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8 Lush Bombs Cheap Alternatives You Need to Try

Self-care can be very expensive, so it’s understandable that people are always looking for cheaper solutions to improve their well-being. This is when bath bombs come into action. Bath bombs are pressed mineral salt concentrates, they are usually in one piece and there are a great variety of shapes. They begin to dissolve upon contact […]

Is Lush Really Worth It? 7 Lush Products That You Should Try Out

Lush is a cosmetic company based in the UK, and its quality products are popular worldwide. They started producing cosmetics as far back as 1995. Their products are unique because they are hand-made. Also, the company ensures that the entire manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and ethical. In terms of marketing, the company has […]

How to wrap bath bombs without plastic? 6 Easy Ways

Globally issues of plastic usage have been a significant concern due to its effects. Customer demand has increased for fewer plastic commodities. Hence to meet the increasing customer demand, most companies have opted to make products free of plastics. To achieve lesser usage of plastic, there are a couple of ways to wrap your bath […]

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