughter, or friend’s daughter, you’ll definitely want to check out this article. We’ve compiled a detailed gift list with high-quality, sort-after items that any 10-year-old girl would be so excited to receive. These are all great birthday present ideas and Christmas present ideas as well. Let’s dive into the best gifts for a 10-year-old girl.

Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Looking for a great girl’s gift for the creative crafter in your life? This bracelet-making kit includes everything you need to make 16 beautiful jewelry bracelets, including beads, charms, colorful twine, and a sturdy plastic bracelet holder. No more running around the hardware store trying to find all of these supplies, it’s all included and ready to go. Easy enough for beginners yet fun enough for experienced jewelry-makers. This can be an entertaining party craft or a thoughtful gift for a creative girl in your life.

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Slime Kit for Girls

This comprehensive 25 piece kit is the ultimate slime-making kit for girls! Our unique combinations of ingredients allow you to make fluffy, butter, cloud, and foam slimes in all of your favorite ice cream colors and scents – just add water. We’ve even included sprinkles so you can top your ice cream with a cute cherry! Unlike other kits that leave out essential ingredients like saline solution or activator, we include everything you need to make a huge variety of different slimes. Each kit comes with step-by-step instructions so you have everything you need to begin making your own slime! Add this to your shopping cart for fun gifts for a 10-year-old girl.

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My Day at the Zoo

A personalized book is great because it’s a gifted kids will enjoy both now and when they’re older. Your kid and their friends will enlightening adventure at the zoo as they learn about the interesting world of animals. When they follow the map, you will meet the Monkeys, Lions, Elephants, and more. This book has a hardcover that measures 9 inches x 12 inches personalized kids’ book. Typically, this book is ideal for girls and boys aging 3 to 10 years.

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Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera

The new, Instax Mini 9 camera retains the ease of use and attractive design elements of the extremely popular Instax Mini 8 while adding five new exciting colors and a couple of new features. The new colors are Flamingo Pink, Ice Blue, Lime Green, Cobalt Blue, and Smokey White – a perfectly bright gift for a 10-year-old girl. The new, Instax Mini 9 features a selfie mirror for the perfect selfie photo every time. Close-up macro photos are now easier thanks to the included close-up lens adapter which allows you to focus on subjects as close as 35-50cm. The Instax Mini 9 retains all of the other great features found in the Mini 8 including automatic exposure measurement. The camera signals the recommended aperture setting with a flashing LED light and the user can manually adjust the dial to the recommended setting. This helps the user capture the perfect photo every time. If your 10-year-old girl is exploring the creative world, this is a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

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Cinema Light Box

The cinema lightbox provides the same effect as a traditional movie marquee, with the ability to quickly and easily change the message by sliding letters and numbers into place. The new bundle includes a cinema marquee lightbox, remote control, and USB battery pack for the ultimate customization. Have you got a budding young movie director in your household? This might just be the perfect gift.

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Personalized Portrait Sweet Queen

This sweet young Queen’s portrait will bring joy to your little girl. Since the artists do not change what is in the personalized portrait or background, expect a royal look with a crown and royal clothing. You cannot ignore this young Queen, with a perfect smile. It is best to consider the picture with a perfect smile to befit this sweet young Queen. It is ideal for hanging on the wall or placed on a surface that matches the beauty in the portrait.

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Personalized Portrait Sweet Queen

Cat Tassel Shoulder Bag

Our Cat Tassel Shoulder Bag is specially made with soft leather for a comfortable hand feel. Designed with a cartoon cat style and tassel, it’s a cute purse for your girls to take her small items when going outside, such as bracelets, candies, lip gloss, and more. It’s a great addition to her outfits and can add sophistication to any outfit.

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QUARTERLY Dream Girl Box

The Dream Girl Box is a gift subscription service that gets customers a variety of gifts in its themed boxes every three months. It is a proper inspirational gift for those girls with big dreams. This gift focuses to build the girl from the inside out and each quarter, the girl will receive an inspirational box depending on the social-emotional theme such as accessories, stationery, and tees. This girl’s box will also teach them leadership and life skills.

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Clip String Lights

Hang photos and more with these clever clip string lights. Each LED light bulb comes with its own transparent clip, allowing you to display photos, cards, or other small items in a fresh and modern way without causing any damage to your walls or precious memories. Light strings are great for indoor decoration or adding a warm glow to any outdoor space. This is perfect for those young girls looking to jazz up space in their bedroom.

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Small Unicorn Pop Purse

No one can resist this unique and adorable pop bubble fidget purse. They’ve combined a handbag, wallet purse, and shoulder bag into one ultra-portable package. Your kids, friends, or students will thus have the opportunity to relieve their stress, boredom, anxiety, or anger by popping these cute little bubbles as often as they like. While the bag is so soft, durable, and portable that it can be used for just about any occasion – school work, sports events, travel, shopping, and more?

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3D Galaxy Moon Lamp

It’s time to illuminate your child’s life with a Galaxy Moon Lamp! It’s meticulously crafted through a 26+ HRS 3D printing process to make sure the surface replicates NASA’s striking telescope images. The stunning images of galaxies, nebulas, stars, solar system objects have been carefully chosen to look their best and be visually spectacular when the lamp is turned on! Let your child enjoy their very own tiny universe and all its beauty at home with a 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp.

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Gemstone Waterbottle

Make a fashion statement and stand out in the crowd with this fun, personalized bottle. Great for girls, ages 8 and up, this BPA-free water bottle is made of sturdy plastic that’s built to last. The twist-top is easy for kids to open and close securely. Plus it includes 7 sheets of our sparkly rhinestone gem stickers for kids to attach to their bottles. Kids can bling out their bottles with hundreds of glitter gem stickers! Surprise your 10-year-old on their special day with this awesome gift.

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Paper Bliss

A paper kitty subscription box is a themed box filled with gifts for cat lovers. With this subscription box, it is offered high-quality office stationery including fine pens, memos, pouches, staplers, and everything in between. In addition to that, each box comes with 5 to 8 smile-inducing stationery supplies. This gift can be a great way to introduce someone to your passion for cats or even get them something unique as a gift.

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Mermaid Shell Night Light

Sleeping will never be the same every time you doze to sleep with our beach-themed night light. The soothing colors of the ocean will slowly put your weary eyes off to dreamland. Get your well-deserved sleep. Buy these mermaid gifts for girls!

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Mermaid Shell Night Light mermaid gifts for women

Crystal Science Kit

Discover the mystery masked behind crystals! This kit teaches you and your children how to grow seven different dazzling crystals. Mix the special ingredients into a growing cup, and then set aside for your crystal to grow in size in as little as 3 days. Just follow along with the beautifully illustrated 24-page booklet explaining the science behind each crystal while learning more about its properties and uses. Then complete your collection by displaying them proudly on their own crystal stand. This is a great gift for those aspiring young scientists!

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Girls Smartwatch

This children’s smart game watch has a 1.44 inch HD touch screen, built-in games, dual camera, video recorder, pedometer, MP3 music, alarm clock, and much more. This watch is also very easy to operate for children and is the perfect gift for girls aged 3-10 years old.

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Colorful Scratch Art Set

This colorful scratch art set is a wonderful introduction to art for your little one. The set comes with 60 sheets of scratch paper and four drawing stencils, so kids can draw a wide variety of shapes and illustrations. To get started, they can use the stylus to scratch the black surface and reveal bright colors underneath. Ideal gifts for children of all ages.

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Walkie Talkie 2 Pack

The DASTION-99 walkie-talkies have an uncomplicated push-to-talk button that makes the walkie-talkies easy to use for all ages. The lightweight body is ergonomically designed to fit easily into our kids’ hands. This is the perfect kid toy walkie-talkies for outdoor adventures, trips, and other indoor/outdoor activities. VOX function allows our kids to use the toys hands-free, which is great for smaller kids that don’t yet understand the concept of holding the “talk” button down when they speak. The bright pink is sure to make this a popular gift for your 10-year-old girl.

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14) Girls Princess Playhouse Tent

Make your little girl’s dreams come true with this beautiful Princess Playhouse Tent. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor sites such as home, kindergarten, backyard, parks, and so on, it can accommodate up to 3 kids at the same time. Constructed of a high-quality polyester taffeta which is also quite easy to clean and maintain. Give your 10-year-old girl the most unique gift that she will never forget!

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Inflatable Flamingo Pool Toy

Fun for kids and adults, this Inflatable Flamingo Pool Toy turns pool time into playtime. With two heavy-duty handles and two air chambers, this bright pink flamingo is perfect for just relaxing. Constructed with durable 12 gauge vinyl, and including a repair patch in case of accidents, this flamingo inflatable pool toy is the original fun inflatable bird.

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Girls Journaling Set

What a fun way to store memories! Use the included stickers, gems, glitter frames, and more to create a stylish and trendy keepsake! Write down all of your dreams, thoughts, memories, and more. Add photos, ticket stubs, cards, and more to revisit your fun experiences time and time again. Watch your 10-year-old girl get creative with this all-in-one girls’ journaling set.

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Kids Dance Mat

The Sunlin Dance Mat has 4 fun game modes. Children can create their own rules when playing the FREE DANCE levels. Or, they can dance to the cues of blinking arrows on a scoreboard, following the rhythm of built-in beats. Additionally, they can play MEMORY GAME with up to 99 levels of difficulty to challenge themselves or connect their favorite tracks via AUX to play the game. So much fun for boys and girls aged 3-10!

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3D String Art Lantern

Let your children park their creativity and make a 3D star string lantern! Inflate the star-shaped balloon, soak the string in the special glue, wrap it around the star, let it dry, remove the balloon, and voila! You have a beautiful and unique string art lantern. Adorns by day and glows at night, this ambient glow will beautify your space making it the perfect addition to any kid’s room.

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Deluxe Hair Chalk Set

Looking for the perfect gift to make your princess’ dream come true? The Deluxe Hair Chalk Set by Senyar is a must-have! These rainbow hair chalks are perfect gifts for girls aged 7 – 10 years old. With 10 vivid shades, this set adds temporary highlights that last up to 3 days but easily wash out. These water-soluble and non-toxic chalk markers can also be used for face painting. To remove, just wash with ordinary shampoo and water. Get ready to wow your little one with the Deluxe Hair Chalk Set from Senyar!

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Monopoly Junior Board Game

Introduce your kids to the iconic MONOPOLY gameplay with the MONOPOLY Junior board game. In this simple and fast-paced version of the classic family game, players travel around the Monopoly game board buying kid-friendly properties such as a zoo or a video game arcade. Kids can build houses and hotels and collect rent from their opponents. The player making the most money wins! It’s a great board game for family game night.

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Cell phone

The best gift for a 10-year-old girl is her own cell phone. That is what she will be most happy to get.

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Minney Mouse Bracelet

Another cool gift is this bracelet! This is a gold-colored bracelet with lovely Swarovski crystals. The bracelet features Minney Mouse faces. It is perfect for your child’s birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion.

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A Candy Grabber

Let’s face it: every time you are leaving the store and your child sees a crane game with candy, you have to fork over the quarters. Well now, thanks to this miniature candy grabber, they can experience that fun any time they want (and maybe leave you alone next time at the store). Fill it up with real candy and they can keep using the same quarter over and over, saving you money.

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Yes, we may be doing a lot of our reading online nowadays. But television did not kill print media, and neither will the internet. Nothing is more exciting then getting something fun to read in the mail once a month. Your kid will definitely be excited to receive their own mail too. For a gift that keeps on giving, consider the fun, out-of-the-box idea of a magazine subscription.

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A Large Bucket of Nutella

Speaking of out-of-the-box, how about a large bucket of Nutella. Nutella is absolutely delicious and the only condiment that can fairly compete with peanut butter. Your daughter will appreciate this as a gag gift at first, but surely still love every last bite.

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A Popcorn Machine

Microwave bag popcorn is great, but nothing beats movie theater popcorn. Well now your daughter can have fun making the same quality popcorn in the comfort of your own home. This machine makes it exactly the same way and comes with all the delicious products you will need. Extra kernels and butter can be rebought. 

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Chocolate Bars

At least my kids love to get chocolate. It is the best after-school snack ever if you ask them.

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Red & White Sweet Stripes Peppermint

Red & White Sweet Stripes Peppermint are many people’s favorite candy. It will surely be appreciated if she gets a bag of candy canes.

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Gift Box Kid’s Candy

You cannot go wrong with candy. But instead of just a basic bag from the grocery store, make it more personal.

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Unicorn Tumbler

It is certainly important to encourage drinking plenty of water per day. Having a cute cup to put it in will certainly help your cause. It is also thermal, so they can put hot cocoa in it in the wintertime.

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Butterfly necklace

Even 10-year-old girls like to look good sometimes. Why not give her a necklace in real silver? You begin to understand that the necklace you buy cheap is not of such high quality. Then a necklace from Guldfynd can work well. Although it is made of real silver, it is actually not that expensive. You dare to give it to a 10-year-old girl as a gift. A nice necklace in real silver is a nice gift for a 10-year-old girl.

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Bracelet Engraved with A Personal Message

This is the age when some girls want to start looking fancy and wearing jewelry. Rather than any old bracelet, though, these companies will also engrave a special birthday or holiday message for your daughter for only a small fee.

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There is much fine jewelry in the right price range to give a 10-year-old.

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Untangling brush

When you have long hair, it can be very tangled. I grew up with a dad who insisted I had long hair and a mom who insisted on combing my long hair every day. It is incredibly painful to sort out tangled hair. It would have been much easier if we had had an investigation brush. 

I wish I had had an untangling brush like this when I was a child. With a good hairbrush, it is much easier to straighten the hair and it does not become all that painful. This is a really good birthday present for a 10-year-old who has long hair.

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Some girls think it’s fun to get makeup when they turn 10 years old. But it’s a bit of a maturity issue. When my daughter got makeup, she came out like a shark. She had made up fangs. So I decided to wait a bit with makeup.

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Lip Balm or Glitter

Other things that can be great gifts for a 10-year-old girl are makeup and lip gloss. 10-year-olds are just starting to experiment with makeup at this age too. However, the adult packaging of these products may be off-putting to them. These products, shaped like fun cupcake figurines, help make makeup fun!

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Britney Spears Perfume As A Gift To A 10-Year-Old Girl

Even 10-year-old girls like to smell good and wish for perfume as a birthday present. This is a perfume that is suitable for both adults and children. Besides makeup, many girls like perfume too, as long as it smells nice and is not too adult. This brand, from Britney Spears’ line, smells great.

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Elisabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume

Some girls want to smell a little less like a pop star and a little more classy and subtle. This one, which gives off the faint hint of green tea, is a classic that smells very good but without being intrusive.

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Ukulele Kit

This is around that age where your children may pick up an instrument at school, or at least show some interest in the idea. If you want to encourage that while having nice arts and crafts day, this kit lets them have the satisfaction of building their own ukulele and customizing it with any color paint they want.

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Jewelry Set

Crafts are something that girls at the age of 10 usually like. Maybe a jewelry set where she can make her own jewelry or a package of scrapbooking stuff can be fun to get as a gift when she turns ten. If you like the crafts and customization angle but do not think your daughter cares much for playing an instrument, what about making their own jewelry? This set comes with a ton of multi-colored beads so they can easily make:

  • Bracelets
  • Ankle bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Headbands

In their own unique style in a matter of minutes.

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Custom Piggy Bank

The idea of saving your spare change at the end of the day, and then later using that to cash in on something awesome, has always been appealing to children. This custom piggy bank takes this hobby up a notch, allowing your child to paint it in a variety of different colors. They could do anything from writing their name on it to their favorite team logos, or their very own design.

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Scrapbooking kit

The best part about this gift for your daughter is that it never ends. Once they receive it, they can keep adding on and filling it with their own memories for years and years to come. This kit in particular even lets them make their own cards with special paint and stickers.

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Figure Punches

When your daughter is making a said scrapbook, there will inevitably be certain objects that will not need to be glued down, such as:

  • Receipts to famous places
  • Ticket stubs from their favorite concerts
  • Steller report cards

That means they will need to punch their own holes. Well, why use your boring 3-hole punch when you can buy them the punches with cute figures on them?

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Unicorn Craft Kit

Not all crafts need to be utilitarian. Sometimes kids just want to make things that are cute. For the experience. With this easy-to-understand kit, your daughter will be able to make her very own unicorn purse.

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Sewing Machine

Perhaps one day, when you are repairing a button or affixing one of her Girl Scout patches, your daughter showed a strong interest in the process. Using your full-size sewing machine would still be a bit too dangerous at this age though. Instead, pick her up one of these kid sewing machines. 

All of them have basic settings that will just allow them to do some easy stuff and get their feet wet in the process. Always provide adult supervision.

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Cell Phone

10 years old might seem like a little young for a smartphone, but dumbphones are basically obsolete and ineffective at this point. Not that you should succumb to peer pressure, but everyone has them. Cell phones make playing games and texting super convenient for a kid. Plus, as a parent, you can always call them to check in on them.

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Cell phone case

Of course, to protect her mobile phone, she needs a nice cover.

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It is really trendy with shells in marble from Ideal of Sweden.

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Pusheen Pillow

A good gift for a 10-year-old girl is some nice decor for her room. For a 10-year-old girl, it is perfectly possible to give both a little more childish interior and interior design for adults. They love cacti, unicorns, and nice things to have in their room.  You cannot go wrong with a pusheen pillow for a young girl. These ones are soft and have cute designs. While it will not replace a standard bedtime pillow, it is great to have just a throw or to lean against while doing homework on their laptop.

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Unicorn Lamp

Kids this age, as we mentioned, are starting to learn and embrace their own personalities, and that comes out in wanting to do their own thing. That can be custom crafts, but it can also just be wanting cool stuff in their room to really make it their own. This light-up unicorn lamp goes nicely on any dresser or nightstand.

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Bouquet of Teddy Bears

Yes, exactly. Probably the most unique gift on this list, this is literally a box with a whole bunch of tiny teddy bears in the shape of a flower bouquet. They will open it, feeling lukewarm about receiving flowers, but then be delighted to have a whole dozen new furry friends to have tea parties with.

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Message Board

Every kid this age, now adept at writing, could use one of these to write anything they want and then erase it with ease. Message boards like this one can be installed in a girl’s room and be used for:

  • Inspirational messages
  • Chore lists
  • Homework to-dos
  • Drawings and pictures

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Wall shelf

Nice decor as a shelf to hang on the wall fits well with a 10-year-old girl.

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Carnivorous Plants

Why buy flowers that just sit there? If your kid just got done learning about carnivorous plants in school, they might be excited to learn that they could have their very own at home. Buy this Venus fly trap and your child will be filled with wonder, especially when a bug is in their room.

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Nintendo Switch

Girls usually like to play video games. A good console is the handheld Nintendo Switch with a good game like Yoshi’s crafted world. Around the creation of the GameCube, it became obvious that Nintendo smartly decided to stop directly competing with the likes of Xbox and PlayStation. Instead, their products are geared more directly to young children. Your daughter fits within this demographic. 

If you buy a Switch, they have the ability both to play their favorite game at home and easily bring it along with them on long car rides and family road trips.

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Yoshi’s Crafted World

If you go with the Nintendo Switch, your child is going to need a game to play. Otherwise, it is like having a television with nothing to watch. Yoshi’s Crafted World uses characters from the Mario Brothers universe for kid-friendly, non-violent Yoshi adventure.

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Dog Wallet

This is around the age when kids start wanting to carry their own wallets. They may not have credit cards or a driver’s license yet, but they still like to carry some allowance cash when they are out of the mall for things like:

  • Ice cream
  • Movie tickets
  • Clothes
  • Video games

But standard adult leather wallets are not very exciting. So if your daughter likes dogs this is a better gift.

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Unicorn Wallet

Dogs are nice, but some girls prefer a pretty unicorn. This handy wallet has a design she will love but is also fully functional and able to hold cash and cards as needed.

Getting money is always a successful gift for a 10-year-old girl. Then she can buy what she wants. Buy that nice top she wants or have coffee in town with your friends. You can e.g. give her the money in a nice wallet. But of course, stocks are a better investment. Owning a part of her favorite clothes store is worth more than clothes she grows out of in six months.

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10-year-old girls usually enjoy doing things. So getting different activities as a birthday present is usually much appreciated.  These kid-size skateboards come in a huge variety of designs and colors. They are also built with the utmost quality and attention to detail.

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Of course, your child should never leave the house on just a skateboard. The sport, while a blast, is inherently a bit risky. Make sure your daughter is safe while skateboarding by pairing it with this helmet, which comes with a sleek black design. Helmets can also protect her while:

  • Biking
  • Using a scooter
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding

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Unicorn Towel

This beautiful towel features an image of a colorful unicorn. It is a nice large size, perfect for daily use or chilling on the beach.

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Watermelon Towel

If the girl you are shopping for is just not that into unicorns but still wants her own unique towel for that summer beach trip, this one might be perfect instead. Featuring a whole watermelon design, it is kind of funny too. It is even round!

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Swimming Goggles

Kids this age are all about having their own stuff. They also love swimming. While adults would rather just sit in a pool or swim surface laps, young kids love swimming underwater. Therefore, they will need goggles if they really want to explore those deep dives. These ones in particular have a cool design and bright green color.

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Jump Rope

Many kids around this age pick jump roping in school and develop a talent for it. If she expresses that interest, buy her this shiny pink one for a fair price. Buy multiple! Why not?

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If your child is starting to play instruments at school, you might want to consider buying her this guitar as an unforgettable milestone gift. This is a particularly good idea if she already plays a string instrument since she already has a basic knowledge of how it works.

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Hoverboard (Kart Attachment Optional)

Out for a few years now, hoverboards have come down in price a great deal even though they are still really far out and high tech. This one has comfortable footpads and sturdy wheels, but you definitely will want to consider buying that helmet as well as a precaution.

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Hover cart

Optionally, you might consider this simple attachment that turns your kid’s hoverboard into a full-fledged kart. Now they will be able to sit down and steer with ease. This is not necessary, but it turns the hoverboard into two equally fun experiences.

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Digital Camera

Yes, it is true, our phones have cameras now, and your daughter probably already has a phone. But take a closer look: is she just snapping pictures here and there, is she showing a strong interest in the complicated techniques of photography. If it is the latter, consider buying her this camera with special lenses and other professional-grade features. 

Canon products are always built tough, so there will be minimal concern of damage here. Smartphone cameras, while slowly improving, still do not quite match up to a “real” camera like this.

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Stress Balls

Unfortunately, this is also the age where our kids start dealing with more real-world stress. Stress balls are an excellent way to mitigate that and calm us down. Consider picking up a few of these for your daughter. Not only will squeezing them calm her down, but the silly faces will help too.

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Cocoon Hammock

Honestly, it does not matter how old you are: everyone loves a hammock. Nothing beats lying out in the backyard on a breezy sunny day. The regular one below she will certainly appreciate and comes at a fair price. 

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Ordinary hammock

However, if you really want to up the ante, consider the enclosed one above. It is not only comfortable but will give her plenty of shade too. Not to mention it is a potential hide-and-seek spot.

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Labyrinth Toy

You might be reading all this and thinking that, yeah, these toys are fun. But I want to challenge my daughter’s mind. Brainpower is important, and luckily you can do that with a labyrinth toy. Underneath is a class, flat version with multiple interchangeable mazes. However, if you want a truly randomized experience, pick up the labyrinth ball, which is 3D and uses a track system.

Stuffed Animals

For any kid under the age of 12, you really cannot go wrong with stuffed animals. As long as you are in tune with your girl’s likes and interests, you should have no problem finding one (or multiple) that she will truly enjoy. There are some incredible deals here for a stuffed animal:

  • Unicorns
  • Kitty
  • Octopi mommy and baby
  • Olaf from Frozen
  • Puppies

Barbie and My Little Pony

Would this list even be legitimate without Barbie? Barbie is the all-time major and safe option. Luckily, she can still be purchased with a lot of different accessories, looking at this baking set.

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You might also consider Barbie the doctor with her ambulance that can be converted into a full-fledged hospital in seconds.

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My Little Pony

My Little Pony is a lot more popular than you might think among this age group of girls. This Princess Celstia doll in particular comes with wings and a comb for her long, flowing hair.

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There are the best ideas to add to your upcoming list as you search for gifts for a 10-year-old girl.

There are really a lot of different choices when it comes to buying a gift for a 10-year-old girl. Use this list as a guide for all you would like. Just make sure you are buying something she likes, not just the best deal.


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