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The Witcher Gifts Guide? 25 Suggestions For Every Fan

Looking for The Witcher Gifts Guide? The Witcher is a fantasy series of books, games, and a TV show on Netflix. The idea surrounds a man hunting monsters for hire. Witchers are rare, and though once-normal humans, they are now mutated and possess the abilities to make and cast spells. The process of becoming a Witcher is one in which very few survive. 

Studio CD Projekt Red released a trilogy of games that were adapted from the books. The books were written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Netflix then released a show sometime later in 2019. Naturally, like any great series of books/games/shows, a great fan base follows. 

The Witcher erupted into pop-culture fame during the release of the video games. With this, memorabilia always follow. There are some amazing and creative gifts you can buy a Witcher fan.

Today I will narrow your search down to 25 suggestions, varying in price and size. 

The Set of Books

If you or the person you are buying for is a reader, then the set of books is a perfect gift. These work well as a stocking filler for Christmas, or as a birthday present. They are hefty and so are more suitable for bigger occasions as a present. 

There are eight books in the series, yet you can also buy each book separately if you don’t want to gift the entire box. You can find them here at amazon.com.

The Last Wish ‚Äď click here

Sword of Destiny ‚Äď click here

Blood of Elves ‚Äď click here

Time of Contempt ‚Äď click here

Baptism of Fire ‚Äď click here

The Tower of The Swallows ‚Äď click here

The Lady of the Lake ‚Äď click here

Season of Storms ‚Äď click here

The Trilogy of Games

You can also buy the complete trilogy of games here. Be sure to check that your Witcher fan does not already have these however, as most people will buy the games, they are interested in for themselves. Unless you are buying for your child, or niece/nephew, in which case you want to make sure you click on the correct console to correspond with the one they use at home. 

Please be aware that the games are marked an 18, so consider this when buying this for any fans who are underage. It is always best to check with the parents of the person you are buying for, to ensure it is appropriate for them to use. 

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Wolf Medallion with LED lights

This wolf medallion is a significant gift for any Witcher fan. The product has a light behind the wolf’s head where you can switch ON/OFF the LED light eyes. The gift has been licensed by the gaming studio CD Projekt Red and comes in an authentic Witcher box. 

This gift can be unisex; however, the site page says it is best for a girlfriend, wife, daughter, or mother. You can decide who this would suit and if you think it is right for your situation. 

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The Witcher Leather Necklace

This leather necklace with a metal wolf-carved pendant is perfect for those of you looking for a more subtle style of gift. It is stylish and beautifully made, plus only real Witcher fans will recognize that this is memorabilia from the story. This is great for those of you who love to collect memorabilia without the obviousness of it being memorabilia. 

It will be a perfect conversation starter for those who spot them wearing it. 

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White Wolf Brown Fold Wallet

For those hardcore Wither fans who want to incorporate their memorabilia into their everyday life, then this brown fold wallet by JINX is perfect. It is a lovely and stylish gift for all fans. Furthermore, many people seeing this may think it is an ordinary wallet just with the design of a wolf’s head, however, Witcher fans will know what it is. 

This gift is stylish and sleek and works for birthdays and Christmases as a great stocking filler. Also, a wallet is a gift appropriate for a wide age range and so whoever it is for and however old they are, this will work wonderfully. 

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Hipflask and Shot Glasses

For the older fans, this set of a wolf head hipflask and two wolf headshot glasses is a terrific choice. The set comes in a box that is perfect for wrapping and is finished with a soft brown leather flask and two matt metal shot glasses. 

The white wolf is a popular choice of design for Witcher memorabilia and is received by every fan fondly. At any social gathering, this design is sure to spark conversation with other fans and non-fans. People can admire the beautiful white wolf design, while the Witcher fan explains what it represents. 

Hipflasks are durable and lightweight. The fan you are buying this for can bring it anywhere and get much use out of their new gift. 

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Geralt Action Figure

This self-standing action figure of Geralt works as the ideal gift for those who love to collect such memorabilia. Fans who collect these will usually display them somewhere for all to see. As Geralt is self-standing, he will make a great addition to any person’s collection of action figures. 

He can be displayed in a cabinet or on a nightstand. Some people also create shelves for their action figures and so Geralt will be a superb addition for them. There are other Witcher figures to be collected also, and so this will be the start of a great collecting adventure for them! Or if they have already started their collection of Witcher figures, then it may be the case that Geralt is the one they are missing. 

Either way, this is a great way of showing this person that you recognize their passion and their likes. It can be a great way for the two of you to become closer and hunt for more action figures together. You can also maybe start this type of gift-giving as a tradition between the pair of you which is super fun. 

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The Witcher Embroidered Baseball Hat 

This Witcher embroidered baseball hat comes in an array of many different colors, making it suitable for anyone. It is one size fits most and is unisex. This can be bought as a fun, novelty gift for any Witcher fan. They can either put it on display in their home, or they can wear it in their day-to-day life. 

This gift is versatile and is ideal for everyone. Even if this person is not necessarily a hardcore Witcher fan, this cap is still a nice addition to their wardrobe, just with a bit of a Witcher twist.

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The Witcher Sticker Set

A smaller yet still awesome gift idea is this set of stickers. You will get 50(pcs) in a pack and the person you are gifting them to can use them for laptop decoration, game console decoration, luggage, bedroom walls, and furniture. 

If you want to get really creative, you can also create a collage for your person using these stickers. If you buy a wooden corkboard frame like this one then you can use the stickers to create a design that your fan can hang as decoration on their bedroom wall. 

This is a great way to add a touch of personalization to your gift for your Witcher fan. Putting in this effort for a person’s gift will truly show them that they mean a lot to you. It is also super cool for them to have a uniquely arranged collage of Witcher memorabilia. 

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The Witcher World Map

This world map of the Witcher’s universe works well as a gift as it comes, or as one that you can frame for your recipient. Similarly, to the sticker collage idea above, this map, framed or un-framed will be a great decorative addition to any Witcher fan’s house. 

Receiving maps of fantasy worlds have been a popular gift idea since fantasy novels first came about. This can be seen with the infamous The Lord of The Rings in which author, Tolkien, draws and illustrates the entire world map of Middle Earth. 

Maps of Middle Earth are an epic gift to give to any The Lord of The Rings fans and will be received with much enthusiasm and appreciation. It will be much the same for fans of The Witcher and so this is a perfect gift. 

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Pop Games Witcher Figure

Much like the action figure listed above, Pop Games manufactures figures of different characters which people love to collect. They have released this figure of Geralt, and many other Witcher characters. People can have great fun collecting and displaying these in their homes. 

I know someone who has over 25 Pop Games figures of characters from different TV shows and films that they love. They display all of theirs on a bookshelf and it looks awesome. This is a cool way of starting a gift-giving tradition with your Witcher fan friend and hunting for new characters together to collect. 

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The Witcher Novelty Socks

This pair of Witcher socks is a perfect add-on gift to pull together any Witcher-themed present. These socks have the White Wolf symbol incorporated, and so will go completely with the medallion above, or as a stand-alone gift. 

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The Witcher Keychain

For something a bit more subtle, this keychain works amazingly for someone to carry around with them on their set of house or car keys. This gift is for people who may not enjoy the everyday use of a Witcher-themed wallet or necklace yet enjoy the smaller concepts of memorabilia.

This can work as a stocking filler, to add to another larger gift, or as a stand-alone present for someone. 

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The Witcher Inspired Mug

For those tea and coffee lovers who also love The Witcher, this Witcher-inspired cup will set the tone just right for your gift. You can also add some fancy tea bags to complete your gift. If your person loves hot chocolate, this can also be added to the gift. If you wanted to create something, you can create a mini hot drink hamper and use this mug as the main piece. 

You can buy a small basket, place some shredded paper inside to create a nest/bed for your gifts, and fill the basket with various types of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. You can add a fancy teaspoon and tea strainer also. And use the mug and the centerpiece. 

Any Witcher fan will appreciate this kind of gift, and they can think of their favorite game/TV show every morning alongside their coffee time. 

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Gwent, Art of The Witcher Card Game

In 2017, Dark Horse Books was created, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.  Before buying this for any Witcher fan, you may want to first check that they do not already have this game. It is super popular amongst Witcher fans and so many fans will already own the game. 

The artwork is beautiful, and they will get a lot of use out of it. If the person you are buying for already owns one, then you can use one of the ideas mentioned above and use the cards to create a collage piece for them. This again is a wonderfully unique gift for someone, and they will appreciate the effort you have taken to make them something. 

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Steel Replacer of Geralt’s Sword

Here’s one for you super hard-core Witcher fans; Geralt’s Fire and Steel Sword. This is such an awesome gift. Whether you are buying this for someone else, or just want it for yourself, this piece is a serious showstopper. 

You may have someone close to you who loves The Witcher so much, that buying them this gift will most likely make them forever in your debt. They will be eternally grateful to you for your generosity and thoughtfulness. 

If this is for you, then you will be equally as grateful to yourself for buying it. It can be used as a decorative piece on the wall, or as a costume prop for events like Comicon. Either way, this will be an awesome thing to show off to friends and to own in your home. 

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Craft Wooden Ale Jug

This ale jug has some serious Witcher vibes. Furthermore, because the cup is lined with a stainless-steel inner jug, it can be used to drink any kind of drink, without the worry of the wood eventually rotting. This is awesome for those friends of yours who love to roleplay in their life and imagine themselves in Taverns drinking ale how the characters drink it, in a jug. 

You can find an array of different drinking props within this kind of theme. They make for great gifts, not just for The Witcher fans but for any Viking-loving human. 

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Stainless Steel Norse Viking Wolf Ring

This awesome stainless steel Viking wolf ring is another great gift, for not only The Witcher fans but for anyone who loves these kinds of Nordic vibes. The ring comes in a leather Viking pouch, ready to be gifted to whoever the lucky recipient is. 

It is hefty and so I would recommend this be gifted to a man, however, I am sure women can rock it too. After all, you know the person better than I do, so go with your gut on this one. 

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The Witcher Novelty T-Shirt

Just like the novelty socks listed above, this novelty Witcher T-Shirt is a fun and creative gift for your Witcher fan friend. You can choose the right size, and this will be delivered right to your door, along with all the other gifts listed here. 

You can pair this with the socks above to make the gift more complete. You can also buy two and have matching novelty t-shirts which is quite a cute thing to do with a friend or a partner. Maybe the two of you are going to a Dungeons and Dragons games night and want to show off your fandom of The Witcher together. 

Although this shirt says it is for men, you can also buy it for women. It is a comfy piece to add to anyone’s wardrobe, they may decide to only wear it around the house or wear it out. 

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These wolf design cufflinks are a great gift for those looking to jazz up a suit. Maybe your Witcher fan friend is getting married or is your best man. This gift is a perfect way to honor their passion while still looking smart and sleek on a special occasion. 

This person can show different people their new cufflinks and explain where they are from and what they represent. This is undoubtedly a great way of showing them you care, and they will appreciate the sentiment a lot. Particularly if the gift is for a special day such as a wedding, they will love that you have thought of their interests. 

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The World of The Witcher: Hardcover Book

This video game compendium holds all the information you need to know about the games. Released by CD Projekt Red, this hardcover book contains the tools for you to dive deep within the universe of The Witcher. It is a great accessory to any gamer’s collection of knowledge. If you know that your person owns all the games and is wanting to understand more about the world of The Witcher, then buy this book.

Plus, I know for a fact that receiving a hardcover book feels like you have just been gifted with something truly special. 

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Water Colour Abstract Print of Geralt

This 11×14 print will look fantastic on a bedroom wall as a decorative piece. Your Witcher fan friend will love receiving this fantastic abstract print of Geralt. It’s a great creative piece for those fan-art lovers. They may collect such prints, or just be interested in starting a collection. 

There are many other similar styles of prints for other fictional characters such as Deadpool, Groot, and the Mandalorian. People who like The Witcher are also usually into other such fictional stories with great plot lines. This gift will be the start of a new love for this kind of artwork. 

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The Witcher Wall Clock 

This metal cut-out wall clock is a fun gift for someone’s game room or bedroom. Maybe they have a gaming theme in their house, and this will add to it seamlessly. Even if your person does not have any such theme in their house, yet is still a fan of The Witcher, then this may inspire them to create one. 

Gamer-themed home deco has become super popular and there are some truly creative and cool ways of jazzing up a house to reflect these gaming passions. People love to have themed weddings and birthdays too. This clock will add just that bit extra to any themed room. 

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The Witcher Themed Mat 

For those edgier friends of yours, this Witcher-themed mat is a funny gift to give. Again, if your friend has a gamer-themed house, or just loves to collect home decorative memorabilia, then this doormat will be an appreciated addition to their collection. 

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Dragon Coaster Holder & Set

For those that love a gothic theme, they will love this dragon coaster set and holder. Although, not directly themed to The Witcher, this set looks as if it has just been used by Netflix on the set of the TV show. It can be used day-to-day or just taken out for special occasions. Plus, it is unlikely someone will buy this for themselves, which makes the gift that extra bit more special. 

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So, there you have it. A list of 25 recommendations for those Witcher fan friends of yours. Gifting people such memorabilia communicates to them that you take an interest in their likes and passions. For gamers that hold The Witcher in a special place in their hearts, they will love having any such gifts from this list. From holding Geralt’s steel sword to looking at the time on The Witcher-themed clock, they will surely be forever grateful to you for bringing it into their lives. 

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The Witcher Gifts Guide? 25 Suggestions For Every Fan
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